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The following is a summary posted on Discord by Mochi.


"This is the story of a group of girls who wanted to reveal the existence of mahou shoujo to everyone so that they could be comforted as they continue their fight against that which is invisible."

Lavi: We cannot stop the neverending rotation of the starry sky.

Urara: No matter how much I practice, I can't resist the gravity that pulls on my diabolo.

Alexandra: No matter how much I speak out, without this atmosphere my singing voice would never be heard.

Asahi: Yes, we are always controlled by the invisible. Just like this rabbit, who by my unseen hand has lost its life. Everything is made up by nature's providence. Being at the mercy of something is a fate in which we have no choice but to resign ourselves to...

Part One

Chapter 1: Truth


In Yukuni, Asahi is saying good morning to her father. He offers her some tea, which she gladly accepts. Her mother hands her a bowl of miso soup filled with eggs and wild vegetables. Asahi's grandmother went up in the mountains this morning and picked them, which Asahi realizes means that warm weather is coming.

The TV pipes up, announcing Yukuni's All-star Festival is going to be held. It's going to have markets filled to the brim with local specialty goods and various exhibits on Yukuni's history and traditions. What's more, up on stage will be the local street artist prodigy Yume Urara showing off her skills with a group! All sorts of fun things will be taking place, so let's all join the event together! For more details, check Yukuni's tourism homepage!

Asahi notes that they've been putting way more effort into advertising the festival this time, including these commercials. Her father says it's because all the landslides and avalanches have soured the mood throughout the town this winter, so everyone is taking this chance to brighten up the place. They themselves will be selling wild vegetables and smoked meat.

Her mother hands her breakfast, saying lots of tourists will be coming in this time, so it's going to be lots of fun. Asahi agrees, but loses her smile quickly, saying that while it isn't something she can just say to those who lost family due to the avalanches, but she hopes this will be an opportunity for people to get well, even if only a little. Asahi's grandmother puts tamagoyaki on everyone's plates, telling them all to enjoy it together. Everyone begins eating happily.

Asahi: "I am grateful for all life."


At school, Asahi's teacher is dismissing everyone for the day, reminding members of the festival to stick around and for the student with duties to begin. The student announces for everyone to stand at attention and bow.

Asahi notices everyone is talking about the festival now. Two students (Kuroda and Haitani) thank Asahi for the other day. Asahi wonders what she's being thanked for. Kuroda tells her for the deer meat she gave him, and that his father loved it. Asahi takes a second to recall that, then remembers she gave it to him because she was trying to perk him up since he looked so tired. Kuroda bows to her, apologizing for making her take care of him. Asahi tells him if he's going to bow like that, she's going to feel sorry as well.

Asahi asks if Haitani is here for similar reasons. She shows Asahi a web version of a local magazine's article. It states that within the mountains of the Toki village, a stone monument was discovered. For a long time it was said that there was no evidence of its existence, possibly supporting the legend of the Heike family??

Asahi is suddenly shocked -- is this the very same stone monument that she found a while ago!? Kuroda confirms it is, and it's now under jurisdiction of the board of education, so they'll be researching it soon. Asahi is taken aback by the news, guessing you can't ever really know what will happen.

Haitani tells her that thanks to that, since she and Kuroda are members of the festival executive committee, they're going to be busy. Their school is doing an exhibit on Yukuni's history, after all. Asahi apologizes for giving the two of them even more work. She tells Asahi there's no need to apologize. Their subject is on the legend of Heike which, despite being so interesting, has never had any actual evidence to it before. She gives a quote of "If there's nothing about it you can believe, it's as if it doesn't exist." So she's thankful for Asahi finding that monument. Kuroda thanks her to, saying that all this busywork is keeping his mind off of the avalanche. Asahi tells him she wishes he wouldn't say things that are hard to talk about with such a big smile on his face.

Asahi's phone chimes, and Kuroda apologizes for keeping her when she has her own work to take care of. Asahi tells him it's nothing major, and tells these two executive committee members to do their best. They both thank her.

Asahi: "I won't be outdone by Kuroda and Haitani. I shall perform my duties too."


Asahi: "Himuro Lavi...Kurisu Alexandra... They seem to be heading this way."

Asahi has come to realize that two problems occurred at the same time. Territory disputes have begun. What once used to be roughly 10 girls around at a time has seen a sudden spike recently, likely due to their hometown's protection program. Too many girls moved to the area, so such fighting is inevitable, and they're going to have no choice but to make compromises.

But what Asahi is more concerned about is the other problem... Kyubey is having a girl he's been hammering to contract move right towards a witch's barrier. Asahi decides it would be better to handle this one and avoid another girl being added as fuel to the fire.

Urara is panting, realizing what she's seen is in fact real. She asks Kyubey why he's been following her. Kyubey gives his usual contract request, with Urara not wanting anything to do with whatever he's on about. He ends with asking Urara if she has anything she's ever wished for that she wants granted.

Urara tells him that she's been struggling with money, but she's been able to make some with street performances, at least for the time being at least. Kyubey tells her that he can take away all her fears of the future like the creepy ass cat he is. Urara isn't buying it, saying she doesn't want to be dragged off by some weird invite.

Suddenly they get pulled into a barrier. Kyubey continues his explanation, now moving on to witches and what they do to towns. A familiar tries attacking Urara, so Kyubey tells her to contract or she's going to be killed. She still refuses, and screams out as the familiar is about to hit her. The familiar is destroyed as two girls show up, telling her to go hide while they handle this. All of this is confounding Urara.


Urara: "Contracts - mahou shoujo - what'd you get me mixed up in...!?"

The two mahou shoujo barely managed to defeat the witch and collapse outside. Urara asks if they're okay. They tell her they recover quickly, so she should hurry up and get out of here before Kyubey tries soliciting her again. As they lie there, one tells the other that she can't move. The other says she doesn't want that girl to experience this regret they feel.

Meanwhile, Asahi has gone down an alley, finding Lavi and Alexandra for the first time. Alexandra greets her, asking her to call her Sasha. They're in the same group chat, but have never met in person before. Lavi explains the group was created to watch the city and keep tabs on the number of mahou shoujo within it. Before long the number grew, so it's only natural that not everyone has met each other. She also adds that she isn't good with talking to others, so she doesn't actively contribute much herself. Asahi tells her that even just knowing what's going on is helpful.

Asahi asks about the info regarding the mahou shoujo who contacted them, but the two have only just arrived. Lavi senses mahou shoujo nearby, so she suggests checking it out. They arrive at the scene of the two previous girls on the ground with blackened soul gems. Lavi figures this must be who contacted them. They're clearly suffering and on the verge of witching out. Unfortunately, none of them have a grief seed on hand. Lavi and Sasha ask Asahi, but even she doesn't have any due to the overwhelming amount of girls competing against one another. Asahi points out that there must be one nearby since the witch is gone though.

One of the girls says she couldn't find it nearby, and asks what's going to happen to her. Lavi answers that she doesn't know. Sasha has never heard of what happens when a soul gem clouds up. Suddenly the girls begin witching out, and the three are only just now learning the truth - that they're giving off the same reaction as witches...!


Urara: "Those girls who helped me... What the hell happened to them..."

The trio find themselves inside a fresh witch labyrinth. They start puzzling why those girls had the same reaction as the witch here, and before long Asahi is getting attacked by a familiar. Lavi tells them they can't stand by and need to attack what's in front of them. She asks Sasha what her magic is, and Sasha explains it weakens her enemy's willpower. Lavi says she can use that to slow the enemy down so she can get in to attack them. As the two begin fighting back, Asahi yells to them that the witch is on the move, making Lavi pause. Lavi is coming to realize that those girls must really be...

Lavi gets hit by a familiar before she can react. Asahi rushes over to check on her. Lavi is certain now that the girls became witches. Asahi stops, realizing this would mean killing their own kind. Sasha agrees with her, and the witches get away, dumping them back into the alley. They wonder how they can even fight while feeling like this.

Lavi asks if Kyubey is here. Of course he is, the little shit. Lavi asks what is the meaning of this. The girls seemed like witches to the three of them. Kyubey says that's right, and explains that they become witches when their soul gems turn black with impurity.


Alexandra: "What...Kyubey said just now... He was lying, right...?"

Lavi, visibly upset, says she doesn't recall being told that when she contracted. Kyubey says "That's because you didn't ask. Was there a problem?" Sasha asks what the hell is he talking about, of course there's a problem! It's the same as being dead! Kyubey reassures her that her people are not dying, and in fact are growing in number, so why does it matter if one person lives or dies?

Asahi tells him that in their world, individual lives and deaths are given utmost respect, so failing to inform one of risks is basically fraud. Kyubey talks back, saying granting a wish should be more than enough for what little price they pay. He doesn't believe it's warranted to call it fraud.

Asahi drops him with a single shot, saying it's not for him to decide what is worth that price. She turns to the others, apologizing for not letting Kyubey finish. Lavi tells her not to worry, as she would have killed him if she hadn't.

Urara is behind them, drawing attention. Sasha asks if she just saw everything. Urara says she felt bad about running away, and then saw something weird happen to the two girls that saved her, and asks if they're okay. Lavi tells her that the existence mahou shoujo live with is one where they protect the world from witches like the one she just saw. However, the end of it all is that each girl becomes a witch themselves. Lavi tells her to forget about ever wanting to contract. Asahi joins in, telling her this was all an illusion. Sasha also tells her it was all a dream, an illusion, whatever, so just pretend you never saw any of this. Urara is questioning, but in the end she says she understands.

The trio notice the girls' soul gems are now gone, but their bodies are still warm, as if they lost their souls. The long and short of it is that these soul gems are their lives. Sasha can't believe it, but this is reality for them. She starts tearing up. The lone rabbit Asahi killed is now shown on screen.

Asahi We're like prey unaware of the existence of traps. Unaware of anything, we run across hills and fields, only to realize we've been caught by them. The reality that one's life is being held in the clutches of someone or something unseen...

Boss 1

Asahi: "The truth we must face is too heavy to bear..."

Chapter 2: Sympathy


Alexandra: "It doesn't feel like I'm alive. This feels horrible..."

Alexandra is with her group practicing their singing for the festival, but her teacher finds them needing to practice more. Alexandra is more aware than ever that she controls her vocal chords, changing pitch as she sings. She is still living like a human, but she's not human anymore... She remembers the moment those two girls turned to witches again. She now knows that she's a witch, but currently still a mahou shoujo. Barely a human, but still the same Kurisu Alexandra she always was.

Outside of class, a couple girls are chatting that the teacher is strict, then notice Sasha is looking down. She puts on a fake smile and tells them there's nothing wrong. One of them asks if she actually does like her teacher like the rumors are saying, but them immediately says sorry for bringing that up to her. The other girl tells her off for saying something wrong, and the girl apologizes again. She asks Sasha again if something is wrong though.

Sasha says she's the one who should be worried, as the fest is coming up and she's playing the leading part. She's not sure if she's going to be able to handle it, but they tell her she'll be just fine. She's the lead because she gives it her all, after all.

Sasha begins wondering if those two girls she was with the other day are doing okay. Himuro Lavi and Miura Asahi, was it... She wants to send them a message, but really she's just seeking comfort. She knows they would just see right through her intentions, so she would feel guilty doing so...


Lavi: "Even in times of silence, the vibrant stars are watching me."

Lavi is alone on the rooftop of her school in the middle of the night, after the final bell has chimed. Only the stars above can see her now. The stars have watched the earth and its history, and the mahou shoujo who have inhabited it. They've "observed" her transition into a lifeless being.

Suddenly Shirogane heads up to the roof to see her. She's once again met up with Himuro-senpai to gaze at the stars. Lavi tells her all she does is lie down and watch them. She tells Shirogane that accompanying her like this would be difficult to make a habit of, but Shirogane tells her that she's not here to hang out with Himuro, she's just here because she likes doing it. Lavi tells Shirogane that she's not popular like she is, so she should go back to living a happy life with her friends in school. Shirogane tells her that she has no interest in others. Even if she's the center of attention in class, all it does is make her look good. She has no interest in getting to know people in class, that's why she's comfortable with the distance she has now with Himuro-senpai.

Lavi tells her she must not be interested in her either, then. Shirogane replies that she's the only one she's interested in. Lavi sighs and tells her to help herself then. Shirogane tells her that she feels like she finally understands what she said when they first met on the roof. Lavi doesn't remember, so Shirogane recites it: "Empty beings like yourself who live without recognition preserve themselves by being seen by many." Lavi explains that Shirogane is one who desires friends, but is alone. Like isolated delusions. Shirogane says she full of contradictions like that. She should be good at attracting people and making friends, but she finds no meaning to it. Lavi tells her she really is wasteful, and that she envies her. Lavi recites more words of the universe:

"In a world where society and self exist through perception of others, you have attained enough to be known by both." "Assuming the stars have a will like I do, I think you can do enough by exposure alone, even if you don't try to connect to this world, though."

Despite saying this, Lavi is trying to hold back a hurt look on her face, Shirogane notices. She asks Himuro-senpai if something is wrong. Lavi tells her she doesn't know who she is anymore, that she doesn't want to admit that she's not human anymore. Shirogane questioningly tells her that she is still a human.

Lavi wonders what the moon and stars must think, having seen the so-called eternity of history. She thought they would comfort her, much how the sun shines light upon everything in the day. But now instead of comforting, she feels like they're mocking her. Shirogane tells her with a stern face that she's been watching Himuro-senpai just as long as the moon and stars have, and, changing to a smile, reassures her that she's okay - that she is human.

Lavi senses a witch's reaction in that moment, but smiles, thanking Shirogane for the boost in confidence. She asks if Shirogane will meet here again. Shirogane replies that yes, when she feels like it.

A short time later, Lavi's phone pings with a message from Sasha. She writes that she just felt a witch's reaction, but if anyone is around, could she talk to everyone? She continues that she feels trapped and can't get out, and doesn't know who she is anymore. Lavi says out loud that we're all the same...


The trio meet up on the dark streets, with Sasha apologizing for sending them a message out of the blue. Lavi and Asahi tell her they've been feeling the same way. Sasha tells them they have to defeat the witch and get the grief seed, or else they'll become witches too. She hasn't worked up the courage to fight, but she's also afraid of becoming one. She tells them she's being incredibly selfish, but she wants a friend. Someone who will help her face reality and fight witches.

Asahi tells Sasha that's honestly exactly what she wanted to hear. She's been going through the same pain, and her soul gem is getting cloudy, just like Sasha's. Lavi tells them that the three of them will fall at this rate, so she would find it fortunate if us impure ones could fight together. She senses the witch again, telling them this is the best time to check how compatible they'll be.

The three of them head to the barrier, still nervous wrecks about how they're killing their own. But if they leave the witch be, the city will be cursed. Asahi ponders that those girls who became witches were saving the girl they found, so if the turn around now, their sacrifices will be in vain. Lavi tells them that in order to keep the selfless hope those girls had alive, they need to defeat these witches. Asahi and Sasha agree - they can't let the past be ruined by letting these witches go.

Asahi: "Defeating witches is kindness... And will keep their hope alive as mahou shoujo...!"


Alexandra: "At least I can help them pass on peacefully."

The three of them work together to weaken the witch, leaving the finishing blow to Sasha, but she's having second thoughts. This was once someone who she used to study with, go to her club with, someone who had a family...and now she's trying to kill her. Wait no, Himuro and Miura are right. Taking out witches will save the mahou shoujo who gave their lives to save everyone and wished for miracles. Sasha begins hyperventilating, so Asahi and Lavi move in to finish it.

Outside, Lavi tells Asahi to give Sasha the grief seed too, saying she won't last much longer without it. Sasha tells her no, since she panicked at the last second and caused them trouble. Asahi shoves the grief seed onto her anyway, to her surprise. Asahi says it would be more trouble for her to become a witch, leaving Sasha with a sad look on her face. Asahi drops her stern look and tells her rather, it would be lonely without her. Sasha starts crying and thanks her.

Moving on, they still feel like they're trapped despite coming to terms with fighting witches. Sasha brings up a cat she used to keep at home. One day it got out of house, and since then it's always looked back inside like it misses them. So maybe the cat was always looking out the window because it understood the situation it was in and was looking for help. She asks if they think they're the same as that cat. Suddenly knowing the truth, suffering because of it, and looking for freedom and salvation.

Asahi says when she learned the truth, it reminded her of a rabbit she shot. It reminded her that she's trapped by the unknown. Lavi says she's felt like the stars themselves were closing in on her as they watch her. An emptiness began enveloping her, as if no one would ever understand them, since they now lie beyond human logic.

Lavi continues, saying she once suffered from an illness that too was barely understood, so she abandoned the being known as Himuro Lavi. She came to know all too well that people are intolerant of what they don't understand. Asahi tells them that this ominous sense of being controlled is something only they will ever understand. Sasha tells them this is something they alone have to face.


At the station, Sasha asks the two where they live. Asahi is from Toki Village, so she grabs a bus from here. Lavi lives at the Yukuni hot-springs village, so she takes a different bus from here. Sasha giggles and tells them she lives at the port area in the opposite direction.

Asahi remarks that for someone who just learned the fate of mahou shoujo, Sasha-dono has a pretty natural smile. Sasha gets embarrassed to hear that. Asahi realizes that she went overboard and made her smile disappear.

Over a TV nearby, Yume Urara is being introduced as a street performer who's popular with the kids. Urara is glad to be on the air. They realize that's the girl who was saved the other day, the one Kyubey was trying to get to contract and saw the other girls witch out. Sasha has seen her perform before, and she's on local TV sometimes, so lots of kids know her. Asahi, being from the mountains, isn't familiar with her.

Urara is being interviewed, explaining that her siblings got her into performing since they struggled to even pay for food. They had a farm that kept them busy, but they never had entertainment since they couldn't afford toys. That's when she saw street performing as what she wanted. That's when she started balancing and tossing boxes, then made her own diabolo and began practicing with it. All her siblings loved it, and now it's become her job.

Sasha says that specials like this are what got people talking about her. Asahi agrees that seeing someone so young working hard makes you want to cheer for them. Sasha tells her it's kinda mean to say, but it's like giving her a sympathy vote.

Urara continues on the TV, saying that she's grateful she has partners and fans alike who accept her despite her past. Lavi suddenly frowns upon hearing that. Sasha notices she looks meek, and asks what's wrong. Rabbi suddenly pulls her and Asahi into a hug. They both wonder what's up with her. Lavi tells them she realizes why she's been feeling loneliness. She didn't feel fear, emptiness, or anger when she realizes she's trapped - she was feeling loneliness. It's because she's wanted people to accept her for who she is in the same way Urara has been. She's never known anyone who would accept her for the situation she's found herself in. She begins crying, saying it was all just loneliness. Asahi and Sasha both understand how she feels - they have no one but themselves and other mahou shoujo who share this secret.

Lavi: "I've finally come to understand what it is I've wanted..."


Lavi: "In retrospect, just having my circumstances be understood was helping me."

Lavi begins by telling them she lost her father many years ago. Her (assuming here) grandparents are there, telling her to place the flowers and see him off while she cries. Her grandmother tells her that her father will watch over her. Her grandfather says that after he rises into the sky, he will return as a drop of rain. Her father will always be with her as memories in her heart.

Back then, there were many people who called out to her, but she never listened to them as she was overcome with grief. She felt no one understood what she was going through, so their words felt hollow. She was more angry than anything for people telling her pointless things. She felt it unnecessary for them to understand her feelings.

Urara's interview continues on the TV. She tells the woman that she used to be teased and made fun of, and people would be white-eyed staring at her for walking into stores looking dirty. But even so, there were people out there who helped her, who helped her family.

Asahi assumes that just have connections with the outside world is enough to make changes. The three of them are like prisoners sharing a cell, but with no one to visit them. Sasha says that no one knows or understands their sadness or suffering now. Lavi says she knows people are intolerant of what they don't understand, but she still wants sympathy from someone - anyone. It doesn't have to be understanding or being freed from her fate. It can just be words of comfort to ease her mind even for just a while.

When Lavi's father passed away, the frustration she felt had helped her. She's come to realize that now more than ever she wants that temporary sympathy, or even just weak encouragement...

Boss 2

Lavi: "Even now the dreams of my father fill me with anger and sympathy, but also relief."

Chapter 3: Rule


Asahi: "Even if the witch is a mahou shoujo, I am ready to fight."

Up in the mountain area of Yukuni, Asahi has finished defeating a witch despite showing hesitation. She's decided along with Sasha-dono and Himuro-dono that they will defeat the witches as their way of saving them. She heads into the woods away from where the unconscious people are, glad she brought her hunting rifle with her so she can pretend she was just passing by. She finds an animal out in the woods, takes aim, and kills it.

Returning home, she explains to her mother that she woke up early to go take a walk, and hunted a rabbit for us at the festival. Her mother reminds her that they already had enough as of yesterday. Asahi tells her she thought it would be better to have extra than not enough. Her grandmother tells her that's wrong. Her father then tells her to sit in front of him, as he then hits her.

He tells her that he would never object to her hunting to live, but hunting just to hunt is inexcusable. He continues, telling her to not treat the life of a creature so crudely. Asahi tries to tell him what she said before, but he tells her that if he can't get through to her now, then the life she's taken will have been for nothing. He also noticed that Asahi has been hunting as an excuse to vent her anxiety. She tries to tell him that she isn't, but he knows that she's been acting weird lately, as a parent he knows these things.

He knows Asahi was taught the importance of life, but even so she taken her problems out on a rabbit's life, giving it an unjust death. Asahi thinks to herself that her life is being held by the unseen, but then begins crying and apologizes to her father. He tells her that she's apologizing to the wrong one here. He tells her to sit here and eat the rabbit as a lesson, regardless if she's late or not today. Asahi truly is sorry for what she's done.


Asahi arrives at school, feeling worse about herself, though agreeing she had been hunting to vent her problems. She thinks to herself that she too will die needlessly if she's hunted as one tied to the fate of mahou shoujo. She knows she needs to rethink how to face life.

Haitani and Kuroda say good morning to her, with Asahi noticing the two are always together. Kuroda asks about it, and Haitani explains that since they've known each other since they were little and so much together, outsiders must see them as inseparable pair. Kuroda realizes this and thinks it's kinda embarrassing, making Haitani ask if he hates being around her. He says it's not like that, and brings up the stone monument.

Haitani asks Asahi if she would mind being interviewed later regarding it. They tell her they need more content for their exhibit, and having the first person who discovered it would help. Haitani begs her to accept, while Asahi thinks back to what she told Lavi and Sasha earlier about having connections changing them for the better. Asahi realizes there's meaning in being known, so she accepts the interview request.

Asahi begins wondering if the two would believe her if she told them about her fate as a mahou shoujo and will become a witch one day. She wonders if they would believe her in the way they believe in the legend of Heike, despite no evidence. Himuro-dono said that she wanted even just weak sympathy and encouragement. Asahi thinks that she's feeling the same thing, which made her wander over to hunting as her way to vent, and is sure these emotions are taking root somewhere unseen within her. Would Kuroda and Haitani believe her and feel sad for her? She can't tell them, no. It has to remain a secret, as that's part of being a mahou shoujo...

Asahi: "It would be much easier if I could just openly confess about mahou shoujo, but..."


Alexandra is meekly singing in her class/practice, thinking about Lavi telling her story of when her father died. She too doesn't want to be alone, and wants her friends, teachers, and family to know what's happening to them. She just wants a little comfort in all this.

She can't even bring herself to sing anymore, feeling like she's about to cry. Her teacher asked her to stay after, but Sasha knows it's because she can't sing. He's noticed that she is failing to keep up, and isn't sure if he can ask her to be the lead anymore with the festival so close. He tells her that there's another reason he asked her to stay after, though. He doesn't hold anything back, and asks her if something had happened. She immediately starts crying, not able to tell him. He apologizes if it's something uncomfortable to talk about, but reminds her to talk to someone if it's too much to handle alone. He even offers to go ask another staff member to come talk to her if she wants.

Sasha tells him it's nothing serious and was just a shock to her, so she'll get better. He still brings up that she won't be able to lead anymore, but instead is willing to let her have the solo instead, to her surprise. He thinks her wavering voice, despite not being in balance with the rest of the team, is still great individually, so if she wants to she can have her voice reach people through the solo. Sasha thinks to herself that her old crush still understands her and is there for her in his own way, but wishes she could tell him the truth of what's going on.

But everything regarding mahou shoujo life is a secret. That they're fighting witches, and will become witches, it has to all remain a secret.

Alexandra: "Keeping secrets is hard, isn't it..."


The next night on her school's rooftop, Lavi discovers that Shirogane really does show up here all the time. Shirogane tells her that she has to be the one who proves that Himuro-senpai exists. Lavi tells her that's a very critical role to be burdened with. Shirogane tells her it really is.

Lavi changes subject to the festival, asking if Shirogane if she's doing alright since her place is a farm. Shirogane has no interest in it though. She asks Himuro-senpai if she's helping the hot spring village with the festival, but Lavi isn't interested either, so it's simple help during the day. Shirogane says they're really alike, then catches Lavi staring at her. Lavi asks to keep staring a little longer, so Shirogane says sure.

Lavi begins thinking how Shirogane has been the only one who proved she exists until she recently met Miura and Kurisu. She's certain Shirogane doesn't lie about herself, yet Lavi lies to her and continues to be accepted by her. She thinks that if Shirogane knows nothing about who she really is, then her existence has never been proven, and she's betraying her.

Lavi begins to speak up, but Shirogane already knows something's been bothering her. Lavi tells her she's been keeping a secret from her and wants to confess it as her to prove she's sincere. Shirogane accepts and will listen to whatever she has to say without judgment. Lavi starts, but quickly finds herself unable to speak.

She feels a pang in her heart and wonders why she can't just tell her. Is it because being a mahou shoujo must be kept secret? Because she feels like she will be hated? Because she thinks Shirogane will realize she's weird? Or will she become attracted to her? There's no reason for her to be filling up with this anxiety, as none of it has to do with Shirogane. There shouldn't be any problem, so why...!

She tries to speak again, but Shirogane grabs her by the neck and asks why won't she tell her? She's always believed in her, and asks who or what is she. Lavi struggles to tell her to let go, while Shirogane screams at her to hurry up and tell her. Lavi notices a witch's kiss on Shirogane, not paying attention the reaction nearby. She throws Shirogane off of her, and shames herself for letting her own problems catch her off guard. Lavi transforms, saying she'll save her at once.

Lavi: "I have people I must protect. This is not the time for dreaming."


Shirogane wakes up with Lavi by her side. She's confused and doesn't understand why she started strangling her senpai, but Lavi tells her to calm down, as nothing has happened. Lavi begins telling her that it's her duty as a mahou shoujo to protect children like Shirogane from witches influencing them. Shirogane begins asking what that means, when Lavi transforms in front of her. Lavi isn't holding back at all now. She explains Shirogane tried strangling her because of a witch, and she is a mahou shoujo who fights said witches. She explains witches cursing the world, and how Shirogane must have had weakness in her heart that the witch was able to take advantage of.

Shirogane slowly begins to understand, and realizes Himuro-senpai must save a lot of people with this other side of her. Lavi then tells her that they run out of magic, they too become witches, so it's not a perfect life. Even if it's hard to understand, Shirogane will still believe her senpai's words.

Lavi then gets a message on her phone. It's about another witch in the area, so she has to go take care of it, telling Shirogane she will see her another time. Lavi leaps off the rooftop and takes off at inhuman speed in front of Shirogane.

Lavi: "I'm sure it's okay. There's no need to hesitate to talk about mahou shoujo."


Alexandra: What courage! I've yet to say anything about mahou shoujo...

Lavi has now met up with Sasha and Asahi, letting them know she spoke out about who she really is. Sasha asks what Shirogane's reaction was, as no one would ever believe something like this. Lavi says that while Shirogane didn't seem to understand, she is one to process what she's told before saying whether she believes or not. Sasha is amazed at this, wondering why she's been holding back when there's people she trusts. Asahi feels the same way. She's wanted to tell others, but felt it had to be kept secret.

Lavi says that they're living through the impossible, and originally thought it was wrong to seek comfort and sympathy, but now she knows there's more than her own life to lose here. They others know she means they're also risking becoming witches. Getting their wishes granted has left them with more problems.

They all realize now that they're less happy than before they had their wishes. Lavi tells them that she's been thinking they should start trying to get some of their happiness back. In other words, there's nothing wrong with telling others their new problem and seeking comfort, as they've done good and deserve good in return. Lavi suggests the three of them try spreading the truth about mahou shoujo.

Boss 3

Alexandra: "Why would I be bound by a rule that doesn't exist?"

Chapter 4: Spread


Now on an internet broadcast, Urara's announcing this week's show with her co-star Kurara, titled "Night Fun Homeroom". For this episode they're back to their normal recording studio, since they can't afford to be on TV all the time even if it's a remote station. Urara tells Kurara not to reveal the circumstances of their budget, then goes on to explain that due to her late nights of dealing with witches she had to cut their budget.

Kurara shouts there it is again: Urara keeps bringing up this "witch" urban legend she's been really into lately. Urara tells her that she really was attacked, and was saved by these mahou shoujo! These heroes go out of their way to save people every day, so everyone should support them if they see them! Kurara tells her she hasn't seen any, and wouldn't want to be in a situation where they'd be needed if they did exist. Urara agrees, maybe it's safer to never actually meet one, but hey, they have it rough out there, so give them your support anyway. Kurara announces that's the end of Urara's occult corner, but Urara tells this is still the opening talk of their show, and don't make it sound that way!

Sasha shows the trio that Urara runs a show on the internet, and the last show they saw was on cable TV and archived on their site now. The show is more meant for teens it seems. Lavi knows that they didn't have any way to really spread the truth of their existence until now. Asahi continues, saying that saving that girl ended up being major help for them. Sasha tells them that until she saw this episode, she had felt completely trapped, but now has gained confidence.

Asahi brings up that they now need to reveal themselves somehow. Sasha tells Lavi the broadcast ended an hour ago and is already archived, so people are probably watching it already. Lavi decides that she will listen for rumors spreading at school tomorrow, and Sasha says she'll bring it up with her classmates.

Asahi is now heading home alone, glad that Sasha-dono is there for them to understand the latest trends. But suddenly she senses a witch nearby, following it to an area where the avalanche and landslide combo occurred. There she finds Kuroda, grieving over the loss of her mother. He ridicules himself for being unable to keep her safe, and begins placing a knife to this throat. Asahi rushes in and stops him by force. Kuroda gets angry and begins attacking her, showing Asahi that he's got a witch's kiss. Asahi knocks him out cold as she begins thinking back to Lavi and Sasha wanting to try spreading their existence. Asahi is ready to give it a try and see how Kuroda reacts.

Asahi: "There's no need to hesitate. Just confess how Himuro-dono has..."


Kuroda wakes up after the battle, wondering what's up with Asahi's outfit. Asahi says it's embarrassing to just outright state it, but tells him that she's a mahou shoujo. Kuroda wasn't himself, so she went to check on him. He was being influenced by a witch, so she came to his rescue. Kuroda heard about these words from Urara's show, but thought it was just some urban legend with cosplay. Asahi tells him that's horrid, and tells him that she's one of the mahou shoujo that Urara saw. Kuroda is still asking if this is serious, and Asahi tells him she has no reason to lie, as it's embarrassing enough as it is.

Asahi drops Kuroda's knife to the ground. He begins remembering why he came out here, and how horrible he feels, and how he thought to just let himself die along with everyone else who didn't make it. Asahi tells him to stop. While what he's feeling is genuine, the witch made what he's feeling significantly worse. He was caught in a moment of weakness. Kuroda says he never had actual thoughts of dying, but Asahi knows. She explains it's the witches who push them and take their lives.

Kuroda says he's starting to feel his true feelings come back to him, and knows Asahi wouldn't lie about something like this. Asahi is glad he believes her, and says she never thought her existence would just get revealed on a broadcast like this. Asahi begins taking off, but Kuroda stops her. Kuroda smiles and thanks her once again.

Asahi: "I told him...I got through to him...!! There are people who will understand us!"


Asahi is at school, impressed by the power of media turning their existence from nothing to an urban legend on such short notice. Haitani rushes over and thanks her for the interview the other day. Asahi reminds her that all her story was is that she stumbled upon it. Haitani reassures her she can fix it in post. Asahi spots piles of handwritten papers that she's using for the exhibit.

Kuroda follows shortly behind, taking the heavy papers from her. He then asks Asahi if she can spare a minute to talk privately. Haitani kyaas, wondering if there's something going on between him and Miura...!? He wonders what's going on in that head of hers, and tells it nothing like that.

Inside a classroom, Asahi asks what this is about, then begins blushing thanks to what Haitani said. Kuroda wants to ask Asahi for a favor: he's going to confess his feelings on the day of the festival! He has to point out that it's to Haitani, so Asahi gives a ohh, so you are huh haha kind of reaction. He asks what's with that reaction. She says there isn't really any way that she can help with that, but Kuroda says there is.

Asahi starts making excuses that they're always together anyways, plus she's clumsy as can be, but Kuroda says no, you're a mahou shoujo, aren't you...? Asahi is suddenly surprised, asking if he really did believe that, so he responds saying, huh, you were lying? She stammers that no, no, that was the truth, it's just a huge relief and shock to be believed. Kuroda continues that if she really is one, then she should help with his confession, as in protecting him from witches. Asahi eventually agrees to such an odd request, but adds that if he gets rejected it's not her fault. She tells him that she's doing this because a friend has asked her to (relating back to MS 6-3).

Now outside, Asahi gets a text from Lavi that Kyubey is after Urara again, so she's going after her in case of more witches. Lavi writes that if either of them are near them (Miura or Kurisu), they should come to the spot she's attaching to this message. If they try sensing her magic, they might find it easier to locate her that way.

Asahi: "More misfortune for Yume Urara. She doesn't want to contract, yet continues to be followed..."


Lavi: "To approach her for contracting within a barrier... What do you think a human life is..."

With witch exterminated, Lavi is standing outside with Urara. Urara thanks her for once again saving her life. Lavi says she just doesn't want her to fall victim to Kyubey. Kyubey reassures her that he means no harm, he just wants her to sign the dang contract. Lavi asks him if there's any particular reason he keeps chasing her towards witches. No matter what Kyubey says, Lavi refuses to listen to him, so he takes his leave.

Sighing, Lavi asks if Urara is okay. Urara confesses that she's the one who went towards danger this time. She tried to recreate the same situation as the last time she got attacked. Lavi wonders why - was she attempting suicide and she just got in the way...? If she's so troubled, it's no wonder the witches are captivated with her. Urara corrects her that she just wanted to see mahou shoujo again, especially the ones who saved her last time.

Urara has been talking about them on her show in hopes that those three would be listening in, and has been doing whatever she can to find Kyubey and more witches. Lavi chuckles, realizing that the three of them got hooked. Urara tells her she didn't even know their names or how to find them. Lavi says that it's thanks to her that students have become aware of mahou shoujo, and that's a good thing.

Lavi senses the others approaching, then tells Urara that they can do introductions and head to a store to chat. Lavi then asks what was it that Urara wanted to talk about so much. Urara tells her she wants to know about those two mahou shoujo who saved her originally.


Urara: "Cause I got saved by those mahou shoujo and ran away, but I came back...

At a cafe, the trio explain what happened to those girls. Urara asks if it's true, and asks if they're lying about becoming witches. Lavi still isn't sure herself. Asahi says they only just learned the truth that same day Urara was saved. Sasha tells her no matter what, no matter how much trouble you're in, don't ever become a mahou shoujo. If you take Kyubey's word, your fate is sealed. Urara understands, and hates how awful this sounds. Asahi tells Urara that she understands if she hates them, as they're the ones who hold this curse. Urara tells her she's wrong, and that it's an unfair price they've had to pay.

Lavi mentions this is why they told her about them, because they want the world to know so they can be comforted and supported. Urara assures her that she's not going to sit by and watch after they've saved her. She'll help any way she can. Sasha tells her she's already helped them. It's thanks to Urara and her show that students are starting to learn about them. Lavi is grateful to her and the influence media holds. Asahi even mentions that she told a friend yesterday about herself, someone who had also seen the show. In fact, he accepted her and was kind about it. Urara is surprised that this of all things was a way she helped them.

Sasha brings up that amongst all the mahou shoujo in their group chat, many of them are starting to talk about revealing themselves as well. The part about them becoming witches doesn't get talked about a lot since it's still a touchy subject, but they're still reaching out to people they trust about mahou shoujo and witches.

Urara tells them this is their chance to tell all of Yukuni about them. She's going to be up on stage for the festival and got time booked for an outside episode of Night Fun Homeroom, so she can introduce the three of them as guests and talk about mahou shoujo. It'll probably make Kurara mad, but it's their chance to ascend from urban legends! The trio think it's a risk, but Urara and Sasha usher them to think about what to say, as there's not much time left until the festival. Lavi agrees to it; they need do this correctly otherwise it will create confusion. The trio tell Urara that they'll do it.


Urara: "I'm so glad I did the show. I can give back a little!"

At home, Lavi is thinking to herself and speaking to her late father. She's sure letting people know is the right thing to do. She remembers all he would read were hard philosophy books, but sometimes he would tell her what they were about. She remembers one such book being on the subject of suffering. "People feel growth by overcoming things. When we feel powerful, we're happy." She believes is what it said. She doesn't like the idea of happiness coming from power, but understands how overcoming something gives confidence.

She's following the fate that mahou shoujo have been given, suffering without anyone knowing. However, if she can overcome the wall of being known, she's certain she too will become happy. She steps outside, ready to go to the Yukuni All-star festival and get across that wall.

Boss 4

Urara: "I'm spreading the knowledge of mahou shoujo. My show's doing something so meaningful."

Chapter 5: Snipe


We begin with an overview of places in Yukuni while the All-star Festival commercial plays again. Sasha can't believe it's finally here. Her teacher asks her group if they're ready for the performance, and they all say yes. He tells them there's still time until they begin, so they're free to go check out the festival so they're not nervous. Their next meet is in 30 minutes. He then asks Sasha if she's feeling better now. She says she is, and will be ready for her solo today.

Lavi's grandfather (or an old man from the inn?) asks her if she received the pamphlets to hand out yet. She tells him the proprietress of the Lucky Ryokan just left to go get them. Her mother asks her if she's stocked all the vegetables, saying these are the vegetables that cured her, so she hopes people will take the time to learn about them. She tells Lavi that she's sure her grandfather and father will be proud. Shirogane then comes to greet her senpai.

Asahi's stall is fully prepared as Kuroda stops by to ask how it's going. She tells him it's all ready, and offers him some meat. Kuroda says he's had rabbit and deer before so he's good. Haitani comes by to tell Kuroda she needs help. She tells him to go on ahead as she needs to talk to Miura for a second, so he leaves first.

Haitani tells Asahi that she's finished the interview article and wanted to thank her again for the help. Asahi humbly tells her there's no need to thank her again, and Haitani says she likes that about her. She then says there's one more thing, and it's about Kuroda: she thinks Kuroda is about to confess to her. Asahi shutters that she figured it out, prompting Haitani to ask if she's okay. Haitani says she'll probably go along with whatever he has planned as long as he's not weird about it, but isn't sure if she wants to go out with him. She says that when other girls get with a guy they end up distancing from their friends, and she wants to continue to be Miura's friend. Asahi tells her she wouldn't hate someone just because of distance, so she should accept Kuroda.

Urara and Kurara are on stage, ready to countdown to the start of the show. Everyone counts down from five, kicking off the Yukuni All-star Festival!

Alexandra: "Night Fun Homeroom is up on stage, so I can calm my nerves♪"


Asahi runs into Himuro, who is wandering the festival with Shirogane. They exchange friendly introductions, and Asahi tells them she's on her way to see the executive committee's exhibit, offering them to join her. Lavi tells her she's never had interest in anything, so this is good. Asahi comments that that's a blunt way of putting it.

Lavi and Shirogane are now going over the culture and performing arts of Yukuni's hot spring inns. Shirogane seems genuinely interested in it. Asahi explains to her that those who live in the mountains of Yukuni tend to do hunting or forest work, but some families, including her own, do both. Shirogane points over to an article about the legend of Heike, and Asahi tells her that it's from her. She isn't sure if the legend is real or not, but she did find that monument.

Shirogane then begins reading a quote from the article, that research results may provide further evidence into whether it's real. She utters out the words "...Proof of existence." She begins frowning, saying that it's the same as being unseen, just like mahou shoujo. Lavi has to explain to Asahi that Shirogane is the one who she revealed her identity to. Shirogane tells Asahi that she knows about the trio, and offers to help any way she can. She may not have friends, but she also has no boundaries.

Asahi asks Shirogane why she chose to believe Himuro-dono. Shirogane recites Lavi's quote from the rooftop, though making one change to it: "Empty beings like ourselves who live without recognition preserve ourselves by being seen by many." She explains to a confused Asahi that Himuro-senpai told her that, and is the one who preserves her as an individual. She doesn't know how to deny the one who proves her existence. Asahi asks her if this means she trusts Himuro-dono no matter what. Shirogane replies that she does, even with knowing what she will become at the end of a mahou shoujo's life. Lavi tells Asahi that they shouldn't use Shirogane as a method to prove their existence to the world, as Shirogane has an undying friendship to her that would skew public perception. Asahi agrees, believing they should just stick to their current plan. It's about time for Kurisu to sing up on stage, so they get moving.

Asahi: "Hmm...Does she take after Himuro-dono? Shirogane-dono is also quite the mysterious type..."


Alexandra let's out a big sigh of relief, saying she was so nervous up there. Asahi reassures her she sang beautifully. Lavi too was surprised at how strong a voice can be with practice, and preferred her solo over the rest of the choir. Sasha kyaa~s in delight, thanking them for the embarrassing kind words.

Urara and Kurara are back up on stage, announcing that things are halfway done, but coming up next is the director of Yukuni's culture museum speaking with a scholar of folklore. Afterwards is the duo with their diabolo performance, followed by a special Night Fun Homeroom. On this episode they'll be having guests on, which Kurara guesses correctly, is featuring mahou shoujo that have been speaking out to students in Yukuni. Urara hopes that everyone won't miss this grand moment where an urban legend becomes reality. Later they'll be announcing content ranking votes, etc. And without further delay, let's have our two distinguishes senseis make their appearance!

The museum director appears first, saying they may have met him on a field trip before. Next is Satomi Tasuke, who was invited here for a talk today by the director when he found out he was visiting. Lavi's eyes go wide. Shirogane asks her if something's wrong, but Lavi says it's nothing, he just looks a little like an acquaintance.

Suddenly the trio feel a witch's reaction. What's more, it's the witches of the two girls they saw. The trio begin asking for help and preparing to fight.

Lavi: "Since so many people have gathered here today, we must be careful..."


Alexandra texts the group chat, announcing two surviving witches have been detected at the Yukuni All-star Festival, and they're growing stronger. There's 3 of them there, but they would like to reduce damage as much as possible, so they would like any help possible. One person replies that her and another are nearby. Another says she's too busy within the Festival to help, but she's sure those two will be enough. Sasha says out loud they can't afford to wait for those 2 for backup. Lavi tells them they'll just have to go on ahead and make it a 2 part assault.

They arrive at one barrier, but Asahi finds that one of the witches moved on. Sasha tells them she'll hold off this one while they go find the other. Lavi senses the other witch is still close, and tells Kurisu since she's support, she should stick with someone. Asahi volunteers to solo this witch while they split.

Asahi: "Well, I opened my big mouth, but can I actually do this alone?"


Urara: "It's almost time for our mahou shoujo's turn. I'm getting kinda excited..."

Urara and Kurara thank the two for the wonderful chat. Kurara didn't even know what folklore was all about, but now she's interested. Tasuke is also glad he got to spend time talking to so many people. Kuroda is more happy that they talked about the exhibit they made than the folklore talk.

Kuroda and Haitani praise each other and gives thanks. Kuroda tries to put Haitani up on a pedestal, but she says she's glad the two of them worked so hard on it before and after class, so it was all equal effort, right? Kuroda disagrees. She's cared for him ever since he lost his mother in the avalanche, she's the one who invited him to the committee, so she's been working extra hard to keep him cheered up. Haitani tells him that she likes him, so she wanted to be his support.

Meanwhile, Asahi is up against the first witch. It's chasing after a dagger Asahi imbued with her magic, distracting it so she can land a bullet in it safely. It begins going after Asahi. She tries to keep calm, telling herself a trapped animal is a shot animal. She knows the witch is dying and is suffering, so the only thing left to do is put her out of her misery. Just one more to go!

Inside the other barrier, Sasha is weakening the witch with her music, leaving it vulnerable for Lavi. Lavi thinks to herself that this will save the girl. The girl who had hope as a mahou shoujo, who had purpose in fighting witches. She will free this girl from the curse she suffers from. She strikes, but it wasn't enough to finish the witch. It counterattacks, hitting Lavi and fleeing the scene. Sasha is surprised it could still move even after being affected by her magic. It must have gotten too strong from staying alive this long. It's leaving the Festival grounds, but they still have to go after it.


Lavi: "To be this tough already... I didn't expect such an incredibly dangerous opponent..."

Asahi contacts them through telepathy, finding out the witch has taken off. They're going to meet up with the other 2 girls soon, so the 4 of them should be able to handle it. Asahi says she'll head back to the festival as a precaution. Lavi leaves Asahi to the communication so they can concentrate on locating the witch, as it's moving fast.

They catch up to it finally, but it seems almost as if it's hiding. Lavi notices the witch has a clear line of sight of the festival from here. Sasha senses two mahou shoujo approaching, most likely the two she contacted. Lavi tells her they'll go in first and they can provide backup.

Asahi is rushing to get back to the festival, but hears a sudden explosion and screams from the crowds at the festival grounds. Urara is up on the stage, screaming what the hell just happened!? Asahi is wondering the same thing as she stares on. Urara tells her a truck just drove through. She thought it was on fire when it suddenly exploded. Asahi can only guess this means they didn't make it in time to stop the witch. She tries to explain to Urara that there were 2 witches, but Himuro-dono and Sasha-dono went off to defeat the 2nd one, except it got away from them. Urara asks if this explosion was from the witch then. Asahi can't say for sure, but there is one thing she can say... She knows these witches were the two girls who saved Urara...

Urara asks if this means they've been in Yukuni this entire time. Asahi thought they had been defeated or escaped by now, but... Kuroda yells out is this really happening!? Haitani is on the ground with metal piercing through her chest. Asahi shakily tells him she can use her magic to try to get it out, but Kuroda tells her it's too late. Haitani is already gone. He yells at Asahi, asking her why she killed Haitani. She tells him she was trying to kill the witch! Kuroda repeats what she had told him: mahou shoujo are witches. And on top of that, she's sitting here worrying if her "pals" managed to escape or not. He tells her that she's the one who caused the avalanche, and she's the one who killed everyone at the festival. It's all their fault!

Asahi tries to get him to calm down and talk this out, but he yells at her to shut up. he declares that he'll hold onto this grudge against them for the rest of his life, for taking both her mother and Haitani away from him. He'll kill all of them...

That night, Lavi can only apologize for making Asahi suffer through her failure. Asahi is equally ashamed of herself for letting all those lives disappear. Asahi understands the witch just became too strong for them, but being misunderstood by a friend is incredibly hard for her. Urara thinks the only thing they can do now is slowly work to clear up this misunderstanding. She's just glad there weren't people nearby to overhear what was said. Asahi, however, feels different...

Asahi: "I have this horrible feeling, as if zeroed in on by something of unknown nature..."

Boss 5

Asahi: "It feels as if I was shot at the most opportune time..."

Challenge 1

Urara: "Night Fun Homeroom's about to begin!"

Challenge 2

Urara: "Our opening talk will be about Urara and Kurara's everyday life."

Challenge 3

Urara: "I started up the mahou shoujo corner without askin'."

Challenge 4

Urara: "I do like Kurara and all, but she's always kinda cold to me."

Part 2

Chapter 6: Stigma


Asahi: "っ...I'm having bad dreams..."

Asahi wakes up from a nightmare of what she witnessed a week ago. Her family is equally somber. She tells her mother that she doesn't have much of an appetite, so she only wants something small. She explains to the audience it's been a week and people have been coming to lay flowers for all the victims today. Her grandmother tells her that many people were devastated by the disaster, not just from their village. She tells Asahi that she should face the future as her survival has meaning, or else she will beat herself up.

Asahi is struggling to accept the death of Haitani and Kuroda's anger towards her, but on top of that the video of her talking with Urara is all over the internet now. Over the past week a URL to that video has been sent to students all over Yukuni, furthering Kuroda's misunderstanding against her. She thinks back to her cheering for Kuroda, and Haitani telling her that she wants to go out with Miura.

At school, students are pointing out Asahi, asking her if she was trying to cause the accident. One girl in her class tells her not to worry so much about it, cause it was all just cosplay, right? Other people wore things like she did. Kuroda interrupts her, telling her not to stand up for that girl. Miura herself said that mahou shoujo are witches, so they just prance about doing anything they want with their powers that even the police don't have. The girl defends Asahi, saying that was all just an urban legend, wasn't it!? Kuroda tells her she's full of it. Tons of people have already seen what happened, and Miura isn't talking because she's hiding her guilt. He demands Miura to say something to all the students here.

Asahi struggles to say she didn't do anything. All she was trying to do was prevent damage. Kuroda says that Miura will become a witch who kills people, so mahou shoujo even existing is bad. She could only be pretending to be good so that she can kill people, like Haitani, for example. Asahi has to run out of the class.

Asahi knows she isn't to blame for the festival, but what about from here on? If she doesn't die, she too will become a witch. No matter how much she does to protect others, eventually she will spread her curse. She thinks to herself that she really isn't innocent when she knows such a future lies ahead of her.


Urara and Kurara start up this week's Urara and Kurara's Night Fun Homeroom!! They're once again live from their usual studio, but before they begin, Urara has an apology to give. Urara announces that while she's been talking about mahou shoujo for quite some time on this show, the truth is they really are just an urban legend, and they don't know if they actually exist or not. Kurara tells her she really should stop confusing people. She kept repeating that there's no way they would exist, and never imagined it would grow into such a complicated matter.

Urara tells Kurara that because the response to mahou shoujo was so big, she was thinking about running a play for the festival. Kurara asks was that what the special guests were for? Urara tells her she wanted to raise excitement by inviting guests who specialized in stage sword fighting was all. What she's trying to say is that due to all the fuss she had made about mahou shoujo, she's been causing problems for the people featured in their videos online, so she requests everyone just forget about the whole mahou shoujo urban legend together with them. Kurara mentions that she's a victim because of this nonsense too, so no more talking to her about it either. It's just as stupid as believing in ghosts.

Sasha was showing this (yesterday's video) to Asahi and Lavi. Urara was one of the people who saw them as good, but it's better now that she pretends they were nothing but a dream. Sasha hopes she hasn't been getting harassed as school. Asahi mentions she's been getting stared at a lot due to being featured on the video, and asks how Himuro-dono and Sasha-dono are handling school. Everyone she sees in the group chat seem to be in similar situations as her. Sasha and Lavi both say they're being singled out as well.

Sasha mentions that students have figured out that mahou shoujo can be spotted by their ring, so word is spreading about how to find them. She says they were the ones who started this whole "let the world know we exist" thing, and now the negatives to doing so are beginning to show. Lavi says this is more the results of what a bad first impression can do. Asahi tells them it might be better to remove their rings. Lavi tells her once they're spotted once it'll be too late.

Just then a boy spots Asahi, recognizing her from the video. He sees the ring and knows for sure it's her. He tells Asahi that his buddy was hospitalized because of that event. He tells her he doesn't care of she's a girl, he's going to make her feel the same pain. Asahi tries to tell him it wasn't something she could do, but 不可抗力 (unavoidable happening/an act of god), but he doesn't want to hear any excuses. An older boy tells him to back off if he doesn't think he's gonna win, as it's embarrassing to be hitting a girl. The first boy tells him he knows.

Alexandra: "A mahou shoujo who kills everyone indiscriminately... They really believe that..."


Lavi: "We can't lay a hand on them and must run away... But how do we deal with such a persistent foe..."

The boy of course can't land a single hit in on Asahi. Asahi tells him she's too strong for him, so don't even bother trying to wear her down. The boy tries taunting her into making an attack then if she's so confident. Lavi and Sasha are standing by, saying they would never hurt people as it's a mahou shoujo's role to help. Lavi telepathically starts saying that if this keeps up they may need to rely on Kurisu's magic to calm them down.

The older boy decides to call a couple more friends over to help out if this girl's just going to be boring defending herself. Asahi offers to punch them if it means putting a stop to this, but Lavi says that would only spread more bad publicity for them, so she asks Sasha to go ahead. Just as Sasha is about to begin, someone shows up and tells the boys to stop.

Shirogane is here, saying she'll call the police if they keep this up. The older boy asks if she's going to butt into this. She tells him that his friends aren't coming to help, as they've been held back by her friends. The older boy tells the younger to get going as this is turning boring, and he doesn't want police showing up since they'll be the ones in trouble.

Lavi thanks Shirogane and asks how she knew where they were. She tells Lavi that she overheard some punks making a fuss over them, so she got nervous and followed. Asahi gives her gratitude for Shirogane having a rougher side to her. Sasha is as well, as she was moments from being forced to use magic. Shirogane understands that they can't lash out or else mahou shoujo will be seen as the bad guys, which is why she knew there was trouble brewing.

Lavi brings up something Shirogane just mentioned: she said she had buddies? Shirogane tells her she does for just this sort of occasion. She made an organization dedicated to protecting mahou shoujo. She says that while Urara's show did create a lot of enemies, it also created allies. Some of which who have been saved by mahou shoujo in the past. Lavi asks how did she suddenly find the motivation to do all this. Shirogane says to protect her Himuro-senpai. Since living alongside humanity is such a drag for her, she wants to stay connected to the world through Himuro-senpai. That's why this time she wanted to help her through her suffering, but she's found that through this reason she isn't as bothered by others, strangely enough. Lavi is glad Shirogane found a new purpose in life, but is worried and sorry that it's only for her own sake. Shirogane says this is her way of repaying her senpai for saving her empty self from suffering.

Shirogane then asks Asahi is she happens to know someone by the name of Kuroda. Asahi does of course. Shirogane tells her that he's the reason she made this organization to protect mahou shoujo, because Kuroda made one to gather people who will exterminate them.


Lavi is thinking about how Shirogane told her she saved her, but in reality she saved herself by choosing to come see her. The fact Shirogane is now doing this for her leaves her wanting to repay her somehow, but her inexperience with other people makes it difficult.

She arrives home, being greeted by her mother. Her mother asks if she's heading up to her father's room again. Lavi tells her she is, as she has some things on her mind. Her mother tells her that'll have to wait a bit, as they have a guest who's going to be staying a while, and all the other rooms are full. Lavi can't believe she would do such a thing. How could she let someone take her father's room, the only place where she can feel her father there with her.

Lavi quickly opens the door, only to find Tasuke there. Tasuke guesses she's the daughter of the Earth's Cradle. He introduces himself as Satomi Tasuke and apologizes for having to use a family room. Lavi can only stare, so Tasuke says uh hello? Lavi bursts out an apology of her own, excusing herself for busting in. Tasuke tells her to wait, and then tells her to not be hard on herself.

Flashback of Lavi staring at Tasuke at the festival. Ever since she saw Tasuke, she's been thinking about him. She runs up to her mother, beginning to tell her about that guy, when she interrupts her by finishing for her saying "Go and look at him.... He looks just like 'Father,'right..." Her mother continues that that wasn't the reason she let him take her father's room, and didn't even see the resemblance until he went up to it. She calls it strange, but Lavi says it's bad for her heart. Her mother tells her to try to bear with it. Lavi says she'll try to ignore it.

Lavi: "I don't like this... I'm uncomfortable..."


Lavi: "Why would you rent Father's room out in the first place...? I honestly can't believe you...!"

At school, Lavi has noticed that both sharp glares and curious looks have both slowly died down around her. Shirogane thanks her senpai for today's work, and Lavi thanks her in kind. She tells Shirogane that she owes her a great debt, but can't even begin to pay her back until things cool down. Shirogane tells her they can't really be seen talking to each other like this anymore. Lavi agrees that distance is important or else no one will be able to defend her. Shirogane tells her she wants to return the favor, so Himuro-senpai doesn't need to do anything as thanks. Lavi insists that she's bothered Shirogane so much, so Shirogane says she will look forward to being paid back then.

Lavi then gets a message from the group chat, with a girl begging for help. People from her school started chasing after her, calling her a mahou shoujo. They're going after her because of her ring. Shirogane suggests the police be called, and that she can have her organization help out if they're near. Another message goes out. Kurisu sensed a witch nearby, so she's on the way to intercept.

The girl being chased by Kuroda, who knows her by her ring. She asks why are they chasing her. A girl asks why she's acting like a victim when she's a witch who's killing people day by day, and yells out if she's the one who killed her sister. The mahou shoujo says she's not a witch, and didn't do it.

On the rooftops nearby, Alexandra is talking to herself about how she spread the word about mahou shoujo because she wanted to be saved, yet here she is being resented by them. She thinks to herself how this is as much her fault as it was Miura-san's, since her and Himuro-san let that witch get away which caused this whole mess. She knows they have to do something to clear this misunderstanding.


Sasha has pinpointed where the reaction was coming from. Kuroda is seen telling the girl that if any mahou shoujo want to get out of Yukuni, they won't stop them. But if they stay, they'll be hunted mercilessly until they do. If they don't do this, the rest of the city will experience the sorrow they have. The blame game continues for a bit, until one girl asks the mahou shoujo why doesn't she just kill them then, but the girl of course would never do such a thing.

Sasha gets closer to the scene, but is glad to hear police sirens approaching. The mahou shoujo says she refuses to leave as Yukuni is where she was born and raised. Kuroda and the other boy decide to get their hands dirty in that case, but the mahou shoujo knows they can't beat her in a fight. The girl with them says she'll record everything and send it to all her friends if she fights back. The mahou shoujo then tries to grab the camera from the girl.

Sasha arrives at the scene just as the police do, with the mahou shoujo grabbing one of the boys by the shoulders who is wincing in pain. The officer notices that the boy's shoulder is broken, and Kuroda speaks up and says this girl lured them here and attacked them. He insists the girl be searched, as she probably has something on her. The girl tries to tell him that she was the one being chased. The officer doesn't care either way, and just wants them to calm down so he can talk to them all. The girl panics, wondering why she's being blamed. The officer puts blame on her since the boy is going to have to go to the hospital.

Sasha transforms, not wanting to watch this escalate. She gets ready to use her magic on them and then get the girl out of there, but she notices Kuroda is staring right at her. Asahi messages her, telling her not to move, as Kuroda contacted her. Sasha will just become an accomplice in this situation if she gets involved.

The mahou shoujo's soul gem darkens, wondering how this could be happening to her. She's the one keeping them safe, but why is she being attacked by them? The officer asks what she's going on about as the girl begins witching out before their eyes. Flashbacks to Asahi and Urara witnessing the explosion and Kuroda vowing to everything he can to keep the peace in Yukuni.

Alexandra: "Again I'm too frightened to do anything... I can't even give an apology..."


Asahi: "Though it pains my heart, Sasha-dono is not the sole bearer of the responsibility."

Alexandra is apologizing profusely to Asahi for letting yet another mahou shoujo witch out in front of her. Asahi uses the grief seed on her, telling her that if she interfered the three of them would have been arrested and even more targeted by the public. Lavi wants to know why Kuroda contacted Asahi. Asahi guesses it was his way of showing how serious he is about getting people together to eliminate mahou shoujo.

In his text to her, Kuroda stated that he's gathered up victims of the festival and the avalanches to drive them out of Yukuni. They've already found one telltale sign of girls being mahou shoujo from other members, so it's only a matter of time. When Asahi saw this message, she noticed a second one as well, with Kuroda telling her that he'll have the other girl she was with arrested if she interferes. Since they're all well known at this point, Miura should get her and the rest out of the city ASAP.

Lavi thinks he gave her time to make a decision because he really doesn't want to hurt her. Asahi agrees that may be the case, but they each have homes and families to support, so they can't just leave. We get a flashback of the cop being shocked to see the girl he was just talking to is dead. Kuroda explains to him that when a mahou shoujo becomes a witch, they turn invisible. She's probably left the city already, leaving just her body behind. He and another girl say it's better to hunt them down before they do become witches. If they fall for their nice girl acts, more victims will show up. The officer unfortunately is just dumbfounded and wants to find out what just happened. Sasha knows they need to do something before they too turn to witches.

Back on the rooftop, the trio hear someone yelling out that they found them, and yell out to chase after them. Sasha jumps, only to let out a sigh of relief as it was someone else being chased. The trio are blaming themselves, and Lavi notes that regardless of who's fault it was, the gears of lunacy are fastening on them.

Boss 6

Alexandra: "Now we can't even make excuses to clear the stigma against us..."

Chapter 7: Aggregate


Asahi stares at her phone, realizing that one by one the mahou shoujo are vanishing. The student group dedicated to hunting them down celebrate when they see empty bodies, declaring that "they became witches and ran away from the city". When Asahi hears about a girl becoming a witch, she deletes that girl from the group chat. Before long, half of them had been wiped out, leaving a wringing pain in her heart. At home, Asahi is regretting ever telling Kuroda about mahou shoujo, as that led to all of this happening.

On their school rooftop, Shirogane is telling Lavi that the exterminators group vastly outnumbers the protectors group at this point. Plus they're dead set on believing that witching out means the girls leave the city. They call the slaughtering a justified act of condemning them. Lavi tells her that some girls don't even know what becoming a witch even means, and that they fight witches only for good. It's cruelty. Shirogane asks why don't they just use force against them, but Lavi says they can't. Shirogane says that would end this quickly, but Lavi says it would just be recorded and shown all over. They'd become the enemy of mankind if they show any resistance or attempt to control them, so Lavi refuses to use force. Lavi's plan right now is to mend the pain caused by the avalanches and the explosion at the festival.

Lavi arrives home. Tasuke is the only one there, explaining that the miss is out shopping. Lavi hates that she keeps encountering this guy, leaving Tasuke wondering if he's done something wrong. Lavi, frustrated, tells him it's nothing and apologizes, but Tasuke stops her to ask a question. He wonders when did the students of Yukuni begin talking about mahou shoujo. Lavi is surprised to hear this, as this is the first time an adult has spoken about them. Tasuke says most adults just write it off as an urban legend and refuse to listen to him. Lavi tries to tell him to just leave it at that, as it's more trouble than it's worth. As she leaves, Tasuke says out loud that if she doesn't have anyone to rely on, she's going to find herself overwhelmed.

Elsewhere, Asahi has summoned the spirit of Haitani using her magic. She apologizes for having done this. Haitani is also sorry for relying so much on Asahi when she's been suffering so much. Asahi claims full responsibility on saving Kuroda, as all his anger and sadness were caused by her. Haitani tells her she's wrong; it's her fault. She saved Kuroda from killing himself after the avalanche, and as a result she's the one who died. Asahi smiles and calls it not a forcing of responsibility onto one another, but accepting each other's problems. Haitani accepts that to stop this blaming going in circles. Haitani tells her that at least she can't do any more now that she's dead, so she leaves it up to Miura now. Asahi tells her she will handle it with utmost care, and Haitani's spirit disappears. Asahi doesn't like summoning the dead as it's a desecration of life, but even so, she just couldn't help herself. She only hopes Haitani will forgive her. Just then Himuro-dono calls her.

Lavi: "All of this began from my selfishness... I should be the sole bearer of this burden..."


On the phone, Lavi has decided that she will be the one who bears are responsibility for the extermination group's anger and sadness. She's had enough of watching other mahou shoujo disappear because of her pointless little wish to get some sympathy. Sasha tries to talk her out of putting all the blame on herself, saying she was also a cause to all of this. Asahi also wants to bear the responsibility. Lavi thanks them for sticking with her. Sasha adds that with all the girls being hunted, Yukuni's safety has gone downhill. Despite what the extermination group says, witches don't run away from the city. Asahi says that if only they become the city's targets, no more girls will become witches. Sasha and Asahi are on the same page. Lavi thanks them again, and tells them that they'll be using Night Fun Homeroom tonight, as she has already spoken to Urara about it.

Urara: "I want to do what I can, but Kurara's gonna get mad at me for sure..."


U and Ku rara start their weekly broadcast, BUT they have a surprise special guest for tonight's episode! Kurara is disappointed they're talking about this whole mahou shoujo business again, but since this is to alleviate the problems they caused, they brought on the infamous girls being talked about across Yukuni's student base. Urara says that's why she OK'd them coming on, so here's the three guests! Lavi looks as blank as ever, Asahi has a serious look, and Sasha looks nervous.

Kurara asks what this talk is about since there wasn't time to get a script. Urara actually has no idea either, since she just got a text from Himuro Lavi on short notice. She has nooo clue herself, but she's been getting lots of mail from fans about mahou shoujo sightings along with rumors, so she's sure the audience is dying to tune in. Kurara brings up the rumors of mahou shoujo killing people, so Urara asks if that's what they came here tonight to talk about.

Lavi begins by saying she wants to talk about the festival and the mahou shoujo involved, and asks that they listen to her until she's done. Urara understands and leaves the air to Lavi. Lavi takes a deep breath and speaks out.

She starts by stating that many students must already be aware of mahou shoujo, their curse, and the witches that they fight, and that they too become witches. She knows many of them must think that mahou shoujo themselves are witches, but that's far from the truth. Becoming a witch is like dying to them; it's not a choice they make, and many of them aren't even aware of their horrible fate themselves. In truth, they only recently learned the truth about becoming witches. Lavi asks that those listening stop their merciless hunting, as they fight to protect the victims of witches. If a girl's heart darkens, she will only become another witch that torments Yukuni. The idea that mahou shoujo run away from the city when they become witches is just superstition, not getting revenge.

She continues to address her unseen audience, saying they must wonder how mahou shoujo stop all these incidents and accidents that affect them. Unfortunately, however, due to the limited number of mahou shoujo existing, not every incident or accident can be prevented. Disasters like avalanches and earthquakes aren't something they can prevent damage from, and if they find a witch to be the cause of it, they too can be killed if they're not strong enough to handle it. But even so, she has no intention of claiming them all as things that can't be helped.

Lavi says that the suffering they've all experienced is because of their negligence, the three of them. All other mahou shoujo have done everything they could to stop the disaster, but the three of them stood by and did nothing. The festival accident was something they could have prevented, but did nothing to do so. She asks that everyone leave all other mahou shoujo alone and place their blame only on the three of them, as they will pay for the sins they've committed.

Lavi: "I've said my peace... Now to accept it and endure it..."


Asahi: "I am prepared to be whipped."

After the show, Lavi is thanking Urara for helping her on such short notice. Urara is just glad to be able to help at all. Asahi apologizes to Kurara as well for the trouble, with Sasha commenting that it must've been a lot to take in so quickly. Kurara used to think this was all just an urban legend too, but believed them after seeing them at the festival. She adds that she can't take responsibility for whatever happens after this show, though. Urara is surprised to hear them talk out like they did. She thought for sure if they defended themselves they'd get more sympathy, but now they're just drawing all the anger onto themselves to save the rest of the mahou shoujo. Lavi agrees, but if they went the sympathy route, the extermination group would just cause more damage than any protection would prevent. Lavi's objective now is to let the hunters take out everything on them and them alone.

Kuroda's group show up after hearing the broadcast, realizing the only way they can get revenge is by going after these three. Sasha tells Urara and Kurara to get back into their studio. The students gather around, ready to beat them. Just as Lavi expected, the fire started immediately. The three of them prepare to face their punishment.

Tasuke is at the inn, listening to the very same broadcast from earlier. He says out loud that this isn't the way...Lavi-chan... This may save other mahou shoujo, but all this means is she lost sight of her original goal. By admitting all these incidents are her fault, the people will think mahou shoujo are a danger to them and avoid them. Those who need salvation the most will never be saved. Ever since Tasuke began researching mahou shoujo, Yukuni is the first city he's seen where their existence is recognized by normal people. He sees this as a stepping stone, speaking out loud for Nayuta to wait for him...

Boss 7

Lavi: "If we can concentrate all of the extermination group's emotions, we should be able to reduce the harm..."

Chapter 8: Hate


Asahi: "A grudge unsatiated by justice is incredibly painful..."

Asahi explains that mahou shoujo are being hunted one by one, turning into witches because of those who have suffered from witches, creating a negative spiral. Kuroda and his group tried going after families of these girls, but ultimately decided to go against those of them who bear the burden of responsibility. The trio chose to become the sole targets of the city's emotions so that the other mahou shoujo could live in relative peace as they work to protect the city that hates them. However, Asahi never expected so much cruelty...

In the forest, Asahi is being beaten by Kuroda, who is surprised just how fast mahou shoujo heal. He now knows that as long as the soul gem is intact, they remain alive. He tells Asahi to get out of town now that she's been beaten. Even just them three taking off will bring enough peace to Yukuni. His buddies tell her that they're only going to continue blaming them for incidents, so they should just go away now. One of them says they're not gonna leave since they're protecting the other girls. Kuroda says in that case, we should make out of them. If the 3 protectors are broken, the other girls will think they're next to be attacked and want to leave. Another boy offers to blow some steam since he wants payback for when Asahi made fun of her. Kuroda tells him not to bring personal problems into this, as it's strictly for the city's peace.

Kuroda gives Miura one final chance to make a decision: be made an example, or take the easy way out and leave. Asahi knows that just means other girls will be targeted. She tries telling Kuroda again that they don't kill people. Kuroda tells her that even if that's true, they still have to force them out any time they become emotionally unstable. Asahi imagines her family smiling at her, and tells him that she's not leaving, so they'll just have to take out their anger and sadness on her.

Kuroda turns to a boy who lost a friend in the hospital and tells him to go ahead and beat Miura if it makes him feel better, since she seems all for it. He screams at her to taste the pain of the dead, you bastard!! and hits her. Kuroda asks her how she could have avoided this whole thing. She tells him by not spreading word about mahou shoujo. He says that's right, if we stayed ignorant we would have just blamed our own misfortune. The other boy tells her to not ignore him, and hits her again.

As she continues to be beaten, she thinks to herself that this is right, she's paying for her sins and has to accept the punishment. As long as she holds out, the other mahou shoujo will be safe. As long as the other girls see her as an example, they'll have to move away but at least remain alive. And eventually Kuroda and everyone else will realize how empty they are outside of their violent ways and calm down. But if they don't, she can move away from humanity and go live a secret life in the mountains somewhere. Another boy hits her, and she begins losing consciousness. She dulls her senses so she doesn't feel any more pain. As she does so, she realizes that being able to just turn off your pain really makes her inhuman...


Alexandra: "I'm quite fine with this. Compared to the other two, this is a piece of cake."

At her music class, two girls are telling Sasha to hurry up and wipe the piano down and get the music sheets organized. Sasha tells herself to not cry, it'll be okay if this is all they want. Compared to the beatings Asahi-chan is enduring and the bullying Lavi-chan is suffering through, this is nothing. She thinks to herself that she doesn't deserve help, as she's the one who broke everyone's hearts.

A girl (a couple of her friends it looks like) runs back into the class, forgetting her music sheets she needs for practice at home. She turns back when she sees Sasha is still inside cleaning. Her friend tells her they can come back later. Flashback of the same two girls earlier, asking Sasha what's wrong. She talks to herself, saying that she can't expect her friends to worry about her because she's a mahou shoujo. If she asks for help, everyone around her will be dragged down with her. One girl asks her what she's mumbling about. She puts on a fake smile and laugh, saying she's just thinking about how to do this more efficiently. The other girl tells her not to laugh when she kills people. One girl reminds Sasha that if she tries telling their teacher about any of this, they'll let everyone know about her trying to date him. Sasha gets mad and asks her to not even think about doing that. The girl tells her she wasn't serious about the threat, but wants her to be careful.

Sasha thinks back to when her teacher told her she should seek someone to talk to, even if its another faculty member. She's sorry that she can't go talk to him about this. One girl tells her that starting tomorrow, she has a long mission for Sasha: to go get a gold in the upcoming solo competition so the music club has more prestige. Sasha knows that won't be easy, but is told that because she was chosen to be the soloist at the festival, she ought to live up to everyone's expectations and win. To her, singing now feels like a curse. All the moments she used to sing freely and feel her voice melt into the air soothed her, but now it feels like she has a huge weight on her vocal chords and can't make any beautiful singing come out anymore.


Lavi: "Your malicious pranks ring hollow. So long as I find them lacking maliciousness, they won't affect my heart."

Lavi reads words left to her on her shoe box. "Die, disappear, murderer. The adults may forgive you, but I won't. I don't give a damn what the law says, I'll get justice when I slaughter you." She figures this is from someone in the extermination group. She really doesn't care, but having graffiti plaster her shoe box and finding food stuffed into her shoes was a surprise.

Lavi monologues how her family isn't rich. Her father passed away when she was young, leaving her mother to work hard to keep their inn up and running. This is the most painful thing she's ever had to experience, not because of things she bought being ruined by others, but because of things her mother bought her being ruined, and imaging the hurt look on her face. Lavi begins tearing up, telling herself that her soul gem is darkening, so she needs to shut down her emotions.

A couple students see this, a girl thinking that bullying being like that these days, that's bad, isn't it? A boy explains to her that that girl was on Night Fun Homeroom, saying she was the one responsible for the incident at the festival, so everyone's out to get her. The girl can't believe that, feeling sorry for Lavi. The boy frowns, telling her she can't get involved, or else she'll be targeted too... Lavi overhears this, silently agreeing that no one should get involved. She's nothing more than a punching bag for people's anger and sorrow, and she's fine with it.

Shirogane quickly passes by Lavi without word. She gets a text from her, apologizing for being so cold to her, but helping will be harder if she were seen talking to her. Lavi texts back to not worry. She figures Shirogane is being watched since she was someone who defended them, and shouldn't bother getting involved. Shirogane texts back that her group is dwindling, and the number of students joining team kill 'em all is going way up. Lavi says that unfortunately the three of them confessing to take all the blame hasn't been working out as well as she had expected. Shirogane tells her that even if they're backing down for now, they're not about to drop their goal of removing all mahou shoujo from the city. Lavi tells her that even if all mahou shoujo leave, witches will keep showing up, so they'll just find a new target of their hate. Shirogane agrees, which is why she's worried about her Himuro-senpai. Lavi tells her she's okay; she can handle this treatment. But she's hurt when her family and friends get dragged into this. She doesn't mind horrid things being written about her on her desk and the blackboard, but having to erase them herself is wearing her out, like erasing them feels like she's admitting it's all true. She just has to put up with it until she can find a solution.

Shirogane gets hit by another girl, telling her to quit talking to Himuro, or else next time she's gonna be sorry. Lavi knows that times like this are what cuts deep into her heart the most. She uses a grief seed, telling herself to just endure it a little longer...


Lavi can't believe how intense the hatred of everyone is when focused directly on the three of them. On the phone, Sasha and Asahi find out about each other, how Sasha is being blackmailed and how Asahi's body is being covered in wounds daily. Asahi doesn't feel any better than Sasha, since she's being forced to do things while she just has to put up with pain. Lavi knows that while the body's wounds will heal, the heart's won't. Asahi is fine with it so long as the people feel better after. It's just a waiting game. Sasha knows this isn't going to be short, though.

Asahi knows that Kuroda is kind, though. If she can keep talking to him, she may be able to get through to him and have him reflect on his actions and thinking. Sasha asks if she would forgive him for what he's done, but Asahi replies that she's the one who broke him. Lavi apologizes to both of them, saying this was all her idea in the first place, and is ruining their friendship by making them go along with this. Sasha and Asahi disagree; they went along with it without regarding the consequences, and sympathize with Lavi, so the three of them have been in this together from the start.

Lavi smiles and thanks them. Sasha smiles and says all three of them just have to endure tomorrow. Asahi is prepared to be hurt each and every day. Lavi tells them she won't cower in fear and endure alongside them. She tells them she'll see them tomorrow, and hangs up, now crying. Even though she's trying to be strong, she can't stop her tears. She would rather break her own soul gem to appease the extermination group, but then Asahi and Sasha would...

She bumps right into Tasuke, who asks her what is she doing. He tells her to get a grief seed and clear her gem before it's too late. She didn't realize how bad it got, but takes care of it. Tasuke is glad she took care of it in time. He noticed she's been gloomy for some time now and was getting worried. Lavi asks him how he learned about mahou shoujo. He reveals that his daughter is a mahou shoujo who's fighting, just like her. He's renting the room at the inn for a while to write his book about mahou shoujo. Lavi's never heard of an adult who knows all this. He tells her he doesn't just know of them, he's researching them for his daughter's sake: how to avoid becoming a witch and how to spread awareness of it. he found out about the rumors going around because of Night Fun Homeroom and watched the episode Lavi was on and heard everything. He knows that word doesn't spread about mahou shoujo unless done intentionally, so he's working to spread that knowledge himself.

Lavi thanks Tasuke for the help and concern, but urges him to stay away. He refuses, insisting he help. He can't just let this all pass since his daughter is out there fighting too. Lavi starts getting upset, telling him that all her companions have been dragged down with her into misfortune because of her awful decisions, so... Tasuke says so rely on me as a third party. The resentment against all mahou shoujo kind is too much for one person to bear alone. Lavi turns silent. After a few moments, she tells Tasuke that together she wants to save Asahi. Even with the situation she's in right now, Asahi's the one in the most danger right now...

Lavi: "As much as I want to rely on such a person, I..."


Lavi: "This man who resembles my father... Is he perhaps the first adult to understand us?"

Lavi and Tasuke trudge through the forest at night, following a winding trail towards Asahi's reaction. Tasuke thinks out loud how awful it is that she's being hurt somewhere she can't even be found. He trips, thanking Lavi-chan for catching him. She tells him to turn off the light, as she can see just fine with only the moonlight. He complains that his old man eyes aren't as good.

A gunshot rings out. Asahi is screaming out in pain as a boy is maniacally laughing. Another boy is impressed at how such an old hunting rifle can work when properly maintained. The boy with the gun asks her if she's ready to leave the city yet. Asahi tells him unfortunately she's not. One boy tells him to hit her in the leg next time. Kuroda tells them to cut it out or people will find them. A boy tells him he can stop the nice guy act just because she's a classmate. Kuroda tells him he doesn't want her getting used to the pain. Asahi calls him out, saying he's already committed a crime as it is. Kuroda tells her she's probably killed tons of people even before the avalanches and the festival, so he's surprised to hear things like that coming from her. Asahi wonders if he's really lost his mind. He yells yeah, all thanks to you! and strikes.

Tasuke takes the hit, (a knife?) stabbing into his shoulder and starts bleeding. Asahi worries for him, but he says it's no big deal, he can just go to the hospital later. Lavi tells him he's being reckless. Kuroda remembers this man up on the festival stage. Tasuke tells him he's misunderstanding what mahou shoujo are. He explains that just like what Lavi said online, they don't become witches because they want to, they're kids who have hopes and problems just like him, who don't have anyone to help them with their suffering, and that Kyubey makes them contract without revealing the details of what that entails. Kuroda asks what he's trying to say here, so he explains that no mahou shoujo is created with curses, many aren't even aware of their fate of becoming witches. Kuroda asks him if he expects him to just accept all that. Tasuke tells him that while it may be hard to accept, he wants him to know this is all a misunderstanding, and that they can begin to understand what mahou shoujo are really like.

Tasuke continues preaching to Kuroda, telling him that mahou shoujo risk their lives fighting witches, suffer from grief, and then find out they become witches in the end. Now they even have to deal with their friends going against them. Etc etc, this all comes around to him asking Kuroda to let these girls go.

One boy doesn't give a damn, and asks Kuroda what are they gonna do now that they've been spotted. If they run deep into the woods, dogs shouldn't be able to find them. Sasha shows up, using her magic to weaken the boys, telling them if they're going to harm Asahi, they're going down. Kuroda tells them changing their minds is a different story, but for today they're done.


Alexandra: "It seems I was right for worrying and following her magic."

Back in civilization, Lavi is telling Tasuke she felt her heart stop watching him jump in the way, telling him what would have happened if he had been stabbed in a vital point. Sasha tells him he's lucky he only needed a few stitches. Asahi tells them this is like the third time this has been brought up now... Sasha says it's because Lavi-chan keeps bringing it up. Lavi tells Tasuke she appreciates him being worried about them, but he shouldn't throw his life away for their sake. Tasuke understands and apologizes. Lavi continues, telling him his daughter would suffer more if she lost him.

Sasha apologizes if she sounds rude, but has to ask Tasuke why is he so worked up over the happenings in Yukuni. Asahi wonders as well, knowing that just learning about mahou shoujo won't solving the witching problem. Tasuke agrees; it won't solve that. He's working here in hopes of reducing the number of mahou shoujo. If more people were aware of their fate and the price of their wishes being, there would be fewer contracts and people would realize they are part of the cycle of suffering. In other words, more people would become kind, and in turn mahou shoujo would be more tolerated.

Lavi tells him that they don't exist unless people know they exist. Her desire for sympathy and the professor's idea may be similar. He agrees. If more people sympathize with mahou shoujo, more solutions may be worked out and allies to them will show themselves. Plus if a solution to witching out is found, there would be more people working towards it, so mahou shoujo being recognized is important. Lavi asks Tasuke why he didn't look past her situation.

Tasuke explains to her that he's traveled all around the world, but this is the first time he's seen an attempt at publicizing mahou shoujo, right here in Yukuni City. And Lavi-chan is the centerpiece to how this all started, so he didn't want her to fail. He also brings up that in thousands upon thousands of years, no proof of their existence has ever been brought up. Sasha asks if that means that's just how unsuccessful any attempts to publicize them have been. Tasuke says he's not sure if it means they've always failed, or if it means they succeeded but evidence was lost, but...

He goes on a speech, saying he's traveled the world, doing research on people who were likely mahou shoujo to find the answer to that question. The important bits, mentions of witches and the fate of mahou shoujo, always disappear into myths and legends. In some historical documents, mentions of slaughtering witches, and thus mahou shoujo, are mentioned, but the actual name "mahou shoujo" (/ magical girl) is always missing. So no matter where he looks, it seems like in the end any attempt to bring awareness of mahou shoujo is distorted, as if by some wondrous interference of the gods.

Sasha is shocked at the idea. Tasuke tells them that mahou shoujo and witches already acting in unnatural secrecy, something he's sure they're aware of. Asahi finds it useless to even attempt anything if they're being controlled by an outside will. Lavi understands that the professor is doing what he can to keep hope and fight against the feeling of resignation. Tasuke tells her she's right, and that this is a once in a lifetime chance to rewrite the history of mahou shoujo, so he wants to help them, for everyone's happiness.

The trio decide to give existing one more try, and to attempt their original plan once more. However, they'll have to get past a giant wall: restore trust in mahou shoujo and get everyone to accept the truth that they become witches.

Boss 8

Urara: "All the hate those three are getting throw at 'em... It's starting to come my way too..."

Chapter 9: Original Hope


Lavi is telling the group chat that they have begun trying to explain mahou shoujo to the world again with Professor Satomi's help. The three of them taking on all the ire of Yukuni hasn't helped, resulting in only six mahou shoujo remaining. With Satomi helping explain things, the doubt set upon them may clear up.

Asahi's mother tells her not to stare at her phone while eating. Her father finds it weird that she's entranced by a cell phone. Asahi plays it off that it's just something she had to take care of, nothing serious. The other three remaining girls are also ones who tried spreading word of their existence, but she's left wondering what this folklorist Tasuke Satomi is planning.

News on their TV begins explaining that ever since the incident at the event, more and more incidents and troubles have been reported, but so far the police have not found any relation to the event. Due to most victims being teenagers, schools have enacted rules for students to travel to and from school in groups, and urging them to stay home during the night.

Asahi later meets Kuroda at their school's gym. Kuroda asks her if she's finally decided to kill him. Asahi tells him she has no intentions of ever harming him, so he asks what this meeting is about. She brings up that what Tasuke and Lavi both said before was all true, and I will refrain from recapping it all. Kuroda fires back with his own quote from the professor, saying that now that they've become witches, there's no going back. He refuses to accept anything that a mahou shoujo will tell him. As he walks away, he tells Miura that the hunting rifle was going too far.

Asahi: "It was only a little, but Kuroda's emotions have wavered..."


Alexandra: "It's to help us, but just what is the professor planning on doing?"

Tasuke arranges a meeting with the head of the board of education in Yukuni (the very same one who invited him to speak in the first place), planning on using his speech before as a way to bring up mahou shoujo. The head is aware of the rumors amongst the students, so Tasuke casually brings up that his research is actually about mahou shoujo. He laughs, thinking this is a joke of his. Tasuke is hurt to be laughed at, but brings up that arts passed down at the Yukuni hot springs inns, along with fairy tales and legends, are all part of folklore. The head understands where he's getting at, as fantasies are not something they abandon either. Tasuke tells him since legends and customs are said to be what shows the true face of their land, the same goes for mahou shoujo. But what makes mahou shoujo so interesting is that they're a worldwide phenomenon. So he would like to request to give a lecture about mahou shoujo. Just like how Touno City is famous for it's folklore, he believes Yukuni City can become famous for it as well.

The head of education is quite interested as it's not something he's familiar with, but without any material, a lecture isn't possible. Tasuke says he'll provide his own, so the head agrees, though he wonders what made him go to such a small place as Yukuni for its rumors. Tasuke tells him if the bullying continues, they won't ever recover. The head questions him: bullying? Tasuke explains that some girls are being targeted because of the rumors amongst the students, so he wants to end that first thing. The head hasn't heard a single thing about that, though if that be the case, they should review the material to prevent further harm before allowing the lecture to be given. Tasuke asks how long would it take for that to happen, but the head doesn't know, as he has to bring it up with the other departments first. Tasuke doesn't have the time to wait, as it'll be far too late.

The head tells Tasuke that since no school has reported any bullying incidents, there's no proof, so they'd have to investigate first. Tasuke isn't liking this whole waiting thing. The head brings up that if these rumors of mahou shoujo are causing bullying, then a lecture is out of the question for the time being. He'll find out if there's actual bullying going on in due time, disappointing Tasuke.


Tasuke meets up with another professor at a cafe, who is surprised that Tasuke messed up as he's usually great at building relationships. She's even more surprised that he's still doing research on mahou shoujo. He tells her that it's become his life's work at this point because his daughter is in danger, which she (the other professor) still has trouble believing, but is warming up to to it. She's been hearing these rumors going around from students, so she's thinking it's something that should be researched more.

He asks her if she'd be willing to help him talk about it with students to help clear misconceptions. She tells him he's quite the lucky one, bringing up this Night Fun Homeroom show, which he's already familiar with. She says she's been invited for a segment of it, and offers Tasuke to come join her and talk about maniacal stories in Yukuni City.

Urara and Kurara's manager calls to them, letting them know the professor asked to change topics for the next show. They're both fine with it as long as they got time to make their script. Kurara asks what the topic will be. The manager asks her not to be surprised when she hears it, as GUESS WHAT KURARA, IT'S YOUR FAVORITE TOPIC AGAIN! Urara is more shocked upon hearing this. Kurara starts whining that she's been cursed with dealing this and doesn't want any more trouble. Urara can't believe it's been brought up by someone else, and makes it clear this was absolutely not her idea this time. The professor said she wanted to clear up false rumors going around, and felt sorry for girls being bullied due to misunderstandings. Kurara really hates having to put up with this, but her manager tells her it's all good, just keep on doing shows about mahou shoujo. Urara is happy to, while Kurara is clearly not.

Lavi: "Since he gave a lecture at the festival, he's been talking to the board of education..."


The trio stand on top of a rooftop listening to tonight's episode of Night Fun Homeroom, finding it hard to believe Professor Satomi is on the show. Lavi admitted to what they've done on the last episode, so even if a third party talks about it, who knows if the students will change their opinions.

Continuing inside, Urara asks the professors how can mahou shoujo not be known anywhere across the globe? Tasuke says his theory is that they just get misunderstood. He explains that they protect people from witches, but they themselves become witches, so without them witches wouldn't exist. Kurara tells him that if they know the consequences, then you can't blame people for being against them. Tasuke brings up that very few actually know their fate of becoming witches when they contract, meaning what the girl on last week's episode said was very likely the truth.

Every mahou shoujo has their own hopes and dreams, their own family and friends. They have their own problems they want to escape from, so they become mahou shoujo. Some suffer from illness or get caught in accidents, so when they get offered a contract, they don't get the time to learn about becoming a witch. Urara is shocked to hear some don't even get time to make a judgment call when offered. Tasuke tells her it's because Kyubey doesn't decide the contract, the girl does.

Tasuke continues to say that while he can't make a broad statement, most mahou shoujo are pure children, just like those who were on the show previously. Urara agrees, as they came on to take all the responsibility of the festival. Tasuke says that no matter what, they can't fight back because then it would make them seem hostile, so they're trying to at the very least help prevent other girls from suffering. They've been letting themselves be sacrifices for others to vent their emotions.

The other professor says that brings them to the current situation. Tasuke says mahou shoujo are on the path to becoming forgotten by history. Urara asks if anything can be done. Tasuke says just show a little kindness to mahou shoujo and those around you so more won't be created. That's all anyone can do right now. Urara asks if they have any ending statements before the show ends.

Tasuke states that if witches are increasing, then Yukuni is in more and more danger. However, it's not mahou shoujo or those who hate them that are the cause, but their surroundings that cause them to suffer from various problems, and he wants people to think about that. He also hopes that mahou shoujo will be relied on, as they're the only ones who can stop the damage being done to the city.

Tasuke arrives back at the inn, with Lavi welcoming him back. She thanks him for all the help he's given. He says he's just doing what he can and doesn't know how this will turn out, but Lavi says even so, she's happy to know people exist out there who think of them. Tasuke brings up that there were more suicides today as well, so now that the cat's out of the bag regarding their lives, the rest is up to her and the other mahou shoujo.

Urara: "She didn't want to deal with this mahou shoujo business, so now Kurara's gotten mad..."


Lavi: "Is this the outcome of the broadcast...? The atmosphere coiling around me has changed..."

Lavi has noticed that less and less people are messing with her shoe box. Shirogane comes up to talk to her in person. She apologizes for always running away from her, using the bullying as an excuse for her to go away. Lavi tells her it's okay, as she's given her more than enough support. She tells Shirogane she should be the one apologizing, and tells her not to bow to her.

Sasha is met by two of her old friends, who offer to help her clean the classroom. They both shyly apologize to her for disregarding things about her. Sasha asks if they heard the broadcast. They did, and hate that they kept their distance from her and pretended she didn't exist, and ask for forgiveness so they can be friends again. Sasha gladly accepts them, just happy that even one person can understand her.

Asahi notices her class is quieter than usual, calling it a miracle that only happened because of Satomi Tasuke. One girl walks up to Miura and says sorry to her for saying she was going to protect her, but backed down when others put pressure on her. Asahi tells her not to worry about it, as just thinking of helping her makes her happy. She really is sorry though.

Kuroda on the other hand is still giving Asahi a mean stare. Students are starting to whisper that Kuroda no different from a murderer. People who believed him are at fault, but without a leader this wouldn't have happened. One student whispers they feel so sorry for Miura-san. Asahi looks visibly upset.


Asahi: "It's a good thing that the situation has improved, but I feel unwell about this..."

Asahi rushes to her school's rooftop, screaming how irritating this is. She's grateful that people understand them now, but no matter what they said, they've always been bystanders. They're not exterminators nor protectors, and this isn't the sympathy Lavi spoke of. None of these people have emotions, they just drift along like cotton caught in the wind. If any of them thought about how Kuroda felt when he lost Haitani, they wouldn't turn their backs on him so easily. She curses seeing the worst in humanity in today of all days.

Kuroda walks up on her, saying it can't be helped. Everyone is right about him; he is a murderer. Asahi asks what he's here. Kuroda says he wanted to be alone, and Miura just happened to be here. He knew all along there was no reason to kill people just because he lost the girl he loved. he just can't keep it up anymore if everyone is against him.

Asahi angrily asks if he's lost his nerves. Kuroda tells her she's a weird one for getting angry for him and asks how many times he's hurt her. She tells him she's a mahou shoujo; she can make pain disappear. He tells her that an ordinary person would've died, making her pause. He says he's sure a lot of girls would've witched out. He says if becoming a witch isn't an escape, but death to them, then he's been killing people. He slumps back, asking himself what the hell. Asahi smiles and says her promise to Haitani can be kept it seems. She explains to Kuroda that she can summon the dead and speak with them, and that Haitani said she didn't want Kuroda to kill any more people.

Asahi says that while there were twists and turns since this began, at least Kuroda has gone back to normal, quoting his "the hunting rifle was going too far." She felt that when she heard him say those words. He says he's been slowly calming down over time. Kuroda then asks Miura to stop the damage being done in Yukuni. If mahou shoujo can reduce the number of incidents going on, then the extermination group should stop. Asahi tells him he's terrible for still asking her to work hard, but either way she doesn't care who her opponent is; it's a promise. Kuroda tells her he should be given the death penalty, but it probably wouldn't happen. So, if the extermination group is put to an end, he'll go to a juvenile detention center. He says he doesn't think he could live if he doesn't pay for his crimes.

Boss 9

Lavi: "The professor has reminded me of the original hope I had forgotten."

Chapter 10: Recovery


The six remaining mahou shoujo have gathered and vowed to work together to restore trust. Tasuke and the other professor found the last broadcast to be a success, as more and more people are disagreeing with the extermination group. The six girls have been slowly taking care of the various witch-related incidents hurting Yukuni, as noted by local news. Plus the extermination group is said to be okaying the mahou shoujo now that things are improving. Tasuke calls this a crucial moment for them, as spreading word of mahou shoujo means more people to defend them, something that's never happened in history.

After a battle, Sasha gives a grief seed to one of the side girls, explaining that these are all that's left of what was once another mahou shoujo. She calls this their final act of kindness. The girl is thankful that even in death they still save one another. This witch they just defeated was this girl's childhood friend, who made the same wish as her, and supported each other despite being at odds. Both of them fell for the same guy, so her wish was made to get him after her friend had made the same wish, making it seem she stole him from her. They got into fights over it as neither of them knew their crushes were one and the same. The became friends again after she left the guy, leaving them both wondering what the point of it all was. She just hoped they would become known and get something out of it. Sasha apologizes, saying it was probably her fault. The girl tells her she's the same, as she's also told close friends her secret and held the same hope. Sasha and the girl promise to both work together, to help make the world kinder and keep her promise she made to her late childhood friend.

Alexandra: With the six of us, let's regain the trust of mahou shoujo.


The students at the extermination group are arguing over whether they'll make peace or not now that the city's becoming safer. Some are disappointed in Kuroda for backing out, still angry over the lives lost. One girl has been taking to social media to sway opinions against mahou shoujo at school. One boy suggests they drop aggression and switch to making people cry. Shirogane steps in, telling him crap like that isn't going to work any more. She tells him no matter what shady tactics they use, people will just post against them and defend mahou shoujo. She then says if they start shedding tears at school, it'll be known that they dry their eyes with hands stained with the blood of mahou shoujo, and her group will prove it.

The boy asks where their group suddenly got all this strength from. Shirogane tells him they've always been there in hiding, so don't underestimate them. An associate of Shirogane's shows up, telling her there's hate speech going on at Yunohana International's campus. Shirogane tells her to get some people over there to stop it before it gets out of control. Shirogane tells the exterminator boy that some of his buddies have even come to join them. She asks him why not just stop the fighting and see what mahou shoujo will do for them.

Lavi: "Thanks to Shirogane's group, it seems the extermination group is in hiding..."


Asahi and another nameless mahou shoujo meet with and learn that Sasha and the other defeated the witch. They discuss what it's like to know that these witches are born here and not coming from somewhere far away, and how horrible it is to guess who they once were. There's still two more witches nearby, so they need to prepare themselves for whoever they might've been. Another girl wonders if the exterminators will come to interfere, but Lavi tells her that the protectors are back in force because of the professor's actions. Shirogane texted her that exterminators are joining their side, so it's easier to watch their movements now, leaving the mop up to them now. Lavi and Asahi each take one nameless girl with them to divide and take out the remaining two witches.

Asahi and one girl get close enough to read the reaction coming from their witch. The girl with her knows who it was - a top swimmer who became a mahou shoujo and once saved her. Asahi knew her too, and can't believe it. The girl was her manager on the swim team, and has been trying to spread word of mahou shoujo, but once she was discovered because of her ring, the exterminators also went after the swim girl too. Asahi tries to apologize, but the girl says it's just as much her fault for trying to tell people she didn't get along with. She says she's rather disgusted with herself for robbing that girl of such an incredible school life.

Asahi asks her if the witch is really her, as she never saw anything in the group chat about that girl disappearing. She says that the girl hated SNS, so the only person who had any contact with her was her. She tells Asahi that she was a wonderful mahou shoujo, as she helped everyone around her. Asahi tells her that she saved her before as well. The girl tells her that if the witch is too strong for them, she'll stop it from moving so Asahi can take them both out at the same time.

Asahi: "Attacking someone whom you respect must be unimaginably painful."


Lavi: "This is bad... My wounds are deeper than I thought..."

After their fight, Lavi is wounded with the mahou shoujo with her apologizing for pushing her too far and offering her the grief seed. They're out in the open, so they move to a playground to talk. The girl apologizes again. Lavi understands how hard it must be to have to kill your own sister. To have someone you grew up with, eat together with not only be gone, but turn into a witch, Lavi can't imagine how horrible it must feel.

The girl tells her that her sister was the cutest in the world. She was a little annoying and a prankster, but she would always forgive her. The one time she let her go out into the city alone...she promised... The girl starts crying. Lavi doesn't know what to say at a time like this, so she offers the remainder of the grief seed to her. She tells the girl that while this may not look like her sister any more, this is her way of staying by her side, by healing her. She tells her that perhaps her sister was never defeated all this time was because she wanted to see her sister one last time to say her goodbyes...

Later that night, Tasuke welcomes Lavi-chan back outside. Tasuke tells her that the news reported that incidents have gone down today. Lavi thanks him for setting them back on track and for reminding her of what she originally set out to do. She also thanks him for influencing the students. Tasuke's just happy to do what he can, and showing that mahou shoujo can be saved. Though the end results are still unknown, mahou shoujo carry hope, and they who believe in them also believe in hope.


Two of Sasha's friends are talking about how crazy it's been seeing the news reporting how much crime has gone up and then down. Sasha is back to singing in her classroom. She views cleaning the boards as the same kind of cleaning that they do with witches. She suddenly realizes she accidentally erased all the music on the board too. A girl tells her it's fine. Another tells her she's amazed at how Sasha isn't mad at them at all after everything now that people are realizing mahou shoujo aren't bad. Sasha tells her it's natural the way people reacted, given they didn't know witches are the ones that kill people. One girl apologizes to her for being so petty, and recognizes how awful she's been to her.

Sasha tells her the only thing she can't forgive her for is dragging a teacher in who had nothing to do with it. The other girl is okay with that, as that's all they've done aside from the obvious. Sasha tells her to wait until all the witches are defeated before they can make up. She thinks to herself that she doesn't want anything from others, as there will be even more consequences now if they fail again, but she'll use this as an excuse to try harder.

That evening, the six are out together again, hunting down the last two witches they can detect. The three nameless girls form one team to fight one of the remaining witches, knowing it's a tough one. Asahi and Sasha are concerned, as while they're used to fighting as three, will they be okay working as a team? They sense the witches on the move, so there's no time for arguing. Lavi agrees with them, telling them to be careful.

Asahi: "Though our victory is assured, some anxiety still remains..."


Urara kicks off the mahou shoujo corner of the broadcast. Kurara hates that this has become a common topic for the show. Urara says all the info about them is coming only from this show, so they've been getting a lot of viewer requests. Plus the manager has been enjoying including it in the program. Urara presents some new info that Professor Satomi left them. They got their hands on some "big data" showing the number of crimes and incidents in Yukuni, showing that it skyrocketed for some time, but has now taken a nosedive. Urara explains that the data shows exactly the times when mahou shoujo were being hunted down and the number of incidents increasing, and likewise when the exterminators calmed down, incidents dropped. All the data is showing that as mahou shoujo regain trust in the city, it becomes a safer place.

Inside a barrier, Lavi is telling Sasha to use her weakening magic on all the familiars, which Sasha claims is way too many. Lavi uses her own unique magic of "reinforcing concepts" to strengthen Sasha's own unique magic. She tells Asahi to distract the familiars to give Sasha time to weaken them all. Asahi shoots them to draw them to her, Sasha weakens them, and Lavi cuts through them with her boomerang.

Meanwhile in the other barrier, one girl got her leg broken by an attack just now. Another asks if they can leave, as it's clear they don't stand a chance. The first girl says she only needs one leg, so they should stay and defeat the witch. If the witch gets away, people will get hurt again. They agree and go over a plan first before heading to the witch.

Alexandra: "This is the last witch whose magic I can sense. Everyone, please hang in there!"


Lavi: "I wonder if those three were able to defeat the witch safely."

The three collapse to the ground, having defeated the witch. One of them giggles, knowing that while they succeeded, they're all at their limit. They're ready to do what they planned. Kuroda and company find them. One girl notices the girl with the broken leg. A boy asks if they just leave them alone, they're gonna die, aren't they? Kuroda tells him no, they're gonna become witches.

Kuroda walks up to them, asking where's the grief seed. One mahou shoujo says they were hoping one would drop, but it didn't. He asks what about going to a hospital, but the girl tells him without magic, they're done for. Another of the mahou shoujo asks if they're here to watch them become witches and start the cycle of hatred all over again. Another tells him they already made a decision together: that they won't follow the path to becoming witches, as that's like death to them. One says that she won't become a witch, and asks Kuroda to promise that he become friends with Himuro-san and everyone again once they save the city.

One boy asks Kuroda if he trusts them. A girl tells him she's not sure what they're planning. Kuroda promises. He tells the mahou shoujo that he understands and they can be friends again. One of the mahou shoujo is happy to hear that and thanks him, as all three of them break their own soul gems. The students are left wondering what just happened with those jewels. Kuroda tells them they destroyed their souls before they could become witches, hoping that they wouldn't resent mahou shoujo or incite more incidents in Yukuni. One girl asks what they should do then. Kuroda tells her there's nothing left to blame mahou shoujo for. He thanks Shirogane out loud for her telling him where these mahou shoujo were heading...


Alexandra: "Even if I'm attacked I won't stop playing! So finish them while we still have time!"

Lavi's trio defeat their witch, who fought back hard. Sasha's ribs are broken, leaving it hard for her to breathe. Asahi tells her that she can recuperate from home as a mahou shoujo. Sasha tells her that while she may be able to control the pain, she doesn't want to do anything too out of the ordinary.

Asahi gets a sudden text from Kuroda. She is shocked to read what he said. It's really down to just the three of them. Lavi and Sasha are shocked, guessing she means that the other three are now gone. Asahi sees that the three all voluntarily left the group chat, and Kuroda witnessed the three of them die. Sasha asks if this was the exterminators' doing, but Asahi tells her that Kuroda wrote they broke their soul gems before becoming witches. In other words, the exterminators had nothing to do as the girls destroyed themselves.

Also, Asahi continues, now that peace is restored in Yukuni, Kuroda wants to disband the exterminators and unite everyone again. It's painful, though. Sasha notes that those 3 girls worked so hard to bring peace back, so everyone could be happy together again. Lavi says that all they can do now is repay that kindness by making sure mahou shoujo are understood so they really can work together with people.

Shirogane is at home, unable to believe those 3 girls took their lives. She knows she can't be happy even if things are looking brighter now. But she also knows she can't give up either, as this is her chance to unite with those still in the exterminator group. She thinks about all this, finding it weird that she's working for someone else's sake, that she'd become someone that people recognize, and not just by Himuro-senpai, who has also been fighting alone. She looks out the window, realizing they've both been recognized by the starry sky and had their existences proven.

Asahi, back in the forest, is thinking to herself that they've been saved from the unseen hands that control their fate. But even so, they've shown disrespect to the hearts of Kuroda and other victims.

Boss 10

Asahi: "This is so uplifting. We were able to recover from the stigma against mahou shoujo."

Chapter 11: Peace


The time has come for the ceremony to unite mahou shoujo and the people of Yukuni. It's going to take place at a parking lot viewing area up the mountainside. Tasuke says having it away from the city is good in case of witches. They mention Night Fun Homeroom is going to be covering the ceremony as well since they've been the ones covering the topic from the beginning and got the attention of TV stations. Plus thanks to them, the choir club and the protector group were provided a bus to the venue. Tasuke is also coming as he was invited for his expertise on the subject. He doesn't want to get caught up in anything, so he's walking there at his own leisure. He also mentions this is a deeply emotional moment for him, so he wants to let the joy sink in on his way up.

Lavi asks Tasuke the reason he got the three of them here. He says that he actually had given up on trying to save mahou shoujo, and wanted to explain to them his real reason why. A "reason" deeper than the fact that they've gone unnoticed by history. He actually believes why mahou shoujo remain unknown is due to the "universe" itself. Lavi comments that this is sudden.

Tasuke gives a long fun theory. Mahou shoujo become witches to generate energy that maintains the universe. Kyubey makes contracts with girls to collect said energy. Asahi describes this idea as being food for the universe. Tasuke continues, saying just as the human body is made up of cells, you could think of it as them being a part of the universe. And among those people, mahou shoujo have an important role in creating energy the universe needs, just like the importance of mitochondria in cells.

Asahi then asks if they're more like creators of food rather than the food itself. Tasuke then asks well, even though mahou shoujo are essential, doesn't witching out and losing that production sound closer to a disease that makes the universe miss out? Sasha has heard of diseases that weaken mitochondria into losing their function. But if that's true, then saving mahou shoujo would be what? Tasuke continues, saying that it's like rebelling against the universe, making them what is essentially "cancer" to the universe.

Lavi asks if this means them turning into myths and legends throughout history is because they're not good for the universe. Tasuke says that no matter what efforts have been made to publicize them in the past, a mysterious force, like a trick played by the gods, seems to always distort things. If the universe itself has a so-called immune system or self-purifying system, then they are unknowingly being attacked by the universe. The result is, he believes, these unnatural situations where incidents occur affecting mahou shoujo in silence, in which they feel like they're being targeted by something unseen.

Lavi stops him, realizing this time there hasn't been any such interference. Tasuke says that's why he's getting so worked up and emotional: the three of them proved his hypothesis wrong! That's why he wanted to meet them today, to share this joy with them. He knows so many girls have lost their lives, but to have his resignation stopped has shown him that mahou shoujo can still be saved. He thanks them for giving him hope again. The three of them thank him in kind for supporting them. All that's left is for them to unite.

Lavi: "Finally the nightmare has ended. However, with so much blood spilled I don't know if I should be happy..."


Alexandra: "By now everyone in the choir club should be on board the bus."

The choir club are all boarding. One's nervous that she's going to be on TV, another is telling her friend that their singing for this ceremony is the only chance they get to atone for Kurisu. Kurara and Urara are ushering everyone to take their seats. Kurara sighs, glad this troublesome mahou shoujo business is finally coming to an end. Urara knows she's put her through a lot this whole time. The exterminator group isn't riding the same bus, as they already went ahead speak to Lavi and the others first. Shirogane asks the two of them to take care during the broadcast since today is such an important day for the city and for mahou shoujo.

Kuroda's group is at the parking lot up the mountain with the trio. Asahi had just got done explaining to Kuroda that witches are unlikely to show up in places with small populations (hence why the ceremony is up here). She also mentions the crew of Night Fun Homeroom coming to help, but she's apologetic for having everyone put in so much effort for this. Kuroda thanks her for all of it, as he wanted to arrange all this himself as part of his apology. Asahi says this all started because she couldn't protect Haitani or anyone.

Kuroda knows it's impossible to be perfect all the time, and is glad to just have them support the city. One girl agrees, saying once she saw crime and incidents drop, she know she was mistaken and realized they really were helping them. One boy says he saw those girls die before his eyes just to avoid becoming witches. Kuroda asks if this meeting was so they could end their resentment, as he was planning on turning himself in to the police after, just as promised. Lavi and Sasha explain to them that they were asked them to come be healed, as they were all victims of the witches just like Asahi was. Asahi explains Lavi's plan was to invite the exterminator group here in hopes they they could heal them themselves this time, even if chose violence against them. Kuroda doesn't know what to say, but if the three of them are okay with this...

Aaaaand suddenly a witch's reaction, up this mountain, at this time of day!? It's the same witch that got away and caused the explosion at the festival. The very same one who taught them their fate. Lavi says it's like the one who started all this is coming back for them. To bring things to an end, as one might say, says Asahi. Kuroda asks if things will be okay. Asahi tells him that a witch that's lived this long will be a dangerous opponent, but they'll return safe and sound. Lavi agrees, as they are not playthings of the universe's volition any longer.

Chapter 12: Recursion

Boss 12

Sasha's magic doesn't seem to be affecting the witch inside. Asahi frustratingly wonders if it's a question of power difference, or one of affinity. Sasha tells her it's okay, as she doesn't feel anxiety anymore. Asahi chuckles, saying it's a coincidence, as she feels the same. Lavi says they don't have the confidence to win, but an unfounded belief that everything will be okay. Perhaps an indomitable spirit has brought them here, so that all the sacrifices made thus far were not in vain. Sasha agrees; maybe that's it♪

Sasha says this all started when they learned the truth. She thinks back to when they first saw the two girls witch out, realizing the reactions they gave off were the same.

Lavi says that they grieved over the truth of becoming witches, and wanted to be comforted by others. She thinks back to when she told Asahi and Sasha about when she lost her father, and how she's realized that she wants even just a little sympathy.

Asahi says that they tried to tell people about mahou shoujo, but the truth about witches caused them to suffer. She thinks back to the festival, when Kuroda called her the one who killed everyone there.

Sasha says the hardships only continued from there. She thinks back to the incident of the girl witching out in front of the police officer.

Lavi says however, there were those who supported them through it all. She thinks back to Tasuke saying he'd rather help her, and Shirogane apologizing for running away from her.

Asahi says there were mahou shoujo who fought til the bitter end. She thinks back to the final three who were determined to stop the witches by splitting into teams. They didn't want the cycle to start all over again.

She knows that without all this pain, this horrible truth, and all these hardships, they never would have understood what being a mahou shoujo means. What it's like to see a future with no salvation. Sasha says that even though they're the only ones left, and many have died throughout Yukuni, they're going to move forward and make their sacrifices have meaning. Lavi says this is why they've been brought here today, so that none of it will have gone to waste.

By holding hands, they'll grow together and support each other. This she now knows is how people will come to understand and become kinder. The future of both humans and mahou shoujo will be happier!

Lavi empowers Sasha and Asahi's magic. Asahi uses her magic to summon dead animals to fight by their side. Sasha uses her music to weaken the witch, leaving it incapacitated. The witch lets out a cry, but Lavi says they'll win no matter how strong it is.

Asahi: "We will put an end to this!!"


Tasuke is taking his long walk through the woods. He says to Nayuta (not present) out loud that there's still going to be many hardships ahead, but he feels like the way things are can be changed.

Chapter 13: Self-purification


Asahi returns to the parking lot, telling Kuroda and co that the witch was definitely the one responsible for the festival, and for Haitani's death. But she was also the mahou shoujo who originally saved Urara. Sasha continues that she was also the one who taught them the truth of mahou shoujo, but now that she's been defeated, the problems between them and humans can be laid to rest. Lavi interrupts, saying all that's left is to heal the exterminator group. Kuroda asks what exactly they meant by healing them. Asahi tells him to just leave it to them.

Sasha asks them to relax as she plays her music. The entire group start getting weaker as Sasha tells them she doesn't want them doing anything crazy if they get shocked. She leaves the rest to Asahi-chan and Lavi-chan. Lavi tells Asahi she's going to reinforce her unique magic just like in the battle against the witch. Kuroda asks Miura what the heck she's up to. Asahi tells him that, like she told him before, she can summon the dead. Since there's a lot of exterminators here, she needed Lavi's concept reinforcement to make this happen, and asks for his patience. She's going to summon all those who they wish to see.

She wishes upon the spirits of the deceased to heed her call. Those who perished in the avalanche and landslides. Those who lost their lives at the festival. If you can hear my voice, then show yourselves. There's a lot of people here who wish to see you, so at least show yourselves one by one... One of the boy's grandfather shows himself to him. A girl's sister appears. Haitani shows up in front of Kuroda.

Asahi: "Mahou shoujo help each and every person. This is the healing I am capable of."


Alexandra: "Everyone's become calm. Asahi-chan's suggestion was a big hit♪"

The boys grandfather scolds him for the terrible things he's done. The boy says if it wasn't for them, he'd still be alive. His grandfather tells him to forgive the sinner, not the sin, and tells him to not become a slave to desires, as that's no better than being an animal.

The girls older sister tells her she hopes to be thought of once in a while, and asks she let go of her grudge. The girl tells her she was overjoyed when she found out her sister was getting married, so she couldn't help but lose herself to her emotions knowing that future was taken from her sister. Her sister gives her one final hug, asking her to leave all the resentment behind.

Haitani is like well, guess Miura saved ya after all, huh? Kuroda tells her he made her worry and showed her his terrible side, but he's going to make up for it for her. She tells him to come see her someday, as she'll be waiting for him to make up. He's happy just to hear her say that, but Haitani isn't satisfied. She tells him there's something he forgot to tell her back then. Kuroda ain't dumb, he knows. He tells Haitani that's for a very, very long time he's liked her, and asks her to go out with him. She thanks him, as that's all she ever wanted to hear. She always liked him too, but she apologizes to him, saying they can't go out, as while they've been together since they were little, she doesn't want Kuroda to tied to her. She prays that Kuroda's next love comes true, and tells him to look forward. He tells her that he will live looking forward.

Asahi wonders if this will help Kuroda and everyone else. Sasha tells her they'll be fine, as she can feel the impurity in their hearts being cleansed.

Suddenly screams ring out. Someone cries out for their mama and papa. A flash of the dead rabbit is shown on screen as someone screams that there's blood. Kuroda looks around, wondering why the hell voices are screaming in his mind. All of the spirits are dying in front of them, their voices ringing in their heads. Kuroda yells to Miura to stop it. He can hear the final moments of all them all, feeling like he's gone mad. Haitani asks Miura to stop the magic.

Asahi is trying to make it stop, but her magic is getting stronger and stronger, and out of her control. Lavi asks where these voices are coming from. Sasha sees the members of her choir club surrounding them, wondering why they're here. Asahi confirms with Sasha that she can in fact only summon the dead. Lavi tells them to hurry and stop this, as normal people will be broken by their magic. Sasha says more and more of the protector group are showing up.

Shirogane shows up in front of Lavi. She tells her the bus fell and burst into flames. Lavi can't believe it, she has to be joking. Shirogane tells her it's true, she and everyone are dead. She apologizes, as she wanted to help her senpai until the end. Lavi tells her not to apologize, just stay alive. Shirogane tells her she's already through, though. She thanks Lavi, as meeting her was the last thing to ever make her feel fulfilled. Lavi starts crying, telling her to stop. Shirogane tells her she'll watch over her from now on, and asks her to keep an eye out for her. She prepared for today's celebrations. Sasha see black smoke in the distance.

Kuroda second guesses everything he's felt about Miura, thinking this was all their doing. Asahi tells him this isn't intentional. She doesn't get it, she could have sworn they defeated the last witch. She thinks back to what Tasuke's hypothesis, thinking that in the end, they really are trapped.


People in the city are rushing to the bus. Tasuke stands there, thinking just when he thought he could stop believing the universe has a will. Urara is trying to tell people to come transport Kurara, as she is looking terrible. She asks Tasuke to tell her the truth. He tells her there's no saving Kurara, it's already too late. Urara can't believe it; they were just together moments ago. Suddenly Kyubey shows up, finding Urara is troubled. Tasuke tells her not to listen to him. Despite his efforts, Urara listens to Kyubey and begs him to save Kurara.

Kurara wakes up healed, telling Urara she fell off the bus and inhaled a lot of smoke. She sees Urara wearing a ring, wondering why. Urara tells her she became a mahou shoujo to save her. Kurara can't believe it.

More people are yelling to each other to call a helicopter in. Some are saying this is the worst thing they've ever seen.

Kurara asks her why. Why did you only save me when you could have saved everyone in the accident. Urara tells her she wasn't thinking straight and was only worried about her. Kurara says so you let everyone else die? She tells Urara that she's always acted like this, and now thanks to her she's caught in this mahou shoujo business, and doesn't find it funny that she's nearly died once. She calls Urara selfish for never seeing those around her. Urara gets closer, trying to tell her that she just wanted to help. Kurara tells her to not touch her. Kurara tells her that she's glad mahou shoujo are hated, as they just wish for whatever they damn well please, changing fate to their whims. Urara is left crying, already coming close to witching. Asahi and Sasha are there to save her.

They take her to the forest and cleanse her soul gem as she cries out. Asahi says they defeated the witch, but have no idea what caused this. She and Sasha apologize to Urara for things turning this way, and for her believing in them to the point of becoming a mahou shoujo herself. Tasuke apologizes for not being able to stop her. Lavi is certain in a situation like that he wouldn't have been able to get through to her.

She asks Tasuke is there no way for them to be saved, as she doesn't understand what happened. She asks if they have no choice but to resign themselves to being destroyed by the universe's immune system, as he hypothesized. He says it's difficult, but there is one to save girls in the future: remove all mahou shoujo and witches in the world and instill a custom that stops them from being created. They might not be able to reduce the number to zero, but they could reduce the numbers greatly. If they interfere with Kyubey enough, then the universe itself can take care of the rest.

Lavi asks if he's serious. He's not, kinda. He doesn't want to just give up and believe this theory of his, as he still has those he wants to save. However, if the same thing continues happening, then they might as well believe there's no escaping the universe's intentions. Suddenly he starts coughing, and Lavi sees that his hands are bleeding. He says he's glad he disappeared from his daughter when he did.

Asahi has no more anger or sadness, her heart is just a vast, quiet, windless desert of resignation. Her heart is stone, no longer bleeding. Four rabbits now lie before the monument as she says she feels empty looking towards the future. She lies here as if shot. However, Lavi had said she could still hear the sound of struggle as she tries to find hope. If the universe really is against them, then nothing mahou shoujo do matters. After her last attempt, she just wants to give up...

Lavi: "I pity Urara so much for falling into the pits of resignation..."


Students at class are wondering how Miura could even show her face here, thinking it's her fault Haitani died. Another thinks she's the reason Kuroda lost his mind.

A girl asks Lavi why she killed Shirogane when she worried so much about her. She wonders why she spent all this time protecting Lavi.

Sasha tells a girl that she understands, and won't come to choir anymore. The girl makes it clear she doesn't want to SEE her ever again.

Urara's manager can't believe she's quitting, right after raking in so much money. He tells her the bus crash wasn't her fault, so she shouldn't get so worked up. Urara tells him not everyone sees things that way, so she's leaving to keep the girls there safe. Plus, she knows they'll be asking their duo to break up.

The trio speak, mentioning the students losing their minds and the bus that crashed down the mountain road. Many students lost their lives, including film crew, and the students who heard the screams of the dead at the parking lot had their minds broken. Pictures of the bus crash filled their minds, and the professor's theory made the emptiness in them grow slowly but surely. The professor began explaining to them all about mahou shoujo, Kyubey, and how they relate to the universe.

Asahi recites the line that things that are not known do not exist. The monument, history... Lavi says they're the same, and will disappear while leaving nothing behind. They're just pawns chosen by Kyubey to create energy that sustains the universe, and they can never escape that fate. Urara and Sasha say that there's no escape, as the universe will treat them like cancer if they try. The universe's immune system, as the professor put it, stops them without them even knowing. So the universe kills them before they even realize. Lavi explains to Urara that they're like mitochondria in the universe's system. Anything out of the body's normal function will be eliminated.

Asahi says she's felt like she was always being targeted, feeling it must have been the universe itself. Sasha agrees, describing this control like how she can control her body without seeing the signals that make it move. Urara doesn't understand, but asks if her, everyone at school, are they all just dolls for universe to play with? Asahi apologizes, saying they don't quite know, but they are certain they're being controlled by the unseen.

No matter how hard they try to be known, or to destroy Kyubey, there's a will so absolute out there, one that can't be reached. Her and Sasha say if something like that exists, there is nothing they can do. They can't be saved, and there is no salvation. Just like the rabbits Asahi hunts and eats, they too are food for the universe that could be killed at any moment. If they can be saved, it's for the universe to decide, so they can only give up. Resignation. And, just as the professor said, if any of this is true, they'll be the last ones to know it.

Kyubey interrupts the nice music to let them know that people know mahou shoujo exist, so if they want to just observe, head on over to Kamihama City. Sasha asks if he means they can test the professor's hypothesis there. Kyubey says he's not certain, but that would be the best place to do so. In Kamihama, there's attempts being made to publicize mahou shoujo. Not just one or two people, but a concerted effort. Sasha finds it strange that Kyubey is the one to bring this up to them, thinking he's telling them for some gain.

Lavi suggests they talk to the professor and then go to Kamihama. Asahi and Urara say Kyubey is just as much a part of the universe, so he can't be up to much. Plus they'll just be watching.

Fast forward, Tasuke tells them go for it and check out the situation. While they go investigate, he's going to keep working on his book. But if the same thing happens all over again in Kamihama, they'll have to put into practice a way to stop mahou shoujo from ever being created. A custom that for the rest of history will send mahou shoujo into the depths of folklore and nothing more. And then save the remaining mahou shoujo by eliminating them.

Lavi holds out her pocket watch, saying them disappearing is important in saving the present and future. Tasuke asks about the cool watch. She says it's broken, but it was a gift. She says there's five minutes left until midnight. When she sets the watch to midnight, she'll finally give up. Tasuke says that when it strikes midnight, a new tradition will be engraved in folklore... Lavi calls it the folklore of midnight (zero).

Challenge 5

Urara: "Turns out Night Fun Homeroom's most popular segment is our street performances."

Challenge 6

Urara: "Our homepage showcases all the juggling everyone can do."

Challenge 7

Urara: "It was so surprising seeing how popular the segment that introduces local learning is."

Challenge 8

Urara: "I was told to keep kids' trends in check. I'm in big trouble."

Challenge 9

Urara: "We're waiting for all sorts of submissions for the letter corner!"

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