Magia Record Mirrors Story Layers 13 - 24

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Layer 13

Finishing each other's sentences, the Emiris explain that the original went to the Mirror Witch's barrier with her senior and one of her friends. However, she suddenly became separated from them and encountered her duplicates. Tsuruno is amazed that Emiri can talk with her copies like that. Iroha isn't even sure any of them are the real Emiri. After some debate over giving Iroha a nickname, one Emiri says she has to go looking for her companions. This prompts the other Emiris to depart, much to the surprise of Iroha and Tsuruno.

Emiri explains that since she's the original, she has to be the one who looks for the others. Iroha asks how the others agreed to that. Emiri says they just talked it over, prompting Tsuruno to say they understand each other on a different level. Iroha still isn't sure this Emiri is real and gets lost in thought. Emiri breaks her out of it when she asks Iroha and Tsuruno to search for her friend, Hinano Miyako and Rika Ayano.

Layer 14

Emiri says that Hinano is like a squirrel monkey, while Rika is a polished type with "girl power". Iroha still isn't sure this Emiri is real. Emiri thinks the others couldn't have gone far, though she admits it's just a guess. Suspicious, Iroha stares at Emiri, prompting her to ask if she has zits on her face. Suddenly they hear a vice calling out for them, which turns out to be Hinano. Emiri apologizes to her, but Hinano says it's fine now that they're together. Emiri introduces Hinano to Iroha and Tsuruno. Tsuruno says that Hinano does look a squirrel monkey, which makes Hinano laugh. Emiri suddenly says that this Hinano is a fake.

Layer 15

Hinano asks Emiri what she's talking about, but Emiri says she can't pretend to be the original. She then demands to know where the real Hinano is. Suddenly Hinano asks if Emiri is a fake. Iroha admits to herself is still possible and doesn't know what's real anymore. She recalls Mitama's words and wonders if this is what she was talking about. Emiri tells Hinano she's wrong. She says if she calls Hinano a squirrel monkey, she will get hit by her, and if she gets lost, Hinano will yell at all because she's worried. She insists that this Hinano is a fake. Iroha thinks Emiri feelings are very warm. Suddenly Hinano attacks Emiri. She says that Emiri is being annoying and she should just behave herself and become a test subject. Tsuruno says the fake has shown her true colors. Emiri says she's mad. The girls fight.

Layer 16

After defeating the fake Hinano, Emiri thanks the girls. Iroha apologizes for thinking Emiri is a fake. Suddenly Emiri gets a reaction on her "Miya--ko-senpai Radar" and runs off. Tsuruno and Iroha follow. Emiri arrives and points to an emtpy spot. Upon a closer look, there's a gap in the barrier. Emiri says Hinano tends to get into these kinds of gaps. Iroha asks if it's just a hunch, but Emiri says it's like having a sensor for dropped change. Emiri puts her hand into the gap, and pulls out Hinano.

As Iroha and Tsuruno are stunned by the event, Hinano yells at Emiri for getting separated from her. She says she's too carefree and always spaces out, and demands that Emiri stop making Hinano worry about her. Emiri says they're now even, since she fished Hinano out of there. Hinano admits she was knocked out and even though she's ticked off, she finds the barrier fascinating. Hinano asks who Iroha and Tsuruno are. Tsuruno calls her squirrel monkey, causing Hinano to hit Emiri while asking what sort of nonsense she put in their heads. Tsuruno figures she's real. Emiri asks what happened to Rika. Hinano answers that Rika got separated from her after Hinano was.

Suddenly a voice calls to Emiri and Hinano. They recognize it as Rika's voice. Rika says she's here to say good-bye, and she must go farther into the mirrors. Emiri is confused, while Hinano shouts her name. Iroha narrates that they were going to take a closer look into one of the barrier's hidden secrets, further into the opposite mirrors.

Layer 17

Emiri is shocked to find that Rika says she's leaving. Hinano tells Emiri to calm down. Emiri says Rika would never leave them behind like that and Hinano agrees - this Rika must be an imposter. Iroha points out they still don't know where Rika is. Hinano says they should split up. She says she'll go with Tsuruno to find Rika, Iroha will head back to Mitama to ask her what's happening, and Emiri will go and find other people to help with the search.

Layer 18

Returning to the barrier's entrance, Iroha is surprised by Mitama. After explaining what happened, Mitama confirms Iroha only heard an imposter Rika. She says that there's not much time left, and that Rika must have looked too far into the mirrors and seen "the deep abyss". Mitama says Iroha should hurry back before she's out of time, saying she'll explain it later. Iroha re-enters the barrier, and Mitama bids her good bye.

Layer 19

Hinano and Tsuruno call out for Rika. Tsuruno points out that screaming at the top of their lungs might draw enemy attention. Hinano says that's fine, because at least the situation will change. Tsuruno then shouts loudly, using what she calls an advertising technique that was sealed due to neighborhood complaints. Suddenly Rika appears. Rika says they should have left her alone. Hinano calls Rika an imposter, which causes Rika to claim that was a cruel thing to say. Hinano admits this still might be the real Rika.

Iroha then arrives, and reports what Mitama said. Suddenly more fake Rikas appear and surround the girls. The Rikas keep multiplying, preventing the girls from escaping. Emiri reappears, having brought an ally.

Layer 20

The ally turns out to be Ren Isuzu. Emiri explains that when she left the Mirrors mansion she ran into Ren. Ren says that she was feeling uneasy so she went for a walk, and suddenly found herself in front of the mansion. In the present, Tsuruno introduces herself and Iroha to Ren. As the fake Rika's mutter about ending everything, Ren thinks about her friendship with Rika. Ren shouts at the imposters not to impersonate Rika, and says she will make them disappear.

After defeating all enemies, the girls find an unconscious Rika. Rika awakens, much to everyone's relief. Rika says she looked into a mirror because she wondered how her make-up looked. She suddenly found herself looking at many little things before someone appeared behind her. Rika explains she doesn't remember anything else after that. All the girls proceed to leave the barrier. Iroha heads to Mitama's place to get an explanation, but she can't find her there. Iroha narrates that Mitama disappeared that day.

Layer 21

Mitama had promised to tell Iroha the next time they met. But when Iroha went to her place, Mitama was nowhere to be found. She seemed to have vanished, and three days later there was still no sign of her. Iroha tells Yachiyo about her disappearance, noting that the Mirror Witch's mansion felt off somehow. Tsuruno wonders if maybe Mitama went into the labyrinth and got lost, but Yachiyo doesn't think Mitama is as dumb as Tsuruno is. Considering Mitama was conducting business just outside the labyrinth and seemed to know what was going on inside as well, it doesn't seem likely she'd go in unprepared. Yachiyo wonders if perhaps something happened that Mitama couldn't account for. That or she went in knowing the risk. Despite the fact that Mitama is the kind of person that would take off on a trip without telling anyone, the three of them decide to go with their instincts and investigate the labyrinth.

Back at the Mirror Witch's mansion Seika Kumi, Leila Ibuki, and Mito Aino have decided to investigate the labyrinth on their own. They had been told about the copies the labyrinth makes of magical girls. Seika thought the copies looked unpleasant, but Mito just thinks they look kind of funny. Hazuki had told them the other day about how Mitama has been missing, and the trio had decided to go into the labyrinth in search of her.

Layer 22

The previous day, Hazuki meets up with Seika, Leila, and Mito at a restaurant to tell them about the missing Mitama. Hazuki had hoped they might have had information on her, but they were just as surprised as she was when they heard the news. The trio don't really know her that well, but judging from Hazuki's reaction they can guess that her disappearance means bad news for the community. Hazuki explains that Mitama is one very unique in her abilities to care for Magical Girls, and because she meets with hundreds of girls every day she has access to all kinds of information and gossip. The three girls agree to help Hazuki and all the other magical girls search for Mitama. Hazuki fills them in on the details of Mirrors and the next day the three went off in search of Mitama.

Back in the present, Leila is getting as excited as Mito was about this new venture. She almost runs off to marvel at all the mirrors inside the labyrinth until Seika tells her to calm down. Seika recalls the warning that Hazuki had given them about the barrier, how it feels like it's swallowing you whole and then odd things begin to happen. Not even the more experienced Magical Girls know everything there is to know about that barrier. Hazuki warned them not to go at all due to their inexperience with the place.

Layer 23

Despite Hazuki's warning, Seika, Leila, and Mito were determined to search for Mitama. Having exhausted their search for Mitama everywhere, the three of them figure that Mirrors is the only place left. They talked over the risks of going, but with no other options they ventured in. Once inside, all three of them were secretly excited to be in such a place. Seika warned them to calm down, which only led to Leila and then Mito bickering with one another.

Layer 24

Leila continues to argue with Seika, who she believes is trying to act high and mighty. Mito worries about their arguing when Leila turns to Mito and accuses her of being above it all as well. Seika agrees and blames Mito for the arguing as well. Seika then accuses both Mito and Leila of not taking the venture seriously. Mito thinks that this is the biggest argument they've ever had until she remembers something. She reminds Seika and Leila of the promise they made to one another, where each of them gets a punishment if they were to ever argue with each other again. Mito volunteers to be the first to accept her punishment and both Leila and Seika remember the promise to one another as well. They too resort to accepting their punishments. Leila tells Mito to close her eyes, promising the punishment will really hurt.

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