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For April Fool's 2018, the game did two separate events that will be put on this page for convenience.

The first event, Mitama's Photography Meet!, is a pair of cutscenes that were shown on April 1st, 2018 and April 2nd, 2018. On April Fool's Day, players could take real-world photographs and add one of the magical girl's they have. However, using a member of Iroha Tamaki's team or one of the main Madoka Magica girls will replace their image with a special April Fool's sprite, done in the style of Magia Report.

The second event, FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station (Holy Radio Wave Broadcast Station) began on April 2nd. The plot is, in fact, an in-game Magia Report comic.

Mitama's Photography Meet!

April Fool's Day Special Scene

As Yachiyo Nanami makes lunch for her teammates, Felicia Mitsuki barges in. She shows the girls a flyer which says that Mitama Yakumo is becoming a pro photographer, and for one day is taking photos for free. Yachiyo and Sana Futaba say this is the first they've heard of it. Iroha thinks it's suspicious, but Felicia says they should go. Sana admits they have nothing planned anyway. Iroha asks if Felicia s trying to avoid doing her homework. Felicia insists she isn't and asks why she has to learn English anyway. Yachiyo tells Felicia that she'll ask Tsuruno Yui to scold her.

Tsuruno then arrives, having seen the flyer herself. She says the group should take a team photo. Felicia agrees, and the others do as well. The girls go to Mitama, wearing casual clothing. Mitama welcomes them to the "Adjuster's Photo Studio". The girls note that they're the only ones there. Mitama is annoyed that no-one wanted to get their photograph taken by a pro. Yachiyo points out that Mitama only started saying that and no-one believes it. In response, Mitama pulls out her camera, which awes Felicia and Tsuruno. Mitama reveals she saw the camera on sale, and the advert said that whoever uses it can become a pro photographer.

Iroha and Sana point out that's just marketing. Yachiyo points out the camera has a long telephoto lens and asks if Mitama will make photographs from afar. Mitama says she has a normal lens and the girls go to where Mitama set up a studio. Iroha and Sana say they're excited about this. However, when Mitama takes the photograph, Iroha is shocked by how she came out. Mitama says she messed up a bit and will try again.

April 2nd Special Scene

Unfortunately, Mitama can't just seem to get a good shot, and Iroha claims the picture is of someone who looks like her. Mitama thinks it could be because she just became a pro. Sana and Yahciyo think it might just be the camera were suspiciously cheap. Mitama says that's not true and that she's just not in control of the equipment. She tells the girls to come with her. Yachiyo says Felicia has homework, but Felicia goes with her.

Iroha narrates that they went with Mitama and met Madoka Kaname and her friends. They tried to take pictures with them, but the pictures didn't come out well. A few of these pictures are shown: Madoka, in the Magia Report style, with people jumping out of a plane. The next picture shown is Homura Akemi also in the Magia Report style with a lion. Finally, there's a picture of a Magia Report style Sayaka Miki with a sunset. Iroha wonders why the camera isn't working.

Later, Mitama is silent, Tsuruno says it's a disaster, and Yachiyo says they should give up. Felicia says Mitama can't cook or take pictures. Mitama says she can cook, she's just new at it. Yachiyo says Mitama doesn't know when to give up. Mitama says that might be true, but it's still mean. Mitama says she doesn't like how people don't trust her for anything except adjustment. Mitama then declares that she will stop being an Adjuster and devote herself to photography. The girls all gasp in surprise.

Iroha and Yachiyo protest, saying that everyone in Kamihama will be in trouble without Mitama. Tsuruno says the photographs have good taste, and Sana says no-one can make photos like the ones Mitama made. Felicia tries to protest but is stopped by Yachiyo. Mitama asks if her photos are professional. Yachiyo says they are, and Iroha says they're art. Mitama then asks if the girls trust her. Sana says yes, and Tsuruno says if it wasn't for Mitama she wouldn't have become the strongest.

Mitama chuckles and says she will remain the adjuster. However, she says she will continue to take photos, as she wants to take normal photos of everyone. Yachiyo says she has plenty of free time to practice. Mitama tells the girls to wait, saying she'll become able to take a lovely photo of everyone. Later, Iroha and company return to their house, saying they used up their whole day off. Tsuruno tutors Felicia in English, saying they talk about Japan even in English. Yachiyo makes hot cocoa for everyone, while Mitama practices more. A final picture is shown, which is an image of both Iroha and Madoka's teams drawn in the Magia Report style.

FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station

FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station.png

Episode 1

A Rumor creature describes the Rumor of the FM Kamihama Radio Station. Iroha and Madoka-senpai broadcast on the radio station. Madoka apologizes for the "blood" from the previous week, and hopes Konomi Haruna will recover soon. The girls begin the radio broadcast.

Episode 2

Madoka-senpai walks up the side of the screen. Iroha says they usually appear in Magia Report, which occurs in a separate Kamihama. Iroha says the world is different, but she's interrupted when she's hit with Madoka-senpai's speech bubble. Madoka-senpai says they have a lot more freedom compared to a world where they could only talk on the bottom of the screen. Iroha is knocked to the floor, while Madoka-senpai has her hand raised in a victory pose, courtesy of the fake Madoka from a previous Magia Report comic.

(Madoka-senpai is fought in the subsequent battle)

Episode 3

Iroha says they'll start their popular listener advice series. Iroha says that those magical girls whose mail is read will get premium cooking implements. Madoka-senpai asks Iroha which one she wants. Iroha says the vegetable slicer looks so convenient. Madoka-senpai asks if she figured out a pun for that. As Iroha is confused, Madoka-senpai says she'll take the foil, "your aluminum garden"

Episode 4

Iroha reads a question from "Strongest Magical Girl-san". She says her home is a Chinese restaurant with a 10,000 year's worth reputation of 50 points. She asks how she can become the strongest. Madoka-senpai says to use a 200 point scale.

Iroha reads a question from the "Mikazuki House Zashiki Warashi-san". She says normal people can't see her and asks how she can build self-confidence. Madoka-senpai says to run around the city naked.

(Tsuruno Yui and Sana Futaba are fought in the subsequent battle)
(Also, Tsuruno follows Madoka-senpai's advice in a Magia Report comic. It's still 50 points!)

Episode 5

Iroha reads a question from Saint of Kami hama-san. She says as a familiar song plays, that she's working in Kamihama to save magical girls. To help magical girls understand, she put up a group on a social network, but it's getting hit with flamewars. She says when she looks at the hate-filled comments it feels like something is welling up the back of her throat. She asks if it's an immaculate conception.

Madoka-senpai says no.

(Holy Mami is fought in the subsequent battle)
(Also, a Magia Report comic reveals that Sayaka Miki has been flaming Mami's posts to get a response back)

Episode 6

Madoka-senpai asks if Iroha has any troubles. Iroha says she doesn't have any 4-star girls. Madoka-senpai takes her phone and rolls. She shows the result to Iroha, who is surprised. Madoka-senpai then offers Iroha aluminum foil, which causes Iroha to make a face.

(Iroha is fought in the subsequent battle)

Episode 7

Himika Mao walks into the station. She says she's here to collect her paycheck. Madoka-senpai says Himika has waited since Episode 32 of the first comic and asks if her life is as difficult as ever. Himika says she's unmatched in Kamihama, and only had water and dirt to eat the day before. Madoka-senpai asks if she's a forest element. Iroha points out that's mud.

Episode 8

Iroha gives Himika candy and asks why she's here. Himika says she heard they were giving out kitchen gadgets, and came in person since she doesn't have a phone or internet. Taking a bite of the candy, she exclaims that the dirt is sweet, but says she's kidding and that she knows it's chocolate. Himika says she's surprised to have chocolate without a special occasion. Iroha says you don't need a special occasion for chocolate, prompting Himika to ask if she's joking. Meanwhile, Madoka-senpai eats.

(Himika is fought in the subsequent battle)

Episode 9

Iroha says they're taking Himika as their assistant. Himika says she'll help with anything. Madoka-senpai, holding some sort of contraption, says Konomi was their assistant until the previous week. She says after Konomi started bleeding it will take four weeks to heal. Madoka-senpai then grabs Himika.

Episode 10

Iroha says it's time for a song. Madoka-senpai says that because licensing music is an issue nowadays, Iroha has brought her music. The tune is "Tsuruno-chan's excited humming". It's...poor.

Episode 11

Madoka-senpai then begins its "Gourmet Roundup" segment. She says in the previous week they angered the owner of "Walnuts" and wonders what will happen now. The live reporter at the scene turns out to be Natsuki Utsuho, who is visiting Walnuts. She meets Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane, who recognize Natsuki is from the radio program. Natsuki says their program has become well-known. Natsuki says she's cheering people on, as she cheers a happy Rika Ayano and a shocked Ren Isuzu.

(Natsuki is fought in the subsequent battle)

Episode 12

Natsuki tells Alina Gray that her omurice looks delicious while a Rumor creature watches. Natsuki says they have an unusual greeting from a special customer. Natsuki then says the owner is coming. It's Manaka, who tells her to get out. Natsuki says they'll return next week.

(Alina is fought in the subsequent battle)

Episode 13

Himika says that they'll play a little game for their break. She has three covered platters: One is a fluffy soufflé, another is sesame dango, and the last is a goopy fish. Iroha asks if Himika will take one and grabs her.

Episode 14

Himika is surprised to find she got the soufflé. Iroha finds she has the Dango, which is from Tsuruno's family's restaurant. Madoka-senpai is crushed to get the goopy fish. While Madoka-senpai thinks she's not eating the fish, Himika asks if she can take her food home with her. Himika explains she'd like to share it with her family, to Iroha's awe. Madoka-senpai says Himika can take the fish too.

Episode 15

Iroha says it's time for radio shopping and introduces Himika's homemade seasoning, made with wild mushrooms and weeds. Iroha says it's the Mao family secret sauce, and it's flavored with hate for the wealthy. Iroha shows a pie chart with responses to the sauce, all of them bad. Himika says that Mitamam is a frequent customer. Meanwhile, Madoka-senpai takes a sniff of the sauce and screams because the scent hurts her eyes.

Episode 16

Yachiyo suddenly barges in, saying the broadcast needs to be stopped. Himika gives her some of her sauce as a greeting, hurting Yachiyo's eyes. Yachiyo tells the girls to look around. Everyone's shocked to see they're in a Rumor's barrier.

Episode 17

Yachiyo says the radio program and studio have become a Rumor, the Rumor of FM Kamihama. The Rumor's radio waves are magically overcoming dimensions...and it's interfering with the "normal" Kamihama! In a normal dialogue segment, Kanoko Yayoi says she feels a wave coming over her and she might have good ideas soon.

Episode 18

Yachiyo says two worlds can't exist in the main timeline, and the one with weaker presence will probably cease to exist - which is the Magia Report world. Madoka-senpai says it's war, though Iroha says they have to defeat the Rumor before it becomes a war.

(The Rumor of FM Kamihama, a version of the Rumor of the Breakup Staircase with a cartoon satellite dish attached to it, is fought in the subsequent battle)

Episode 19

The Rumor severely damages the girls. Yachiyo says the Rumor's magic spreads via radio waves, making it impossible to avoid. Madoka-senpai says she would like that in Mirrors as she Connects to Himika. Yachiyo wishes they had something like a tunnel to block the radio waves. Madoka-senpai says everything's black, even though they're not in a tunnel. Yachiyo is annoyed by this.

Episode 20

Himika says she has an idea. Madoka-senpai, wearing an odd mustache, says that's the pick-up. Narration claims that in ancient Japan, new kings were chosen by a form of fortune-telling called "the pick-up", where a lit branch was pressed into the foreheads of the candidates. The burn marks would then be read to judge each person's fortune. The narration says that in gacha games, the characters chosen for pick-up are important in the story but require a significant investment. The narration claims this is derived from the ancient tradition. (It's probably not true.) Yachiyo says they're going to win, while Madoka-senpai tells Himika to smash and burn fate. Himika thinks they're making this hard to do.

Episode 21

Using her rocket hand weapon, Himika grabs the aluminum foil. She says she heard that aluminum foil blocks radio waves. The girls wrap themselves in the foil and fight the Rumor.

(The Rumor of FM Kamihama is fought once more)

Episode 22

The Rumor is defeated and the girls celebrate, along with a Konomi wrapped in bandages. Himika is given boxes of aluminum foil. Iroha narrates that FM Kamihama ended and they're taking a break from radio. She starts up a game of Magia Record on her phone, and starts a battle.

(The final battle is against five Madoka-senpais)

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