Magia Record Story 300 Day Login Event: A Peaceful Day in Mikazuki Villa

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This event was composed of eight consecutive cutscenes that players would see if they logged in for eight days from June 18th 2018 to June 30th 2018.

Scene 1

At the house of Iroha Tamaki, Yachiyo Nanami, Felicia Mitsuki and Sana Futaba, the girls plus Tsuruno Yui are surprised to find that Felicia scored 52 points on a test. Felicia says she's already better than Tsuruno's restaurant and asks for a reward. Yachiyo says a reward isn't something you beg for, but Felicia says she wants to go to MooMoo Park. However, Yachiyo says it's too expensive and instead says they can have a fancy dinner the next day. Felicia seems satisfied.

Scene 2

The next day, Iroha and Yachiyo find Tsuruno left her phone in the refrigerator. Since Yachiyo has a photo shoot, Iroha offers to bring the phone back to Tsuruno. At breakfast, Felicia reminds everyone of the dinner they're supposed to have. Sana turns on the television, which has a commercial for MooMoo Park.

Scene 3

After breakfast, Iroha and Yachiyo leave while Felicia and Sana stay behind. Felicia shows Sana a MooMoo Park commercial on her phone. Felicia says that she still won't be satisfied until she goes to the park. Felicia admits that she'd be willing to play with any animal. Then she gets an idea: She'll catch a whole bunch of animals to bring the park to the house. Felicia leaves, dragging Sana along with her.

Scene 4

Iroha arrives at Tsuruno's restaurant and helps her out after returning Tsuruno's phone. Tsuruno's father thanks Iroha, saying they were short on hands after getting an unusual reservation from a large group. Tsuruno's father gives her a present for helping, which includes a lot of vegetables. Tsuruno asks Iroha about Felicia. Iroha says that Felicia should feel better now. Tsuruno says she'll visit Yachiyo's house later.

Scene 5

Felicia and Sana go to a riverbank to catch animals. Felicia is happy to find a little turtle. However, Ayame Mikuri appears and finds the turtle at the same time. Ayame says she always patrols in the area and asks Felicia what she's doing there. When Felicia tells her to go away, Ayame says she's trying to harass the turtle. The two girls fight, with the turtle caught in the middle. Felicia decides to let go of the turtle in order to keep it from being harmed. The two then run off fighting, leaving Sana behind.

Scene 6

As Yachiyo walks back from her modeling work, she runs across Sana. Sana explains what happened, causing Yachiyo to say Felicia's idea was stupid. Yachiyo says Felicia should be fine and invites Sana for lunch.

Scene 7

Felicia returns to Yachiyo's house, and is welcomed by Iroha. Felicia is still mad at Ayame and says she'll let her have it next time. Felicia and Iroha then have lunch, and afterward, Felicia decides to take a nap. Suddenly, she dreams of the turtle from the riverbank (represented by a cartoon turtle). The turtle thanks Felicia for her help, and says it has something to give to her at the riverbank. Felicia then wakes up. Yachiyo and Sana return to their house and prepare to make dinner. Felicia says she's going out and leaves. Yachiyo tells her to come in time for dinner.

Scene 8

Felicia tries to find the turtle from the riverbank, but finds something else. At home, she shows the other girls what she found: A ticket for two to MooMoo Park. The other girls are very surprised. It turns out Iroha got a ticket from Tsuruno's father as thanks for helping out in the restaurant. Yachiyo then says she got one at a meat store she went to earlier. The girls were concerned since they only had enough tickets for four people, but with Felicia's ticket everyone can go. The girls resolve to go to the park, and enjoy their dinner.


The little Kyubey's silhouette appeared in a different place everyday of the login bonus.

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