Magia Record Mirrors Story Layers 1 - 12

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Layer 1

Iroha Tamaki enters a pitch black place that suddenly lights up. She says the place feels like a witch's mansion. In a flashback, Iroha gets an invitation from a witch's familiar, which shoots it at her. The invitation says in bad handwriting: "We invite you to the mansion and will welcome you with open arms" with a map to a location named "Mirror Mansion". Back in the present, Iroha finds Mitama Yakumo is at the mansion. Mitama explains she wasn't invited, she just came there on her own. Iroha asks what the mansion is. She notes the mansion is empty save for two large mirrors facing each other. Mitama thinks about how to explain things, but then pauses. She tells Iroha to be careful, and that she doesn't fight so she can't go with Iroha. When Iroha asks her to explain, Mitama says it's like a ritual and Iroha should be fine. After she tells Iroha to have a good time, a familiar appears and throws Iroha into a barrier. When Iroha wakes up she sees a copy of herself. The other Iroha laughs and attacks.

Layer 2

After beating her duplicate, it runs away and she finds herself in the mansion's entrance. Mitama explains Iroha was in the barrier for five hours before going into more detail about the mansion, which she calls the "Mansion of the Mirror Witch". She says the mansion belongs to a witch that deliberately invites magical girls inside, like a venus flytrap. She points to one of the mirrors and explains Iroha came out of it. Inside the mirror are the layers of the Mirror Witch's barrier. Mitama explains that the barrier has many layers that compose it, and it is nicknamed "The Mirrors Without End". Mitama says the Mirror Witch lies at the end of the barrier, but admits it's something like a rumor.

Mitama then tells Iroha that the barrier is populated by replicas. She said that when Iroha was first attacked in the mansion the familiar took her form to be copied. These copies are initially weak, but as time goes by, the witch can make more powerful copies. Iroha tells Mitama that she already fought her duplicate. Mitama says that it's alright; the witch has copies of every magical girl that came to the mansion, and that the copies are only magical duplicates. She tells Iroha to be careful since the copies may be of people she knows. Iroha decides to prepare herself to fight the Mirror Witch. Mitama tells Iroha that the Mirror Witch has some kind of hidden secret that relates to Kamihama City. (She also tells Iroha she's there because the enemies drop "Mirror Coins" which she buys from magical girls). Iroha goes into the barrier, with Mitama's encouragement.

Layer 3

After entering the barrier, Iroha finds Kaede Akino yelling at herself. Iroha quickly identifies the duplicate, as it's telling the real Kaede that she's a loser. Iroha intervenes when the fake Kaede tries to attack the real one. However, she's unable to attack the fake Kaede, even though she knows it's not the real one. The fake attacks, but is stopped by Yachiyo Nanami. Yachiyo tells Iroha to defeat the fake and move forward.

Layer 4

After the false Kaede is defeated, Yachiyo says the real one has some stress built up. Kaede insists she's nothing like the copy and asks Yachiyo what she's doing here. Yachiyo says she sometimes comes to the Mirror Witch's barrier to investigate, and came across the girls via coincidence. Iroha reveals why she came into the barrier. Kaede reveals that she came in with Momoko Togame and Rena Minami, but got separated. Kaede also reveals this is only their second time in the barrier. Iroha wonders if they are all free to come and leave the barrier as they please. Yachiyo explains that the barrier constantly changes although if you track your own magical energy you can come back to a place you've been to. The group decides to return to Mitama.

Layer 5

Mitama claims she hasn't seen Momoko or Rena leave. Yachiyo admits she can't even be sure they're still in the barrier, due to the strangeness of the place. Iroha asks Mitama why they're allowed to leave the barrier, even though the Mirror Witch supposedly wants to devour them. Mitama says there have been magical girls who don't come back, and the entire setup is to encourage magical girls to go farther than they're prepared for. Yachiyo thinks the witch is ill-mannered. Mitama reassures Kaede that Momoko and Rena are fine. The group head into the barrier to find Momoko and Rena. Iroha wonders if this is the Mirror Witch's plan

Layer 6

While looking for Momoko and Rena, the girls spot someone standing in front of a mirror. The girl tells herself that she is the most beautiful person today too. Sensing the group, she recognizes Yachiyo on sight and introduces herself as Ria Ami. Ria claims to be Yachiyo's rival, but Yachiyo barely remembers who she is. Ria also claims she isn't a Mirror duplicate. Kaede is scared by Ria's exuberance, but Yachiyo says her bark is worse than her bite (probably). Yachiyo asks if Ria is here by herself. Ria says she can handle the barrier alone, unwilling to admit her schedule didn't line up with anyone else's. Kaede still thinks Ria's not real. Ria claims she can't forgive those fakes for duplicating her (though she does understand why they would copy her beauty). She poses in front of the mirror, saying a fake couldn't be this beautiful. Iroha can't tell the difference. Seeing something shine, Yachiyo tells Ria to stop facing the mirror. Ria blows her off. Suddenly Yachiyo disappears. Ria wonders if she's responsible.

Layer 7

As Iroha and Kaede tried to understand what happened, Ria exclaims she didn't do it on purpose. She says she only tried to show Yachiyo the mirror with Ria's own reflection, and believes that triggered Yachiyo's disappearance. She insists it's an accident. Kaede is disheartened but Iroha reassures her. The two leave, but are stopped by Ria who says she wants to help. Iroha says Ria doesn't have to go out of her way, but Ria says she has a bit of time. She still insists she did nothing wrong. Iroha accepts Ria's offer. Ria leaves to go searching and tells the other girls to follow her.

Layer 8

Yachiyo is alive, and still in the barrier. She still can't remember Ria's name. Suddenly she runs into Momoko. Yachiyo says she was looking for her. Momoko immediately attacks, claiming Yachiyo is a fake. She says the real Yachiyo wouldn't say something "that twisted". Yachiyo tries to talk, but Momoko refuses to listen. Suddenly another Yachiyo arrives, and commands Momoko to be pierced by her lance. She says tells Momoko to hurry, as she wants to pierce her.

The real Yachiyo wonders if this is a joke, and says this is the first time she's seen a replica like that. Yachiyo quickly realizes that Momoko had met that replica and attacked the real Yachiyo by mistake. Momoko is embarrassed that the real Yachiyo saw a bad side of her. Yachiyo asks Momoko what she really thinks of her, but Momoko pretends not to listen. The false Yachiyo asks them what they're doing, and is promptly destroyed by the real Yachiyo and Momoko. The two prepare to fight other replicas.

Layer 9

After dragging Iroha and Kaede along with her, Ria suddenly stops. She says she noticed another person there, who turns out to be Rena. Kaede calls out to Rena and immediately realizes she's a fake when she doesn't respond antagonistically. The false Rena acts shy, which Kaede thinks is adorable. Kaede tells the real girls she wants to talk to the fake for a bit. Kaede uses the opportunity to take out her pent-up anger towards Rena by poking the fake in the cheeks. Suddenly, someone says Kaede seems like she's having fun.

Layer 10

The speaker turns out to be the real Rena, and Kaede confirms it when Rena starts yelling at her. The fake Rena then attacks when they're distracted. Suddenly Momoko and Yachiyo arrive. As both groups aren't sure if the other is real, Yachiyo suggests they prove their identities to a test of strength. The fake Rena calls other familiars and the girls fight.

Layer 11

After the girls leave the barrier, Kaede apologizes to Rena for the way she treated her duplicate. Yachiyo still doesn't remember Ria's name. Ria said that since she sent Yachiyo to where Momoko was she helped Kaede reunite with her teammates. Yachiyo says she saw something interesting, to Momoko's protests. Mitama says that the thing which caused Yachiyo to disappear won't occur again, since the barrier is constantly changing. Mitama explains there have been many reasons magical girls go missing in the barrier. However, she does tell Ria to watch out for the mirrors in the Mirror Witch's barrier. An annoyed Ria decides she'll carry a hand mirror from now on.

As everyone else departs, Iroha hangs back with Mitama. Iroha says she felt something was off when she was in the barrier, as if something was prickling in her heart. Mitama encourages her to go deeper inside, but warns Iroha if she looks into the mirror too much, she could lose sight of herself. She suggests Iroha should balance her curiosity with her safety. She also says if Iroha defeats the Mirror Witch then she can move to doing a new business. Iroha narrates about the day's events, and thinks this might be the first time she's stood in front of a mirror.

Layer 12

Iroha returns to the Mirror Witch's mansion, curious about what Mitama said. This time when she enters the mansion, Mitama issn't there. However, she is surprised when Tsuruno Yui appears and insists they go in together. Tsuruno says she goes into the barrier as part of her training, since her copies make good opponents. Unbeknownst to Iroha, Yachiyo asked Tsuruno to look out for Iroha if she ever comes to the Mirror Witch's mansion. Yachiyo thinks the barrier is still too dangerous for Iroha by herself.

As Tsuruno mutters about her acting skills, Iroha overhears her talking to herself. Tsuruno lies about what she was saying and claims that if they concentrate, they can hear mysterious voices. She is shocked when they actually do hear someone laughing. The speaker is Emiri Kisaki, who Tsuruno introduces to Iroha. The girls are surprised when three other Emiri's appear.

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