Magia Record Story Dream Halloween Festa ~Alina-senpai! Be a Good Girl!~

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The following is a summary posted on Magia Union Translation Discord by Mochi.

Part 1

Karin went to Mitama's to ask her for an adjustment that would make her the Pumpkin King before the event starts. The MSS takes place before and mixed in with the start of this event.

Sakae's campus is having their annual Sakae Halloween Festa, where everyone decorates using pumpkin lanterns made by the community and running typical festival stuff etc. Karin enters the art cave to urge Alina to get ready and help out. Alina has no idea what the heck she's on about, when she is suddenly reminded that she absentmindedly signed a paper saying she would be in charge of decorating the campus this year as an alternative to making up for all the days she skipped / lost due to hospitalization. Her teacher also recommended it as a way to possibly bring back some memories, which enticed Alina enough to sign up for whatever it is he's blabbering on about (she thought it would just be something basic like writing a report or doing extra artwork).

Karin was chosen to be a part of the Halloween committee this year, as it is revealed, and she's the one who recommended Alina be the face of the festa. The head of the committee agrees, and asks Karin to be Alina's assistant. Karin wants Alina to take charge in decorating the school in order to have Alina reform, showing Alina in a positive light to the world and in return showing Alina that kindness is the most beautiful art.

Alina then says no way is she doing any Halloween work, so Karin "orders" her (with a sparkle of magic) to go get ready, and walks off. Alina suddenly transforms into a ghost servant for no reason, and finds herself getting pelted over the head with hard candy any time she tries to deny Karin. With all of Alina's problems, she has to add falling candy to the top of the list now.

Hijinx ensue across the school. Akari is trying to help some kids haul boxes of pumpkins through the halls, but they're struggling to lift them. They beg Alina for help, but Alina doesn't want to. Candy keeps smacking her to the point she gets buried in a pile, unable to move. She starts screaming for help, making the kids start crying. Karin shows up to tell Alina to quit playing around, but Alina actually can't get out of candy hell. The moment she agrees to follow Karin's orders, the candy vanishes. Outside, Alina gets frustrated and wants to escape, but the decoration team keep bothering her about what to do with all the pumpkins they're carrying.

As it turns out, Hotaru has also been cursed by Karin's kingly orders, and ended up having to agree to help Karin and Akari out. Moka also joins them, wanting to thank Alina for saving her life before and to help however she can. The team try to figure out ways to cheer Alina up and get her in the decorating mood. Akari gets scared by Alina's frustration, and Moka tries having them cheer Alina on to get her to work harder, but no dice. They ask Karin how she normally handles an Alina tantrum, but she only knows that Alina calms down when she gets to be alone to finish her work.

At the end of the day, everyone is dismissed, so Alina takes off immediately, telling Karin if she has no more work for the day then she's out of there. The committee head talks to Karin, saying that there's been complaints that Alina is scaring everyone, and that she isn't suitable for being in charge. Karin begs her to let Alina stay, and promises she will handle Alina and make sure the festa is a successa.

Karin assembles the team, asking them once again for their help. Hotaru heads off to make preparations and then invites everyone inside her pillow, where the world within has been transformed into a magical Halloween dreamscape. They eagerly check the place out (with Moka and Akari being extra careful to not step on all the cat pillows because they love cats), and encounter cute talking ghosts. Karin hates that the ghost is just friendly, so she "orders" the ghost to turn evil, so she can defeat it and it'll turn into an ally. So the ghost transforms into a witch, they defeat it, then it obeys her commands and wants to be friends.

Karin completely forgot the whole point of coming here in the first place, so they all (carefully) head back to Hotaru, who was waiting back at the start. Karin has a new plan to up Alina's rep now, calling it the Alina Saves Civilians Plan. Karin defeats/employs more ghosts to help with the plan, which is as follows:

1. Witch Ghost transforms back into the witch it imitated and pretends to attack. 2. Civilian Ghost takes on the form of a distressed girl, yelling for Alina to save her. 3. Akari, Hotaru, and Moka all pretend to fall to the witch and ask Alina to save them. 4. With everyone in trouble, Alina comes to save the day, defeats the "witch," and the team all shower her with praises. 5. With Alina receiving heartfelt thanks, her eyes open to the world of kindness. Alina becomes good.

In their test run of this whole plan, she asks Civilian Ghost to transform into Alina. The ghost does so, but Karin has to remind it to end sentences with "desuKEDO," so it does. Every single sentence. The Witch Ghost is told to be silent, so it loudly stays quiet. The team all try their best to pretend to be hurt and call for Alina Ghost's help. Alina Ghost desukedos her way over to the witch and defeats it. The team praise Alina Ghost, and Civilian Ghost has to be reminded to start praising Alina at this point, so it does, but it keeps adding desukedo to the end of every sentence. Overall, the plan looks good, even if there were some mistakes.

Hotaru reminds them that they can leave any time as long as they all fall asleep, so the plans good to go. She also forgot to mention that to save time she also nabbed Alina, so she gets dumped right in front of everyone, angry and confused. Hotaru nudges Akari into starting the plan. Karin chokes up, but realizes what Hotaru is doing, and they have to hurry the plan before Alina figures out what's going on. She has to telepathically tell Moka that the ghosts aren't fighting, but doing their lines.

Alina stares off in utter confusion as everyone stumbles their way through their lines. The Witch Ghost is loudly silent. The Civilian Ghost is still yelling SAVE ME DESUKEDO, SAVE ME DESUKEDO, the team all fumble their getting hurt lines, with Hotaru actually falling asleep for a moment when she hits the ground. Karin tells Alina that only she can save everyone now, but Alina is like "But you're right here too?" Karin realizes even she messed up, but she starts pushing Alina forward. Alina, not wanting to piss off the candy gods and be smited by rock hard sugar again, does the tiniest little attack against the ghost, defeating it instantly. Everyone gets up, praising Alina, thanks for saving me desukedo, etc.

Alina gets pissed, asking what's with the obvious ruse. Everyone is deflated as they realize the plan is a failure. Moka tells Karin not to give up, and that she's so grateful that she will keep helping in any way. Alina demands to know how to get out of this crazy Halloween world, so Hotaru tells her everyone just has to fall asleep to get out. The moment she hears this, Alina tells them good night and falls asleep on the spot. Everyone else falls asleep as well...

Alina is then woken up by Hotaru, who tells her "good morning... well, I guess it's not really morning?" She sees that everyone is still stuck in the pillow fort of doom. They're not sure why they can't get out, but Hotaru figures the normal condition to escape is EVERYONE has to sleep. Karin reveals that she wasn't able to sleep. They start to wonder what would make Karin not be able to sleep, since she doesn't suffer from insomnia or anything. Alina's anger levels keep rising to the point that she's tired of being angry. First she finds out the lazy slacker is also a fool girl, and now her fool girl is being extra foolish.

What's making Karin not able to sleep? Will they escape Hotaru's dream world before being digested? Will Alina decorate the school and get out of negative standing? Will Karin ever figure out that Mitama slipped some paint into her pumpkin spice latte of a transformation? Find out soon...

Part 2

We return to Alina still mad, Karin not knowing why she can't sleep (she still doesn't know her orders are absolute), and Hotaru is lazily reassuring everyone that things will work out somehow. Alina can't stand that everyone is so calm when they could all be stuck for eternity.

Alina tells Karin to go lie down, so she hops into Hotaru's mega comfy magic bed, but isn't feeling sleepy at all. Hotaru has no advice since she's never had trouble sleeping, but Moka suggests counting sheep since it helps her all the time. So Karin begins counting, and by the time she hits six sheep Hotaru and Moka have already fallen asleep. Akari blushes while suggesting a lullaby, which Alina says is perfect for little kids. Akari snaps that she isn't a kid and her mama just likes to sing to her, but Alina said she meant the childish Fool Girl.

Hotaru tells Akari to go ahead and start singing since both her and Moka will just fall asleep. Akari doesn't want to, so Hotaru suggests Alina sing, which is met with a no. Akari starts singing a lullaby, asking how it went. Karin speaks up saying she has a cute singing voice. Hotaru asks how Alina usually helps herself go to sleep, but she lost her memory so no clue.

Akari's voice is giving out from all the singing, and Karin counted 20,000 sheep. Everyone suggests taking a break, but Alina instead suggests deleting Hotaru to delete the dream world. Hotaru is perfectly fine with the threat, but doesn't know if they'll disappear with the world if she dies, so she suggests not doing any deleting. Alina takes a shot at Hotaru, but Karin orders her to stop. Everyone suggests waiting for Alina to calm down before thinking of another way to solve this problem.

After Alina let's out a huge sigh, Hotaru suggests they try to figure what is causing Karin to be unable to sleep instead of trying to make her sleep. Hotaru thinks back to Karin giving two orders to herself: that she won't stop until Alina understands kindness, and that she won't sleep as long as she's here. Karin has no idea what they mean by king, orders, or the king game. Alina and Hotaru are shocked Karin has no clue what she's been doing. Alina is so utterly shocked that she lost her anger. Karin gives two more orders: she has no current orders (so all previous orders are now nullified), and sleep soundly to wake up in the real world.

They wake up and...they're still in the crazy nightmare...? Karin attempts the same orders again, but now they can't sleep. Hotaru and Alina know that there's no going against Karin's orders, but there's also a rule to the game that you can't take back an order once it's given either. The only way to escape the dream world, then, is for Alina to understand kindness. Hotaru asks Alina if will be able to do that, but she's lost her will to even respond after hearing that. (Also Hotaru on the battle screen here is trying to get through to Alina, like she's completely lost it haha)

Karin and Alina are both locked in silence, so the support trio decide to make Alina a good person themselves, although Moka already thinks Alina is good. Moka is happy as can be jumping in place, saying that Alina is a but scary, but is definitely a kind person. In fact, Moka is so sure of it that she takes the lead in helping Alina understand just how kind she really is. Moka walks up to Alina and tells her she is a kind person. Just like when she saved Moka's life, if she spreads her kindness to others, everyone will stop misunderstanding her. Alina shoots back that she lost her memory, so again not happening.

Hotaru calls for a telepathic meeting, including Alina in on it. Hotaru says Alina probably can't just suddenly change who she is, and Alina agrees, saying she doesn't need to change. Moka also agrees, saying Alina is great just the way she is. Regardless of opinions here, Hotaru suggests Alina change her behavior for a while. If Alina pretends to have changed in front of Karin, that might satisfy the order. Alina doesn't want to do what the Fool Girl wants, though. Hotaru reminds her they may never escape otherwise, so Alina says shit after the realization. Alina agrees, asking what the plan is, but Hotaru hasn't thought that far.

Moka ends up taking charge of this plan, asking Alina to get close so she can whisper some advice. Hotaru and Akari hate that they have to deceive Karin, but it's better that than getting digested by the pillow. Akari hates how relaxed Hotaru is even in the most dire of situations, but Hotaru reminds her that everything has always ended up okay so far.

Moka announced that they're ready, and tells Alina to smile. Alina smiles, and Moka tells her to remember what they just practiced and treat Karin how she would want to be treated. Alina walks up to Fool Girl, wait no, what did she say to call her? Moka said to call her by a nickname to make her happy... Misono Karin. Karin is surprised at just being called her name, so this should be easy enough to end.

What else did Moka just say? Karin is depressed, so comfort her with kindness? Alina then tells Karin that we all make mistakes, so there's no point in worrying forever. And finale...she said something about reaching out? So Alina offers a hand to pull Karin up. Karin goes back to being sad at this, though. That wasn't part of the plan...?

Karin knows the others just told her to be kind so she could go to sleep and escape. Alina tries denying it, but Karin knows it's all a lie. Alina asks if she already knows, then can't she just pretend to be deceived? Karin can't, because she wants Alina to change from the bottom of her heart, not just pretend to change. Alina told her already she won't, and it's unfair that Karin is making her change when Karin doesn't change herself.

There is no point in Karin cowering with a sad look on her face, so what is it she wants from Alina? Karin says she never meant to cause all this trouble, she just wanted to change Alina for her sake. Alina doesn't want to change or be told to do things, so why should she? Karin should be the one to change first. Karin realizes Alina is right, and has nothing to reply with...

Alina gives a hmph and storms off to get away from Karin. Karin is even sadder now, so Hotaru and Moka offer to go after Alina, but Moka chooses to go alone. Akari stays behind to try to console Karin, but Karin knows Alina is right. This was supposed to be to help Alina, but she realizes this was selfish of her and she didn't think it through. Akari tries to put some of the blame on herself, but Karin is the one apologizing for causing everyone trouble.

Akari has no idea what to do, so she asks Hotaru to say something. Hotaru asks what Karin wants to do now, and Karin says to apologize to Alina so she'll forgive her. Afterwards, she wants to do everything she can to have everyone escape. Hotaru meant the part about having Alina reform, though. Karin says she wants to, but knows it isn't her place to make Alina change.

After some bickering between Akari and Hotaru, Hotaru gives advice that Karin and Alina are two different people with their own ways of thinking, so it's good they realize their differences and apologize, otherwise they'll keep going in circles. Karin agrees that just apologizing isn't enough, and they need to think about what's next too. Karin doesn't know what to do if Alina doesn't accept her apology...

After some running, Moka catches up to Alina to talk to her about Karin, but Alina doesn't want to talk about Fool Girl right now. Moka is trying to explain that Karin messed up but wasn't trying to hurt Alina, but Alina is thinking to herself how to escape besides making Fool Girl sleep. Moka tells her that Karin wants everyone to know that her kindness is real, while Alina is thinking to herself she wants to sleep forever. Moka asks if Alina can forgive Karin, but Alina has realized something... "Forever Sleep"...

Eimin! (永眠) Eien "Nemu" is also Eternal Sleep... It's not Hotaru that Alina has to delete... She laughs out loud as Moka watches her. It's Alina's work, because only Alina has the right to delete her own artwork! Alina starts heading back to Moka's relief. She must have talked sense into Alina, so she's going back to forgive Karin! Moka then remembers she ran out in the middle of nowhere, so she asks Alina to wait for her.

Alina and Moka return, and Karin gives a heartfelt apology to Alina, who in return says there's no need to be sorry because she won't forgive her. Karin is saddened to hear this, but Alina says it doesn't matter because she's deleting her either way. Karin gives another order to herself on accident, saying if she can't be forgiven she should just disappear from here. And in a flash, Karin is gone. Alina gets angry again at the idea of Karin escaping just as she was about to delete the place and get them out. Fool Girl has made her lose all patience at this point.

After some time, everyone remaining wakes up, failing another attempt to escape by sleeping. It turns out that Karin is still somewhere in pillowspace after all. Hotaru explains that the strategy was simple: if Karin is still here, her order would prevent them from leaving, and if Karin did leave the pillow, then sleeping would let them all escape since Karin would be safe anyways. The results now mean they have to go find her somewhere. Alina sighs, saying Karin making things more complicated is a talent of hers. Moka thinks of a way to solve both problems... (And Alina of course on the battle screen says this can't be good if Moka has an idea)

Moka's idea is to show how kind Alina is, and Alina immediately asks if anyone else has ideas. Alina doesn't care if she's nice or not, she just wants to do what she wants. Moka explains that if Alina says something nice about Karin, she might be happy and pop up out of thin air, then be happy enough to go to sleep. Alina knows it didn't work earlier, but Moka says that's because Alina wasn't being true to her words, so Karin didn't get her feelings.

Moka asks Alina to tell Karin how she feels in her own words. Alina of course counters that she can only think of bad words to tell her, and asks if that's okay. Moka says that the two of them are in different clubs but share activities, Alina gives advice on her manga all the time, etc. so hasn't there been a time when Alina has said Karin is awesome or been nice to her??

Alina stares back, thinking really hard on it... Akari is the one to say out loud that there hasn't been a single time. Alina reminds them that she again has no memory. Hotaru counters that Karin's been with her the longest since she lost her memory and woke up at the hospital. Hotaru is hurt that Alina is getting pissed off at her mentioning Alina losing her memory, but Akari tells her she's a good girl and to continue like she's a little kid being bullied.

Hotaru says that one time she overslept in school and got locked in, but Karin came and got her out. Moka chimes in that she lost her mechanical pencil once, but Karin told her it was in her hand. Akari asks if all high schoolers are like this...? Alina says don't treat her like the rest of the idiots, although this has given her an idea. When she first came back to school, Karin did remind her what her club activities were, so she guesses she is about all she is thankful for. Moka says it's fine to start small, so now Alina just needs to loudly proclaim her (love) gratitude for Karin. So she yells out that she's thankful for being shown where her club activities take place at (with a frown on her face), but there's no response. Moka is disappointed her good idea didn't work.

Akari wonders if there's anything else to compliment Karin on. Alina calls her noisy poor art, Moka says she likes Karin's high spirits. Hotaru says the gap between real Alina and the Alina Karin wants is too wide, and Akari thinks Alina should act like she's a delinquent who picks up a stray cat that was abandoned in the rain. Alina asks why is she in the rain, why does she have to pick up a cat, and for the record she is not a bad girl. Akari has to explain that it was an example. Hotaru tells her she meant to show Karin a side of her she hasn't seen before, one where's she's kind and dramatic, like letting a spider go instead of killing it.

Moka asks if Alina has any animals then. Alina says she heard she used to have a dog...and witches. Putting the witch part aside, Akari says if Alina had a dog, she must be kind... She hands Alina one of the cat cushions lying around, and tells her to take care of it. Alina is wondering why she has to talk to a cushion, and why a cat for that matter. Akari says this is all they got.

Suddenly one of the friendly ghosts appears cackling. Akari asks Alina to take care of the ghost as if it were a dog. Alina asks how does one take care of a ghost, and the ghost repeats her. She then asks if this is necessary, and the ghosts repeats her again, but adding more Alinaisms to the end. Alina then has an idea, and asks if the ghost can turn into Fool Girl. And so the ghost transforms into Karin desukedo. Alina asks it to now go to sleep. She smiles and says she'd rather bring this ghost back with them since it's much less trouble. Hotaru has to remind her that they need the other Karin to sleep, not this one.

Hotaru suggests giving up on having Alina show kindness, not because it's all Alina's fault, but because forcing someone to suddenly change doesn't work. Hotaru has a new idea, to try something like the tale of Ama no Iwato. (to very briefly explain this, the sun god Amaterasu once was in a cave which made the sun disappear, so other gods threw a party outside the cave to pique Amaterasu's curiosity and lure her outside.)

Hotaru's new plan is to have a big Halloween party without her, so the sights and sounds of everyone celebrating might make Karin curious and reappear. She asks the ghost to become Karin again, and asks it to end sentences with "nano" instead of "desukedo". So naturally the ghost says Karin nandesukedoーnanoー

The party begins, with the ghost playing tricks on people since they don't have candy to give. Alina is frowning, not at all into this charade, so Moka asks her to smile. CG of Alina forcing herself to smile. Moka asks if she's angry, but Alina insists she isn't. Hotaru guesses Alina is thinking bad things though. Alina tells her to shut up, and she is having fun. Alina asks where could Fool Girl be, when suddenly more and more Karin ghosts in different forms all show up.

Alina asks what's going on, and the first ghost says it's a trick desukedo nano. The ghosts from earlier are here, including the one that loudly goes shhhh, but this time in swimsuit Karin form, a school Karin, and hospital Karin. Alina asks if these are all fakes. Hotaru says it seems like it, so Alina fires at them, telling them to get lost. The ghosts all yell out "KyAaAanaNdeSUkeDONanoー" as they fly away.

Alina has had enough of these new ideas of theirs and tells them to start thinking about how Fool Girl's orders work. Hotaru agrees with her, but takes off on her own first to check something. They go over the two sets of orders Karin gave herself, which are not connected in any way. However, Karin doesn't feel like coming back, so maybe there isn't a way to get her back. Hotaru returns behind Alina, saying that just because there's a different number people in here now than when they entered, doesn't necessarily mean they can't leave.

Hotaru confirms that Karin is still "here", but also somewhere not here. Hotaru checked to see if "disappear" meant Karin was located somewhere that Alina isn't, but had no luck. Hotaru asks if Karin said anything else right before she disappeared. Alina is surprised, and asks Hotaru to repeat what she just said...

They go back over the "what did she say before disappearing" part, and remember that she said if Alina won't forgive, then she should just disappear. Since Alina has yet to accept her apology, she won't come back. Alina can't stand that her Fool Girl is still annoying her with all these issues, so she calls Karin out so she can delete her. Hotaru gently reminds her that she won't come out until Alina forgives her. Akari tells her no deleting and no putting her to sleep. Moka thinks Alina isn't being serious. Akari asks if that's true, because Alina is screaming right now and looks very mad. Alina finally says okay, if you come out you're forgiven. Suddenly Karin reappears with a flash of light...

(Chapter 13 at this point since I haven't been keeping track)

Karin begins crying, so moved that Alina was able to forgive her. Alina tells her not only was she annoying, but impolite (for leaving on her own). Karin tells everyone after she said she'd rather disappear, she felt like she was floating. Until she heard Alina apologize, she was floating in the air like a ghost or something. She also didn't hear anything up until Alina said that. Hotaru says it's a good thing she didn't hear her, confusing Karin. Alina thinks to herself that all that's left is to make Fool Girl sleep.

Karin says she's starting to feel really tired, and collapses into Alina's chest. Karin immediately starts sleeping, ending her sleepy noises with a nano~ for good measure. Alina doesn't get why she dropped to sleep now when she wouldn't ever before. Hotaru explains that the first order was that Karin wouldn't sleep until Alina understands kindness. Moka doesn't get how that order is being nullified then, given what's happened. Again Hotaru explains, saying Karin herself felt kindness coming from Alina after being forgiven. Since Karin never expected Alina to ever forgive her, she felt that just being forgiven was kindness.

Back to zooming in on Karin, who is smiling while she sleeps. Alina thinks this solution was too simple. Karin then begins giving orders in her sleep: " everyone..." followed by "I see you...defeat a reaaally...scary enemyyy..."

Witch Ghost overhears the orders and desukedos its form into another loudly quiet witch, this time a Rebecca (how appropriate). Alina once again is mad that Fool Girl keeps being a fool. Hotaru guesses this witch must have been super scary to Karin in the past if she considers this a scary enemy. Alina shakes Karin awake, telling her she's the reason they're fighting now.

Alina finishes off Witch Ghost. Hotaru wants to get to bed. Akari tells Alina she can't make Karin sleep for eternity, but Alina says it's too risky otherwise. Karin asks what is going on. Alina tells her to shut up and covers her mouth, telling her no thank you, no more orders now. Alina then pulls out packing tape from Hotaru's pocket and covers Karin's mouth with it. Akari tells Hotaru that it belongs to the school, so she needs to return it later. Moka feels kinda bad for Karin, and Alina says she can't sleep unless Karin is taped. Moka apologizes to Karin, telling her to hang in there. Alina says good night and drifts off to sleep...

The next day, Karin arrives at the school grounds, seeing Alina rushing people to finish the decorating, organizing where certain pumpkins go, etc. One girl asks how they should dress up for the theme, and Alina says it doesn't matter, just dress like Alina Gray. The theme of the event is Alina's version of Halloween, but the material is the people themselves.

Karin asks what happened with Alina. She wanted to do with any of this yesterday, and Karin causes so much trouble, that she thought Alina was through with it all. Alina says that after thinking about it, she realized that she can make any material her colors. Karin is surprised at this sudden change. However, Alina is only pretending to be taking this whole thing seriously so she doesn't get into any more trouble with Karin still in charge. Alina repeats a line from much earlier, telling Karin to leave if she isn't going to work. Karin says she's going to help her a ton, so Alina has her carry stuff for her.

Mifuyu visits to see how Alina is doing, impressed by the decorating. Alina explains that she didn't want to do any of it, but has to in order to escape from the troublemaker Karin. She then motions to all the other noisy girls that have been bugging her, but she doesn't want to even try to explain what happened.

Karin returns from getting supplies, mentioning Alina is supposed to do an opening speech too. Alina doesn't want to, but tells her she has to, which makes Alina wary of orders being disobeyed again. Alina braces for impact, but no candy falls this time. Alina figures that the orders only go through if Karin is transformed, so she has a chance to escape now. However, Karin transforms just then to show off to Mifuyu.

Karin clears her throat gives a grand speech of how she is the protector of Halloween, the great Pumpkin King! She then accidentally gives Alina the order to keep doing her best, causing candy to immediately strike Alina in the background. Karin wonders why Alina said ouch, but Alina says nothing really, mad she missed her chance to get out.

Finally, the day of Sakae's Halloween Festa is here. Alina finishes her speech, saying she did what she wanted to do, so everyone is free to enjoy it however they want, and is met with cheers. Akari is dumbfounded at how that was a speech. Hotaru says it's fine since it all worked out, and falls asleep. Moka is cheering from the crowd for Alina, excited to enjoy the festival. Various people come and go, enjoying the festival.

Fast forward to afterwards, with Karin alone in her room. Karin thinks about how Alina forgave her and put her utmost effort into preparing the festival, so she continues to see Alina as capable of being kind to others. She just still doesn't know how to get it to show.

She thinks back to all the advice and questions from Hotaru, asking what if she still wants to change Alina, how it could all just be going in circles, etc. Despite causing so much trouble for not just Alina, but for the others, Karin still wants to have Alina change. This time, however, she's starting from scratch. Thus, Karin writes up her "Alina Gray Reform Plan" from main story, her plan to show Alina that kindness is beautiful and want to be kind herself.

The first order of business is to reread all of Magical Kirin from start to finish. MajiKiri is full of wonderful, beautiful messages that can fill her senpai's heart, so Karin is going to take note of them all for her.

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