Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Felicia Episode

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Felicia ate Tsuruno's huge ice candy which has her name written on it. However, since she cannot read kanji, she ate the thing without realizing it was her's. Tsuruno began reprimanding Yachiyo when she learned that she knew Felicia ate the candy and was preparing to buy the same one so Tsuruno can still have her share. Tsuruno thinks Yachiyo is not being responsible, but she says it is impossible to guard the fridge 24 hours. Felicia knew she was at fault which caused the argument and is so overwhelmed with guilt and anger because no one is listening to her confession that she lost control and flipped the kitchen table, locking herself in her room while regretting her actions. Tsuruno and Yachiyo calm down and apologize to each other, making up as they clean the kitchen together.

That night, Felicia had a dream where her falling grades led to a huge argument between her parents as they blamed each other for neglecting her. Dad is busy with work and mom with housework. Both ignore her confession for being dumb and promising to try harder, ending with her mom storming back into the kitchen as she begins frying stuff for dinner. Felicia recalls that a witch attacked immediately after, killing her parents and she wakes up from the nightmare.

She goes into kitchen to drink water, but Iroha is there and she points out that she is pale and tells her to get some rest and she will bring water to her. Felicia loses her temper and storms out of the house, so Iroha wakes the others up to find her.

At a park, Felicia hears a voice claiming to be her and telling her she knows why she is feeling ill after the nightmare, and tells her she has the right to know then pulls her into a barrier. Inside, another Felicia lures her to open a box locked with many locks and tells her it contains the answer. It even reveals itself as her doppel as she lures Felicia. She almost opens the box, but remembers Yachiyo once said sometimes something is best left unknown, and her instincts also tell her she is not ready to open the box.

She promises the doppel that she will return once she is stronger and hopes she can hold on to the truth in her place. The doppel accepts Felicia's promise and returns back to normal, and Felicia wakes up at Mitama's place.

She is informed by Iroha and Yachiyo that they found her in a park unconscious and thus rushed her to Mitama's. Felicia tells the duo of the happenings with another her and how she wants to be strong enough to fulfill her promise. Mitama offers a free power up session to support her.

Iroha recalls that they found Felicia releasing her doppel in a park and then losing consciousness. Yachiyo notes that this has never happened before, and recalls that the Amane sisters had once bragged that doppels are materialized emotions.

She concludes that Felicia must be carrying a heavy burden for her to lose consciousness when releasing her emotions, and tells Iroha to keep this a secret until either Felicia realizes it herself or is strong enough to take in whatever the truth is.