Magia Record Story Christmas at Mikazuki Villa

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Episode 1

The story begins at Yachiyo Nanami's house. It's the last month of the year, and Tsuruno Yui is excited to celebrate Christmas. Felicia Mitsuki is unamused. Yachiyo says it's a bit too early to celebrate. Sana Futaba then arrives unnoticed by the others. Tsuruno calls her a ninja. When Iroha Tamaki noticed something is wrong with Sana, Sana admits she doesn't understand Christmas. Due to her home situation, she's never experienced it properly as her father made her study instead.

Felicia says that Christmas isn't a big deal and it's just about eating and being loud. This bothers Tsuruno until Yachiyo points out that's fine to do on Christmas. Yachiyo then decides to have a Christmas party for Sana's sake. Felicia is against it, claiming it's annoying. Yachiyo points out they have food, making Felicia reconsider. Sana timidly agrees to the party as well.

Episode 2

The girls meet to plan the Christmas party. Iroha invites Momoko Togame, Rena Minami, and Kaede Akino to Yachiyo's home. Yachiyo and Momoko are still cool to each other but are willing to work together for this. Yachiyo explains they will have educational Christmas activities for Sana. Yachiyo explains that her home, "Mikazuki" (meaning "crescent moon"), used to be a boarding house. Her family used to celebrate Christmas with the older residents. Now that the house has new residents, Yachiyo wants to restart that tradition.

Rena is about to say something, but is interrupted when Kaede says they should celebrate with everyone. Kaede also thinks this year's Christmas should be for Sana. Momoko agrees and tells Rena not to make a fuss. She says she knows Rena wants to do this. A flustered Rena accepts. Felicia says she'll join in because she's the best.

Episode 3

Yachiyo suggests they divide the roles, which was also part of the house's Christmas tradition. Tsuruno offers to bring the food, but Felicia says they eat Tsuruno's food all the time. Tsuruno says it won't be, as she's creating a Christmas menu for her family's restaurant. Momoko offers to take care of the cake, and asks Rena, Kaede and Iroha to help. Yachiyo then asks Felicia and Sana to handle decorations. Yachiyo claims she will be their producer, as she's the one making the arrangements. Tsuruno figures Yachiyo is like their magistrate. The girls prepare for Christmas Eve.

Episode 4

Momoko brings Iroha, Rena, and Kaede to a cake shop. It turns out Momoko is distantly related to the owners and they make her an offer. If she would help out around the shop, she'd get a cake. In order to help, Iroha and Rena are made to wear Christmas costumes, which they find embarrassing. Momoko points out the costumes wouldn't suit her, and it would be impossible for Kaede to wear one. Rena tries to storm out but Momoko begs her to stay. Iroha decides she will stay for Sana's sake and tells Rena they should do their best. Momoko and Kaede stare at Rena until she finally accepts.

Episode 5

The girls advertise for the cake shop by doing a skit to attract customers. However, Iroha and Rena are reluctant to go along with it. Momoko finds their efforts embarrassing, prompting Kaede to say she'll take care of it.

Episode 6

Kaede reveals Rena was helping at a friend's flower shop for Christmas, and points out this makes Rena an advertising veteran. She also claims Rena is Iroha's senior, which makes her responsible for Iroha's actions. Kaede says that in advertising, you need courage to throw yourself at customers, but Rena isn't displaying that courage. Rena says Kaede isn't doing much either, but Kaede claims she was holding back to make Iroha and Rena look better. Kaede says to leave it her, but then says that because Rena's heart isn't in it the only voice she can hear now is her own. Rena yells at Kaede, but finally tells her to "Watch this!"

Episode 7

Rena throws herself into the skit, prompting Momoko to say Kaede knows how to handle Rena. Kaede wonders if that's what she's experienced in. Rena's enthusiasm also has an effect on Iroha. The girl's are able to sell all the cakes in the shop, and get a cake in return.

Episode 8

Afterward, Iroha visits Tsuruno at her family's restaurant and finds she's wearing a reindeer costume. Tsuruno explains she's having a hard time coming up with things for the "Chinese Christmas" menu, so she's trying to "get in character". Despite this, she still can't come up with anything and asks Iroha for help.

Episode 9

Tsuruno comes up with the idea of the "Trice", fried rice stacked up to look like a Christmas tree. Iroha isn't very excited by it. Tsuruno the tries the "Trumpling", which is the same thing but with dumplings instead of rice. Iroha tells her to forget about the tree. The girls try some more things, but it doesn't go very well. Suddenly Tsuruno's father returns from a walk. He says he met a customer in front of the store, which makes Tsuruno ask Iroha if they can pick up later. The customer asks for mapo tofu, which gives Iroha the idea to make some for Christmas. Tsuruno thinks they should stack it in the shape of a Christmas tree, to Iroha's annoyance.

Episode 10

Iroha's idea is to make dishes with the colors of Christmas - Santa's red and white, or the green of a tree. Tsuruno realizes the mapo tofu Iroha suggested had a red color. Tsuruno thanks Iroha and says she'll prepare the menu alone. Iroha wonders if she can help Yachiyo. Back in her home, Yachiyo thinks she was the one looking forward to the party the most.

Episode 11

Felicia and Sana shop for decorations. Felicia thinks they should go to the mountains to get a tree, which they can set on a table. Sana says they'll break the table and suggests buying shining things instead, like Christmas lights. Felicia says they can buy lights and set them all over the house. She then admits she just wants to eat, and not to have a party. Sana apologizes, but Felicia says she shouldn't be complaining to her.Felicia says hanging out with Sana isn't bad, but she doesn't like Christmas.

Episode 12

Sana asks why Felicia doesn't like Christmas, but Felicia says it doesn't matter. She asks what's the point of it all. Felicia apologizes to Sana again. Sana admits that she doesn't hate Christmas, but she doesn't know why everyone can get together and have fun. She thinks she's incapable of understanding. Felicia gets an idea - the two will become "The Anti-Christmas Squad".

Episode 13

When Sana asks what is that, Felicia says they'll fight, which is a common element in cartoons. Felicia says they will terrorize everyone at the festival as the Anti-Christmas Squad of Justice. Felicia says they'll make their move on the 24th. Sana says the name makes them sound like the bad guys. Felicia asks if the name isn't cool enough. Sana says she isn't sure about the whole thing. Felicia says it's more fun than having a party, but then says it's something she said on a whim.

Sana apologizes to Felicia, but Felicia tells her not to worry. Felicia says they should go shopping, which translates to walking around everywhere. She then gets distracted by a park. Sana thinks she's worried about Felicia, who's usually cheerful. Sana also thinks she has dark emotions in her heart. The next day, she speaks to Yachiyo and Iroha.

Episode 14

Elsewhere, Himika Mao is asked by her siblings if they'll have a Christmas cake this year. Himika says they don't but promises to make something very tasty. At the very least, she bought meat. Himika wishes she could do more when she hears a voice praising her. The speaker is Holy Mami, who claims she brings salvation and blessings. Mami says she came in through the door the children left open. She said she overheard Himika's conversation.

Himika isn't sure how Mami heard from outside the house, and also says it's no excuse to enter someone's home without permission. Mami says she's there to give Himika a little happiness. Himika thinks Mami is a door to door salesperson. Mao points out they're too poor to buy anything. Mami says happiness isn't something you buy, it's something that visits.

Episode 15

Back at Yahciyo's house, Sana tells Iroha and Yahciyo about Felicia. She then apologizes, though Iroha and Yachiyo say there's nothing to worry about. When Felicia returns to the house, Sana apologizes for telling the others about the conversation from earlier, but Felicia says it saves her the effort. Yachiyo says she won't force Felicia to come, but would like to know how she really feels. Felicia says she just hates Christmas. Suddenly Momoko, Rena and Kaede arrive.

Episode 16

Back at Himika's house, Mami asks her to make a wish, saying they'll make it together. Himika asks Mami why she doesn't wish for herself, but Mami doesn't seem to listen. Himika wishes for a Christmas cake. Mami says she wishes for happiness to visit Himika and disappears. Suddenly Himika's neighbor appears and offers her a few slices of Christmas cake. It turns out the neighbor ordered one cake but got two instead. The neighbor (who seems to think Himika is a family of three) says she would like to share. A flabbergasted Himika takes the cake and briefly wonders if Mami was Kyubey. She then wonders if it was Santa.

Episode 17

Back at Yachiyo's, Iroha asks Momoko's group when they got there. Rena says the door was open, and Momoko just wanted to say that the cake is ready. Felicia reiterates she doesn't want a Christmas party, to Kaede's sadness and Rena's annoyance. Yachiyo wonders if Momoko's timing was a coincidence. Kaede eggs on Rena, who then tells Felicia that Christmas is full of joy and has fun moments. Felicia says it's a waste of time and asks what's fun about it. Rena brings up Santa. Felicia says Santa isn't real, but Rena insists he is. The two argue, forcing Yachiyo to intervene. Felicia announces she won't come to the party.

Episode 18

Felicia races over to her room. Iroha moves to follow, but Yachiyo says to leave her alone. Kaede asks Rena if she believes in Santa. Rena stutters and says she just let herself get carried away. Momoko and Iroha ask Rena to make up with Felicia when they calm down. Sana apologizes again. Rena agrees to apologize to Felicia. The girls wait a bit. When Iroha goes to check on Felicia, she finds that she secretly ran way from home.

Episode 19

In the town, Felicia wanders the shopping district. She's then greeted by Konomi Haruna. Konomi asks Felicia if she wants to buy decorations at her store. Felicia suddenly flashback to when a voice - implied to be a witch - tells her to take a candle and light a fire. Konomi asks if Felicia is alright, as her face is looking pale. Felicia insists she's fine. Konomi leaves, thinking Felicia looked sad and wondered if she would be alright.

Episode 20

Iroha and the others decide to look for Felicia. Iroha then tells Yachiyo to stay behind in case Felicia returns. Yachiyo agrees, and to Momoko's surprise, says she shouldn't be so rash. Yachiyo and Iroha suspect Felicia has a deep reason for disliking Christmas. Iroha says that's why she wants Felicia to come to the party. Sana pipes up to agree with Iroha. The girls decide to look around the neighborhood.

Episode 21

The girls are at a loss to find Felicia. Momoko then asks Rena why she said those things to Felicia from earlier. Momoko says the Rena she knows wouldn't say stuff like that, and wonders if she actually meant "you don't have to be alone". Rena insist they're wrong, but Momoko says Rena had a positive attitude there. When Rena asks what she's saying, Sana says Rena is kind. Rena brushes it off as nonsense, but then Kaede asks why she says those things.

Episode 22

Rena points out they worked hard to get the cake, and it wouldn't be good if one of them isn't there to enjoy it. Kaede says Rena is looking forward to the party, which Rena denies. Rena insists that if someone's missing, all her work would be for nothing. Sana repeats that Rena is kind, and when Rena denies it Kaede says it's okay to say those things. Momoko says it's time to speed up their search. Then Sana gets an idea.

Episode 23

Sana heads back to the park Felicia went to when they were shopping for decorations, and she finds Felicia there. Felicia insists she's not going to the party, but Sana just asks if Felicia can tell her story. Sana says that even when she was with her family she was always alone, but when she became a magical girl even that feeling of loneliness disappeared. Felicia has no idea what Sana is talking about, so Sana just asks Felicia why she hates Christmas.

Episode 24

Felicia asks why Sana wants to know, and Sana answers she wants to support Felicia. She admits she doesn't know if it would work, but maybe they could do something about it. Felicia doesn't think it would do any good. Sana apologizes, but says it still might help. Felicia still doesn't understand what Sana is saying. Sana's embarrassed reaction causes Felicia to laugh and say Sana is an interesting girl.

Felicia says that Sana is trying really hard, since she remembers what Felicia said earlier and came looking for her in cold weather. She also says Sana's desire to support her sounds really awesome. Felicia then says she got furious with herself and decided to run away. Suddenly a voice says the girls have sad looks on their faces. Holy Mami appears and asks what's troubling them.

Episode 25

Felicia says Mami has a gaudy outfit. Mami says she's there to bring happiness to those who feel sad. Neither Felicia nor Sana understand. Mami says they shouldn't understand, just feel. Instead of lowering their heads in sorrow, they should try lifting their heads and looking up. Felicia asks why they would do that, but Mami insists they do it. The two look up, and Mami tells them to wish upon a star. The girls see that the sky is sparkling. They then find that Mami has vanished. Elsewhere, Iroha sees the light show and goes to it's location.

Episode 26

Iroha finds Sana and Felicia. Sana tells her what happened, prompting Iroha to ask Felicia why she hates Christmas. Felicia admits running away didn't work and explains that when her parents were still alive they had a Christmas party. When she watched the lights in the sky she remembered the Christmas candle they used to light every year at their home. But when Felicia was about to light the candle one year she heard a voice in her head - a witch. Felicia says that Christmas makes her remember her parents and the witch that killed them. Felicia is tired of remembering, which is why she hates the holiday. Iroha says she's sorry, but asks Felicia to come with them to the party.

Episode 27

Iroha tells Felicia that even though she has sad memories attached to Christmas, she also has wonderful ones. She says she wants wonderful memories attached to this day, for themselves and Sana. Iroha says that spending time with everyone is a precious memory they could remember every year from now on. As for Iroha, the memories she have help her do her best because she can remember Ui. She tells the girls they should make some happy Christmas memories together. Felicia finally accepts going to the party, as long as there is food. Sana says they still need to buy the decorations and the trio go together. The girls wait for Christmas Eve.

Episode 28

When Sana tells Yachiyo what happened, Yachiyo says it's exactly what she would expect from Iroha and starts chuckling. Iroha comes in and asks what they were talking about, but neither give her an answer. Felicia says Tsuruno's coming, and she arrives wearing the reindeer costume. The costume leaves Yachiyo nearly speechless. Tsuruno says she's made her Chinese Christmas menu: Red mapo tofu, green stir-fried vegetables and yellow crab omelette on rice. Iroha wonders if Felicia just made what they talked about. Felicia says it's the same food Tsuruno always makes, but when she tries the tofu she finds it pleasantly spicy.

Momoko's group arrives with the cake. Felicia asks for a slice, but Iroha tells her to wait. Momoko prods Rena to speak to Felicia. Rena apologizes for being mistaken about Santa and admits he isn't real. Felicia then says she believes Santa is real. She tells Rena she met a lady who made the night sky sparkle, and believes her to be Santa. Rena and Felicia get into another argument over Santa. Momoko says it's the other way around now. Suddenly Kaede tells the girls to look outside: It's snowing. Yachiyo says it's time to start the party.

The narration says snow fells across Kamihama City as the story briefly shows other magical girls reacting to it. (For the rest of the story, "happy ending" from Rebellion starts playing.)

Ren Isuzu and Rika Ayano marvel at the snow.

Karin Misono thinks it will make a wonderful drawing.

Kako Natsume wonders what book to read.

Ayame Mikuri is excited by the snow. Hazuki Yusa says it's going to pile up. Konoha Shizumi pauses, then tells the others "Come on!"

Ayaka Mariko hopes she doesn't slip in the day's performance. Shizuku Hozumi thinks Ayaka's always slipping.

Kokoro Awane says it's so cold. Masara Kagami says it's still a pleasant feeling.

The narration says the snow covered Kamihama in white, blanketed the suffering and despair.

Mami wonders where she will go next.

And on that night, Iroha thinks to herself: " happy..."

The story ends with a message to the player: "We wish you a Merry Christmas!"

The Kamihama Joy Delivery Service

(This scene plays when the player logs in on December 25th, 2017)

As Christmas draws near, all the magical girls see a mysterious account appear in the messaging app: "Kamihama Happiness Delivery Service". According to the rumor, if you tell them your wish, happiness will find it's way to you. As it turns out, the "messengers of happiness" are Tsuruno, Iroha and Rena. Tsuruno is excited and basically forces the other girl into shouting the name of their little group. Tsuruno says her reindeer's red nose will brighten the roads and keep them safe. Rena points out Tsuruno doesn't have a red nose. Tsuruno sings a song about a telling a reindeer your wish and finding it in your sock. The girls reach their first house, and sneak into it with the help of Rena's transformation ability. Rena feels she's being used, but thinks Kaede will be delighted.

Christmas morning, Felicia tells Yachiyo that when she woke up, she found movie tickets to see "Doraemonball". Yachiyo says she also got a gift, a Hakata kitchen knife. Sana got a book about historical punishments, which is something she was sort of interested in. Momoko arrives and thinks it might be the work of a rumor. Momoko explains other magical girls have received gifts, and Kaede wanted to ask Iroha about it. Kaede says her gift was ornamental plants, and she wants to know if everyone else got something. She then asks Rena if she was with Iroha last night, since they couldn't find Rena at her house.

Rena says she can go wherever she wants, but then Kaede asks what her gift was. Yachiyo points out that Tsuruno and Iroha disappeared last night as well. Tsuruno, Iroha, and Rena telepathically contact each other and bemoan the fact that they forget to get gifts for themselves. Rena wonders what to tell them. The girls are unable to answer Yachiyo and Kaede's questions. Yachiyo chuckles and says it appears everyone in her house got a gift.

As the narration explains the new rumor of the "Kamihama Happiness Delivery Service" (in the style of the Rumors), other magical girls are shown.

Ren tells Rika she got the diary with the design she always wanted.

Sasara Minagi says it's unbelievable to find a gift in the morning. Asuka Tatsuki says what she desired most was on her bedside.

Akira Shinobu tells Nanaka Tokiwa she saw a rotund person leaving a stuffed toy on her bedside.

Masara insists to Kokoro that she saw a bearded person with red clothes.

Alina Gray tells Karin her brain has melted from reading too much manga. Karin insists she sensed someone's magic.

As the narration asks "Can you believe it?" Tsuruno says you can. Iroha says she's sure everyone will find happiness. Rena claims no-one knows who sent the gifts, but even so..."Merry Christmas!"

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