Magia Record Story Kamihama Kawaii Collection

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Episode 1

Ashley narrates to the reader. She introduces herself and talks about how much she is into Japanese kawaii culture. So much so, she is currently studying in Japan even though she originates from California. She then introduces the teddy bear Kumanosuke that her father gave to her, which Ashley takes everywhere with her.

Ashley meets up with Riko Chiaki at her family’s bento shop where she often shops for a meal. Riko is the first friend that Ashley made after moving to Kamihama. Riko’s mother comes out and greets Ashley, reminding Riko to inform Ashley of a used clothing event. When Ashley learns that her favorite fashion designer, Waloli Gurokawa, will be awarding an original piece as the grand prize for a contest the event will be holding, Ashley becomes excited and invites Riko along. However, Riko is too young to attend but she promises to cheer Ashley from afar.

Episode 2

On the day of the Secondhand Clothes Event, Ashley tours the stalls to get an idea of what’s available before she begins to settle on an outfit for the contest. Kokoro Awane, Masara Kagami, and Aimi Eri are at the event and call out to Ashley. Ashley had befriended them before and had invited them to the event. Both Kokoro and Aimi are having lots of fun at the event, while Masara doesn’t mind being there. Masara asks Ashley to explain what she was talking about when she meant “kawaii” during their talks before. Ashley shows the girls the outfits she picked out for them. For Kokoro, she chose a high-waisted skirt with a white fitted blouse. For Aimi, she chose an outfit covered in frills and lace. For Masara, she chose a pure white dress. All three of the girls are thrilled with the outfits Ashley had picked out for them. Aimi and Kokoro help Ashley choose a dress from the stall and Ashley takes off to find more pieces for her outfit. As she leaves, Masara spots an item that she believes Ashley would like.

Episode 3

There’s only three more hours left until the contest begins when Karin Misono runs into Ashley. It seems that both Karin and Ashley are both die-hard fans of Phantom Thief Magical Kirin. Ashley takes Karin to a stall nearby where she saw an outfit that she wanted to recommend. But when they arrive, much of the stuff that Ashley had been eyeing is gone. Undeterred, Ashley assembles an outfit that resembles that of Magical Kirin much to the delight of Karin. Ashley buys a jacket from the stall to go with her outfit and leaves to shop some more. As Karin looks over her new outfit, she notices a bracelet that is identical to the one that Kirin wears and she gets it for Ashley.

Episode 4

An hour later, Rika Ayano and Emiri Kisaki greet Ashley. Both magical girls are also entering the fashion contest, though they’re not taking it as seriously as Ashley is. Ashley had befriended them due to their mutual love of fashion. As before, Ashley prepares to assemble new outfits for her friends, but finds that the colored overalls she had seen before are now gone. She asks the stall owner about them, but the owner doesn’t know where they are. She assumes she must have sold them at some point. Ashley makes a new outfit combination for her two friends: matching shirts complete with denim shorts and a skirt. While Emiri and Rika enjoy their new outfits, Ashley buys a scrunchie to add to her outfit. When she notices there are more matching scrunchies, she buys three so she, Riko, and Kumanosuke can match. Ashley leaves once more to put the finishing touches on her outfit. Emiri spots something nearby and she and Rika go to check it out.

Episode 5

With only an hour left until the contest, Asuka Tatsuki and Sasara Minagi bump into Ashley. It seems Asuka had been debating over whether or not to purchase a patterned skirt. Ashley suggests that Asuka put it together with a thinly knit sweater and a white shirt to make the skirt really shine. Seeing the outfit she put together for Asuka, Sasara asks Ashley to put something together for her as well. Ashley suggests white pants with a boldly colored top and a thin belt. The stall owner offers to bring the girls a belt but finds that the belt is missing. The management behind the event asks to speak to the stall owner and soon word of several thefts at the event begins to spread.

Episode 6

As the girls talk about the thefts, a man bumps into Ashley and takes off running. Ashley dusts herself off only to find that Kumanosuke is now missing. The event managers announce there is only thirty minutes left until the contest. The thief has mingled into the crowd and Asuka doesn’t believe they’ll be able to chase after him. However, Ashley knows that Kumanosuke has traces of her magic on him since she carries him everywhere, even into battle. The girls follow the traces of Ashley’s magic into an abandoned-looking place where they find a Witch’s labyrinth. The thief steps into the barrier, taking Kumanosuke with him. Ashley and the others transform and enter the barrier as well. Inside the barrier they find numerous people and all of the stolen goods, but no Kumanosuke. As Ashley looks at all the “kawaii” things that were stolen, she notices that all of the stolen items were generally considered cute, which angers Ashley. Sasara offers to escort the victims while Asuka takes down the familiars, leaving Ashley free to kill the Witch herself. Ashley heads to the center of the barrier, where she finds the Witch looking over Kumanosuke. Ashley unleashes her fury at the mistreatment of people’s love for kawaii objects and obliterates the Witch, saving her teddy bear and the people that were Witch-kissed.

Episode 7

As they exit the barrier, Ashley hears the loudspeaker announcing the beginning of the contest. She begins to panic, realizing she didn’t have enough time to finish completing her outfit. Sasara and Asuka hadn’t realized she was entering the contest, otherwise they’d have taken care of things themselves. But Kumanosuke is too precious to Ashley for her to leave him to anyone else. Just then, all of the other magical girls from earlier arrive. Masara hands Ashley a necklace as thanks for the outfits she chose for them. Karin hands her the bracelet she found, while Rika and Emiri offer her a pair of color coordinating shoes to complete her outfit. Ashley thanks them for everything and hurries off to the contest area.

It’s the end of the day, and Ashley is finishing her story to Riko. Thanks to everyone’s help, Ashley was able to win the contest. She hands the matching scrunchie to Riko, who loves the accessory. Ashley promises when Riko is older, they’ll both go to a fashion event together.

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