Magia Record Story Summer Pop Festival! ~Nagisa's HOT Summer Break~

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Anon.

Part 1

Nagisa is constantly being attacked by Charlottes. She's worried that she's being a nuisance to PMHQ and thinks it might be for the best if she returns to the Law of Cycles. Mami sees this and invites to an event to cheer her up. Said event is the waterpark from Unknown story, it's a type of event to bring students from different schools together and offers events and samples of food. The theme of the event is to let oneself free and be themselves Nagisa is really excited once they find they do offer cheese candy as samplers, so much that she cuts the line and gobbles tons of them, not letting other people take any. Other students offer her their candies and they start to think she ran away from home and has had nothing to eat. Mami quickly deceives everyone saying Nagisa is her sister, Nagisa then tries to control herself but she's still hungry. Himena and Sasha are impressed with Nagisa's absolute gluttony and say they didn't get the theme of the event until they saw her, they ask Nagisa to be a mentor to Shigure and Hagumu about being more true to themselves. She rejects it as she doesn't want to cause problems to anyone, but they agree to hang out. They go to a rock paper scissors event but they're the only ones taking part, all other students are being shy and gloomy. They later go to a slide but Nagisa doesn't want to get on it because she's trying to be more considerate and avoid causing problems, Mami stays with her. As they see other students being gloomy they realize they have a witch's kiss and Charlottes appear. Himena and Sasha are taken into the barrier too and she quickly comes with an strategy, but Nagisa rushes in to fight a Charlotte that tried to escape and Mami goes after her. Nagisa is about to get eaten but Mami saves her, but she's injured in the process and uses too much magic, Sasha and Himena have disappeared too, taken by the moving barrier. Nagisa and Mami want to avoid Mami letting her Doppel out, so she goes to look for Himena and Sasha, constantly thinking how she doesn't want to cause problems to Mami and the others. She goes into a barrier and manages to kill a Charlotte by acting strategically, but she's suddenly surrounded by more. Sasha and Himena come at the last second and save her, but more Charlottes appear. Nagisa says they can distract them with cheese, Sasha luckily was carrying cheese candy with her and they toss them. The Charlottes go frantic over them, enough for the 3 of them to actually defeat them in one attack. Now done Himena does have a Grief Seed, so they quickly go to Mami. Mami recovers and then they get attacked by more Charlottes, including one even more powerful than all others. As Nagisa is about to be eaten and Mami jumps in to save her the Charlotte runs away. Nagisa thinks the Charlottes are gathering from other universes around here because she comes from a different universe herself, at the same time the Charlottes are strange because none of them are leaving Grief Seeds. This attack of many Charlottes is the exact same thing that happened during Cheese Panic, as well as Chocolatier. They resolve to get ready to chase the uber Charlotte. Nagisa decides that once they get rid of all the Charlottes she will go back to the Law of the Cycles, as she thinks that as long as she's here her friends will never know peace.

Part 2

Episode 11

Nagisa thinks the Charlotte wants to eat Nagisa and gain the "cheese" Nagisa has (Nagisa calls "cheese" her own happiness or the things that make her happy), she decides to control herself and dedicate herself to the duty she has as agent of the Law of Cycles in order to hunt the witch. But Hiko-kun thinks the witch must have another objective as it didn't eat her when it had the chance, the group thinks this witch has some kind of ego or sense of what she wants. Nagisa is pissed that the witch is doing as she pleases, now that she decided to control herself.

Episode 12

Nagisa's resolution to control herself immediately crumbles and she once more decides to live for her own sake and not let the witch do as it pleases. Mami agrees and they try to come up with an strategy when suddenly it appears again. Nagisa goes to fight it alone and the others are held back by other witches and familiars. While facing Charlotte, Nagisa thinks it's embarrassing to see what she once was and decides to use the power of the Law of Cycles as her own power is not enough to kill it once and for all. As she successfully kills Charlotte and reunites with the others she's now in her swimsuit form, to her and everyone else surprise.

Episode 13

Nagisa is surprised but the girls think she looks cute, a new Charlotte appears. She shoots what she thinks it's cheese sauce, but it's some kind of carbonated juice, and the Charlotte started she shoot started to dance. The shoot got it into a very merry mood, so good it killed it. The barrier didn't disappear so they go onto search for its master

Episode 14

They face more witches but Nagisa cheerfully makes quick work of them. Mami is happy that Nagisa is finally back to her usual self, so she's happy she invited her to the festival. As there's still some competition on criticism of the Magical Triple cheese Nagisa finishes up the Charlotte of this barrier with one shoot of her Super magical carbonated drink Candy Cola. For a moment she believes she can stay after all thanks to this new power, but she still thinks that as long as she's here her friends will face trouble after trouble, so she once more thinks she needs to go back to the Law of the Cycles

Episode 15

They try to chase the boss level witch but she keeps running away from them leaving small fry behind, Nagisa wants to finish it so she can go back to focus on the cheese candies. An organizer comes by and tells them the summer pop fest is cancelled, as the participants are complaining they're getting sleepy so they closed it so they can investigate the food samplings, some people are also saying they shouldn't have come. The look for the boss witch so the festival can resume, and they find it close to the largest pool in the park. They wonder why it's here in such an open place, but Nagisa knows it's because it's where the cheese for the main event is. They enter and face several Charlottes, Mami and the others will face these and tell Nagisa to head for the boss witch. The witch has several people with her, Nagisa thinks it took hostages because it knows it can't win against her now. But the witch is not paying attention to her or the hostages, she's enthralled by the magical triple cheese. She ran away from them not because it was afraid, but because it wanted to satisfy her appetite. Nagisa is now pissed that this Charlotte, focusing solely on what she wants without paying attention to her surroundings, it's her spitting image.

Episode 16

Nagisa is unable to land a hit on Charlotte, and as she gets angry at seeing more of her in Charlotte her Soul Gem starts to pollute. The others arrive and try to get her to use Himena's grief seed, but Nagisa refuses to. Mami begs her to do it as releasing her Doppel has its risks, but Nagisa is so angry that nothing short of killing Charlotte will calm her down. She releases it, kills Charlotte and the barrier disappears, and now she wants to make a few more summer memories and then go back to the Law of the Cycles. But there's something wrong with Mami, Himena and Sasha, they seem to be in an strangely merry mood.

Episode 17

The strange atmosphere is also affecting the other students that were in the barrier. Himena is starting a party, Sasha is singing to a crowd and Mami wants to have fun with Nagisa. Nagisa herself is getting angry that they're not letting her eat more candies, so as she screams that she won't accept any objections she shoots her soda all over the place. This seems to snap out some people out of their trance and they carry her.

Episode 18

They place her somewhere else nearby and bring her cheese candy to eat. One of the organizers even placer a new order direct to the factory. Sometime later she has eaten so much that she revers back to her normal swimsuit. Mami and the others are back to normal, they remember what happened, apparently they were in such a good mood that they did things they wanted to do but didn't, like singing in public or getting people to party. Hiko-kun actually explains what happened, it seems that Nagisa's soda splashed on them when she killed the witch, so they also were under their effects until it got off from them. Recalling what happened moments ago, they think that Nagisa can control the people she drenches in her soda. But as the group puts some thoughts on their effect the soda actually pushes people to do what they want, or in other words, it gives them the courage to act on their wishes. The people that brought Nagisa candy just really wanted to watch her eat them that much. Thinking back about all the people that seemed to want to have fun but they couldn't bring themselves to, she shoots her soda all over the place so they can do as they want just like her.

Episode 19

The festival reopens and the gloomy students finally start to have fun. Mami didn't get splashed with the soda because she wanted to make memories with Nagisa without relying on her power, so they go on to have fun.

Episode 20

Nagisa is talking with a pink Kyubey. She knows she has to return to the Law of the Cycles, but before that she wants to see Mami for the last time. In Mami's apartment she greets her as her little cute "witch". Mami seems to have realized Nagisa is a witch after the Pop Festival. Mami says it's not that important, it's like she was like a "Festival Witch". Nagisa is surprised, Mami says it that wasn't what they were talking about. Mami says that in that festival a little girl performed a miracle that let everyone be themselves. That's why Mami called her a "Festival witch", at that festival people made friends and found the confidence to do as they wanted thanks to Nagisa. She thought that all she did was cause problems, but she also did good things. She asks Mami if it's ok for her to be here, Mami says it obviously is. As long as she's here more Charlottes will appear, but Nagisa thinks as long as she can defeat them good things can also happen, it surely will be fine if she doesn't go back to the Law of the Cycles, or rather there's no point in going back, they will make lots of memories this summer. Talking to pink QB again, she explains why she will act as she wants and kills the pink QB. There might be a chance they meet again, but until then Nagisa bids it farewell.