Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Mikage Episode

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The following is a summary courtesy of muzass96.

Part One

Mikage Yakumo is very insistent to help her sister with the cleaning, which Mitama Yakumo interprets as a way to ask money from her, but when she gives her 500 yen, Mikage is offended because she really only wanted to help and goes to play with Sudachi instead. Together they read a fashion magazine with pictures of child models and advices about looking mature.

Mikage has a very strong dream about becoming an adult asap, so she and Sudachi are going shopping for clothes and stuff for make-up, but everything is too expensive for them. Mikage couldn't think of anything better and asks for Mitama's clothes and cosmetics. Mitama immediately recognizes Sudachi as Livia's protegee, but says she is always welcome as Mikage's friend. Mitama is very confused and Mikage very soon realizes her sister's clothes are too big for her, so she begs for some make-up. Mitama not immediately but eventually obliges, and both happy girls soon leave to show off their new looks while Mitama leaves for her Adjuster workplace.

Part Two

During work, Mitama looks lost in thought and very concerned, so Yachiyo Nanami and Mifuyu Azusa ask what is wrong. Mitama starts by asking both of them when they first started wearing makeup (but they are special cases and were doing this since elementary school - Yachiyo as a model and Mifuyu for the traditional dancing). Mitama is concerned because Mikage is still in elementary school, but unlike these two, she mostly goes to parks and candy stores. When Mitama mentions the store, Yachiyo and Mifuyu get nostalgic about the candy store they loved to visit as kids (the one Jun saved and Mikage often goes to). They used to buy stuff like toy accessories or candy rings there, with Mifuyu constantly asking if she looks more mature (she also mentions that her family is very strict and she couldn't bring home the things she bought, so she was leaving them at Yachiyo's place). In short, all three come to the conclusion that all kids have this time when they dream about growing up quickly and Mikage is no exception.

Part Three

Reaction of people to Mikage in makeup is mixed at best, and Mikage genuinely doesn't understand what is wrong and by the next day, comes to the conclusion that she must have misunderstood the advice from the magazine - it was about looking good while wearing ordinary attires. So she thinks it will be possible for her to look mature even with cheap accessories. So, she goes to the candy store with Sudachi. But the amount of money they both have is not enough and as a last resort, Mikage decides to play the 50 yen lottery with the special prize being a ticket that can be exchanged for anything the winner chooses. And she does, in fact, win after a couple of losses. But the overall look leaves much to be desired and far from the mature appeal Mikage wants, so she returns home, confused as to why some people can't grow up quickly, even when trying their best. She asks Mitama how to grow up and be like her, but she tells her not to rush and let the time do its thing, while mentioning that she wasn't looking mature when she was at Mikage's age. Mikage wonders if this is the only way.

Part Four

The next day Mikage and Sudachi meet at the shop again with the former being deep in thought, when suddenly Yachiyo and Mifuyu also come for a visit and the younger girls decide to hide and listen in on them. Old lady remembers them and talks about the old days and how these calm and quiet young ladies were having so much fun at her shop. When they leave, Mikage remembers Mitama's words about not being very mature at her age and wonders what does it mean to be mature and childish and connects it with the environment one is born and raised into and is thinking if those adult girls (she doesn't know them) were like this, because they are from the West of Kamihama?

Suddenly, some man apprehends them because he thought they were going to steal something from the store and also found them suspicious earlier, walking around late and wearing makeup, especially Mikage who was recognized as from Daito. She can do nothing but helplessly object and shout about what's wrong about being from Daito, when Mitama calls out to her.

Part Five

Mitama, being capable, politely tells the man off and walks Sudachi and Mikage home, with the latter wondering how Mitama can keep a calm face when something bad is said to her. She explains that she can do it because she's an adult. Adults can be more patient and understand how to express their emotions or opinions better. Mikage realizes that she was too focused on looking like an adult, but what really matters is to have a mature heart. But Mitama corrects her saying that it doesn't mean that she should always be calm and rid herself of emotions. It's okay to say what you really think or get angry but only when it's appropriate. There is a time and place for everything. Mikage and Sudachi are amazed by how mature Mitama is, but then she asks Mikage why she wants to become an adult in the first place. Mikage thinks to herself that her real reason for this is to help Mitama, who was hurt by the people and the way she was treated in Kamihama, and Mikage wants to be able to handle this for her sake...but for now, she'll keep it a secret.

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