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Not to be confused with Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Official Guidebook "With You".

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

Part One

Mitama, under the guise of a Christmas fairy granted Rika and Ren the magic to make things come true. They need to be thinking of the same issue to work though. This is done so they can help her disciple, a swallow familiar known as Chu to eat up these cowardice heart which is giving negative influence emotionally to Kamihama.

Being the good kids they are, Ren and Rika accept the task, and their first target is Felicia and Sana. They are in a quiet argument since Felicia is asking Sana to shoulder the blame for ruining the cake Yachiyo requested them to collect, but Sana points out that both are at fault since they were singing and not watching the way.

Ren and Rika fix the cake, but realize the situation is not solved. Yachiyo, worried about Sana and Felicia arrives on the scene, and it is when Felicia apologizes to both Yachiyo and Sana that the cowardice heart appears for Chu to gobble up.

The second situation Ren and Rika encountered is Rena and Kaede quarreling with Momoko looking on helplessly. Rena wants to invite Kaede to an Idol Live show, but since she is asking in a roundabout way, Kaede who is not really interested in idols got pissed and the two begin to quarrel. After getting info from Momoko about this, Ren and Rika used their magic to give Rena the courage to speak her mind, but they realize she just doesn't want to owe Kaede a favor if she asks her out directly. Kaede's mood changed for the better and she accepts the invitation since she thinks Rena owes her so much that just one more favor will not change much. Situation solved, though Momoko, Ren and Rika marveled at how the two get along.

Next is Akira who gets cold feet and refuses to wear the cute Christmas costume she has prepared while Emiri encourages her to do so. Ren and Rika thinks Akira should at least try, but their magic work passively, changing Akira's costume without warning. She hides under the table at Emiri's consultation stall, but eventually had to come out when Nanaka, Kako and Meiyu come over for a friendly gathering. The three think the costume fits Akira perfectly, giving her enough confidence to force her cowardice out.

Akira and Emiri get filled in about the situation and offer to help. They form the Holy Girls team with Ren and Rika, and things went smoothly with more hands to help.

However, the four also view helping people in need as important as getting rid of cowardice, so they made many detours, annoying Chu.

Eventually, they find a huge presence of cowardice in a little boy. After friendly conversations, the boy confess that he had an argument with his father since he thinks presents from dad and presents from Santa are different and threw a tantrum. He wants to apologize but lacks the courage to do so. Thus, Rena and Rika gave him a push with their magic, allowing the boy to face the music and rush to apologize to his dad. Akira and Emiri follow the boy to keep track of the cowardice, and to ensure his safety.

Ren and Rika find another huge presence of cowardice in a couple at the mall. The two note that people are just shopping for the sake of it, and there is a lack of festivity and joy in it.

Back to the couple, Ren and Rika learned from them that they have been in a very stable relationship, but the guy thinks he is not good enough for the girl and thus cannot bring himself to propose, while the girl worries that her boyfriend is getting tired of her. Before anything can be done though, Emiri called in to say cowardice has appeared after the boy successfully made up with his dad. Not to abandon the couple, Ren and Rika managed to convince them to take a stroll with them to relax. As Chu gobbles the boy's cowardice, the boy's dad recognizes the boyfriend since he bought an engagement band at his shop. The girlfriend realized that her man is serious with the relationship, so Ren and Rika took the opportunity and construct a huge snow globe with their magic and send the couple in to give them a romantic backdrop to propose. The boyfriend did just that, the couple successfully become engaged.

After eating the last cowardice, Chu thanks Ren and Rika in a sinister tone and claims now they can end the city.

Part Two

The whole of part 1 and most of part 2 is a dream Ren and Rika shares as Mitama tries to help them make up.

They had different views on Santa, but Rika's offhand comment upsets Ren. Before they can make up though, Ren has to head home because her parents called, and Rika did not try to contact Ren after that. Akira and Emiri thought they are having a cold war and ask their magical girl friends for help.

Thus, Mitama decides to combine Ren and Rika's reinforcement session and open their hearts so they can talk openly. It works, since Ren and Rika revealed they are too awkward to start a conversation and lack the courage to apologize.

However, Mitama put in too much effort, resulting in the weird shared dream. After realizing their chicken heart and remembering the advice and plight from people they have helped, Ren and Rika gained the courage to speak up to each other.

After that day, Ren went on a holiday trip with her parents, but the signal there is weak, thus all she could do is take pictures to share with Rika later. On Rika's side, she lost her phone after that event and she had to search for it frantically, thus unable to respond to Ren's pictures. They apologize to each other and make up.

When they woke up, Mitama is pleased that the two have made up though even she did not know what had happened. The two report their case back to Akira and Emiri, though they comment that Ren and Rika are those who become even closer after understanding each other better after arguments.

Rika think this is true as Ren and her personality are vastly different, and this makes her treasure the friendship even more. Both agree to Akira and Emiri's observation.

In the end, the two request Mitama to grant them the same magic from their dream. It is much more weaker, so they two have to move around Kamihama on a flying sled they conjure to create the White Christmas everybody is waiting for.

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