Magia Record Story The Call of the Open Sea

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Part 1

Shorter Summary

Mikage heard of treasures near the private beach of the Satomi therapy resort, so Mitama dragged Momoko there to look for treasure, and for a vacation from the Kimochi stone business. She got a discount by asking Touka for help.

The resort is near to a Tokime sub-branch village as well, and Shizuka trio wandered to the beach unknowingly. The five of them have lots of fun, and so Shizuka invites them to the village.

There is a Romeo and Juliet thing going on, and they decide to help the couple by proving nothing bad will happen if a villager romance an outsider.

Anyway, it is learnt that this taboo came since a villager in the past chose to become a Miko (Magical Girl) to confess to the guy she likes. The village is pissed at her for wasting her wish for personal gain and not for Japan, so the couple fled.

The boat fell in the storm, presuming to kill the guy and living the Miko alive alone. After leaving her voice, memories and thoughts in coastal areas of the village, she turned into a witch hating the village.

Momoko, who understood how the girl felt, got possessed and lost conscious. The rest of the girls try to find a way to wake her up with the modern Romeo whom is an archaeologist in training. He gave important insights, but Momoko went missing.

The story end with Momoko, possessed by the Miko, going into despair that her boyfriend is dead and threw herself off the cliff to join him.

Bad Ends

  • Momoko and Mitama chose not to butt in to the business, resulting in the couple elope but failed, making the village even more conservative and the girl grounded in the village forever. It also ruined Momoko and Mitama's relationship as they blame themselves for the incident.
  • They found actual treasure as they try to prove that a relationship between a villager and outsider will not incur heavenly wrath, but found real treasure in return. The boy and his dad became Indiana Jones Sr and Jr, moving out of Japan to further their work, and the couple eventually drifted apart.
  • The girls decide to lie about their findings, but the truth eventually came out, screwing everyone involved in the incident: The couple were forced apart, Mitama and Momoko's relationship went sour, and the reputation and name of the Tokime head is stained for lying.

Longer Summary

The event begins with a flash-forward prologue set at night, with Momoko upon a cliff and a dark aura engulfing her. She mutters to herself about how she's been waiting for so long...waiting for "him" to come and get her...and how she wants to go to where he is...

Now we head back to the very beginning, to a day where Momoko visits Mitama, and Mitama abruptly announces the Coordinator Awards, declaring the winner of the Kindness category - the absolute hardest award to achieve in the none other than Momoko herself! Momoko instantly knows something's up - that there's going to be a prize, and it's some kind of ridiculous stunt Mitama wants her to carry out - and Momoko is exactly right.

This time, Mitama wants to drag Momoko on a treasure hunt. She explains Mikage overheard an interesting fairy tale at the Tomorrow Shop the other day - a story of a young girl with mysterious powers, her love for a sailor, how they eloped from town with a treasure they stole - only to become shipwrecked, and the treasure to fall to the lightless depths of the sea. Mikage realized that this fairy tale may actually be based on a real-life treasure, and wants to find it! (Momoko remarks that Mikage has really been growing up to be like her big sis; and Mitama says, "Yeah, she's really taken after my curiosity!!" which alas, isn't what Momoko meant.)

Fortunately, Mitama has located the village from the fairy tale - but unfortunately, it's outside of Kamihama, so she doesn't want to take Mikage with her. And with all the kerfuffle over the Kimochi Stones, Mitama doesn't have many people she can ask. Momoko goes "Oh, but it's okay to ask me?" and Mitama says of course - she's the winner of the kindness category, after all! Well, Momoko gives in. Mitama, of course, knew all along Momoko would say yes - Momoko is her guardian, after all - to the point she's already arranged for their accommodations! And poor Momoko finally realizes Mitama was never going to give her the chance to say no.

It turns out the village was very close to a sanatorium/health resort that the Satomi family owned. Thanks to Touka pulling some strings, Mitama got a great bargain for the place, and since they're the only residents at the moment, they get an entire beach all to themselves!

They start their summer fun - erm, treasure hunt - with a fun walk to see the sights on the beach, only to hear some visitors coming up behind them...none other than Shizuka, Sunao, and Chiharu from the Tokime Clan! They seem to have gotten dreadfully lost and ended up on this beach. While exhausted, Shizuka finds renewed determination as she looks out over the sea - she plans to swim to the other end and surprise Natsuki! Charu and Sunao talk her down before she does anything reckless, and at that moment, Mitama and Momoko arrive.

Each group is shocked to see the other, and Mitama explains the beach is private property, which makes the Tokimes reel - Shizuka talks about how "the village elder" told them to avoid this exact beach because it's not open to the public, and Chiharu is sure they'll be in for the scolding of a lifetime...but Momoko and Mitama say they would be happy to have the Tokimes join them. It's just a matter of alerting the manager that they'll be hanging out together, and while they both enjoy having the place to themselves, the beach is much more fun with friends. Besides, since Mitama knows Shizuka is new to the beach and ocean, she says she'll teach her and Charu some of her top-secret beach techniques, which gets their attention and convinces them to graciously accept Mitama and Momoko's generosity.

First off, they need to get some beach goods from the resort, like floaties and beach balls. Momoko offers to go fetch them and give the heads up to the resort manager. As she runs off, though, once alone, she nearly slips on the cliffs, barely avoiding a disastrous fall by grabbing a tree - and then hears a voice on the wind, whispering, "I'm waiting for you..." She chalks it up to her imagination, then runs to get the goods.

After all their fun and games (see Sunao's costume story), Momoko returns to their room, utterly exhausted, and falls right asleep...and has a strange dream. In it, a girl is sobbing, saying it is a Diviner's duty to use her wish for the benefit of the Land of the Rising Sun...but she has a wish of her own that she desperately needs fulfilled. She knows it's selfish to want to share her feelings with a special someone...yet yearns for the courage and power to tell him nevertheless. Momoko, thinking this must be a dream sprung up from her wish, decides to comfort the girl. When it comes to relationships, she thinks better to take a risk and fail than not to try at all. She encourages the girl to do her best and not to give up. The girl seems surprised to see Momoko, but then thanks her for her support - and then Momoko wakes up. It really was just a dream...but it felt oddly real all the same.

Mitama notices her awake (and teases her about muttering about losing her Mocha Rabbit doll while in her sleep - Momoko grouses and tells her to quit lying). They head out and meet with the Tokimes again, who offer an outing of their own as thanks for Mitama and Momoko's generosity - the three of them are staying in a local village, home to one of the Tokime branch families, which will be hosting a festival in honor of the Diviners. In these parts, Diviners are sort of known, but treated as a myth; the village hasn't had one in a very long time. But with the Tokimes having revealed themselves, the village is celebrating them, asking the trio to explain what it's like to be a Diviner and the stories surrounding it. And there's plenty of fun to be had, too, so MitaMomo take them up on their offer. As a bonus, Mitama thinks someone at the village may know more about the long lost treasure.

Once at the village, Momoko and Mitama have a meeting with the elder. They soon get to chatting about the legend of the sunken boat and its treasure, and the elder reveals the village's side of the story - rather than it being the tragic Romeo and Juliet kind of story that Mikage heard, in the village, it's the story of a malicious man that tricked a young Diviner, convincing her to steal the village treasure and run off with him... But the gods, furious at the girl for abandoning her duties to her village and homeland, punished her by throwing her and her lover off the ship, and sinking them and the treasure far beneath the sea.

The elder explains further that the tides off the coast of the village are very dangerous - most villagers steer clear from sailing out too far. He tells Mitama and Momoko to call off the treasure hunt, but Mitama pushes him further - first, by being cheeky and saying they're not going treasure hunting, they're going sailing - and the old man seems to consider that they're friends of the head family and the heiress of the clan, too, so he can make some arrangements. He'll get them a boat and someone to take them out, but if they get the slightest whiff of danger, they'll head back immediately. Mitama is happy with this arrangement, and she and Momoko go out to enjoy the festival.

While exploring, they notice a big commotion around where the Tokimes are giving their talk - a girl named Miyo is up in their face, demanding they talk to the elder about something. Momoko manages to get things to simmer down, convincing the girl to head over to a village meeting house with Mitama, Momoko, and the Tokimes.

There, the girl explains the village has a rule deeming that adolescents are barred from having romantic relationships with those who live outside the village. It makes sense to the magical girls - Mitama supposes it was a custom put in place to prevent Diviners from shirking their duties. Shizuka explains while their village didn't have such a tradition she knew of, girls with the potential to become Diviners were strictly forbidden from leaving the village grounds, so there may be a similar motivation. Sunao, too, supposes that since the Diviner's shipwreck was attributed to an act of god, it's likely the villagers are too scared to want to change this custom.

But Miyo soon lets the cat out of the bag - the reason she's so ardently against this custom is because she has crush who lives outside the village. When she spoke with the elder about rescinding the rule, though, he blew her off; she thinks that since the village reveres Diviners so much, maybe they can talk him into changing his mind. Momoko recalls her oddly coincidental dream, and how it lines up with what's happening with Miyo...and thus we come to our first decision branch: Does Momoko decide to help this girl, or does she hold back?

If Momoko holds back, move to Bad Ending 2. On the other hand, if Momoko immediately agrees to help Miyo, the others go along for the ride. At first, Mitama calls Momoko out for being so meddlesome (though Momoko points out that Mitama isn't one to talk), then admits that Momoko isn't wrong for doing so. Five magical girls go to see the elder with Miyo, but he gets mad at them for interfering with village matters, and tells them to stay out of it, and that the customs aren't changing.

The Tokimes stay back to negotiate with the elder more, while Mitama, Momoko, and Miyo decide to walk back to the resort together. Along the way, they chat and get to know each other. Miyo finds Momoko and Mitama are here for the long-lost treasure, and Mitama and Momoko in turn pry out more info on the guy Miyo likes - he's a nerd named Yuta, whose father is a historian studying the local culture. He looked up to his dad so much when he was little, frequently coming with him on trips to this village, which was how he and Miyo met. Mitama teases Miyo for falling for his earnestness, while Momoko thinks about how falling in love is such a sensitive, important thing - and that forcing someone to give up love against their own free will is fundamentally wrong. She's even more determined to help Miyo now, and they start forming a game plan.

Just then, the Tokimes catch up to the trio. While they tried persuading the elder, he wouldn't have it. Charu used her personal magic and found there was no spite or malice within the elder; he genuinely believes this is the right thing and must be done. Therefore, they need to understand why this tradition is so important to the village. If it really is just about keeping Diviners in place, then it shouldn't still be around, given that Diviners haven't been present in decades, if not longer. It may be that they don't really believe it's a matter of divine punishment - if so, then there could be something else the village is trying to protect...

The plan starts coming together - first, they'll get in touch with Charu and Shizuka's moms at the village to see if they can find any info or records on this branch family village and its going-ons. Next, they'll track down the wrecked boat to see if there's anything that can be gleaned from there - while the character don't believe the boat was sunk due to divine intervention, they need proof to convince the villagers. If they can do that, then they can shut down the main argument in favor of the custom. And since Miyo's dad is a fisherman and they're all working together now, Miyo can have her dad help them. Mitama is very amped up for this - for the treasure hunt, and for the sake of helping a girl in love.

Later, the Tokimes, Mitama, Momoko, and Miyo's dad head out to sea, landing at a deserted island. It's as far as they can travel without risking the rapids. They figure it's a good place to survey the terrain and make their next moves, like determining how they'll track down the location of the ship, and deciding how to dive down to it. In terms of locating the ship, they decide to return to the village and review any archives and old books it may have - realizing that Yuta, the local history nut, might have some information they can work with.

As for diving...Shizuka simply says they can just swim out themselves, and immediately sprints into the sea. Sunao and Chiharu freak out - Shizuka has never experienced the ocean before! - and Momoko charges and swims after her, imploring her to come back. Shizuka doesn't get why, until she suddenly gets caught in the tides, struggling to get her head above the water. Momoko saves her and helps her back to land. Shizuka is humbled, and scolded by a distraught Charu and Sunao.

In any case, with that demonstration of why they can't just swim out there...Mitama realizes she might be able to help them. She could adjust them into a form better suited for swimming and diving, like how she's adjusted swimsuits before...but she won't be able to handle the magical burden of maintaining such an adjustment on five magical girls at once. For now, they all agree to return home - but Chiharu is disappointed that they came all this way only to return to the village empty-handed. Shizuka, though, found a rusty, ancient tool that people from the olden days must have surely used...!

Cue Sunao having to explain what lighters are on their way back home.

Back at the village, they meet with Miyo and Yuta. Yuta gives them the lowdown on what he's learned about the legend - first of all, in reality, the sailor was likely from a foreign country, working on a trade ship that is documented to have sunken off the coast of the village. That ship surely held many valuable goods, which may be the origin of the lost treasure in the fairy tale.

At the same time, Yuta says it's also likely the sailor himself and his Diviner girlfriend eloped and escaped on a small boat, and that their boat sunk as well. He (and his father) therefore speculate that there are two shipwrecks they seem to be after - the Diviner's, and the treasure's. Unfortunately, there are no better location details than what they have, but Yuta thinks there are two leads they can still explore: a shrine on a hill, where the Diviners used to carry out ceremonies in honor of the god of calm seas, and an Ishizuka, or a stone monument. In this case, it serves as a place of mourning for those lost in ocean disasters. While Yuta hasn't found anything himself, he's noticed odd happenings in those areas - like strange voices upon the wind (which gets Momoko's attention).

The girls decide they've no better options to pursue, and so we come to our next branched decision, basically deciding whether the player wants to follow Mitama, Shizuka, and Sunao exploring the shrine, or Momoko and Charu exploring the stone mound... In the end, you have to explore both (though each are associated with their own Bad End in Part 1). And so, in the name of the legendary detective Kouichi Todoroki, Charu vows to uncover a clue to finding the lost boats!

Starting with Team Momoko, Momoko and Chiharu arrive at the ishizuka after a grueling trek. Unfortunately, it has no immediate clues, but Chiharu thinks there must surely be something they can only uncover as magical girl, given this case involves a fellow Diviner. She starts by sensing for malicious intent within the shrine, and finds nothing.

Next, they figure they should start touching the cairn. Charu gets hyped and wonders if maybe the stones will start glowing and revealing a secret message, like something out of a movie, which gives Momoko a chuckle. But they touch the monument anyway, and both of them hear the voice Momoko heard on the beach earlier: "I'm waiting for you."

That's all they get from it, however, and we get our next branching point: they only have a limited amount of time to investigate the case. Should they try figuring out the deal with the voice, even if it has nothing to do with the shipwreck, or should they move on to something else?

If they ignore the voice, go to Bad Ending 1. But in the proper route, Momoko figures she's heard the voice twice now, and wants to understand what's going on with it, and Charu eagerly agrees to help. Charu, using her sleuthing skills, deduces that the Diviner's personal magic must have allowed her to infuse her voice within objects; Momoko thinks to herself that the Diviner she saw in her dream and the voice she keeps hearing must be one and the same. She wants to figure out what happened, and she and Charu touch the stones one more time to see if a different result happens - and it sure does.

This time, Momoko has a vision of the Diviner's life: she defied her duty to the Land of the Rising Sun and made a wish to Kyūbē-sama for the power to convey her feelings to her crush. Momoko then snaps awake to a worried Charu, who didn't get the vision. While Momoko doesn't have a lead on the shipwreck, she explains she does know who the voice belonged to now, and they run off to find Mitama's group.

Meanwhile, after own arduous journey, Team Mitama arrives at the shrine; along the way, Mitama talks to Shizuka and Sunao about how this entire trip isn't really about finding the treasure - the Kimochi wars are so stressful, so Mitama wanted to help her and Momoko have fun and relax. Still, she says she's sincerely invested in this mystery now. She also teases Shizuka and Sunao a bit about how they'll all split up the treasure, which makes Shizuka talk about how Mitama breaks her expectations. Normally, Shizuka expected a Coordinator to be all serious business and no-nonsense (like Livia or Yozuru), and while this wounds Mitama at first, Shizuka explains glad Mitama is different. The Tokime Clan doesn't have anyone who's as fun, joke-y, and laidback as Mitama, so it's quite refreshing for Shizuka; Sunao agrees as well.

Once at the shrine, they spot a huge pile of stones behind it. Now we're at our next branch: Does Mitama dig up the stones, or does she think of something else they can do?

If Mitama comes up with another brilliant plan, move to Bad Ending 3. In the proper route, though, the trio digs up the stones, unearthing an old box with a bracelet crafted from seashells. When she, Shizuka, and Sunao touch it, they all hear the "I'm waiting for you" voice - Mitama comes to a similar conclusion as Charu, that a Diviner may have cast her voice into the bracelet.

The group reunites, discussing Momoko's vision. They find it odd that only Momoko saw it; the others remark they had the feeling of a presence flitting through their minds, but it was gone. Charu mulls it over some more, and concludes Momoko was able to see the vision because she was the only one who could truly empathize with it - and she's dead on. Mitama immediately figures out what's up - she knows that Momoko has faced heartbreak before, much like the Diviner did. Momoko asks to touch the bracelet as well, though Mitama warns her that knowing the past will not change it, and gripes at her again for being meddlesome - but Momoko points out how that meddling has saved Mitama's life at least once, so Mitama acquiesces and hands over the bracelet, despite her reservations…

Which are unfortunately grounded in reality. Momoko cries out in pain and confusion and is assaulted with visions, then falls unconscious. Mitama, thinking fast, decides to plunge into Momoko's soul and see whatever it was Momoko just saw...

The flashback to the Diviner's life continues from where we left off - the Diviner has confessed her feelings, and her lover sincerely feels the same. They decide to leave together, and visit the village elder for his blessing. But their union is denounced, the villagers claiming the Diviner was seduced and has failed to understand the significance of her duty, and they're both put into custody.

The lovers manage to escape, fleeing by boat and promising to be together no matter what - but it's all for naught as they ride into dangerous waters. They crash and capsize, and the waves keep them torn apart from each other, screaming and trying to reunite - they cannot do so, but the sailor promises that even if they're separated, he will return, and begs her to wait for him.

The Diviner, having survived, wakes up on the village shore. She spends her days dutifully waiting for him, infusing her voice into objects and casting them in the sea, certain that her lover survived and that he will receive her messages. The final things she seals away is a bracelet - not the shell one, but one that the sailor gave to her. She breaks down once she sends it out, wondering why what she did was so wrong - that if the villagers had accepted her love, this wouldn't have happened - and...

Mitama snaps out of the flashback. Momoko's soul gem has gone dark in the meantime, and Shizuka acts to purify it. They decide to head back to the resort, and Charu and Shizuka help each other carry Momoko's unconscious body.

Mitama thanks them both for the hard work once they arrive; Shizuka says it's no problem, that they're used to carrying the injured by now (though Charu wishes the circumstances were different). They then discuss the memories Mitama saw; that the Diviner lived, the sailor's fate is unknown, but either way, it seems to indicate that there was no divine punishment. Still, they'll have no luck in convincing the villagers of that with just a memory only Mitama and Momoko saw.

Shizuka finds it odd that even though Mitama saw the memories, too, she wasn't taken down like Momoko; Mitama says the memory likely resonated with Momoko on a far more personal level than it did Mitama herself, without elaborating too deeply (likely to maintain Momoko's privacy).

They decide to ask Yuta to come by the resort to check out the bracelet and box. Before that, Shizuka asks for the fate of the Diviner. Mitama reveals that in the Diviner's final breakdown, she turned into a witch.

With everyone (save Momoko) gathered, they recap what they've learned. Charu figures out that, judging from the chronology Yuta lays out, that there were two trade ships that came to the village - the initial one, where the sailor met the Diviner, and a second one, which later capsized outside the village and sunk to the ocean floor along with its treasures. She believes that the sailor did come back, just as he promised - he may have been on that second ship!

If they can identify the ship, they'd be able to confirm either way. And if it holds up, that should be proof enough that the sailor wasn't killed by the gods for his transgression. But they still don't know where the ship could be... Before they can dig into that, though, the resort manager interrupts with some iced tea. He says he stopped by Momoko and Mitama's room because he saw the door open, but no one was inside...and everyone flips. Momoko is gone, and left her phone behind - and Mitama has a terrible, awful feeling, and they all run out to find Momoko.

And so Part 1 ends where we began - with Momoko standing upon a cliff at night, the black aura engulfing her, talking about how "she's" been waiting for him - how even if she cast her voice into the wind, he never came, despite his promise - because her lover is dead. And now, the only thing she wants is to be with him again...

Bad Ending 1

In the bad end, she and Charu decide to put aside the voice. They meet up with Mitama's team, who have dug up an old box with a shell bracelet within; when they touched the bracelet, they all heard the exact same voice Charu and Momoko did. They take it back to Yuta, but alas, he can't figure anything else about the shipwreck by using the bracelet.

Having exhausted all their leads, Momoko proposes a reckless stunt - they'll take the bracelet to the elder and claim they found it washed ashore on the beach. She imagines the discovery of such an old artifact may prompt a survey of the ocean floor, allowing them to find the shipwreck and treasure. Mitama goes for it, even though the Tokimes very much do not want to lie about this, though they reluctantly go along with it in the end.

In a word, the plan backfires - the bracelet is obviously not from the ocean, given its good condition despite its age - and the elder punishes them for disturbing the old shrine and causing trouble with the village, by having them write apology letters to all the villagers and do chores as community service. Thus, the gang is sent home having accomplished nothing, and Momoko is left wondering if they had pursued the mystery of the voice, would things have changed...?

Bad Ending 2

If Momoko decides to hold off on helping instead of going in gung ho, we cut to her and Mitama in the meeting area, pondering their decision. Momoko wants to help, but feels like as an outsider, she’d be meddling with something she shouldn’t interfere with. Mitama believes they should stay out of this. Momoko acquiesces. Miyo is not happy, of course, and Momoko still feels guilty, even after the village elder arrange for their boat ride.

Since Momoko is still feeling down in the dumps just as they're about to embark on a treasure hunt, decides to whisk them off on a fun beach trip before they begin. It doesn't do much for Momoko. Mitama tries to explain that Momoko is very kind - and that's a good thing - but right now, she's worrying way too much about this. They did the right thing in non-intervention, but Momoko just can't get convinced.

From here, Mitama becomes very frustrated. She can't deal with Momoko anymore and storms off on her own to get something to drink. Momoko goes after her and Mitama snaps that she doesn't need a babysitter - just as she abruptly slips and falls over a rock. Momoko catches up and frets over her, and this builds up to Mitama lashing out even more (like saying Momoko has to buy her the drinks, then snapping at Momoko for treating Mitama like a walking, talking wallet), and poor Momoko is left utterly confused.

We round off this bad end with everyone back in Kamihama. It turns out Mitama and Momoko are now no longer on speaking terms; Momoko finishes explaining the situation to KaeRena, and asks them to return a tchotchke she borrowed from Mitama. Kaede and Rena agree (but Rena says Momoko owes them a parfait once Momoko feels better), and the two run into Mitama and the Tokimes at Mitama's shop. They discover the beach trip ended in absolute (social) disaster - Miyo tried eloping with her boyfriend and got caught, and the boy has been banned from ever visiting the village again. All this got back to the Tokime head family, too, and they, concerned over the Tokime’s doings, have set a curfew of 6 PM(!) on the dwellers of Suitoku Temple.

Rena knows if this story gets back to Momoko, she'll never be able to stop blaming herself. Mitama decides it's best she avoid Momoko for a long, long time - but Rena does not take this BS for a moment longer. She insists that Mitama gets up and goes to reconcile with Momoko now, before this gets worse, and Mitama finally agrees. Still, we end the story with Mitama thinking that if only she had agreed to help Miyo, maybe they could have changed things for the better...

Bad Ending 3

The bad end this time involves Mitama not digging up the stones surrouding the hillside shrine. In this route, she declares that when it comes to treasure hunting, one must draw upon a secret power - the sixth sense, allowing one to perceive things that can't be seen or heard! Shizuka, whose never heard of this concept, immediately asks for a lesson, and Sunao joins in. Mitama clearly trolls them through it - telling them to take deep breaths, demand that the treasure to reveal itself, and then following the gleam that shines before them! ...Which is from the sun, Sunao observes, but Mitama claims that clearly, it means they must dig up the exact spot where the ray of sun landed upon!

Except it works. They find a sealed jar in the dirt, whereupon Mitama confesses it was all a joke (Shizuka and Sunao are simply too adorable, she explains; she just had to tease them a little more), but there are no hard feelings, and besides, a treasure is a treasure. They eagerly unseal the jar, revealing a cache of ancient gold coins.

They digest just how important and valuable this treasure is - not just monetarily, but historically - and round up Momoko and Chiharu to report it to the elder at once. The elder and villagers are over the moon - not only is this a critical discovery for their homeland, it was also discovered on a festival day, which is a great portent, and on the very same day the Diviners returned to their village after so long. Yuta has his dad help investigate the artifacts, and the village sweeps the Tokime three into an epic celebration (poor Mitama and Momoko get no credit for finding the treasure, though), where they live it up 'til dawn.

In the morning, Miyo stops by Mitama and Momoko's resort room, thanking them for everything. With the treasure discovered, the village finally accepts the Tokime's request to lighten up on the romance custom. With no more restrictions, Miyo has decided that once things settle down, she'll confess to Yuta. With a treasure found and Miyo's love life secured, everyone lives happily ever after...

...Or, uh, not. Turns out that the discovery is so significant and revolutionary that Yuta's dad is lauded, earning a new position in a prestigious Japanese university far from the village, and Yuta goes with him. Yuta is celebrated as a boy genius, and pretty much loses contact with Miyo, and poor Miyo is stuck holding a torch for him for the day he returns to the village. Momoko recalls the story of the Diviner - how her voice kept saying she would be waiting for her lover - and Mitama wonders if perhaps the treasure they dug up wasn't the real treasure - if investigating something else would have led them somewhere different...

Part 2

After a recap, Mitama and the Tokimes build a game plan to find Momoko. They have no idea where Momoko could have gone, so Mitama thinks over the memories she saw for a clue. Mitama saw the Diviner turned into a Witch in the end, as she stood out on a beach, which gives them one place to look. But that same memory also showed how the Diviner, in her last moments, fumed over how the village destroyed her life - which to Mitama makes it likely that Diviner-Momoko has gone to the village to take revenge instead. And that takes us to our first branching decision (and our final bad end) - where do they investigate first, the village or the beach?

Going to the village leads to Bad Ending 4, while the good route is investigating the beach. They leave Yuta and Miyo to handle the village. This time, Mitama gets the full memory of the Diviner's last moments via a tree on the beach that the squad sits under to regain their bearings. In it, the Diviner says that despite what the village did to her, she does not want to return the punishment - she doesn't want to hate anyone anymore. She doesn't want a tragedy like this to happen ever again. She wants everyone to live freely and happily - and even as she becomes a witch, with her last breath she says she will always wish for those things.

Late that night, they finally find Momoko on the cliffs, and realize she’s now possessed by the Diviner. The Diviner wants to be reunited with the sailor, even though he's dead; so the best substitute is to find where he died and join him there. Since her solution is to jump off the cliff and start looking, and since the squad has no idea how to bring back the real Momoko, Mitama decides for now, they need to roll with it - they agree to take the Diviner out by boat into the dangerous tides and use her guidance to find where her boat sank.

Using Shizuka's authority, they get a boat in the dead of the night. When they convince the captain to forge ahead despite how dangerous the tides are, they find a witch seems to have been the cause for the sea’s ceaseless chaos. The Tokimes gear up to fight her, but the Diviner realizes this is where their boat sank, and immediately throws herself into the sea. Mitama wonders, for a moment, if all this is fate - if hearing the fairy tale and coming to the beach has doomed Momoko - but Mitama suddenly finds fire in herself: she declares she doesn't believe in fate, and since Momoko is her guardian, she refuses to let her die here...and plunges in after her.

In the darkness of the sea, Mitama finds the Diviner refusing to return to the surface, saying she'll finally be with her lover again. To this, we get an unconventional branching decision - both of them lead to the normal end, but only one unlocks the true end. In the regular path, Mitama tells the Diviner not to give up, saying there's a chance he may still be alive, and that they can look for him together…the Diviner lights up, and Mitama feels guilty for giving her such hope. In the true end option, though, Mitama goes off on the Diviner - didn't the Diviner say she never wanted this tragedy to repeat itself? Didn't she want everyone to be free and happy? In ending her life like this, she's going back on her desire! The Diviner is speechless, and Mitama finishes by (telepathically) screaming at her, "Don't you dare take Momoko away from me!"

Before the Diviner can react, though, she chokes (which is where the two choices converge) - they're both out of air, and out of time. But Mitama gets a spark of inspiration from one of the Diviner memories she saw earlier - where the Diviner remarked something like "before I was a Diviner, only a fish could keep up with the sailor" - and Mitama does an emergency adjustment, turning them both into mermaids. The Diviner is contrite over what she’s done to Momoko, but implores Mitama to help her look for the sailor, for some sign of him - any sign. Mitama agrees.

After a long search, the duo finds a shipwreck, matching Yuta's hypothesis that the shipwreck of legend was actually a trade ship that had come to the village years after the Diviner incident. It's on the verge of collapse, so they have to be careful and move quickly in trying to find evidence of the sailor - and they do find it, in the form of a sealed box, just like the ones the Diviner had fruitlessly sent into the sea. In the box is a jade bracelet - the final offering the Diviner had cast. The Diviner explains it’s a special bracelet - a gift from the sailor that promised they would be together always. That's proof that the sailor was on the trade ship, that he did survive, received her voice, and returned for her. Mitama gives the jade bracelet to the Diviner, saying with it, they can now truly be together again, just as they promised.

And with that, the Diviner sees her lover again - here to pick her up, as he swore he would. And from now on, they can be together. The Diviner's last words are, "I'm so happy I fell in love with you." Perhaps it's merely a dream, perhaps not - but in the end, every trace of the Diviner can now leave this world, finally happy and at peace.

Along with that, Momoko finally comes back - a bit disoriented, but alive and well. Before they can celebrate, however, the ship collapses! After a daring escape, they return to the surface with the jade bracelet in hand.

All's well that ends well - Momoko only vaguely remembers what happened when she was possessed, but she knows for sure that Mitama saved her life. The Tokimes have vanquished the storm witch, and with the grief seed they won, Momoko is now safe and sound, and they all return home, triumphant.

The morning of Mitama and Momoko's departure brings us our final branching decision - basically, whether you decide to report things to the village elder first, or to Miyo. Both essentially convey the same information in different order.

Basically, they give the artifacts they found to the elder, explaining how the shell and jade bracelets hold the Diviner's voice and hold that both the sailor and the Diviner survived the shipwreck, and therefore, the divine punishment is a sham. In discussing this, the elder reveals that this custom to forbid relationships between adolescents and outsiders was actually a decree from the head family - or more specifically, Lady Mikoshiba, who gave the order to ensure all girls with the potential to become Diviners would not escape her purview.

Shizuka hereby withdraws that decree, and then requests for the village to change their tradition - she knows that it's become thoroughly ingrained into the village's culture, and that there will still likely be people who believe in the legend and the punishment of the gods even with evidence indicating otherwise, so they brace themselves for a uphill that the elder seems willing to engage, saying he'll call a meeting with the entire village to talk about changing the custom. The girls celebrate, and while Momoko reflects that can't change the past, she can use the lessons from it to prevent the same mistakes from being made in the future - thus, even if the Diviner's life ended in tragedy, her death at least now means something.

Mitama and Momoko leave the Tokimes to help the elder explain things to the villagers, and meet with Miyo and Yuta to fulfill their other obligation before it's time to go. Miyo and Yuta are thrilled to hear the news - Miyo about the custom changing, and Yuta about his theories being accurate and a hoard of historical secrets being uncovered. Momoko and Mitama prepare to make their leave, but Miyo asks them for one last request - she's going to confess her feelings to Yuta now, and wants them watching over her to give her strength. They both agree to do so.

A little while later, Miyo pulls Yuta aside to talk to him in private, with Mitama and Momoko watching in secret (it all makes Momoko nervous, too, which prompts Mitama to offer one of her special destressing massages) - and unfortunately for Miyo, the boy she loves is as dumb as a box of rocks. She says "I like you" and he goes "yeah, thanks"; she says "As in, I want to go out with you" and he's like "yeah, me too! So once you're done with your errands, you'll accompany me on mine" and poor Miyo loses her mind.

Mitama chuckles to herself, thinking the lovebirds may be better off by slowly closing the gap between them bit by bit. Still, slowly growing closer to someone, she says, is one of the best parts of being in love. Momoko agrees, and thinks that anything can happen - perhaps they'll slowly come together, or maybe it'll just take one sudden event for them to get together. Really, that's how it is in life, too, Mitama thinks - how could either of them have expected their weekend vacation would turn out like this?

Finally, we close in on the true ending! After all that mess, Mitama and Momoko make the most of the final hours of their vacation by playing and chilling out on the beach with the Tokimes. They watch the Tokimes build a splendid sand castle (though Sunao notes she soon wants to gather up some seashells as souvenirs for Sana); Mitama remarks the Tokimes are adorable no matter what they're up to. They chat about getting souvenirs and thank-you gifts of their own for the Tokimes and Mikage, and when the conversation reaches a lull, Momoko looks at Mitama and thanks her sincerely. Mitama is chuffed, going "excellent, thank me even more," and Momoko does so without reservations - which makes Mitama a bit flustered, wondering why Momoko is acting strange again all of a sudden.

See, while Momoko's memories from when she was possessed are foggy, she does remember one thing: how Mitama blew up at the Diviner back when they were drowning. That display of fury was the wakeup call that the Diviner needed to remember what she really wanted; so Momoko is thanking Mitama for saving both the Diviner, and Momoko herself as well. Mitama playfully scolds Momoko over how Momoko is the one who's supposed to be protecting her, not the other way around.

With the tension defused a bit, Momoko finally decides to talk about her wish - she knows Mitama has seen it through adjusting, but it's officially the first time they've ever talked about her wish (like how the MitaMomo MSS was the first time they talked about Mitama's past). Momoko explains her story, and how it led to her to sympathize with the Diviner as significantly as she did; Momoko couldn't get what she wanted, so she wants others to succeed where she didn't. Mitama scolds her a bit more, saying she didn't have to cause so much trouble and meddling to do so, and Momoko apologizes, saying she'll do whatever Mitama says from now on.

Mitama immediately makes good on that, asking Momoko to promise her that if Mitama dies with unfinished business left in her wake, she wants Momoko to ties things off in her stead. Momoko protests, saying that kind of talk will bring them bad luck, and Mitama giggles, saying Momoko has made it very clear that she's willing to meddle in the affairs of the deceased - so it's only right that she teases Momoko a bit about that.

But Momoko does agree to the promise - that if there are things Mitama can't accomplish, Momoko will make it happen instead. If things in the Kimochi War all end up going down in flames, Momoko will help extract some meaning out of it for Mitama. Mitama seems genuinely overcome by it - but of course, defuses it by wondering out loud what she'll convince Momoko to do next... as Momoko groans, Mitama says it’s just what Momoko said she wanted to do. She’ll ask Momoko for whatever she wants from now on, for now and forever - in a near-perfect echo of Momoko's final vision of the Diviner, in which she and the sailor vowed to be together always.

Bad Ending 4

Here, Mitama immediately concludes the Diviner wanted vengeance on the village, and she and the Tokimes run to check on it instead of scouring the beach itself. They send Yuta to keep an eye on the beach and the ocean, and take off towards the village, where they find a Witch has enthralled all the villagers. Mitama is in absolutely no condition to fight, being torn up over dread that the witch is Momoko's, while the Tokimes take down, stoically accepting the fact their role as Diviners is to slay all witches - even those of their friends. It turns out the witch is not Momoko's, however, for Yuta has found her on the beach, and the four of them race back.

Momoko apparently washed up from the ocean, and has been unconscious for a terribly long time. Her soul gem is rapidly growing dark, no matter how many grief seeds they throw at it, and in the process, Mitama sees one final memory in Momoko's soul - which carries on right at the moment Mitama sees the truth of the circumstances of the Diviner witching out: that she didn't want revenge on the village at all.

Mitama, horrified at herself, realizes the grave mistake in her assumptions - and that if she had gone to the beach first, Momoko may have survived. No matter how much she begs and pleads for Momoko to live, to keep on protecting her, no matter how she tries to tell Momoko that Momoko's life did have purpose, despite Momoko's doubts...Momoko becomes a witch, and Mitama screams in anguish.

We cut to a time skip, with the Tokimes gravely awaiting the arrival of Rena and her friends - bracing themselves for telling the story of how Momoko and Mitama died.

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