Magia Record Story Golden Week Campaign

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These following cutscenes were shown to players who logged in during Golden Week.

Day 1

Kaede has taken in a lost kitten she found and has nursed it back to health. However, her family is taking a weeklong vacation and while a relative of theirs was able to take in most of their pets, they're highly allergic to cats and so Kaede has asked team Yachiyo if they could take the cat in for a few days. Yachiyo is hesitant at first, but Iroha promises to take care of it along with Sana. Tsuruno claims Yachiyo is heartless for not taking the poor kitten in while Felicia is ok with having a cat around. After threatening to not make hot cocoa for Felicia for bed time anymore, Yachiyo relents and agrees to allow the cat so stay with them just until Kaede's family has returned from their vacation. Kaede asks Sana to help name the cat, so Sana names it "Gorojirou", after her favorite cartoon mascot Gorogoro.

Day 2

Tsuruno has been stopping by daily after her deliveries to help look after Gorojirou and to play with the new pet. After playing so much, Gorojirou is hungry and the girls give it some cat food. After seeing the way Gorojirou wolfed down its food, Tsuruno wishes the customers at her restaurant would eat as heartily as it did and was about to offer the cat some chinese food but Sana stops her, warning her that human food could hurt the cat. Tsuruno then offers to think up some chinese food that would be safe for the cat to eat.

As she's thinking out loud, the cat begins to search around the house and Sana notices it was walking peculiarly. She realizes Gorojirou needs to use the restroom and before it can begin to urinate on the carpet, Sana swoops the cat up and hurries it to its litter box just as Yachiyo appears to call them down for lunch. Yachiyo asks if everything is ok as the three girls assure her there've been no accidents here.

Day 3

Felicia is eager to play with Gorojirou, but all she does is chase it around the house in an attempt to get it to play with her. Sana explains the cat will keep running if she keeps chasing it, and it would be better to lure the cat over with a toy of some kind. She tears the handle off of a paper bag and hands it to Felicia. Felicia waves the long paper strip around, causing Gorojirou to pounce on it repeatedly. Delighted, Felicia keeps using the paper handle to play with Gorojirou, eventually chasing each other around the house until Felicia can't run anymore. Exhausted, Felicia collapses onto the couch and proceeds to take a nap. As Felicia is napping, Gorojirou walks over and curls up on Felicia's chest where they both proceed to take a nap all afternoon together.

Day 4

As the days pass, Gorojirou has grown slightly bigger and has grown accustomed to all the people of Mikazuki House. It seems to especially love Iroha, who politely takes care of him. As Sana and Iroha play with Gorojirou, Iroha wants to take a picture of it to send back to her parents. While Gorojirou was eager to sit and purr in Iroha's lap, it is in no mood for pictures and keeps turning away every time they point their cell phone cameras at it. Sana then suggests they take a video of the cat instead. Iroha agrees and begins to record footage of Gorojirou, who merely looks away again before jumping off and running off into the house. As they review the video, it seems that Iroha accidentally switched to the front camera halfway and most of the video consists of Iroha's face.

Day 5

Since Iroha had gone shopping, Sana decided to stay at home and keep an eye on Gorojirou since she was worried about leaving him home alone. However, Gorojirou would jump at Sana's touch since it could neither see nor hear her (due to Sana's invisibility). Since Iroha had left the door to her room ajar, Gorojirou wandered in and Sana had no idea how to get the cat back out of the room without scaring it, especially since it had begun to gnaw on Iroha's favorite pillow. As Sana tried to come up with a solution, Yachiyo appeared and offered to help lure the cat out so Sana could close the door behind him. Sana thanked her for her help as Yachiyo explained that it wasn't that she hated cats since her grandmother would keep them as pets. It turns out Yachiyo loves cats, but didn't want to get too attached to Gorojirou since she knew it was only a temporary arrangement and saying goodbye would be even harder. She decided it wasn't right of her to be selfish like that and it would be better if they made Gorojirou's stay with them as pleasant as possible.

Day 6

As Gorojirou began to show interest in the various items around him, he had the bad misfortune of wandering into Felicia's room and chewing up her favorite Decagon Ball sticker. Sana was worried Felicia would be mad if she saw it, but she didn't have enough time to get to the store and buy her a new one before she came home. She didn't want to hide it from Felicia either, so when Felicia came home shortly after she showed her the sticker. Felicia was mad when she found out what had happened and told Sana to give the cat back to Kaede already. Sana tried to apologize on Gorojirou's behalf and promised to buy Felicia a new sticker to make it up to her and reminded her that Gorojirou would be going back to Kaede the next day. Felicia huffs off in a storm anyways, as Yachiyo and Iroha ask Sana for cat toys so they can play with Gorojirou while they still have a chance.

Day 7

Kaede has returned from her family vacation with souvenir cookies for everyone as thanks. As Kaede thanks them, she gets ready to say goodbye and leave with Gorojirou. Felicia begins to tear up and insists that Gorojirou stay so they can finish their rematch while Tsuruno is also sad to see Gorojirou leaving. Iroha thanks Gorojirou for brightening up their lives and reminds Felicia and Tsuruno that they can still see the cat whenever they want at Kaede's house. While Sana wishes it could stay, she also understands that it's time for the cat to return to its proper home and she's happy just to have made so many happy memories with it. Sana gives Kaede Gorojirou's favorite cat toy that she made as a going away gift. Just as their leaving, Gorojirou looks right at Sana and gives her a meow goodbye, prompting Sana to begin crying happily as she says goodbye for now to her new best friend.

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