Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Meiyui Episode

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Part One

Meiyui's Family, the Soukai aka the Blue Seas Family, were helping to organize a local event in Minagi Ward. Suddenly, an odd stranger appeared and repeatedly stabbed a member of her organization almost to death. He ran away, but Meiyui didn't chase after him because she thought it was more important to tend to the victim rather than prioritize revenge like her family did in the old days even if the victim himself was insisting she chase after the stabber. The victim reminds Meiyui that the Blue Seas will always be the Blue Seas and warns her not to be soft, but Meiyui insists she's not being selfish as she ignores him and tends to his wounds. As the culprit escapes, he accidentally drops a badge and leaves it behind.

Part Two

Many of the organization's members are angry and want to find this culprit at all costs, but Meiyui insists that taking revenge illegally will only cause them to go back to their old habits from when they were an evil organization. Unfortunately, many of the members are reluctant to turn to the police since they don't believe in them ever since they were falsely accused of a murder case three years ago. In that instance, despite the Blue Seas family not being involved, the police had fabricated evidence in order to accuse the gang of the murder. Kyubey had appeared and so Meiyui had contracted with him and managed to falsify their perfect fabrication with her wish. Even though their lies were exposed, many in the organization don't trust the police. Meiyui points out that the corrupt police and prosecutors were all punished and so the police force should be clean now. One of the organization's members believes they still shouldn't trust them just because they're supposedly different people now. Inwardly, Meiyui notes the irony of his statement since they too are trying to change for the better and are asking people to trust them now. Meiyui believes this kind of attitude can only hurt them since they themselves used to be an evil organization and are now trying to turn over a new leaf. She wonders if they can ever be forgiven no matter how many people they help.

Meiyui goes out alone in order to track down the culprit, since she doesn't want her organization to know and then go off again. The badge that was left behind by the culprit is one that was used by a scouting company that had since closed down. The company was taking part in some kind of illegal labor that Meiyui's organization had helped to close down as part of the efforts to clean up the city. After coming across a stray Witch and taking care of it, a man appears and is able to nullify Meiyui with some kind of taser gun. The man is another stranger who is working with the same culprit from the stabbing incident, and he kidnaps Meiyui and takes her back to the same closed down company from earlier.

Part Three

Meiyui wakes up to find she's been hand-cuffed and is surrounded by about ten other people. Although Meiyui could technically break the handcuffs and escape if she killed the man, she decides not to rush things. The man attempts to blackmail Meiyui into calling the Soukai Family for help, but she refuses. The culprit reveals that this was all a trap, and that he had dropped the badge intentionally in order to lure her out here. If they hold her hostage, then the Blue Seas Family will do anything to get her back even if they know it's a trap, then the culprits can just mow them down as they approach. The man who kidnapped Meiyui is a former police officer who had fabricated the evidence against the Blue Seas Family in the original murder case. The culprit who is working with him is the brother of the gangster who did the murder and blamed the Blue Seas Family, and the rest are the remnants of the smuggling ring the Blue Seas Family had broken up as a result. Thanks to Meiyui's wish revealing the truth behind the murder, both the former police officer and former gangster blame the Blue Seas Family for ruining their lives.

During all this, Meiyui's Soul Gem had become pretty tainted from her fight with the Witch and she blames herself. Because of her wish all of these people lost their jobs and they both fear and hate the Blue Seas Family which puts them all in danger. She soon begins to hear voices from her Doppel, calling her soft and pitying her. Meiyui finds herself in a cloudy void where she stares at a shadowy version of herself. The shadow version blames Meiyui for not wiping out the culprits when she first contracted since she had the power to do so and didn't want to dirty her hands. Even now she has the power to wipe out these gangs but refuses to do so. The Doppel insists that Meiyui kill all of these gangs since her organization won't be able to live without dirtying their hands at some point and afterwards they would never be able to go back to their peaceful, everyday, "ordinary" lives. The Doppel argues that she lives in a world where she has to get her hands dirty to survive and she's naive if she thinks she can just beat up these things and turn them in to the police since they'll just be out for revenge once they get out.

Meiyui has trouble keeping her eyes open because of how tainted her Soul Gem is. Still, Meiyui uses the last of her energy to ask the culprits to leave the Blue Seas Family alone since they're not really a bad group. She begs them to not seek revenge and to stop attacking them. The stabber says it's no good if she dies since they won't be able to use her as bait, and instead figures they can just kill her and dump the body in the park somewhere with a badge pinned on her as a warning to the Blue Seas Family. Back in the shadowy void, the Doppel openly mocks Meiyui for trying to apologize to the stabber and calls it all useless. The Doppel says they're only interested in revenge and don't care whether or not the Blue Seas Family is evil or not. It points out how the stabber has proven that there's nothing to be gained from keeping your hands clean since there will always be evil bastards like him that don't care about how sincerely she tries to live her life. The Doppel thinks it's ridiculous not to be unreasonable in an unreasonable world. Meiyui wonders if she really is soft for wanting to life a peaceful and righteous life.

Meiyui and the culprits hear a yeall and soon members of her organization appear to help Meiyui. The victim who had been stabbed was one of them, and he wanted to thank Meiyui for helping him instead of immediately trying to chase after the culprit. Meiyui said she took the badge when no one was looking because she didn't want her family to go back to their old ways, before she calls herself soft for thinking that. The victim says he used to think that forsaking anyone who's a burden just so they can kill their enemy was the way of the world and because it was the easiest thing to do. But after he got stabbed and thought he would die alone he became terrified. When Meiyui insisted on staying and helping him, he realized he was wrong and hated himself for thinking that way which is why he had said "Don't be soft". But now he's so glad to be alive and it's because of Meiyui's strength.

Hearing these words of thanks clears her mind completely. IN the Cloudy void, Meiyui calls the Doppels attention. The Doppel asks Meiyui if she's finally ready to get her hands dirty and kill them, but Meiyui entirely rejects the Doppel's suggestions. She says it's easy for someone with power like hers fo get her hands dirty to fix things, but wonders if taking the easy way out is what will really make people happier. The Doppel succumbs to Meiyui for now, and helps her by allowing her to use her power in order to continue to prevent dirtying her hands, causing all of the people in the area to fall fast asleep.

The police soon arrive after getting a call from the kidnapper who admitted to his crimes (thanks to Meiyui's persuasion). The police also find several members of Meiyui's organization fast asleep everywhere including the profusely injured stabbing victim, adding to much of the confusion. They note a look of complete relief on Meiyui's sleeping face.

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