Magia Record Story Crimson Resolve

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Part One

In the city of Futatsugi, the magical girls don't work in small groups, but rather in large gangs like gangsters... The oldest 'here' is Torayacho - led by Yuna Kureha, who took over the former Senpai's management career (due to being transformed into witch). But the separation of Juri Oba has created an equally strong, opposing band - Ryugasaki. Relations between the two sides are not good. Due to the scarcity of witches in the city (the cause of Magius's work, as well as the removal of Kyubey by being hunted) has led to conflicts over their 'food source', grief seeds. Not only were they oppressive, by exploiting the efforts of newbies, but also by using threats, coercing the enemy to transform into witches to harvest their grief seed is also common practice here.

In the midst of these two hegemonies, there is the sneaky, clingy existence of a group of young, newcomers - Hebinomiya, founded by Ao Kasane, with the conspiracy to overthrow the oppression from the seniors. Hikaru Kirari, a 13-year-old magical girl was invited to join, after being rescued by Ao while being hunted for a grief seed she had just obtained. Ao asked Hikaru to help with the upcoming big plan, taking advantage of the struggle of the two big gangs to destroy the oligarchs. Ao is currently pretending to be a confidant of Juri, so she asked Hikaru to blend into the Torayacho ranks to get information, then they would coordinate their action later.

The mediation between the two gangs was broken by internal news that Torayacho lost the "Horse" - supposedly Yuna's "treasurer" (but no one, except Yuna, ever saw it). This news reached the Ryugasaki faction, and escalated into war. Although Torayacho has reported on the fact that witches are reappearing, there is no evidence to support this, so the tension is still growing. And the official declaration of war was sent directly to Yuna by Juri via phone.

The relationship between Yuna and Juri is also part of the reason for the confrontation. The two were once on the same frontline, but Juri has never won against Yuna in a fight (not counting raw power). That makes Juri always carry an inhibition, a desire for revenge. The gathering of dissatisfied magical girls with Torayacho, creating Ryugasaki also aims to minimize the number of ‘mouths’, when the city lacks ‘food’. It also makes Yuna feel a bit guilty because she thinks that she caused this situation. But Yuna didn't accept that Juri turned the fight between the two into war, so she accepted this confrontation.

After the declaration of war, Yuna declared a call-to-arms to the Torayacho crew, calling for all to take caution. Along with that is the setup for the battlefield at 3 large bridges connecting the two banks of the city (also the boundary between the two gangs). Magic stones were arranged in two east-west bridges, serving as tactics. Also, by understanding more about Juri from former Ryugasaki members like Hikaru, Yuna believes that she is well prepared ... But it's been 2 weeks since the declaration of war, and there was no movement from Ryugasaki. Torayacho's morale is therefore somewhat wasteful. In order to gain everyone’s morale back, believing in a high probability of victory, Yuna revealed the truth about "Horse". It was not an object, but a very loyal meguca of Yuna ...

The delay of the fight was not Juri's idea, who only cares about face-to-face confrontation, but from her very cunning confidants Ranka and Ao. However, 2 weeks is enough time to check if the news of the witches coming back gradually is true, which is the original desire of the Torayacho faction. Ranka said that the delay could not be extended, because it will affect their soldiers morale, most of whom are fighting for lack of a reason. So the offensive plan is finalized, which will take place in the next 2 days.

Meanwhile in Hebinomiya, Ao and Hikaru continued to exchange information about the two major gangs. With an upright personality, Hikaru shows her disagreement with the association's own plan, when it plans to take advantage of the two heads facing each other and a few members will join in and strike. But an incident happened to Ao that Hikaru was unable to respond to that plan. A member of Ryugasaki realized that Ao was a former member from an old organization similar to Hebinomiya now, and blackmailed her for profit. Despite being arrested, she did not apologize. Ao used that as evidence for the current corruption of the gangs.

End No.1: If she chooses to let the girl run, she will pull more people and dive into Hebinomiya's base. A massacre happened and ... Bad End.

Information about the time when Ryugasaki attacked was reported directly from Juri ... to Yuna, when meeting in private. Although always frustrated by the failure, Juri still understands what Yuna did for her. But like Yuna, those things didn't make Juri give up her determination to defeat the opponent. Both sides did not back down, the preparation for battle began:

  • Torayachou: Divided into 6 teams, each team has 3 people. Yuna and Hikaru defend the western bridge. Sakuya Suzuka, Yuna's deputy general, led the defense of the eastern bridge. The last team prepared to ambush at the central bridge. The magic stones were moved from the east-west bridge to the center. Yuna guesses that Juri will choose the strategy quantities over qualities. Planning to use magic stones to create virtual illusions at the east-west ends, made Juri choose to hit from the center to catch them all there.
  • Ryugasaki: Divided into 2 teams, each team of 9, from the west and east bridge, using their numbers to overwhelm. Juri and Ao themselves will lead the troops at the east bridge, leaving Ranka to the west. Juri also knew the information about using magic stones, but didn't think that such trifles would have any effect.

End No.2: If Juri changes her plan, concentrating all the troops from the center, Ryugasaki will lose very quickly, because of being surrounded, according to Yuna's original plan.

Developments: Juri led the eastern team across the river. Facing 3 teams with 9 other meguca from Sukuya. Although the numbers were equal, but with Juri's uncontrolled strength, Sakuya's defense quickly collapsed. Not only that, it was a loss of life ... Sakuya was of course not a rival to Juri. And running away is inevitable, towards the central bridge.

End No.3: If Sakuya chooses to stay behind to buy time, then both the east wing as well as Sakuya herself will be cut off by Juri's strength.

On the other side of the city, Ranka led the other wing and faced Juri and Hikaru's two teams. Although more crowded, Ryugasaki's side was defeated by Yuna's distraction plan. Ranka was forced to withdraw troops to the center, knowing it was the enemy's intention. The ironic being that the retreating soldiers and the chasing soldiers on both sides were tailing towards each other. Fearing a possible chaos, Hikaru came up with the idea to split up so that both sides could catch the other wings. Yuna agrees and contacts Sakuya. The Ryugasaki faction was thus able to gather back. Ranka realizes that the Torayacho faction has a team that hasn't been revealed yet and warns Juri to be careful.

When the two sides had stabilized their personnel, the second battle with the entire army began. Yuna preemptively attacks with the hidden team using 'shelling' into the Ryugasaki ranks, causing the enemy to panic and be forced to disperse. At this point, the magic stone used to interrupt the ability to sense magic power has been prepared to take effect. Taking advantage of the fact that the enemy troops were torn apart and unable to detect their position, the Torayacho troops attacked like guerrillas. With so much pressure, Ryugasaki had to divide her troops into three, two teams withdrew to either side of the bridge to gather back, and Juri's team broke through the siege straight past the central bridge.

End No.4: The magic stone was originally located on the east-west bridge, but that would not work. Not only that, when Torayacho could not fight guerrillas but had to fight directly with Ryugasaki, casualties were not counted ...

Of course it's not easy, because Yuna is blocking there. The goons from both sides dragged each other to another place, so the two generals faced each other. While the battle is still inconclusive, Ao and Hikaru appeared to intervene. Because Ao's plan is not only the two heads, but to clear both sides of their whole armies. Listening to their advice, Juri thinks about retreat, but when crossing the central bridge, the shelling team just now tried to shoot again. However, their energy was depleted by the last firing. And those in the way of Juri were sentenced to death ... The escalating casualty numbers shocked Yuna, telling herself to quickly end this war. Continuing to chase with their entire members is not a good choice, as the impatience of the young members as well as the unpredictable strength of Juri can cause increased losses. So, Yuna instructed a few number to follow her to face Juri a second time ...

End No.5: If Yuna takes all troops to the battle, it is Ao's dream situation! Hebinomiya will intervene and destroy all ...

The duel recurred. Although not the most beautiful situation, but this is the last chance for Ao's plan. And the Hebinomiya forces appeared and assaulted. The Ryugasaki Army was too surprised to react. But Torayacho is different. Although few in number, they all had defenses for this situation, because the things about Hebinomiya are well known by Yuna. Such information was provided by Hikaru - Yuna's very trusted servant, the "Horse". It turns out, Hikaru was sent by Yuna to infiltrate Ryugasaki, learn about the secret organization Hebinomiya, and become a trump card to end this war. Ao's plan collapsed. Ranka promptly took Juri and the army withdrew, but it is likely that Ryugasaki will disintegrate later. The final victory goes to Torayacho.

Part Two

Situation of 3 factions after the last war part 1:

  • Hebi's side: Ao lost, explained everything to her side and then disappeared, not wanting to meet anyone
  • Juri faction: some people were injured, Juri's credibility decreased.
  • Yuna Faction: prevailed, wishing to stabilize the situation

Yuna tells Hikaru that everyone knows that the number of witches is starting to increase again. But the time of deprivation and misery lasted so long, that everyone was afraid to return to the times of hunger. Hikaru was always with Yuna, so she couldn't understand. Hikaru wondered if there were any measures to reassure everyone. Yuna herself has some measures, not sure how to say it but at least it was better than nothing.

During this time, there was no contact from Ryuugasaki (Ryuu). Yuna left it alone because she was sure Juri would come and cause trouble.

At Torayacho (Tora) base, Sakuya reports that the witch investigator is currently in trouble, but the situation is unknown. And then someone finds the investigator in distress, so she notifies Sakuya.

There are two options for Yuna:

  • Find people and continue to investigate
  • Stop investigating

Option 1: Finding people and continuing to investigate
At this time, Yuna ordered the search to continue and sent Sakuya to assist the investigator and continue her research.

Option 2: Stop the investigation
Due to not looking for that person, Sakuya was still in the city. Yuna told Sakuya to be with Ryuu’s. Only Yuna and Hikaru were left. At the set time, the two sides fought and Yuna lost. Both Yuna and Hikaru turned into witches. For the magical girls in this city, the mystery of whether Witch is solved or not will be an important link to continue the story.

Ao and Hikaru were chatting on the bridge about the situation, when Sakuya called to report that the investigator had been found as well as the information. But the other person is currently in critical condition, needing Hikaru to bring the grief seed as well as bring Yuna. Investigators discovered that the cause of the witch disappearing in the cities was all due to the Magius organization in Kamihama, so they blend in. In the end, when Magius collapsed, the Black Wings and the White Wings realized they were being taken advantage of. Currently, the purification system is still in Kamihama and is taken over by another MS organization.

In the Ryuu faction's base, Juri understood why everyone was leaving. Ranka asked if she already knew why, then why not change. Juri refused because of many reasons, especially not wanting to return to Yuna’s side as before. For Juri, the only one who could stop Juri was Yuna, so being Yuna's junior once more makes no sense.

After that, Juri said Ranka can leave if she wants to but Ranka decides not to. Ranka considers Juri to be a benefactor because Juri saved Ranka from the old organization Monzenbashi no Komori (Monzen Bridge Bats - called Bats for short). That day, Ranka thought that she had to rely on the strong to live to join that organization, but then she had to do things that she didn't want to do.

At Hebinomiya's (Hebi's) base, Ao was sad that she could not fulfill Hebi's ideals as well as her own. Ao thought Tora's side was not too bad, but there was no way life would be a piece of cake so easily.

While walking, Ao caught sight of Ranka's magic wave - she used to be the vice leader of Bat. Ao wanted to call Ranka when she was suddenly called by Hikaru. Ao panicked, dragging Hikaru into the alley scolding. The purpose of Ao is to eliminate Ranka because in the past, both Ao and Ranka were in the Bat but Ranka’s rank was higher, so she bullied Ao a lot which caused Ao to resent her.

Hikaru then switched the topic, saying both of their wishes are for the city to no longer have oppression and exploitation. But when Ao retorted if Yuna and Hikaru disagreed, 100% Hikaru would chose to listen to Yuna. And Ao will not betray Yuna’s team, but she would not give up on "eliminating Ranka".

Although Hikaru didn't say anything about Ao's feud with Ranka, Yuna guessed correctly, not intending to interfere in this. Instead, Yuna asks Hikaru to make an appointment with Ao at the base to get information on Ryuu's side. Hebi's base was a game center but when Hikaru arrived, there were no civilians. Yuna guessed that the Hebi's faction was in a meeting. At this moment, Ao persuaded everyone to a cease-fire and moved over to Tora. Ao alone does not come because there is still a debt of debt to Ranka unpaid. Hikaru suddenly jumped in, delivering Yuna's words to Ao.

While walking with Yuna to Ryuu's base, Ao wonders why Yuna wants her, the traitor of Ryuu’s to persuade them. Yuna thinks that Hebi's heel-face turn could make Ryuu’s think again, so she wants Ao to go along to negotiate. Also, Ryuu's side is almost completely disbanded, so she asked Ao to meet with each other to talk. Some surrender, some refuse. Some accept to join Tora only if Tora gives evidence of the disappearance and re-appearance of Witches.

After the negotiation was over, Juri felt the problem was more complicated than she thought. Ao split up, went to Ryuu's base to search for Ranka, and didn't let Hikaru follow.

Yuna realizes that the number of witches is on a par with the time before the "Blood Tragedy" occurred, but the correlation with the current grief seed rate has yet to be reached, resulting in the average number of grief seeds per person still being insufficient. Hikaru believes that stopping the current "find and destroy Kyubey" campaign in the whole city will be able to save the situation. But Yuna disagrees because it makes more innocent people get caught up in the harsh fate of being magical girls.

The wound has not healed yet, Juri tried to run to Tora to fight and meet Ranka in the middle of the bridge. Ranka guessed the reason, telling Juri that Ryuu's "heart" was still there. Juri immediately changed her mind, returned, and did not forget to text that Ao was searching for Ranka.

On Ao's side, she went to Ryuu's base to search for Ranka but did not find the one she was looking for. Instead, Ao saw Juri alone in the base. Juri already knew it but because she was kind to Juri, Juri left Ao to act. Juri thinks that Ao wants to erase the gangs at Futatsugi but is not determined to the end. Instead, Juri persuades Ao to forgive Ranka and not to trust Tora.

There are two options for Ao:

  • Shake hands with Juri
  • Don't shake hands with Juri

If Ao chooses to shake hands with Juri Ao herself also understand that the current peace moment is only temporary. As long as the witch / grief seed ratio remains unbalanced, war will still take place.

If Ao chooses not to shake hands with Juri Ao chooses to trust Tora's side, leaves Juri aside and runs away, leaving Juri alone in the base. Juri recalls fighting with the Bat organization near the central bridge, and once saw Ao’s grief seed stolen by a group of magical girls belonging to the Bats. Ranka was in the same group but she had only stood to one side. After being instigated by her comrades, she took action. A while later, Ranka left. Juri discovers that Ranka is crying, and Ranka knows that the person in front of her is the Ryuu’s leader, so she asks Juri to save her from the Bat side. Juri once again associates Ao-Ranka's relationship with herself and Yuna, as well as what Ranka says on the bridge, wondering what to do next.

When the wound had healed, Juri wanted to fight Yuna one more time so she met everyone. Juri was quite surprised when everyone gathered, as well as not leaving Juri. Despite the idea of cooperating with the Tora faction to investigate the witch, Ranka objected. Juri didn't comment, just did whatever she wanted, and left Yuna for Juri.

At Yuna's house, Ao was playing a game when she received a message from Ranka. Ranka asks Ao to meet the next night, at Hebi's base. Ranka will come alone, and Ao can take anyone with her. Yuna wants to send someone to follow Ao in case of any uncertainties. Ao actively asked Hikaru to come along. Yuna agrees to let Hikaru follow Ao, and she will go to meet Ryuu separately.

Ryuu sent a message that someone was interested in Tora's proposal and invites Yuna to discuss it. Yuna leads 3 people to the rendezvous, meeting 10 people on Ryuu's side. Since Tora's side has yet to give evidence of witch information, Ryuu's side flips, not accepting reconciliation or following Tora.

Yuna realizes this meeting is a trap, trying to find a way to escape but taking into account it's 4 vs. 10, Yuna's side is naturally weaker. In the middle of being surrounded, Yuna thought of her deceased senpai, skeptical that what she had done was wrong, but senpai confirmed that there was always a loyal guardian beside Yuna.

Towards Ao and Hikaru on the way to Hebi base:

If Ao chooses to shake hands with Juri Ao remembered the conversation with Juri, as well as the chat with Ranka that Yuna and Hikaru could not read. Upon arrival, before Hikaru could take action, she was defeated by Ao -> BAD END 6. The Last Line: Ao's weakness led to the deaths of two girls. The choice to shake hands with Juri or not, depending on that, the gear of destiny will vary greatly.

If Ao chooses not to shake hands with Juri Ao and Hikaru arrive at Hebi's base at Ranka's invitation. Upon arrival, Ranka taunts Ao for joining Ryuu and she has to live with her old enemy. Ao said it was all because of Hebi's plan, only regretting that she could not kill Ranka during the war. While the two sides are fighting, Hikaru discovers a sniper. Ranka reveals Yuna's group is surrounded, Ranka's mission is to keep Ao's group, separating Hikaru from Yuna. Ao then asked Hikaru to chase after her "general", leaving everything to Ao to take care of.

If Hikaru doesn't arrive in time Yuna Is surrounded, the 3 people who came along were defeated. While Ryuu's side was about to fight Yuna, Juri jumped out and told Yuna to fight one vs one to the death. Yuna accepts. Fighting for a while, Yuna's Soul Gem starts to turn black but she doesn't use a purifying grief seed. Instead, Yuna tells Juri to kill her before turning herself into a witch, if possible, then save Hikaru. Juri asks if there's any lasts word, Yuna said thanks. Ao's weakness led to the deaths of two girls. The choice to shake hands with Juri or not, depending on that, the gear of destiny will vary greatly.

If Hikaru arrives in time Yuna was surrounded, the 3 people who came along were defeated. Juri stood outside watching the two sideS fight. While Ryuu's side was about to fight Yuna, Juri jumped out to stop it. Yuna is disappointed because Juri normally likes to defeat the enemy herself, this time waiting for the end of the game to jump in to "eat". Juri argues, Yuna accepts the challenge.

Hikaru was on her way to Yuna. Ao and Ranka are still fighting. But Ranka only receives Ao's blow that makes Ao pissed. In the middle of the sniper's attempt to finish Ao, Hebi’s reinforcement attacks and defeats her. Ranka is gradually exhausted, accepting to let the opponent strike the finishing blow. But Ao could not do it. Ranka confessed and apologized in the end, Ao accepts...

On Yuna and Juri's side, just as Yuna collapsed due to the hit of Juri and her Soul Gem turning to black, Hikaru was able to come to the rescue. Hikaru was strong, she protected Yuna while having to deal with Juri's side. In the end, only Juri stood still. Juri regretted not being able to fight Yuna in her peak state so she didn't attack, letting Hikaru take Yuna back to the base. When Ao arrived, only Juri was there. Seeing Ao was going to Tora, Juri texted: after another week and Tora's side didn't come to Ryuu’s, Juri would come and fight again.

With only 3 days left until the time Juri had set, Yuna asked everyone on the Tora’s side to switch to Ryuu's side. Although everyone objected, Yuna convinced everyone that Ryuu's side only wanted peace in Futatsugi, continuing to fight was pointless. After that, only Yuna and Hikaru were left in the room. Yuna also told Hikaru to go, but Hikaru insisted on not going, believing that Hikaru's decision to stay or go was not Yuna's decision. Yuna was taken aback, accepting Hikaru's stubbornness.

After Yuna heard the incident, she got angry and told Hikaru to call Juri and all the magical girls in the city to the central bridge, sending Ao to search for Kyubey. In her rage, Yuna asks Juri to a rematch on the condition that if Juri loses then Juri returns to her place. Both fight. In the middle of the battle, Yuna recounts the "Blood Tragedy", talking about Kamihama's purification system. Juri shoots a sphere to take down Yuna, but in the end, the one coming out of the flames is a demon engulfed in fury. Discovering Yuna about to go too far, Hikaru immediately hugs Yuna, stopping Yuna from attacking Juri. Thanks to that, Yuna calmed down.

Ao brings Kyubey to them, confirming what was happening at Kamihama. Yuna and the others want to take revenge, so Kyubey suggests a method to lead them to Kamihama, in return for Yuna to stop hunting Kyubey. Before leaving, Kyubey also warned them that there are still magical girls from other places in Kamihama. Yuna gathered all the magical girls in the city, calling to arms to revenge on Kamihama.

Epilogue Yuna's group travels to places where the magical girls died in the dark days when the witches disappeared, as well as the "battlefield" of the gangs to commemorate the deceased. The three of them swore a blood act, determined not to forget this hatred. Afterwards, the whole group gathered at the meeting place, meeting with Kyubey in order to go to Kamihama.