Magia Record Story Mixed Summer! ~ The Phantom Best Shot ~

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Anon.

Part One

Rena Minami, Kaede Akino, and Momoko Togame are out of school and talking about how hot it is. Rena says there's one thing she wants to eat when it's this hot. Kaede suggests nagashi soumen but Rena is obviously talking about ice cream. Kaede comments on a new ice cream parlor and ice maker in Sakae ward she read about in a SNS exclusive for students called Tomosa for tomodachi circle (friend's circle). The ice cream parlor is running a promotion in Tomosa, submit a short movie about summer to the SNS to win a prize. The movie needs to be about things that happen in summer and needs to be done in teams of 6 students. The movie that gets the most likes will get a prize of their choice. The prizes are free ice cream for a whole year, a high quality camera, a commemorative hoodie and towel and a stuffed doll of the ice maker's mascot, the Sweetie Bunny.

Momoko finds the bunny cute so Rena suggests entering the contest to win it. Momoko objects as she finds it embarrassing uploading a movie of them to a SNS with strangers on it. Not to mention it's dangerous because they don't know what kind of people are on there, to which Rena says the security has to be tight as the app is for students only and it's the app's selling point so there's nothing to worry about. Momoko is not fully convinced but Rena and Kaede will participate and win the stuffed doll for Momoko. Kaede and Rena review the rules: the movie must be 10 minutes long, creative works are more likely to get likes, and you can use the app's new automatic matchmaking function to find members if the team is less than 6.

Momoko wonders if it isn't dangerous to be matched with strangers with that app, to which Rena says it's not because it's only for students, it uses the phone's GPS to match you to students near you and make a private group with them. Rena creates a group with her and Kaede and uses the app to get the missing people for the movie. She immediately gets 4 people to join the group (the initial greetings she gets don't have any distinctive speech patterns, just generic greetings). She suggests they meet at once to which the others agree. Momoko offers to go with them but Rena says they will run away if things look fishy. Rena and Kaede go to meet the others without Momoko.

At the meeting point the see Hikaru Kirari, Ao Kasane, and Yozuru Sasame. Hikaru tells them to buzz off as they're meeting with someone called "Nami". Rena clarifies this is her username. Hikaru cannot believe it, saying it's unacceptable for her to shoot a movie with Magical Girls from Kamihama. Rena is also not happy with it. Ao asks them to stop the bickering. Kaede asks them why did they respond to the matchmaking request. Ao answers the contest seemed interesting but they didn't have enough people. For Yozuru, it was a suggestion from Livia Medeiros as part of a special training, though she expected to be matching with normal people.

There's one person missing, although they never heard back from the person that agreed to meet with them. Yozuru suggests going inside a store to not be a nuisance in the street, but Hikaru is angry about the situation. Rena is about to start a fight but Kaede calms her down, and they go into a hamburger place to discuss the details of the contest.

Inside, Hikaru is not happy that Rena is leading the meeting but she says it's obvious she should as she's the one that gathered them. She suggests they start shooting tomorrow, but Ao quickly disagrees as they don't have a script, locations, props or anything prepared. It looks like Ao and Hikaru looked up things needed to shoot a movie. Kaede admits to them that they didn't investigate anything about filming a movie beforehand, Hikaru is surprised that Rena was leading the whole thing without any preparation whatsoever. As they only have 5 people right now, Yozuru suggests thinking about a theme before ironing out any technicalities. Ao asks how they will decide on the theme of the movie, to which Rena suggests something trendy and creative to get likes. Yozuru suggests looking at the videos that are already up to make sure they don't overlap with anyone, most of the videos are prank videos and comedy, their theme seems to be mostly to get laughs.

Rena wonders what are the staples of summer. Kaede suggest swimsuits, Hikaru ice cream, Ao tests of courage and Yozuru fireworks. They're all correct but they're not things that get someone fired up, Rena comes with the idea of a drama at the beach, a dramatic story at the beach. Yozuru can't think of a story set on the beach on the spot, so they decide to go to the beach to scout out locations and to also get ideas for their story.

The next day Kaede and Rena are at the beach one hour earlier than the agreed time. Rena wants to eat at the beach house and then play in the ocean. However they bump into Hikaru and Ao who are also there early, as they also wanted to play before the meeting time. Yozuru is also there already, apparently Livia had to tell her that she had to use a swimsuit at the beach. She suggests they start scouting for locations. Since everyone is already there and Rena can't imagine them all having fun together or parting ways to play by themselves and then meeting again, she agrees.

Yozuru suggests going to the tourist spots near the swimming area, as there are a famous lighthouse and a beach house nearby, she looked up places in the area the night before. Ao suggests going to see the caves and rocky area of the beach to which Yozuru says there's a legend of a mermaid that is related to the rocky area on the beach. Hikaru is thrilled by word legend. Yozuru also advises them that the place is tricky so they need to be careful. Ao, Hikaru and Kaede want to go to the rocky area, Yozuru is fine with what the group decides and Rena wanted to go to the beach house. Hikaru says that by popular vote they should go to the rocky area to which Rena is about to pick a fight with her. Kaede reminds her that they're doing it to get Momoko the stuffed doll so she calms down.

At the rocky area, they're walking carefully among the rocks. Rena jokes that Kaede should be careful to not fall to the water because a weird animal caught her attention. There they find a signboard saying that it's the place of the legend of the mermaid. Hikaru is excited of thinking what kind of sea monsters roam the area. Rena makes fun of Hikaru for thinking monsters are real, she gets close to bicker with her and both fall into the water. They can't get out by themselves so Kaede helps Rena and Ao helps Hikaru. Yozuru tells them that she can see something in the distance, it's a fin. They believe it's a shark and panic ensues as they try to get the girls out of the water. As the fin gets closer the animal hops in and out of the water, Kaede realizes it's a dolphin as sharks don't do that. With the girls safe and on the rocks again, Yozuru apologizes for causing them trouble. Kaede says it's no big deal. The whole thing gives Rena the idea of making the movie about someone coming to the sea to investigate the legend of a mermaid. That set, they head to the beach house.

The beach house has an octopus on their billboard, the place is famous because a famous drummer is part of the management, apparently the octopus is because said drummer was so good it seemed like he had several arms like an octopus. They like the place to shoot there, but as it's a famous place they plan on doing it outside. Before they ask for permission there's something going on there, the place's mascot has escaped, an octopus called Hacchi. Hikaru thinks it already ran to the ocean, Rena tells her to no say such things and Kaede teases her because she's acting like a big sister here.

Ao suggests catching the octopus so they can get permission to shoot in the beach house. Rena is about to talk to the owner to get permission but Ao stops her, she says that it's better to catch it first so the owner is indebted to them and ask for permission to shoot inside once they offer to repay them for their efforts. Rena is amazed at the sleazebag move she's suggesting but they go with it. Rena goes to the owner to tell him they want to help with the search and to ask if it has any particular traits or something. She plans on going to search for it together, Hikaru suggests to separate and she concedes. She's about to fight with Hikaru again because Hikaru is confident she will find it first but calms down after Kaede stops her.

We jump to Kaede and Rena looking for Hacchi, the octopus has a heart-shaped mark on its head, it's friendly to people and it's big enough to be carried by an adult. They're looking for it near the trees. Rena is hiding behind Kaede as she doesn't handle octopuses well, she also had Kaede look into holes for it by herself. Naturally Kaede thinks octopuses are cute. Kaede promises to catch it if Rena finds it, so Rena sends Kaede to look for it under the rocks while she looks for it under the shade of the trees, Kaede wonders if she's actually going to search for it.

They were unable to find it and as they get back together Hikaru appears, she also failed to find it. After making fun of Rena for because she only looked under the trees, Hikaru says she will help her by shaking the trees themselves and as she does Hacchi falls near Rena and grabs her leg. Ao and Yozuru appear too, Hikaru goes to bring the manager while Kaede grabs Hacchi. The manager is grateful for their help and when Ao asks to use the beach house for their movie he agrees. They also get some kind of octopus snack called tako senpai.

With the crisis resolved they refine some more details of their movie. Among them a falling out between the protagonist and their friends, to which Rena says that even if it's acting they have to get along for the shooting. Hikaru objects saying that's impossible, that she cannot get along with them even if it's acting. She accuses Rena of doing as she pleases with them just because she made the team. Rena then blames Hikaru of causing troubles for her, like when the fell in the water, she told her that she could find the octopus without problem and then she dropped the octopus on her when she shook the tree. She's angry with Hikaru and she challenges her to a volleyball match to vent out her anger. Kaede wants them to talk things over but Rena says that if they could do it that way they would've done so from the beginning.

Ao asks Hikaru if they have to fight, as Yuna told them to avoid meaningless fights. Hikaru doesn't see it that way, she believes that if she beats Rena then Yuna will praise her. Ao gives an annoyed "Alright, alright", maybe she knows she cannot get to Hikaru under that state of mind. Yozuru will be the referee because as an adjuster she must remain neutral, and the teams are perfectly divided that way. Before starting Kaede asks to shuffle the teams, she explains that in filming it's necessary to work together, that rather than fight, they need to cooperate and know more about each other so they can get along. Ao agrees with her as she thinks it's fruitless to always be fighting each other. Rena can understand it as it's not like she wants to fight or anything.

Hikaru chooses Kaede and Ao goes with Rena. Hikaru and Kaede have the lead, despite Kaede not being good at sports their teamwork is good. On the other hand, Rena and Ao aren't doing well as they're not communicating at all. Rena is not happy with this, Ao ask suggests she calms down but Rena angrily replies she's always calm. They ask for another match since Ao just wants everyone to get along. Ao asks for a time out and to shuffle the teams again, making it so Hikaru and Rena have to team up. Hikaru is not happy as if they're in the same team they can't fight to decide who's the best. Rena placed the rule that "the person that scores the most points in this game wins" and the game resumes.

Things don't improve as they bicker over to whom did the ball fly to. Rena asks for a timeout so she can clear her mind. She wants to make Hikaru cry in defeat, but they're on the same team now so she's her ally. Even if they're trying to score there's no point if they can't beat Kaede and Ao. She asks herself how to make Hikaru cooperate. At that moment Hikaru says that she cannot understand what Rena is thinking. Rena says that they don't get along well enough to use telepathy, so she finally realizes that if she wants to work with Hikaru she has to tell her what she wants to do. Rena asks her to alternate the passes and for Hikaru's support when serving. She also calls for a ceasefire to their point fight until they defeat the other team.

Their strategy works and they claim victory. After Rena praises Hikaru's support and Hikaru does the same to Rena's attack things seem to have calmed down. Kaede and Ao wonder if they finally get along and Yozuru remarks that rivals getting along through sports is something that you usually see in dramas, but apparently it also happens in real life. Rena and Hikaru are embarrassed by their remarks. Rena wonders about about what happened and thinks to herself that the dilemma of their protagonist and Rena and co is vastly different, but there's a common point in that working together with someone they can understand each other. Having said that, Rena has found out what their movie lacked. She says it's "youth"

Part Two

After Rena says their movie needs youth they summarize everything they've done so far. One plot point they wanted to add calls for the protagonists to be friends and have a falling out, Hikaru refuses to act as friends with Kaede and Rena even if it's acting, so Ao teases her that just a moment ago she got along just fine in the volleyball match. Kaede teases them too wondering if they will become friends after everything is over and gets smacked by Rena. They still need a climax and when Hikaru suggests defeating an ultimate evil or going to the national baseball tournament, Ao says she reads too much shounen manga and Hikaru retorts saying Ao plays too much videogames.

They agree they need something to overcome, Yozuru suggests going to an abandoned lighthouse she read about. On the way Yozuru explains the lighthouse is related to an urban legend. Once there was a husband and his wife, the husband was a sailor and everytime he went to sea the wife would go to the lighthouse and look at the ocean until he returned. One day the husband never returned and the wife died waiting. The lighthouse was restored but anyone that operated it would die in strange circumstances so the lighthouse fell in disrepair again. The legend says the ghost of the wife protects the lighthouse until her husband's return. The lighthouse became a popular spot for tests of courage.

Hikaru thinks it will be exciting to fight a ghost, Ao thinks getting it on cam will be really valuable, Rena and Kaede are scared of it. Hikaru says that if it exists they will use it, if not the sixth member will play the role of ghost.

Once they arrive at the peak where the lighthouse is located they have second thoughts about using it, but then they're ambushed by a group of thugs hiding in the grass. The group is composed of boys and girls and they demand the girls drop the any money they have. They say it's a fare for using the lighthouse as a place for tests of courage. Yozuru asks if they're the managers of the site and a girl says they kind of are. The group has also been spreading rumors of the place being an urban legend to attract people. Ao says that's very childish of them and a boy approaches her demanding money, Hikaru stops him and fights back, making the boy fall on his feet. The others don't know what to do.

They're about to head to the lighthouse when the boy that tried to hit Ao calls to them, he doesn't want to be beaten up by a girl and leave things like that, so he challenges them for the right to use the place to film their movie. The girls are speechless, except Rena who immediately accepts, as she thinks that if they don't they will interrupt the shooting and that beating thugs that get in their way is also part of being young. Hikaru wonders if her objectives have changed course. The thugs accept saying that if they win Rena and co will have to stop their movie.

Back at the beach the match is a volleyball match and Rena and co are doing poorly, the thugs are really good at it. Rena and Hikaru fight arguing that they can't play better because they don't get along. Ao laments that people becoming friends after overcoming adversity is just a dream.

Rena asks for time out and calls for a team meeting. She confesses that after going through the day together she thinks Hikaru and Ao aren't that bad, just a bit. She also apologizes for pushing their awful performance on others. She pleads to trust in them only for this match and so does Hikaru. Rena also leaves the strategy of the team to Ao and she proceeds to give everyone their roles. The strategy works and they win, the thugs leave in defeat.

They head again to the lighthouse to discuss further details of their movie. They also plan to use Tomosa's matchmaking function to find a new sixth member, but when they open the app they find Rena's account has been used to talk shit about Hikaru and the others and Yozuru's account was used to upload a picture of a broken fish tank, which makes Yozuru angry. Kaede realizes it's from the beach house they were in earlier.

They make their way there and confirm Hacchi's fish thank is broken and Hacchi itself is gone, the culprit must have hacked their accounts. The owner comes out and blames them for the incident as even pictures were uploaded online, he tells them to not come again.

They head to the beach and they find that someone is posing as them claiming they destroyed the fish tank and let the octopus escape so they could be the heroes and that they also threw Hacchi into the ocean this time. The culprit also destroyed the signboard about the mermaid legend at the rocky area The culprit went over the places Rena and co visited and as Yozuru is bummed out that someone hacked her account, the culprit appears before them. It's a little boy younger that Rena's little brother, she speculates that he must be in elementary school. He's the sixth member too.

The little boy apologizes to them and says he did it all because Rena and co didn't get along, that they all just made it look like they were friends when it wasn't the case and that they weren't having fun. They weren't being honest so he destroyed everything to show everyone how in reality they didn't get along at all.

As Rena tries to confront the child they discover he has a witch's kiss, so they all go to kill the Witch responsible. (To note, Rena and Kaede were in their swimsuits during the fight with the witch, so the swimsuits ARE their magical girl outfits).

After killing it Rena says it was all because of their help, her honesty surprises everyone. The boy regains consciousness, they confirm he was the sixth member. Turns out he used the app because he wanted to make friends, but his mom took his phone the day before because she thought it was dangerous to meet with strangers so he didn't attend the meeting the day before. The following day his mom gave him back his phone so he went to meet them at he beach, but when he saw they were hostile to each other he thought they wouldn't be friendly to him if they couldn't be friendly to each other so he tried to join another group, but that didn't go well, he then lost consciousnesses.

Rena talks to Yozuru over telepathy, that must've been when he received the witch's kiss and how everything he did wasn't willingly. Hikaru says that even so he did it, which surprises Kaede, but she explains what happened to the boy and how he broke some stuff. They all decide to apologize to everyone as a group.

The manager of the beach house forgave them so they decide to start filming the next day, including the boy, but he declines. He says that it's because he caused them troubles and how he cannot interfere in their group as they get along just fine, he looks forward to seeing their movie and leaves. Ao asks if they will begin early in the morning, Hikaru asks if she can wake up early and Ao says she can if Hikaru comes to wake her up.

Yozuru asks if they should disband for today, but Rena feels like that would be unfortunate. As the next day will be busy with filming, the have to do what they must and have fun at the beach today.

Rena and Hikaru are competing on a race to get a flag, Ao is drinking pineapple juice and seeing as Hikaru is losing she gives her some dubious advice to maybe bump Rena a bit as the race starts seeing as she already staggers before speeding up. Meanwhile Yozuru is analyzing common beach practices like the use of parasols.

Kaede calls her and says they're planning on buying a watermelon and a plastic bat to crush it. Hikaru challenges Rena in watermelon-beating. Rena says that it will be her win again and Hikaru answers that they don't know until they try, she's fine even if she only gets to crush her watermelons, Rena doesn't understand and Hikaru explains she should try asking her chest. Rena gets mad so Hikaru says she shouldn't get mad for real and runs away, Rena follows her. Kaede says they should go too, she embraces Yozuru and Ao in her arms and they go into the water.

It's sunset now, so after getting out of the water Rena says they should decide on a schedule for the next day. They still need a sixth member and Rena considers asking Momoko but Hikaru quickly suggests Yuna since the prize will be hers anyway. Hikaru wants the free ice cream for one year prize for Yuna. Rena asks if that's what she wants, she says that every member will get the prize they want. Yozuru thinks Rena has misunderstood something. While it's true that the winners can choose their prize, they have to make their selection as a group and it's only one prize per group and they can divide the prize in the group if possible, but Hikaru refuses to divide it. Rena and Kaede didn't read the complete guidelines and they fight with Hikaru, they want the sweaty bunny for Momoko but Hikaru won't back off from the ice cream for Yuna. Yozuru asks them to calm down and talk it over, she doesn't want anything in particular, she just wanted to participate, Ao for her part wanted to negotiate about it once everything was done.

Rena thinks that as they cannot agree on the prize it's meaningless to even do the video. Kaede worries that if they don't do it they won't even have to chance to win anything. Yozuru says there's nothing to worry about, she's been recording their adventure the whole time so there's plenty of footage, Ao wonders if that's why she choose to be the referee during the volleyball match.

As she shows them the footage they can see how Rena and Hikaru fought the whole time and how they got along at points. Both are super embarrassed about it. Kaede says that with a bit of editing they can make it work, so even if they don't do any more shoots they still can participate, so they can talk it over and decide on a prize until then. Rena can't stand how embarrassing everything was and Hikaru says that it will be embarrassing if Yuna sees her act so childishly and pick so many fights with Rena. Ao proposes they shoot more footage then, Hikaru and Rena yell over the prize they want, and seeing as there's no agreement Rena disbands the group right there.

Back in Kamihama, Rena and Kaede talk with Momoko about what happened. A group composed of elementary and high schoolers got the sweaty bunny (the little boy they met at the beach was part of this group), their theme was "It's hard to see what is under your nose". Momoko is surprised they got paired with PB and an adjuster. Rena apologizes, with the team disbanded they never got the chance to win the stuffed doll for her, but Momoko is happy they tried their best for her sake. As compensation Kaede shows her the movie Yozuru did with the footage she took. After they go over it Rena asks Momoko to go with them next time, to which she promises.

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