Magia Record Mirrors Story Layers 25 - 36

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Layer 25

Mito closes her eyes but before Leila can mete out her punishment, Mito opens them again and blocks the blow. Mito knows that neither Leila nor Seika would ever agree to such a silly promise and accuses them of being Mirror copies. The two admit to being copies and Mito demands to know where the real Leila and Seika are being kept. The copies refuse to answer when another Leila calls out to Mito from nearby. It seems the real Leila and Seika had been lured off by a copy of Mito. As the copies glare at them, Seika asks the others what was the childhood promise they made whenever they argued. Leila correctly answers that they would apologize, confirming them to be the real Leila and Mito. The mirror copies think the real answer is lame.

As the trio thinks things over, they realize they had been split up from the moment they entered the barrier. Each girl had been led astray by mirror copies of her two friends. The trio are upset they were tricked so easily from the get-go so they decide to get rid of the copies by having each of them fight off their own copies to prevent confusion.

After the fight, the girls manage to find the exit to Mirrors and they all come out of the barrier. There, a voice greets them. As they look around, they notice Kako Natsume standing there. She points to where Nanaka Tokiwa is standing and identifies her as the voice. Nanaka introduces herself to the group.

Layer 26

Hazuki narrates how she found out after she had heard what happened. Shortly after Leila's group, Hazuki and her team had stepped into Endless Mirrors. Since they weren't able to find them initially, Hazuki suggests they go a little deeper into the barrier. Ayame isn't scared, but Konoha has her reservations about staying any longer than they need to. She points out how they've been searching for them for awhile with no success. Also, just because Leila's group hasn't answered any texts or calls doesn't mean they're in trouble. They could just be busier than they know. Hazuki reluctantly agrees, but she still wants to find Leila's group. She blames herself for talking about Mirrors and Mitama's disappearance to them and basically tempting them to go into the Mirror's labyrinth. Hazuki offers to stay behind and search a little longer while Konoha leaves with Ayame, but both of them don't want to leave Hazuki behind. Konoha agrees to search a little longer for their friends before giving up for the day. Ayame offers to look extra good this time while Konoha secretly feels things are going to get worse.

Layer 27

Hazuki informed Konoha about how she let slip the existence of Mirrors to Leila’s group. Konoha decided to contact Yachiyo Nanami and asked her if they could speak in person. The two meet up at a public park. Yachiyo and Konoha haven’t seen each other in a long time and Yachiyo asks if Hazuki and Ayame are doing well. Konoha says they are and the two stand awkwardly for some time until Yachiyo asks what Konoha wanted to talk about. Konoha tells her they’ve been searching for Mitama ever since she went missing. Yachiyo had heard about Mitama’s disappearance although she has no idea where she could have gone to. Konoha knows there will be trouble for all the Magical Girls of Kamihama if they don’t find her eventually. Yachiyo realizes this is true, despite Mitama’s odd personality.

Konoha thought it best to relay what they’ve learned during their investigation since it turns out Leila’s group has been inadvertently involved and may have wondered into Mirrors. Konoha and her sisters are more than capable of finding them within the barrier, but she’s requesting Yachiyo’s help in searching for Mitama. Yachiyo asks Konoha why she should keep searching for Mitama since it seems that finding Leila’s group should take precedence. Konoha believes that something has been building up for some time and that something bad may happen soon. Too many little bad things keep happening one after the other, like dominoes falling. Konoha admits this is just her intuition talking but she can’t shake this bad feeling she gets over the whole situation. That’s why she wants Yachiyo’s help in order to solve the whole mess more quickly rather than address each issue one at a time.

Konoha realizes her request is a bit selfish, but she knows that Yachiyo has a stake in this situation as well. Yachiyo agrees to help since Iroha had had a bad feeling about all of this too. She and the others have had a few odd run-ins with the place and, ever since then, Yachiyo had also been investigating the mansion where the Mirror Witch’s labyrinth is located. She asks Konoha to work together on this since the two of them can help each other a great deal. Konoha is relieved to hear this and begins by informing Yachiyo of their investigations. The first thing they did was search all the places that Mitama had frequented before she disappeared in case there is a connection. They soon found a place that Mitama visited frequently so they had asked Leila’s group to investigate the area, but they found nothing. Then two of them later went missing. Yachiyo asks if maybe Konoha was mistaken about the place, but Konoha isn’t so sure. Too many people witnessed Mitama in the area and she can’t help but feel strongly about this particular location. Yachiyo ventures to guess that it’s her intuition behind this hunch but she herself is working off nothing more than a hunch. Konoha informs her the area is a section of Daito Ward called “Nishimachi”, more commonly known as “Swindlers' Town”.

Layer 28

Yachiyo knows of the area: it’s a busy part of town that’s also fairly dangerous. She had even heard about it on the news recently in regards to a case where someone had received several injuries. Konoha wouldn’t call it the worst part of town, but even she admits incidents like that happen frequently enough there. Neither of them knows why Mitama would go into that part of town but Konoha guesses she was either looking into something or perhaps looking for something. Konoha asks her if she thinks this lead is worth following. After some thought, Yachiyo decides it’s worth it and volunteers to check it out herself. Konoha thanks her and tells Yachiyo that her and her sisters will be venturing back into Endless Mirrors. She’ll also be sharing everything they find out in there with Yachiyo. Yachiyo warns her to be careful and the two thank each other for the support. Yachiyo says she’s surprised with all of this since Konoha isn’t usually so straight-forward. Konoha frowns and says that’s just because it doesn’t come across to some people. Konoha wishes her luck and heads out. Yachiyo smiles as she watches her leave. She thinks to herself that even Konoha has changed as well. Yachiyo calls someone on her cellphone and relays what she learned from Konoha about Mitama’s disappearance. Since she’s not so familiar with Swindlers' Town, she asks the person on the phone if they can meet up in person. Himika Mao is surprised to hear from Yachiyo but is glad to be of help.

Layer 29

Nanaka and Meiyui Chun ventures forth into the Mirror Witch’s barrier. Strange as it is, the barrier remains the same with the Witch unwilling to confront any of them directly. Nanaka has an odd feeling and asks Meiyui if there can be such a thing as several copies of the same soul. Meiyui shakes her head and tells Nanaka if she’s going to ask pointless riddles then she should do it some other time. Nanaka says she’s serious, so Meiyui shrugs and says it might be possible if they were cloned. Nanaka asks if this means that a soul can be replicated. Meiyui replies that she hates boring discussions like this and asks if this has anything to do with anything. Nanaka says it’s because she felt something, like the presence of an enemy who means her harm. However she felt the exact same presence twice. Like it was two separate people but both were the exact same person. Meiyui is just confused so the two continue to delve deeper into the barrier.

The deeper they go, the stronger the feeling of impurities in the air. Suddenly, Meiyui senses something and asks Nanaka if this is what she meant earlier. She asks if there aren’t several copies of the Mirror Witch. Nanaka nods and wonders out loud if it was some negative twist of fate that caused there to be only the two of them available to patrol that day. Meiyui says it was coincidence that Kako was busy with something at home while Akira was busy with her dojo training today. Just then both Kako and Akira appear. They’re both glad they were able to catch up with Nanaka and Meiyui inside the barrier. Both Akira and Kako had their plans canceled so they both came over as fast as they could. Nanaka smiles and says they should have let her know sooner before turning to Meiyui. Meiyui agrees and asks Kako if they won’t be needing that red flower after all. Kako nods as Meiyui suddenly strikes at Kako. Akira asks Meiyui why she would do that and then accuses her of being a Mirror clone. Nanaka glares at Akira and says she can feel her evil presence. She warns her to never impersonate her friends again before striking down the Akira clone. It seems the familiars weren’t able to completely mask their natural magical signatures, which made it easy for Nanaka and Meiyui to know the truth.

As the familiars perish, the barrier around them dissipates and the two Magical Girls find themselves back at Nanaka’s home. The two are shocked and confused; they should have remained within the Mirror’s barrier. Three people break into the room and prepare to tie up anyone they encounter while they ransack the place for any valuables. Meiyui’s eyes open wide as she recognizes them as members of her family. However, the Blue Seas Family should have gone clean. She yells out for them to stop what they’re doing, but Nanaka tells her this is all some kind of illusion.

Layer 30

Nanaka thanks Kako for the introduction as she smiles and greets Leila and her friends. Leila feels like she knows Nanaka from somewhere. Mito reminds her they met her once before back at their apartments. Seira nods and remembers that Kako was on her team as well. Kako nods while Nanaka asks them if they can’t speak for a little. She explains that they’re here to search for an enemy she had sensed with her ability; however she sensed this particular enemy in two different places at once, which shouldn’t be possible. Kako didn’t believe it at first either. Nanaka says it is possible since they’ve all met a creature that could duplicate itself before. Mito knows what she’s talking about: a Witch. Regardless of how it happened, Nanaka is certain that her magic picked up two Witches with the same signature. And if her magic sensed them it’s because both of them are a threat. The signatures she sensed were located there, inside the mansion and the other signature was coming from Swindlers’ Town in Daito. Since Nanaka isn’t as familiar with that part of Daito as they are, her and her team will handle the Witch in the mansion while she leaves the investigation of Swindlers’ Town to Leila and her friends.

Leila, Mito, and Seira begin their investigations. However, Mito has a hunch and wants to check out the Coordinator’s place for any clues that may have been left behind to indicate what or why Mitama was investigating Daito ward. The look around but it doesn’t seem like anything is out of place. Leila goes to check in the back while Seira and Mito wait in the lobby. It feels odd to see everything laid out. It almost seems like Mitama simply got up and left to the store except she didn’t come back. Suddenly they hear Leila scream from the back room. She runs over and tells them they have to hurry and come see what she found. They run into the back kitchen area only to find piles of Mirror Coins and other preparations. Mito believes Mitama was preparing for something but wasn’t able to return and these Mirror Coins might the key to all of this. Leila thinks they should get a bag and fill it with as many coins as they can carry so they can give them to Mitama once they find her, and if she gets mad then they can deal with that later. The three soon head out for Swindlers’ town. Along the way, Leila senses a weird magic. She stops to sense for it only to conclude that the magic she felt was coming from the coins they were carrying.

Layer 31

Konoha has agreed to let Hazuki and Ayame continue their search deeper into the Mirrors Barrier, but only on the condition that they scram the moment anything goes wrong. Hazuki happily agrees to the conditions with Ayame more than raring to lend a hand. The trio descended as far as they could go, but they soon got to a point where they could feel a surging mass of magic, so concentrated that it seemed to be melting, pressing in on the trio like heat. By the time they sensed the danger it was too late. The trio couldn’t to walk through the barrier only to suddenly find themselves in front of Azalea House, the orphanage the three of them protected together with their wishes. Ayame watches as the caretakers of the orphanage bring out a line of children, all with their hands tied together. Some of the other caretakers are pushing along the kids who are straggling behind all while the Director tries to futilely stop them amidst her tears. Ayame is prepared to go in and stop this but both Hazuki and Konoha tell her to hold back. They can tell that this is some kind of illusion inside the Witch’s barrier although they don’t know the reason for it.

When the caretaker roughly pushes the Director onto the ground, Ayame can’t take any more of it and rushes over. She slices through the false caretaker with her blade only for the caretaker to turn back into one of the Mirror Witch’s Familiars. Hazuki wonders what the Familiar is doing here since they normally only show up in the back areas of the labyrinth. Either way this confirms that this is nothing more than an illusion. While they watch, the Familiar suddenly turns its attention towards one of the “orphans” and begins to attack them one by one. The orphans cry out in fear as the Familiar continues to attack. Oddly enough, the Familiar ignores the Azalea trio this entire time. Ayame begins o cry at the sight of the innocent orphans being slaughtered as Konoha analyzes the situation. She wonders if the entire intention behind this illusion is to break their hearts and drown them in sorrow, and judging by Ayame’s reaction it seems to be doing the trick. Hazuki warns Konoha that they better do something quick, but just killing the Familiars won’t help since there’s an endless number of them. They have no choice but to escape. Just then, Konoha hears something at the same time she picks up the magical signature of a Magical Girl. They decide to head towards the noise and are calling out for them. It seems that whoever was making the noises heard them as they seem to be trying to respond. They reach out and Hazuki grabs hold of someone’s hand.

She pulls the hand and suddenly the illusion dissipates and they find themselves back inside the Mirror Witch’s barrier only this time Nanaka and Meiyui have joined them. They recognize Hazuki and her sisters and realize they too were trapped in an illusion conjured by the Witch. By pure chance the two illusions had happened to interfere with one another which allowed them to meet up and break the illusion. Otherwise there’s no telling what could have happened had they remained trapped in the illusions. Thankfully they’re saved but what should they do now? Ayame asks if the door in front of them leads to the Witch but Konoha isn’t so sure it leads to the core. But if it doesn’t lead to the core, then where does it lead to?

Layer 32

Yachiyo gets off the phone with Himika and meets up with her just outside of Swindlers’ Town. Himika is surprised that the mighty Yachiyo has called upon her of all people for help and she’s more than happy to lend any assistance. Yachiyo smiles at her and says there aren’t many people she could rely on for something like this. As she looks at the neighborhood in front of them, Yachiyo says it feels quite unsettling. Himika agrees since even people from Daito ward rarely frequent this area. Himika then spots a coin on the ground and pounces on it with glee. She’s not one to let even a single precious cent go to waste if she can help it. However, upon closer inspection the coin isn’t a yen coin but one of the Mirror Coins that they find within the Mirror Witch’s barrier. Suddenly Yachiyo topples over as Mito walks right into her! Leila scolds Mito for not looking where she’s going since she gets so easily distracted. As Seira apologizes, Leila explains that they were searching for Mitama while collecting the Mirror coins. It seems that Mitama had left her shop with several Mirror Coins on hand and, when they neared Swindlers’ Town, they found several more on the ground so they’ve been picking them up as they go along. However after following the trail of coins the trio has found that they’ve gone full circle. Yachiyo thinks on this for a moment and ventures a guess that Mitama left the coins on the ground on purpose in order to surround something. Seira looks worried and asks if they should have left the coins where they found them. Yachiyo is pretty sure they should have but it’s too late now to put the coins back where they found them. She asks the group if any of them knows what’s at the center of the circle. Himika offers to draw a map on the asphalt for them but Mito asks her why she doesn’t just use the map function on her phone. Himika looks sad since she can’t afford a phone of her own.

The group checks a map and finds that the coins had been laid out in a circle, almost like a net with a single apartment building and an abandoned factory at the center. They head out and search the abandoned factory. Much to Yachiyo’s relief they found Mitama standing inside the factory. Mitama is glad to see them since she had almost run out of magic and was worried she wouldn’t be able to get back out. Yachiyo asks if anyone has any Grief Seeds on hand but the Leila trio are fresh out. Thankfully Himika still has one on hand. Yachiyo offers to pay her back double but Himika is only too glad to help out Mitama since Mitama has already done more than enough favors for her in the past. Yachiyo purifies Mitama’s Soul Gem before asking her what she was doing here. Mitama shakes her head sadly and explains that Mirrors has started to move.

Layer 33

One of the Mirror Witch’s Familiars managed to grow into maturity out there in Swindlers’ Town and Mitama couldn’t very well allow a new Mirror Witch’s Labyrinth to go unattended. Mitama had tried to inform everyone right away but no sooner had this happened then the original Witch’s signature suddenly grew larger. Mitama felt she had to go and head it off right away. Yachiyo ventures to guess that the surge in magic in the original Mirror Witch was because it was trying to move in this direction. Leila points out that the barrier it still inside the mansion where it’s always been. Mitama isn’t sure how but she’s certain that the Witch is trying to move in the direction of the duplicate Witch it had birthed. The Witch itself wasn’t the one moving, but rather its labyrinth had grown large enough to almost reach Daito Ward. Yachiyo asked Mitama why she didn’t ask for help, but Mitama had figured that she could just head over on short notice since it was so close to her home town. Not even Magical Girls like to go anywhere near Swindlers’ Town. Mitama had managed to cage it by creating a barrier with Mirror Coins, however this meant she had to constantly stay nearby in order to maintain it.

Leila pipes up nervously and mentions that they happened to pick up all the coins around Swindlers’ Town. Mitama’s eyes open wide in shock as she realizes what they did. She informs them that Mirror Coins are the cores from the copies made in Endless Mirrors. By forming a large line of coins, Mitama had been able to trick the Witch into thinking that its allies were forming a wall outside. Mitama asks if they have enough time to put the coins back before the Witch notices, but Yachiyo isn’t so sure. Even if they were to cage the Witch back up with a circle of Mirror coins, they would still need someone to stick around and constantly monitor the circle. Does this mean they would have to do that every time one of its Familiars escapes and matures? Himika is at a loss but Yachiyo hasn’t given up yet. While Mitama isn’t a fighter, the rest of them are and there should be enough of them to take down a weak hatchling Witch before it fully matures into its power.

The group searches throughout the building and quickly discover the entrance to this Mirror Witch’s barrier. Mitama wants to go in with them but Yachiyo is worried about having to have to protect someone while they’re fighting. Mitama promises she’ll be safe and believes that she can find the key to taking down the Witch if she goes with them. Yachiyo nods and the group transforms, ready to do battle. Mito and Leila are a little excited since this would mean they’d be the first ones to actually see what the Mirror Witch looks like. The group enters the barrier and come face to face with Nanaka and the others.

Layer 34

Nanaka and Meiyui prepare to defend themselves against the intruders only for them to quickly realize that these are real Magical Girls and not copies. Yachiyo asks what they’re doing there but Nanaka is equally as confused. That’s when Mito realizes what happened: the two barriers are connected somehow. Leila and her friends were tasked with investigating Swindlers’ Town and entered the barrier through there while Nanaka and Meiyui went in through the Mirror Mansion. Ayame tells them about the awful nightmares they were faced with inside the barrier along with her sisters. Konoha points out if they hadn’t heard Nanaka’s voice then they all would have been in deep trouble. Nanaka and Meiyui were also trapped in a nightmare and had heard Konoha’s voice. They managed to meet up with each other when the illusion collapsed. Afterwards, they tried to go through a door but that led to a dead end until suddenly the path opened up and they stood face-to-face with Yachiyo and the others, which was around the same time that Mitama’s coin barricade had broken down. The original Witch must have noticed when the coin barricade dropped and had connected the two labyrinths together.

Hazuki points out that this is the first time they’ve seen illusions of the outside world inside the labyrinth. If the Familiars are copying more than just their appearance and abilities and have begun to copy their memories, then they could obtain any information there is. If they could do that, and cause enough illusions to engulf the real world, then feasibly Mirrors could grow large enough to link different locations together. While they don’t know that for sure, they do know that Mirrors may be capable of copying memories as well as their physical being. Also, they’ve proven that the Mirror Witch is capable of linking different copies of its barrier together. If it continues to do that, then it could run off and hide in a vastly growing labyrinth and never be found. Even if the Witch doesn’t attack people, they certainly can’t leave things the way they are. They’ll just have to team up and take down the newly hatched Mirror Witch if nothing else.

Layer 35

Mitama is worried about what will happen if they fail to succeed. At least one civilian in Swindlers’ Town could die as a result. Yachiyo asks if Mitama is referring to someone in particular, but Meiyui says they don’t have time to talk about that now. Right now they need to prioritize finding the newly hatched Witch. However, the barrier is just as insanely complex as the original’s so if they were to just go wandering off in search of this new Witch then it could get up and move while they’re busy searching. Himika nods and says that means they’ll have to take out the hatchling Witch with a single shot, hopefully something big enough to take out the barrier with it. However none of the girls have anything like a bomb big enough to do that. Konoha says it might be possible if they imbued an object with magic. Mito scrunches her face up as she thinks hard on the problem. Suddenly she’s struck with inspiration and asks if they can’t use the Mirror coins they picked up as the bomb. Mitama says she could adjust the inherent magic of the coins so that they’ll self-destruct, but the coins she scattered throughout Swindlers’ Town won’t be enough. That’s when Leila pipes up and mentions that they also took all the coins that Mitama had left behind at her shop. Mitama isn’t sure if it’ll be enough, but if they consider the fact that the Witch is still newly hatched and not at full power yet then they might stand a chance.

The labyrinth darkens around them as the Witch prepares to move the labyrinth. The group knows they don’t have much time left to put their plan into action before it’s too late. Yachiyo asks Mitama if there’s any chance they’ll get caught up in the radius of the blast as well after she adjusts the coins, but Mitama can’t say for sure since she’s never done something like this before. Nanaka and the others prepare to run for the exit the moment things are setup. Mitama will dump a large pile of coins on the floor and get some distance. Then she’ll adjust a coin and make it unstable before throwing it at the pile. That should trigger the explosions so they’ll have to start running before that. Since Mitama is the only one who can pull this off, she warns the others to get going. The others nod and wish Mitama the best of luck as they make their escape and exit the barrier. Yachiyo stays behind since she figures that Mitama is probably not the best runner since she isn’t a good fighter to begin with. Mitama thanks her as she begisn to dump the coins onto the floor.

Outside the barrier, Himika and the others stand watch but the barrier is still standing and neither Yachiyo nor Mitama have exited the barrier yet. The group is beginning to worry and wonder if the explosion didn’t trigger or if the two of them were caught in the explosion and it wasn’t enough to destroy the barrier. Suddenly light flashes brightly around them and the entrance to the barrier disappears. Mitama and Yachiyo fall to the floor panting. Mitama thanks Yachiyo since she couldn’t have escaped in time without her help. Yachiyo smiles as the other Magical Girls cheer for their success.

Layer 36

Mitama breathes a sigh of relief, happy to be back in her shop. She had honestly thought she was going to die back there when she was holding the Witch back by herself and was about to run out of magic. Yachiyo says that’s how sever the situation was after all. The other girls had already gone back home for the day, although they were still full of questions about what had happened. But those questions could wait for another time when Mitama was available to tell them all she knew about Endless Mirrors. Mitama frowns and says she believes that the Mirror Witch is trying to make friends for itself in an imaginary house so that it can play with a pretend family. Yachiyo asks Mitama for a cup of tea so they can sit down and talk about this properly. Mitama gets the kettle going and soon the two of them sit down to chat.

Yachiyo recalls that Mitama had mentioned a specific person dying and, combined with the theory she stated earlier, wants to know what she meant by all of that. It’s only a theory, but Mitama believes that the Mirror Witch was originally a Magical Girl from Daito Ward named Mikoto Sena although she’d never met her. When Mitama first became a coordinator and leaned about Witchification, she decided to look into Magical Girls that had gone missing in Kamihama. That’s when she heard the name “Mikoto Sena” from Kanagi Izumi and began investigating her. Her search led her to Swindlers’ Town where she came across a single woman standing in front of Mikoto Sena’s gravestone. Mitmaa knew right away that msut have been Mikoto’s mother and she introduced herself as a friend of Mikoto. Mikoto’s mother had invited her into her home where an altar of Mikoto was setup. There was a composition book on Mikoto’s altar and Mitama read it. Inside Mikoto had written a few things about her time as a Magical Girl, but the majority of what she’d written was about her ideals and regrets in life. Mikoto regretted that her household had fallen apart because of her wish, she wanted to be raised by a more proper mother and father, and she couldn’t believe it when her mother had run away. Mikoto had been idealizing what a family should have been like to the point that she had begun to believe that her own parents must have been imposters. It got to where she didn’t trust anyone else except for one other Magical Girl. Mikoto didn’t say all of this directly, but it was obvious from the way she wrote that that is what she was thinking.

Yachiyo nods and asks if this means that Endless Mirrors is a place where she can build her ideal family. Mitama knows it’s just a theory but that is what she believes. Also the way that the Mirror Witch keeps its heart closed off and avoids everyone is the same way that Mikoto was in life. That would also explain the copies that the Familiars make. Mikoto’s unique magic was “suggestion”, making it the perfect magic to use if a Witch wanted others to think it was harmless. If the Witch ever made a move and openly attacked a human, then Mitama would know for sure if the Witch was once Mikoto Sena. Mikoto had traded her soul for a wish in order to support her mother, who was suffering in their household. But her mother became free and uninhibited, before later abandoning her family and disappearing. If there was one person that the Witch would resent, despite being so reclusive, would definitely be her mother. Yachiyo could see why Mitama had believed in her hypothesis, since Mikoto’s mother still lives in Swindlers’ Town. Yachiyo isn’t as sure as Mitama is in her theory, since a lot of it seems like forced conjecture, but even she has to admit that her theory is better than no theory at all. Mitama sighs and apologizes to Yachiyo for dumping all of this on her but she just had to get it all out. Yachiyo tells her not to worry since they all feel like that sometimes.

Mitama feels better now and promises to stay out of Mirrors for a little while at least. For now, she’s going to put up some posters in the shop and tell everyone to keep out for a bit until they can get things sorted. Yachiyo heads out and leaves Mitama alone in her shop. With only her thoughts to keep her company, Mitama hopes that her theory is partially wrong. What she didn’t tell Yachiyo was that the date that Mikoto had become a Witch was the same day that Mitama had made her wish.

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