Magia Record Story The Chiming Bell that Transcends Time

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Part 1

There is a spoiler that indicates this story happens shortly after the Nanami family get back together after the Magius brainwashing fiasco.

Iroha and Yachiyo are visiting Mitama's shop, where Mitama talks about an orthodox spell dating back to medieval Europe which helps the user to sleep well and have a good dream. Yachiyo is interested in it since she has been having trouble sleeping lately, and Mitama gives them the spell and gives them a pair of incense candle to go along with it.

The pair tried the spell that night and fall asleep smoothly, but Iroha wakes up and find herselfs in the middle of a forest and hearing the noises of an ongoing battle. She is assaulted by soldier-like familiars and was saved just in time by Yachiyo. Iroha also transforms and defeats the soldiers with Yachiyo, and the Puella Magi leading them joins in the fray.

She is ridiculously powerful and is going in for the kill on Iroha when Tart barges in and tanks the attack with ease. She urges them to retreat as she tanks the enemy, and the pair heed her advice since Iroha is not in a shape to fight. They noted that the witch that is also rampaging is one of those from Kamihama and wonder if this is because this is part of the dream. Tart tanks the attacks from the enemy Puella Magi, and with Riz's help forces the enemy into retreat. Yachiyo notes that Tart is also called La Pucelle and wonder if she is Jeanne d'Arc. Melissa is there to help the pair, and they note a huge magical energy burst and receive a confirmation from Melissa that it is Jeanne's. The two slowly wake up from the dream.

The next day, the pair shared their dream with the rest of the family and it is revealed that only they shared the dream. Yachiyo comes to the conclusion that it is either the candle or the spell that has caused the dream. Calling Mitama, Mitama apologizes for the experience and is also puzzled since everyone that has tried the spell has had good sleep and dreams. Yachiyo comes to the conclusion that the candles are the cause.

Out of curiosity, Iroha and Yachiyo try the spell and candles again and are indeed brought back to the same dream. They appear in Tart's camp who is glad the pair are safe since they seem to fade into nothing from Tart and friends' point of view. Yachiyo confirms with Tart that she is indeed Jeanne d'Arc and is surprised Yachiyo knows her full name since she goes by Tart. This alarms Riz, but before anything can be done on the issue, a small child barges in and pleads for Tart to help her sister who is caught by monsters. Tart naturally agrees, and Iroha also joins in despite it being a dream since she can't bare to see others suffer.

Together, they enter the witch barrier, and realize the culprit is a witch from Kamihama. Under Iroha's guidance, the group easily beat the witch and rescue the child's sister. Iroha feels good doing good despite it being a dream to which Yachiyo also agrees. The conversation goes on to the reason Tart became a Puella Magi: to ensure the tragedy of her sister's death isn't repeated on other people, thus she choose to become a Puella Magi to liberate France.

Tart then reveals that Orleans has fallen and she has suffered numerous defeats which alarms Yachiyo since Jeanne was supposed to lift the siege and turn the tide. Melissa adds that after the defeat at Orleans against the enemy Puella Magi who suddenly brought in unlimited reinforcements in the form of soldier familiars, night has reign and they have not seen the sun since.

Yachiyo notes that this is like a dream, to which Riz responds a little angrily that to them it might be a dream, but to Tart and the others this is reality, at which Yachiyo apologizes. The spell seems to go off and the pair woke up again.

Part 2

Iroha and Yachiyo join Tart and her band of French soldiers to liberate France. They make good progress and lands they've liberate have had light returned to them. The PM note warily that Tart sewed her own flag with Cube on it to let more people see the angel. Throughout the battles, the pair note that Tart is humble and kind, getting along with people easily and conclude that is why she is so popular.

After capturing a fort, Riz had some time to talk with the pair and agreed with their observation on Tart's charm. She let it slip that even though they are not in the real world, Tart's personality is real. Yachiyo questions her on this slip, but Riz is reluctant to share more for unspeakable reasons and promises to tell the truth after the whole thing is over. She does tell them that they are not wrong in the first place in deducting that this is a dream, just not theirs. Yachiyo decides not to push it, but tells Riz that her scolding is what let the pair decide to help Tart and hope she will stop hiding secrets from them from now on. After a few pauses, Riz asks them about the candles they used to visit France, and after Iroha's telling of the red and blue candles, Riz confirms that they are from the future and tell them that if anything happens to her, or if they need help, they should pray at the church of Saint Catherine and they will receive help. After this reveal, Riz went back to scouting, although Iroha and Yachiyo agreed that Riz has her reasons to hide what she knows, but she trusts them enough to reveal about the church. The two then wake up.

Back home, the pair wondered why they can regroup with Tart so conveniently every time they visit France, and realize that they both see a guiding light every time they enter sleep and before waking into France. As expected, they are back with Tart, but are informed that Riz has not been heard of for a day. Tart is relaxed when she heard that Iroha and Yachiyo have seen her before since it is not unusual for Riz to head off scouting, though it is if she did not inform anyone beforehand. The army has to leave her behind since they have to begin the march.

At the next fort, the enemy PM Corbeau appears and is disappointed Riz is nowhere to be found. She decides to brutalize Tart until Riz whom she cares for her appears. The trio are having a hard time with Corbeau, and Melissa asks Cube if her turning into a PM can help, in which the latter replies that it depends on her. Before the conversation can continue though, Riz returns to interrupt and joins the fray. They are able to beat Corbeau, but she took advantage of Tart being weak due to her magic draining magia to take a cheap shot at her. Riz takes the bullet and melts into shadows which broke Tart's spirit. France reverts back to the darkness and Tart is captured, so it feels like a defeat to the French army despite taking the territory.

Yachiyo, Iroha, Melissa and Cube note the diminishing moral of the army and the crown prince due to the capture of Tart and the reverting back into darkness. Yachiyo discusses the situation with Cube and mentions that Riz once mentioned that they might be in a dream, just not theirs. Digesting the information, Cube announces that he has solved the riddle: They are indeed in a dream, Tart's.

Cube explains that the fact that the world goes back to darkness after Tart broke upon witnessing Riz's death and that the pair can communicate with ease in France despite both sides not knowing each other's language is good enough evidence that this is Tart's dream. They are all trapped in it. Yachiyo questions how does the dream of Tart affect the future.

He answers that he has to first take back what he said about this being the past of Yachiyo and Iroha's time. This is a dream of Tart who is indeed a historical figure of Yachiyo's time. Cube explains that emotional damage suffered from nightmares will taint the soul gem of Puella Magi and can turn them into a witch. If this happens, then history will be changed since Tart will not be able to lead the liberation and the darkness in Kamihama is hints of what may come if Tart turns into a witch. The only way to stop this is to wake Tart up from the dream and relieve her from despair. Yachiyo ask if she can trust Cube on this, and he answers that what is happening is of demerit to them, so she can expect his 100% full cooperation. The pair wake up after this conversation.

Returning home, the pair realize that neither Felicia nor Sana is at home. After checking out the city, they realize the situation has worsened: the pair are the only one left in the city. Iroha panics on what to do, but she is gently reminded by Yachiyo that she is the leader, and this calms her down. They decide that the best course of action is to investigate the candles which connect them to Tart, and make a visit to Mitama's shop.

Searching around the shop without the keeper, they find a Latin tome as old as the candles, and bring it home. Yachiyo painstakingly decodes the tome and realize it is a black magic tome written by Corbeau. It teaches a curse which traps a person into a dream they cannot wake up from inside a witch's barrier. The candles are used to enter the dream of the victim, and the reason why the pair can visit Tart's dream is because the candles contain locks of hair from Tart. They realize that Corbeau mass produced the candles using resources from the English and planned to eliminate Tart using this method. These relics are passed down from the time of Tart and Mitama just happen to get her hands on them, leading to this mess. Unfortunately, the Latin used to write the book is too deep and old for Yachiyo to read further, so they decided to try and bring it back to the dream by hugging it close and getting Cube to read it. They go back to sleep and attempt to head back to the dream.

Iroha wakes up in darkness and only manages to regroup with Yachiyo through finding each other by the direction of their telepathic voice. They tried calling out for help and managed to get hold of Melissa, and using her voice as a signal manage to find their way back to the dream.

The tome manages to follow them back into the dream and they share their findings with Cube and Melissa. After reading the tome, Cube praises Yachiyo for her correct reading of the tome and explains that even he could not detect that he is in a dream since the memories of what happened in the real world before entering the dream does link up. This is the same for everyone. From the tome, Cube shares that the caster can make use of the barrier to create familiars and enemies taken from the minds of those in the dream, which explains the presence of the Kamihama witches and familiars. Iroha wonder if they are the cause for the screw up, but Cube consoles her by saying that the situation was already bad even before they join in, so they are but the last straw that broke the camel's back. Besides, their appearance is also valuable since the French side lack PM, and they might be just the ace that can turn the tide. Cube further shares that the tome also records that ringing the holy bell is the only way to lift the curse, but details are blurred out since the book is old. Melissa suggested that the bell might be inside a church, and the pair remembered Riz telling them to seek the church of St. Catherine if they need help. Melissa knows of one and leads them to the church.

Arriving at the church, the pair follow Riz's advice and pray, and their call for aid is answered by Pernelle, an Alchemist and Puella Magi. She explains that she is locked outside the dream and can provide only advice. She reveal to them that Tart was cursed in the streets of Orleans as she prepared for the siege, and the bell is located at the chapel in Orleans. They need to have Tart ring it to wake herself up, but she also needs to wake up from despair as well.

Pernelle informs the group that Riz is well and alive. She was not in the range of the curse since she happened to be scouting and manage to steal a candle from the enemy to enter Tart's dream to rescue her. Thus, her reason for sudden disappearance is same as the pair's: she is returning to reality. Pernelle further explains that the barrier forbids anyone from telling about the tome and candles, and anyone breaking it will have their bodies be swallowed by shadows from the barrier. Iroha and Yachiyo are exempted since they are from the future.

Riz has already recovered from her serious but not lethal wounds, but she is currently lost inbetween dream and reality, and she needs Tart's light to guide her back. Yachiyo notes that this is the same situation she and Iroha were in when they returned. Pernelle gives them a sword for Tart which will act as a beacon to light Riz's way. The group is set to rescue both Tart and Riz.

Yachiyo shares the whole story with La Hire and Gilles whom accept the whole fiasco and agree without hesitation to help. They set off the next morning to the fort where Tart is to help with their army with little assistance from Dauphin Charles who still has not recovered.

They are met with familiars at the fort which Yachiyo and Iroha handle with ease. Together with the French army, they are able to break their defense, but are faced with another Kamihama witch. They pair deal with the witch while the competent French army handled the familiars. The army held off the familiars after the witch is defeated to cover for Yachiyo, Iroha and Melissa's storming of the dungeon to rescue Tart.

They find Tart who is still trying to recover from Riz's death. After informing her of the truth, she lit up like the sun and accepts the sword from Pernelle, finally guiding Riz back and lighting up France again. The French win the day, and prepare for the next move.

Back at camp, Riz apologizes to Yachiyo and Iroha for hiding the truth due to the restrictions. The pair understood her reasons and her desire to rescue Tart and told her they don't mind. Riz then proceeds to thank the pair for all they have done, making Iroha flustered while Yachiyo tells Riz that they just have luck on their side. It is decided that the army will begin their assault on Orleans to let Tart ring the bell and bring an end to the dream. Cube informs them that they will all slowly lose memory of the event and eventually think of it as a dream since everything is fixed. Yachiyo notes that it is because history and what is happening does not match. While Tart and Melissa are a little saddened by the fact, Riz is much more positive, saying that it will end on a good note since they will be continuing the good fight for the future. Yachiyo agrees with Riz, and the group promises to continue to fight for a better future even after they return to their original time and place.

It is decided that Tart should aim for the chapel while the others buy her time. They are then attacked from the back as Corbeau brings along her familiars. Yachiyo and Riz quickly rearrange their plan: Iroha and Tart will head to the chapel while they hold Corbeau off. She blocks the way by summoning more familiars before Tart and Iroha can move, and thus the battle is joined. Tart and Riz stand back to back and announce they will not give up, and this time will fight side by side as equals.

Yachiyo has the upper hand against Corbeau and gives her a smackdown for her life, with her baffled by Yachiyo's experience in combat and being mocked for losing breathe. Riz joins in and smacks Corbeau even harder, finally opening a way for Tart and Iroha to enter Orleans. Once again, Corbeau summons reinforcements which block the way again, and Tart cannot use her magia as it will cause civilian damage. The French army once again show their might as they press the familiars back, only for Corbeau to summon even more lackeys. Cube explains that the familiars are byproducts of the barrier and Corbeau can summon them at no cost. Dauphin Charles appears with reinforcements and announces that he is here to repay Tart for her kindness and service, and he even tanked an attack from Corbeau without falter. The French army moral had a huge boost and clear the way, breaking the familiar army's defenses. La Hire leads the charge as Dauphin Charles passes the reigns of command to Gilles. The French manage to keep the path open.

Back to the PMs, Corbeau attempts to summon familiars again but is interrupted by Tart, Riz, Yachiyo and Iroha who smack Corbeau around, concluding with Riz binding her with shadows and Tart unleashing her magia onto Corbeau. Lead by Melissa and her dad La Hire, Iroha and Tart are urged to head to the chapel.

Yachiyo and Riz stay behind on purpose as they know Corbeau manage to protect her vitals from Tart's magia, and the battle is joined once again.

The way is cleared by La Hire and his company, and Cube repeats that ringing the bell will wake everyone up and all will eventually fade into a dream. At the bell tower, Tart and Iroha have a final conversation, with the former expressing her joy and gratitude to know the latter. Tart adds that seeing Iroha's will to fight hard for a better future is proof that her own wish is not for naught. She swears that she will not forget about Iroha, Yachiyo, what has happened here, nor her own wish to bring light back to France or the promise to fight for a better future no matter what. Iroha repeats the sentiments, and Tart invites Iroha to ring the bell together. The deed is done, and the bell chimes throughout France.

Melissa is the first to go to sleep (wake up), the next is Corbeau who has been used as a punching bag by Yachiyo and Riz, vowing that she will end the fight in the real world. Yachiyo and Riz wish each other farewell and good luck as they share the same sentiments that it is an honor and pleasure to know each other.

Finally back at the bell, Tart tells Iroha she wants to bid farewell with a smile, and wishes each other all for the best. Everyone wakes up.

Back in Kamihama, Iroha asks Yachiyo about the candles, France, and Tart. After being teased by Yachiyo who pretended to have forgotten everything, she is relieved to know that their memories are still in tact, even for this moment. Felicia and Sana enter and tell them that everything has returned to normal: the people have returned and the sun has risen as usual. Felicia is excited about the steak, and Yachiyo assure her that she remembers and they will go shopping in the evening together to let her choose her steak.

Iroha wonders if Tart managed to achieve her goal, so Yachiyo suggests that she should check out the history books while they still remember the event. The book recorded of Tart and the French's victory in retaking Orleans, and the event in the manga is also shown (Melissa becoming a PM since her dad and Tart took the bullet for her, eventually beating Corbeau). Iroha is relieved and happy for Tart's victory, though they are caught by dismay that they are also recorded in the book in an illustration named Holy Maiden. They remembered it is back when Gilles announced that they are Holy Maidens along with Tart and felt a little embarrassed, though Yachiyo also notes it should be fine since nobody will notice it other than themselves. Overall, they are happy that Tart remembered them.

They shared the tale of how humanity almost went extinct with Mitama who apologizes for the troubles caused and promises to get rid of the candles and tome. She laments on spreading a disastrous sleeping spell, though Iroha corrected her since the spell is harmless. It is the tome and the candles that are problematic. Mitama is overjoyed since the spell is a popular one back in the times of Jeanne d'Arc and was widely known and popular in France back then.

This caught the pair's attention. The spell was brought to the dream by them, and they taught it to Melissa. It is possible that she remembered it even after waking up and shared it with others which caused it to spread and eventually pass down to Mitama. What is more alarming is that their portraits are also passed down and the information on the candles are way too detailed. Iroha is confused by everything, so Yachiyo arranges the clues together and arriving to the conclusion that it might be a closed time loop. The causing and solving of the event is predetermined and they have played a part in it and passing down of the spell. Yachiyo remembers back on how Cube deducted that Yachiyo and Iroha might also be saviors of France, and wondered if their records in France have existed even before the event has occur, just that they never knew before hand.

The more they think of it, the creepier it gets, so they agree that the discussion should stop there. Then the memoria of the trio flashes on the screen, which is part of an old archive.


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