Magia Record Main Story Part 2 Chapter 7

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The following is a summary posted on Discord by Mochi.

Chapter 7: Twilight Remnant

Section 1: Returning Home

Sudachi: "Huhhumuhunmuhunhun♪ (Livia-san's Takoyaki♪)"

Battle 1

Kagome's Notes recap that Ikumi and Ryou deaths led to Futatsugi's Mirrors shortcut being destroyed. Everyone learned of the Kimochi's true intentions of having the strongest Magical Girls kill each other so no one could stop the Kimochi from returning to Eve. Despite the facts, Yuna still wants the conflict to continue, having 4 Kimochi stones herself. She notes that she is about to describe the events after Promised Blood has been cornered, and is glad that Iroha finally found her way.

Livia and Kyubey are chatting at night. Kyubey didn't expect the Kimochi to have rules, but it hasn't interfered with him or his research yet. Livia asks if any conclusion has been made yet, but Kyubey says it still all depends on what all you Magical Girls do. Livia is still certain that Kyubey would never lie to her. Livia notes that this will be the final battle between PB and Union, and keeps her promise that she's going to protect Kagome.

Back in the city, Puella Care all meet up, Yozuru double checking with Livia that she has all the proper ingredients. Livia says they're making takoyaki tonight, and Sudachi is excited. Yozuru asks what do they gain from protecting Satori Kagome. Livia says it's for a happier future for them.

Shizuku is at her coffeehouse thinking of her friends, crying over how she's lost them and her place to belong. She wonders what can she do.


Yuna is once again hearing the voices of her dead companions, and is sorry for the Witches disappearing from Futatsugi. Sorry that she didn't know Kamihama took Witches away from them. Sorry that she forced everyone to follow her, and that she couldn't protect them. She thinks back on her senpai's words, and says she will hate and fight until she can bring peace to Futatsugi, no matter what it costs her.

At PB's Kamihama base, they're discussing what they should do now that they're stuck. Their parents and schools are going to be wondering where they are, and money is limited. Juri suggests selling Ao's game console for some quick cash. Juri and Yuna conclude that they have no choice but to make a quick decisive battle. Juri mentions Alina and her encounter with her before, how she could fight despite not being chosen by the Kimochi. She figures out that since Alina aims to kill anyone she wants, regardless if they have a stone or not, she doesn't trigger the Kimochi's barrier rules. Hikaru is into the idea, but Ao says it seems fishy and there could be other rules they don't know about.

Yuna says that Union bringing unchosen girls with them to help take out the shortcut also supports the theory, since the Kimochi barriers didn't trigger when going against some girls that came to fight the Witch. Yuna concludes that as long as they fight without the auto purification system or the stones as their objective, the Kimochi don't object to the fighting. Juri says they could use this discovery to blindside Union, but Yuna says it's near impossible to just forget about wanting the system and stones, and that the very thought crossing their mind could cause them to be teleported.

Ao suggests Yuna just use the power of the 4 Kimochi she has. Hikaru immediately objects, saying Ao was already taken over before just by 1. Ao says she's fine with being taken over, since nothing's changed about her at all, but Hikaru isn't buying that. Yuna says she'll leave that as a last resort. Everyone asks Yuna what the plan is since she's holding back on making a decision. Yuna says she's going to make Futatsugi the final battleground.

Battle 2

Yuna explains that if Futatsugi is where they fight, money and time aren't a concern. The Magical Girls in Futatsugi also are not aware of the Kimochi stones and their rules, so they wouldn't be sent to the barriers. Hikaru points out that since Union and Tokime will be working together, that means all 8 dragon balls will be in Futatsugi for the final battle. Juri leaves, saying she wants to keep a promise she made, and waits for someone outside.


Juri spots Shigure and Hagumu and reminds them what she said earlier -- that she's going to get revenge. Hagumu reminds Juri that Neo Magius is already gone, but Juri isn't about to stop, because this isn't about the betrayal anymore.


Juri blasts Hagumu out of the way and steps up to take out Shigure, but then changes her mind after scaring Shigure. Suddenly Juri tells her hey, let's go to a restaurant. Inside, the two order, but Juri asks them if that's all they want, even though it's Juri's treat. The two are down and confused about what's going on after nearly being killed. Juri explains that she wanted to fight them again, but she also promised to take them to a restaurant before for their help. Juri just wanted to kill two birds with one stone today.

Shigure and Hagumu are nervous wrecks while slowly eating, and Juri hates the lack of conversation. Shigure says she does have one question. She asks why Juri suddenly wants to fulfill all these promises. Juri says probably for some good luck to help get the 8 Kimochi stones. Juri asks who they would rather win: PB or Union. They both simultaneously say Union, because if they don't win, there won't be an auto purification system.

Juri gets a text saying it's time for her to get back to Futatsugi, and leaves money for the two. They both thank her, but Juri laughs out loud that they're thanking her for kicking their asses. Shigure says she just doesn't know what else to say. Juri says for making her laugh, she'll give some advice to Shigure, that you should always blame yourself for your mistakes, because anyone else in Neo Magius will rip them apart no matter how nice they may seem, and that she should trust her doubts about others. Shigure and Hagumu say they don't quite understand what she means. Juri tells them to interpret it how they like and leaves.

Battle 3

Union meeting at Mikazuki House. Including Miyako, there's 11 at the meeting but Hinano says they could have left her out of this. Kaede says that PB heard she was leaving, so they can't just leave Hinano alone or she might get attacked. Rena and Yachiyo agree, since PB is cornered and could become desperate, and since they know where everyone lives, Hinano could be at risk. Hinano apologizes for making everyone worry. Mitama was evacuated to the bunker as well. Momoko says she's worried for Mitama since she broke neutrality in favor of Union, and because of the election affecting her as well. Ui brings in Touka and Nemu.

Ui was worried that Touka and Nemu might have decided not to come to the bunker. Touka and Nemu tell Tsuruno they should be more worried about themselves since they walk around as a giant group. Nemu tells Tsuruno that she's too mature to handle elementary school kids, but Tsuruno shoots back that they'd just get angry if she did treat them as such.

Sana notes that Mifuyu is missing. Yachiyo says that she wanted to get her and the Amanes to evacuate, but they insisted on searching the Mirrors for Alina and Karin. Felicia thinks they have the perfect defense, but Kanagi says that they're in just as bad a situation as PB is. Tsuruno explains what she meant is that all of them have homes and school to get to as well, so no one can just sit underground for days.

Iroha wonders why Yuna felt differently about the Kimochi stones, despite knowing their true intentions. Momoko notes Ao was taken over by a Kimochi, and Sana isn't sure if they can even trust taking the stones to the auto purification system. Iroha says she'll go talk to Shizuka about joining forces with Tokime to fight PB. Rena apologizes because she wanted to be able to talk things out with PB.


Tsuruno tells Yachiyo that all the rooms have been assigned and everyone's sorting things out. Felicia's stomach growls, and Yachiyo says that must be a sign that they're starting to relax a little. Iroha says they should make something for everyone, but Sana points out there's 15 of them here now. Ui says it'd be more like a BBQ. Iroha wonders if buying something premade at the store would be easier, but Yachiyo is having none of that since it's not the cheap route.

Yachiyo asks Iroha if she's been hiding something from everyone, surprising Iroha. Nemu and Touka point out that Iroha's looking away and touching her hair are obvious behavioral signs. Ui is found out too. Yachiyo says using intelligence to point out people's problems isn't something to be proud of, and Iroha doesn't have to talk about it if she's not comfortable. Yachiyo goes on to remind Iroha that she would listen to any problems she has, since Iroha is the one that saved her from being alone, so she doesn't have to keep anything to herself. Iroha slinks away, asking if Yachiyo really won’t get mad. Yachiyo looks surprised, saying it depends on what it is?

Iroha explains her resolution from Ch6 to Yachiyo and everyone, how she wants to create a world where everyone can hold onto their hope for salvation without stealing from others. Touka goes right for the throat, calling Iroha naive for wanting to talk peace in their situation. Nemu calls Iroha stubborn, Sana says it's just like Iroha to say something like that. Tsuruno says her stubbornness is for the sake of others, so she's fine with it. Touka says she's always thought of her Onee-sama as Scheat, or Beta Pegasi, the 2nd brightest star in the Pegasus constellation. She'd be shocked if Iroha suddenly turned cold and stopped smiling. Nemu agrees, saying that Iroha feels everyone's pain as if it were her own, and since she never gives up on any of them, she feels safe being by Iroha's side.

Yachiyo is staring, so Iroha asks Yachiyo if she really is still naive. Yachiyo says no, she was just thinking about the past, and how hurting people that were in the Wings of Magius was just as bad then. She agrees with Iroha that it's better to not take lives or hurt others and end the conflict peacefully. Iroha and Yachiyo apologize to each other, then Iroha thanks her for accepting her. She begins thinking about Yuna, confident that she won't give up. Yuna is in the catacombs in Futatsugi. She says that no matter how much she mourns for the dead in Futatsugi, she will never forgive Iroha. Wishing for peace will only bring more sorrow.

Battle 4

Touka and Nemu are told by Ui that dinner will be a while, so they can continue working if they want. Touka and Nemu are struggling to get stuff on social media to stick. They have some plans they're still testing, but can't tell Ui about them just yet. Touka is trying to figure out how Kagome and Rii-chan are connected, and if there's a better way to make use of that power to help spread news to the public eye, or even getting Nayuta and her father together so the three of them can have a conversation that would spark interest. Touka also mentions she can't get in contact with Nayuta anymore.

Sana interrupts, mentioning dinner will be ready soon. She also asks Nemu if she would be able to send the e-book of her picture book to Sunao since she loves Gorogoro too. Nemu says she isn't very familiar with info tech, so Touka offers to send a URL later.


Over at Tokime, Sunao gets a text from Sana. Chiharu wants to take a guess what the text is about. With her detective powers, she guesses that since Sana and Sunao both love Gorogoro, it must be about the new collab event. Sunao says she was half right. Sana sent her info about the event, but also a URL to the picture book she drew, now published online. Sunao also mentions to Chiharu that Union is asking Tokime to join forces against PB in their final battle.

Battle 5

Shizuka is still torn by Himena's words, and thinks back to what she told her clan when she took the stage from Neo Magius. She thinks back to the rock being thrown at the election speech and her talking to Mitama and Mikage about Kamihama's leader deceiving everyone.

Flashback to San coming over to Tokime's base. Shizuka asks San if she wanted to join them. San tells her to not be an idiot, Neo Magius is still going, and she still intends to become a god. San asks Shizuka if she wants to come join. She says Neo Magius is trying to stand on top of the world to tear away the evil from humanity, that whether you stand side-by-side with people and persuade them to be good, or to stand above and control them, the end results are the same.

Sunao snaps Shizuka back to reality, telling her that she and Chiharu have to go to school.


Tsuruno catches up to Iroha, sorry for making her wait since it was her idea that they go home together for safety. Iroha says it's fine, but Yachiyo already left without her. Tsuruno was late because she was asked to be a substitute for softball. Iroha mentions that Team KMR is walking around Kamihama, confused why Promised Blood hasn't been doing anything. Just as she says that, they sense Sakuya nearby.

Tsuruno telepathically tells Sakuya it's dangerous for her to be walking around alone. Sakuya wanted to tell them that PB wants to have their final battle in Futatsugi. Tsuruno says there's no way they'd go there and risk becoming Witches. Sakuya then says if they don't come to Futatsugi tomorrow night, they'll destroy their 4 Kimochi stones. Iroha is well aware that the Kimochi wouldn't just let that happen. Sakuya says that even so, everyone will just be left waiting in a stalemate. Tsuruno remembers Yuna saying to fear a wounded a tiger.

Battle 6

Iroha meets with the Tokime, all of them agreeing that PB is bluffing about destroying the Kimochi stones, but unsure of what will happen once the stones leave Kamihama. They say that they need to get the stones from PB before any side effects could happen. Chika asks Chiharu if she senses any malice coming from the Union girls. Neither of them sense anything wrong with them. Everyone knows that going to Futatsugi is a bad idea, since PB is more experienced with fighting people and would be on their home turf.

Sunao suggests hiding a few girls to prepare an assassination. Asahi is fine with that idea, but Iroha and Chiharu don't want to resort to killing unless there's no other options. Everyone agrees to think about plans to turn the tables against PB without resorting to killing and reconvene tomorrow.

Shizuku calls Iroha. Shizuka and Chiharu tell her to answer since it could be important.


Shizuku asks to join Union in the fight because she can't handle just sitting back and watching, and because of Ryou and Ikumi. Iroha suggests she doesn't fight, since avenging them will only make her feel worse in the end. Shizuku says she wishes Magius' plans never happened, this fighting never happened, and hates PB for the things they did, but the thing she hates most is herself. She regrets that she didn't realize the things that were happening and couldn't do anything about any of it, and now all she's doing is grieving. She wants to help Union because she'd rather not have any more regrets, and doesn't want anyone else's future taken away.

Iroha understands exactly how she feels. Shizuku says she doesn't want to find and kill whoever killed Ryou and Ikumi, but rather just end the fighting. Shizuku thinks back to her time when the three of them were feathers, and her vowing to stop the Magius. She cries thinking about their words, and then says out loud that she wants Union to use her so she can help bring the salvation that Ryou and Ikumi wanted with her.

Battle 7

The next day at Ryuushinkan, Iroha tells everyone that thanks to Shizuku joining, there's a possibility that they can make a plan work that would change the tides of the battle. Shizuku introduces herself, saying that she can't fight, but will help out. Yachiyo corrects her, saying that she will be a key component to this fight. Chiharu is impressed, but Sunao is concerned if her special magic would be too costly on her. Shizuku says it shouldn't be a problem.

Shizuka asks the Tokime team if anyone has any questions, but everyone looks ready to go and are set to leave tonight. Mikazuki and KMR are going, but Kaede asks where Kanagi is going to be. Kanagi is staying put because she's concerned about the safety of Mitama and the Magius girls even with Sakurako protecting them. Iroha is also concerned about Hinano staying behind, because if they lose sight of PB then no one will be left to protect everyone still in Kamihama. The players are set, and Shizuku will be ready at Iroha's command.


Kagome arrives at Puella Care, wondering if she's in trouble since Livia called her out here even if she isn't a Magical Girl. Livia asks Kagome what she's going to be doing since Union and PB are going to fight at Futatsugi. Kagome says she's going as well to see the battle. Livia suspected as much. Yozuru says it's their turn, and Sudachi gives a humumu. Kagome asks what is humumu, Yozuru replies that she said she will protect her. She goes on to explain that even with Kagome's Uwasa, she could still get hurt by accident, so they're going to protect her.

Yuna is seen praying in Futatsugi. Misa, Ayumi, Ririka, Aki, Sayuri, Rara, Mie, Chinatsu, Shouko, and Senpai. Yuna swears she will take back the blood of her fallen.

--- Interview Recording with Suzuka Sakuya. She is surprised that Kagome is also listening to people outside of Kamihama. She tells the inaudible Kagome that she doesn't have to apologize, she just thought Kagome would be a bit biased since she's also from Kamihama. Sakuya says the future she desires is to go back to having a normal student life. She hates that she can't have her normal time anymore as a Magical Girl working for Futatsugi. She's certain things will change for the better now, though. After that battle, she's positive she can go back to school in Futatsugi along with everyone else and go back to living peacefully. That is her desire.

Section 2: The Crucible of Hope

Yuna: "Now, let us begin preparing to meet Kamihama in battle..."

Battle 1

Kagome writes down that Union and Tokime are going to Futatsugi for the final battle, with Kagome following them under the protection of Puella Care. She knows Yuna is choosing Futatsugi as the battleground for both strategy and for ultimate revenge.

Yuna stands looking over all of Promised Blood, thinking back to how this all started, and how their plans to kill everyone in Kamihama failed due to the Kimochi. She is prepared to get all of the stones tonight together with the Magical Girls of Futatsugi.

Sakuya thinks back to her promise to Ryouko, hoping she won't have resort to killing her.

Ranka thinks back to her time with Rena and Kaede, telling them if they weren't enemies she would have been their friend.

Hikaru thinks back to her meeting with Yuna and her handkerchief. She's determined to follow Yuna 'til death.

Ao thinks back to when Yuna and Juri asked her if she would ever be prepared to take a life. Still wanting to get to the top of the group in order to bring peace.

Juri thinks back to yelling out to Yuna that she wants to fight her to the death just as she was before. She's sure Futatsugi will go out of control again so long as Juri-sama is in town.

Yuna tells everyone to bang the steel of the building they first formed Promised Blood in, just like old times, when they're ready. Everyone slams the steel in unison.

Up on a bridge, Livia tells Kagome it's starting. Kagome notes the sound is the echo of all of Futatsugi's anger and their grudge. Everyone wants to be saved in their own ways, and everyone could have joined hands to make it all work, but with so many deaths, they're at the point of no return. She notes that the wounds from this battle still cause her body to ache.


Yuna believes Union and Tokime will want to form small groups and focus on taking out the three sisters to take their Kimochi stones, or probably capture them and force negotiations. Yuna goes over several plans with everyone: split up large groups, take anyone out that's alone, lure them into unfamiliar places to ambush them or push them back, draw them all together and route them, etc.

Yuna notes that she can't let those with stones be taken out first, so she contacts Sakuya to send over those that have never been to Kamihama over to a restaurant nearby. Yuna sits inside talking to a girl, hoping that she won't be noticed by Iroha and Sana who are searching for magic, making note that she informed everyone where she would be.

Battle 2

Yuna exits the restaurant and searches for Iroha's magic. She finds Iroha and Sana in a back alley. Iroha tells Yuna she wants this to end without anyone dying. Sana telepathically asks Iroha if she's still serious about this despite the odds of it working being near zero. Iroha is still determined to end things peacefully. Yuna transforms and quickly smashes into Sana's shield, telling Iroha this is her answer. Iroha replies that then this is her answer, as the rest of Mikazuki jumps in, determined to capture Yuna.

Felicia tries to hammer Yuna and fails, Yuna's counterattack gets stopped by Ui's kite. Ui and KMR show up to the fight. Gunshots ring out as Yuna is hit. Tokime shows up. Yuna is surprised all of them showed up without any hesitation. Yachiyo demands she surrender or be taken by force. Yuna wonders if they'll try to kill Hikaru next, since she's the weakest of the group. Yuna laughs at how they're going at her so violently, but calls them all naïve.


In battle, Iroha feels reactions of Magical Girls approaching. Promised Blood is coming towards them from every direction. Yuna is glad she informed everyone beforehand of time where she was going. Yuna telepathically tells everyone there's no chance they can surround them all, so they need to decide who to divide from the rest.


Juri makes a wall of fire between Yuna and the rest. Yuna compliments Hikaru on how fast she was. Hikaru says it's because she's Yuna's horse, so hurry and give her orders. Sana and Ui wonder what to do as Sakuya brings some girls over to try to separate Tokime from Mikazuki. Ranka meets up with Rena, asking her if she came to make a fool of herself again. Rena's determined to get back at Ranka.

Yachiyo guesses that Promised Blood found a loophole with the Kimochi rules since there's tons of girls they've never seen before. Yachiyo telepathically tells everyone to get back to back and protect each other while escaping. Ao makes a sneak attack on Iroha. Yuna yells to everyone to proceed as planned and split up them up. Yuna gets up to the rooftops where Tokime is at and faces Shizuka.

Puella Care is watching from afar, noting how dangerous of a battle this is. Sudachi asks why Union's plan to capture Yuna failed. Livia says it must be Yuna's sharp intuition. Union's getting scattered and attacked from all sides.

Battle 3

Yuna repeats the plans to herself to separate her enemies one by one and leading them off to places they don't know so they can be ambushed. Flashback to Yuna's words when they met in the past. Yuna reflects that she and Shizuka both made wishes for others, instead of being selfish.

Yuna and Shizuka are alone on a rooftop, neither seeing any friends coming to help them. The exchange blows and taunts. Yuna calls Shizuka an altruistic country girl. A random Promised Blood girl comes and smacks Shizuka down into an alley. Yuna taunts Shizuka to start running, but she stands her ground, saying she won't turn her back to such a selfish person. Yuna asks if she really looks selfish to her, saying she's more like Shizuka than she thinks. Shizuka is tired of hearing everyone say they're just like her. Shizuka takes out the Promised Blood girl and aims for Yuna, but senses more girls coming her way. Yuna tells her she's changed the rules of the game, and they're about to play tag.


In battle, Yuna insists to Shizuka that they're alike. Yuna's entire life is for atoning, mourning, and healing for the girls that she lost in Futatsugi.


Shizuka is getting chased through more alleyways. She thinks about how her and Yuna maybe are the same, living for everyone else. She thinks back to the moment she tried to kill Himena, and how she's no different for resorting to violence.

Yuna catches up, asking if this is the end of the chase. Shizuka says she's made up her mind. She won't become as evil as Yuna to make things go her way, and will do what she can to make sure others don't turn into another Yuna. She vows to lead both humans and Magical Girls on the right path for peace across the world.

Battle 4

Sakuya and Ryouko are in another part of Futatsugi. Sakuya reflects how her desire for revenge ended long ago, and now she just wants Yuna's anger to disappear. She knows that despite how much Yuna kills, she still values people's lives, and that she will regret ever killing the two Kamihama girls. Flashback to Sakuya and Ryouko again. Sakuya isn't even sure who Ryouko is to her, but she knows she will feel pain when she kills her.

Ryouko commends Promised Blood for having good instincts, and gets surrounded by random Promised Blood girls. She wipes both girls out, telling them just because she isn't one of the main girls she shouldn't be underestimated. Sakuya shows up, saying she wasn't trying to chase after Ryouko, but it's more like fate that they meet. They're both well aware of the promises they made, that Sakuya would kill Ryouko, but Ryouko isn't going to die.

Ryouko asks why Sakuya wants the auto purification system, but Sakuya wants her to also say why she wants it too. They agree to say their reasons at the same time. Ryouko wants to get rid of the Shizuka's doubts, and Sakuya wants Yuna to go back to her old, kind self. Ryouko explains that she wants Shizuka to stop worrying so much about evil and go back to being a simpleton so she doesn't suffer anymore. She notes they're both working to help their leader. Ryouko says words alone won't make Sakuya yield anymore, so they have to do this the hard way. Sakuya says they broke their relationship off already.


Ryouko sets the ground on fire, saying if she's dead, she's letting the fires take her. Sakuya runs fast, causing the wind to blow the fire out. Sakuya gets a stab in, but Ryouko knocks her back. Ryouko says she can't be close friends if Sakuya is going to be traumatized by her. Sakuya is surprised that Ryouko hasn't given up on her. Ryouko says of course, never ending battles don't exist. Ryouko can't detect Chiharu or anyone, and Sakuya wonders if they're going to die.

Ryouko asks if they both live through this, where should they go hang out. Sakuya says having dinner together is obviously the first thing. Ryouko asks if she wants start over from the beginning. Sakuya says if only they could go back. They attack each other again.

Battle 5

Juri and Tsuruno are on the left part of Futatsugi. Juri is reflecting on how Futatsugi is the best place for her to fight and release everything she holds back. Flashback to her and Yuna talking on the bridge about Juri joining and telling Yuna she's going to regret it. She reflects that her entire life as a Magical Girl has been nothing but fighting and drawing blood, and she can't imagine what will happen once this battle ends.

Tsuruno is contacted by Yachiyo, but both of them are being chased. Tsuruno get's hit by Juri's flames. Juri's ready for a rematch, but apologizes for interrupting Tsuruno. Tsuruno says she's got enough magic to settle the score with her. Tsuruno asks Juri why she always looks so happy when she's fighting. Juri says it just feels good to take out strong people and anyone she hates, and she thinks it's strange that there could be a point soon where there's no more fighting between Magical Girls.


In battle, Tsuruno says that as long as people who seek conflict exist, the world will never find peace. Juri asks how Tsuruno plans to stop Juri then. Tsuruno says she'll burn Juri to the point she won't ever want to fight again. Juri says only Nee-san can burn her.


Juri goes overboard hitting Tsuruno with fire and uses a grief seed. She says her flames won't ever go out so easily, and she learned something just now from fighting Tsuruno -- that there really will never be peace as long as Juri-sama is around. She'll keep on fighting no matter what, and if any of them die, Futatsugi will fall apart and war will start again, and the only way to stop Juri is to kill her. Tsuruno detects Union and Tokime moving, so she makes a tactical retreat hoping they will all join back up. Juri is pissed, naturally, but is fine with it since that's what Yuna wanted to begin with.

Battle 6

Back to Rena and Ranka. Ranka is thinking to herself that with Union and Tokime falling into Yuna's plans, they'll be easy to kill, but despite the feeling of accomplishment, she's also crying over it. Flashback to Ranka being ordered to attack Ao. None of this would have happened if Kamihama hadn't taken Witches from them. She wouldn't have had to follow orders from girls stronger than her or to hurt Ao. However, despite how much she hates Kamihama, her heart is in disarray thanks to Rena.

Rena knocks out a PB girl and senses for Momoko and Kaede, but their magic just disappeared moments ago. She senses everyone running around in circles, but finds Momoko's magic again, but also Ranka's. Ranka is right in front of Rena, who tells her she can reunite with them, but she'll have to wait a little longer.

Ranka attacks Rena, telling her to be her sandbag. Rena doesn't understand why her and her friends should be the target of Ranka's grudge. Ranka says while Kamihama was enjoying their doppels, Futatsugi was taking each other's lives for all the Witches that were stolen. Rena gets back up and starts running away. Ranka chases after her, yelling that Rena must hate her now, so she should just go ahead and kill her. Rena says she can't do it.

Flashback to Rena and Ranka playing at the game center together. Rena says she can't just get rid of all her memories of Ranka. Ranka attacks again, saying she'll just have to get rid of her memories for her. Ranka starts crying and attacking Rena over and over, yelling if it weren't for them, no one would have had to die, and just how many people around Rena were saved because of the doppels.


In battle, Rena says she's sorry to Ranka. Sorry for making her suffer. Ranka closes her eyes, saying that doesn't do anything for her broken heart.


Rena falls, saying sorry one last time. Ranka knows it's because of them she made Ao and others suffer, but she also knows Rena and her friends had nothing to do with it. Rena gets back up and asks what Ranka means. Ranka asks why does the few, whether in a city or a school, determine the impression of everyone associated with them. Rena asks what she's talking about. Ranka says she knows it's not right to hurt Rena as her way of venting. It's because she got to know Rena, and because she enjoyed hanging out with her.

Rena says they can start over right here. Ranka disagrees, saying that everyone else still holds a grudge against Kamihama, and they still need the auto purification system to save everyone in Futatsugi. Rena detects PB girls coming their way. Ranka moves closer to Rena, telling her that she's dead once they get here, and uses a grief seed on Rena. Rena asks her why, but Ranka says just get running. Ranka says to start running where there's no magic reactions, and Rena detects where Momoko and Kaede are. Rena says sorry and thanks her, then runs off.

A PB girl catches up and asks Ranka what happened to the girl that was over this way. Ranka says she let her escape so they can all be brought together and taken out at the same time. Juri reported that Tsuruno is moving, and Union and Tokime are starting to head towards each other, so the plan is going perfectly. Ranka thinks to herself that if they kill everyone at once, she won't have the guilt of knowing who exactly she kills. She sent Rena to hell with her fake kindness, and utterly hates herself for it.

Battle 7

Over to Ao and Yachiyo. Ao is going over in her head that she wants to get the Kimochi stones so all her girls don't have to be exploited anymore and she won't have to hurt anyone anymore. She's still convinced that the only way to end suffering and bring true peace to Futatsugi, she has to take out Hikaru, Juri, and Yuna, the ultimate hard game. Flashback to Ao getting beaten down by the Bat. She knows she has to get to the top to stop the weak from being taken advantage of.

Yachiyo senses around and feels like her team is strangely doing well to resist PB despite being separated. She looks over to 3 PB girls that got beaten and determines it's time to go meet back up with everyone. Suddenly she senses Ao and moves out of the way of her attack. Yachiyo says she'll need more than herself to take her down, but Ao says if she wins she'll be one step closer to rising above her sisters, and Yachiyo will be her food. Yachiyo says what Ao's saying doesn't make sense if she's just after the Kimochi stones. Ao says she wants to make the world safer by rising above everyone else, and attacks Yachiyo. Yachiyo questions if this really is Kasane Ao, considering she's just aiming straight for her soul gem.


In battle, Ao won't let off. Yachiyo says something's clearly wrong with Ao and tells her to snap out of it. Ao says there's nothing wrong with her, she just needs to beat her sisters for peace, and giggles at Yachiyo.


Yachiyo says Ao is ignoring all reason and just going straight violence. She remembers Iroha saying how she wants to create a world where no one will have their hope taken away. Yachiyo thinks that maybe what Ao is saying is just like Iroha. Yachiyo tells Ao that the others probably won't give her much trouble, but Ao says she'd rather defeat them with a critical hit before they notice her. Yachiyo internally questions why she wants to fight to end fighting and exploitation, and that the source of her desire isn't the same as Iroha's.

Ao takes a swing at Yachiyo, but Yachiyo was letting her come at her for an easy counterattack. Yachiyo telepathically tells everyone to gather around Rena, and that she'll follow them soon. She tells Ao bye, with Ao yelling at her to wait.

Battle 8

Now to Hikaru and Iroha. Hikaru is adamant about staying by Yuna's side forever, having a flashback about her meeting with Yuna and the handkerchief. Hikaru starts thinking she wants Yuna to go back to her kind self, but she's also still angry about Kamihama ruining everything Yuna worked so hard for. She's certain even after this battle, Yuna's rage won't just disappear.

Iroha telepathically tells Yachiyo she's on the move now thanks to Rena's team. She stops suddenly, asking if Hikaru is nearby. Hikaru walks up to her. She says she would have though Hikaru would have attacked her immediately. Hikaru says she wants to talk first. She says since Iroha saved her life once, she wants to give her one last chance to surrender. She says once the battle is over, PB will have the purification system, but it isn't too late for Iroha to back down and help them expand it.

Iroha says that she can't surrender, because as long as she's alive, she's certain Yuna's anger will never subside, and everyone in Kamihama will lose hope. Hikaru asks if Iroha is just going to fight to the bitter end and kill them, but Iroha says no, she's going to save them. Iroha tells of her resolve to stop this war that's taken lives and protect everyone. Hikaru asks how stupid can Iroha be, but Iroha is serious about spreading the auto purification system across the world. Hikaru has a flashback to Yuna's determination over the school election, and asks Iroha why does she have to keep one-upping Yuna's anger.


In battle, Hikaru starts crying, to Iroha's surprise. She says she's Yuna's horse, and won't believe Iroha until Yuna herself does.


Iroha has started to run away, with Hikaru yelling at her that it isn't fair for her to run. Hikaru stops, knowing that Iroha is running right where Yuna wanted her to, but pauses. She says that even if Iroha is serious about saving others, she herself won't be saved.

Shizuka meets up with Chiharu and Sunao. Ryouko is there after a close call, along with Asahi. Chika suggests that they should retreat since they're outnumbered. Kaede finds Rena, who looks pretty hurt. Felicia, Sana, and Ui there, with Ui saying she used her last grief seed. Iroha, Yachiyo, and Tsuruno then show up. Everyone appears to be here and in one piece.

Yuna is heard telling them that they've just been caught. Bulimia starts playing as all of Promised Blood surrounds them from all sides. Yuna reveals her plan to let everyone escape and meet one another in a specific pattern so they would all meet up at the most logical safe place. Yuna tells them this will become a mass gravesite for them.

Ryouko's not sure if she's gonna make it, with Sakuya telling her it's impossible. Ranka tells Rena that she's the winner, but Rena says she's not going to beg for her life. Juri tells Tsuruno that her comment really stuck with her, with Tsuruno replying that Futatsugi really will never find peace. Ao says this makes the mission complete, and Yachiyo tells her that she's about to become the very thing she hates. Iroha says she hopes that Yuna will end up back to her old self, with Hikaru just quietly saying yes. Yuna orders everyone to crush them. The episode ends with a bang, and all of PB in their awesome poses, with Yuna standing silently.

--- Interview Recording with Chizu Ranka. Ranka heard from Sakuya that Kagome was coming around to PB members to talk. Ranka says she's full of regrets and doesn't really have a future to look forward to. If there was something she wanted, it would be to take care of Ao and Rena. She doesn't think she's ever done anything to repay Ao for exploiting her over grief seeds, and she regrets ever hurting Rena and wants to apologize to her while they're both still alive. She reiterates that she didn't really have a choice in how things went down since they're enemies. She says maybe the one thing she can say she desires is having a friend, not just someone like Juri who supports her, but someone she can laugh with while being pushed to be better.

Section 3: The Puzzle of Truth

Mikage: "Nagitan's in trouble! Isn't there something Mii can do!?"

Battle 1

Kagome notes that magic is scattered all across Futatsugi. Rii-chan is telling her that Union and Tokime are desperately running away while Promised Blood chases them down. She notes that she's been watching some of the fighting from above with Puella Care, and notes that Promised Blood is treating their enemies like cats playing with mice. Everyone has gathered together in one place to make a final stand, but Promised Blood demolished the surrounding area, collapsing buildings onto Union and Tokime. She switches over to noting about Kanagi and others who have been working tirelessly in Kamihama.

Kanagi is at the adjuster's saying that she's in trouble. Mii offers to help, surprising Kanagi. Kanagi asks Mii to go over why they're there to begin with, with Mii realizing oh, it's to protect her and Nee-cha, so she can't exactly help with that. Kanagi turns to Mitama, telling her it would be safer to stay at Mikazuki House than here. Mitama agrees, but she has customers coming today that need adjustment. She says adjusters rarely ever get attacked, so she should be fine, but Kanagi mentions that she kinda sorta declared she was helping Union.

Mitama and Kanagi go over that it's harder to be transformed outside of the adjuster shop, Alina is still missing, and Sakurako is only protecting Touka and Nemu. Mii says she'll protect her Nee-cha. Mitama and Kanagi both get a text. They're both told that Iroha and the rest of Union are heading to Futatsugi tonight (This is taking place before ep2 it seems). Kanagi restates that Mitama is to not leave the adjuster shop, while she and Sakurako keep Touka and Nemu safe.


Over at the Satomi Basement, Nemu is commenting on something being far more strange than Uwasa going on. Touka asks if this is about the Promised Blood girls. Nemu says that while researching criminal activity in Futatsugi, she found that at a certain point crimes and accidents began declining, and after Kamihama started gathering Witches, it dropped even further. Touka laughs, commenting how cruel it is that the better off society is, the more Magical Girls suffer. Nemu says ignorance must truly be bliss for people that don't know about the existence of Magical Girls.

Touka asks if that's all Nemu found out. Nemu continues that as grief seeds decreased, accidental deaths and missing teenage girls has increased, as expected, but Futatsugi's reported incidents still dropped unexpectedly. Touka suggests the city must be hiding the real numbers, then says they should start by bringing those numbers up to the public. Touka smiles, saying it was a good idea to start listening to Kagome since she's getting closer to solving the mysteries of the universe, but Nemu half-jokes she's starting to look like how she did in Magius.

Nemu asks how Touka's research into Tokime is going, but Touka doesn't have any documentation to go off of, and she couldn't find her uncle’s book. Touka says it's strange that Tokime's ties to the government have been able to be kept secret this whole time. Touka also notes that the fact they call themselves diviners is interesting, since no other alternate words for a magical girl are still present. She also notes that because another name for them exists, they must have been known throughout history as alternative names, but people would have seen them as heroes at their time. Jeanne d'Arc, who her uncle studied, or Himiko, for example. Nemu notes that Magical Girls could have been viewed as something other than that throughout history.

Sakurako says that it's just like how Touka and Nemu were collecting energy with Uwasa, but the Uwasa themselves only remained as urban legends rather than being known as what they really are. She also mentions how the story of a miko was passed down for generations. Touka and Nemu recognize that as the play that Yachiyo and Tsuruno were in for Tanabata (guess everyone really did just take a big summer break in the middle of main story).

Touka and Nemu agree to continue researching, and also mention checking the differences between Kamihama and Futatsugi. Sakurako sternly objects, saying that Iroha and Ui said it's too dangerous to go outside. Touka tells Sakurako that that was just their way of telling her she does such a good job protecting them, so it's fine if they leave the house, since Ui and all of them rely on Sakurako so much. Sakurako starts blushing and agrees. Nemu tells Touka that she's cruel and inhumane for the way she takes advantage of Sakurako's innocent heart. Touka says it's just to go see Papa-sama at the hospital. Nemu gets a phone call from Kanagi, and Touka lets out a nyaa in frustration at the bad timing.

Battle 2

Kanagi, Touka, and Nemu meet at the central library. Kanagi is amazed at how it has both a place to study, and free computers to work at (poor girl...). Touka also mentions it has free wifi. Nemu says the place looks safe, so she's going to go ask about Tanabata, and Touka is going to research statistics. Sakurako goes with Nemu.

Kanagi compiles a list of statistics regarding populations and reported incidents, and asks Touka to look them over. Touka says it might point to there being more Magical Girls for the population in Futatsugi than in Kamihama, but she needs to see statistics for Kamihama too. She finds that there's been plenty of deaths and incidents in Kamihama, even when the east and west were fighting, but nothing major sticks out. Kanagi says that all of it is just chalked up to urban legends, but Touka says no, it's fantasy.

Touka explains that it's just like the human body. When there's a problem, your organs alert you, but the liver is a silent organ that doesn't tell you when there's a problem with it. Kanagi concludes that she means that incidents involving Magical Girls being typically ignored is normal, but Touka says it's just a hypothesis.

Nemu returns, confirming the story of Chizuru and Tsuyu and how it still remains known as a story. Nemu had her hands full, so she couldn't ask about further details regarding it, but she knows a Magical Girl that's deep into history, but isn't the time to be getting her involved since she has nothing to do with Union.

Kanagi says she wants to hurry on to the hospital so they can get back before night, but she also wants Sakurako to check on Hinano with her as well.


They get to the hospital and talk to Touka's father. He says he wanted them to meet Mitsune. Touka asks if it's because she has similar symptoms as Nemu. He asks if Mitsune is also a Magical Girl. Touka is surprised, because Papa never believed in Magical Girls, and he was the one that made fun of her uncle. He says that he has decided to believe his brother Tasuke. He wants to make the world safer for the time when the public learns the truth in order to protect his daughter, and points out that Touka was keeping it a secret while joining with Nayuta.

Touka says yes, they were discussing how to work together to make the world know of them. Her father goes on to say that the world won't just suddenly be ok with it, and the reveal will change the world forever. They have to take into account that adults will try to take advantage of them. Touka laughs and asks him what if she's not a Magical Girl and just a genius that has unending curiosity. He says that adults are no different, but he's going to work with Tasuke to protect them. Touka then asks where her uncle is, since Nayuta wanted to talk to him too. Her father says yes, but they need to talk first.

Battle 3

At the hospital, Kanagi notes that Hinano is still at school, so it may be better to get her to meet them at Mikazuki House before night. Over at the school, Sakurako is telling Hinano that everyone is worried about her. Hinano says she'll go back with her to the house. She asks Sakurako if she really is going to keep protecting the two Magius, to which she says yes, but she is also worried about Hinano because she doesn't want to lose someone that both Ryou and Ikumi trusted.

Hinano asks what the hell Sakurako's trying to do. She starts thinking about how she's one of the few that can fight the Kimochi battles, but she's instead making everyone around her worry instead. She thinks if she just sits around she'll be trouble for the rest, just abandoning her duty and making everyone else suffer.

Hinano calls Kanagi, who immediately asks her if she wants to go to Mikazuki House right away. Hinano says she's sorry, this was all her fault. Hinano snaps -- she's not going to Mikazuki House, she's going over to Shizuku's place! Hinano is determined to do something -- anything for Ryou and Ikumi's sake now. She says she'll go protect Shizuku and escort her to the house while Kanagi takes care of the Magius girls. She apologizes, saying she'll be a little late getting over to the house, but Kanagi is happy to hear Hinano's bouncing back.

Nemu says she could hear Hinano's voice from where she's at. Kanagi decides to also call Mifuyu to help even though she wasn't a chosen girl, just for the sake of keeping Shizuku safe.

Over at the Mirrors entrance, Mifuyu says they haven't found Alina or Karin yet with her search team. Kanagi says she's more worried about Karin, since Alina's probably going to do just fine regardless of what happens. Kanagi asks if she will come help. She agrees to help, though the Amanes haven't been in touch with her, but she'll keep someone posted at the Mirrors entrance in case they do show up. She says both twins have been super busy at their homes lately, which is probably why they haven't contacted her yet.


Somewhere else, with Neo Magius, Shigure and Hagumu are saying they really should go check on Mitsune. Flashback to San saying that Mitsune is beyond saving at this point, with a similar case as Nemu's paralysis. Everyone in Neo Magius is thinking it must have been from the repeated doppel use, but Shigure and Hagumu telepathically tell each other that this instance feels different from Nemu's.

They arrive at the Satomi Medical Center, finding Touka just getting back to Nemu after having just spoken to her father. Everyone meets. Nemu and Touka know that they're there to visit Mitsune, Nemu noting that Mitsune is suffering the same way she is. Shigure wanted to ask about doppel use, but Nemu asks her instead just how much was Mitsune forced into doppeling, with Touka chiming in to say that they're abusing her. Shigure says they didn't force her, but Hagumu tells her they should just go.

Touka asks aloud if she really didn't doppel as much as Nemu, then why does she have the same symptoms as Nemu does? Nemu thinks it must be from a much worse level of despair than what she herself suffered.

In Mitsune's room, she's happily explaining that she has no idea what happened, since she doesn't overuse her doppel, saying it's like some weird bug with being a Magical Girl. They're all thinking that it just suddenly happened from going overboard in the fight against Tokime. Mitsune thinks it's probably just a temporary problem that should go away, so don't worry about her.

Battle 4

At Neo Magius base, Himena is there to welcome back Shigure and Hagumu with a smile on her face. Everyone is asking how Mitsune is doing, but Shigure confirms that she still can't move the lower half of her body, same as Nemu. Everyone's confused since Nemu used her doppel too much in a short time, but Mitsune only used hers once and got the same effects. Alexandra asks Himena if that was the only time she asked Mitsune to use it. Himena never let her use it outside of that fight against Tokime, and she's equally as stumped, but also thinking it was her fault for pushing Mitsune to use it in the first place. San quickly tells her they had no way of knowing any of this would happen, so she shouldn't think that way.

Himena goes outside for fresh air, confused how that could have happened to Mitsune the way it did. The only other thing she can think of is maybe she used it to mess around with Kamihama, but they're not old enough to supposed to care about elections. Back at Mitsune's hospital room, she's listening to the election coverage. The news person is saying there's demands for a new vote to take place, but it's not being allowed, so the east-west conflict is likely to get much worse in the near future. Mitsune is looking sad, and says to herself she's done something that can't be undone...


At Mikazuki House, Shizuku hands Hinano some coffee. Hinano thanks her for bringing a bunch of her place's coffee beans, and Shizuku thanks Hinano for coming to be her bodyguard. Shizuku also feels bad that they're making Mifuyu come over to keep her safe, too, but Hinano says it's because she's so important for this upcoming battle. Mitama did adjustments on Shizuku so she got some of her magic back.

Hinano gets a text that the battle at Futatsugi has started. Shizuku says she's nervous, but Hinano has her back, saying it's quick work, but she's going to make sure she lives.

Outside in the dark, Mifuyu gets a call from Tsukuyo. She only got Mifuyu's text, but says she can't join the search tonight either. Tsukuyo's mother and grandmother found out that she was meeting Tsukasa, so she's under house arrest. Mifuyu asks how they found her. Tsukuyo says because the relationship between east and west is going down, so she was followed by her mother who suspected something may be going on and was probably keeping in touch with Tsukasa's father about it. She says she can't help with the current situation until things settle there, and has to cut off after hearing her grandmother coming home.

Mifuyu suddenly finds Promised Blood girls outside of Shizuku's house. She's glad they already evacuated her, but decides she should act like Shizuku is still home.

Battle 5

Tsukasa gets a text message from Tsukuyo saying she was able to call Mifuyu, and sighs. Tsukasa wonders what's wrong with them meeting, and that her father must have expected them to someday. Flashback to when the Amanes first met and arguing over how Tsukuyo is too uptight, and Tsukasa is too crude. Tsukasa starts thinking how different they are, but they don't want to be separated because they're twins, and starts crying.

She gets a call from Kanagi. Kanagi heard from Mifuyu and was worried about Tsukasa. Tsukasa has no idea what to do. Kanagi says it would be better to wait a while, but Tsukasa is now worried that Tsukuyo will get punished every time they meet from now on. She says her father is mostly fine with it, but she knows the Akatsuki family would never allow it. Kanagi is ashamed to say that this hate between east and west will never let go.

Flashback to Tsukasa telling Kanagi that she's a part of Magius because the east wants to at least be free from their fate of becoming Witches. Tsukasa says the salvation they sought was Kanagi's ruin. Flashback to Kanagi talking to Mitama about destroying Kamihama to erase its bad history. Kanagi tells Tsukasa that whatever reason originally existed for the west to hate the east, that reason is long gone, and all that's left is everyone's habit of hating just to hate. Tsukasa says that they're being pushed down again by being framed during the election, and now even her family is against her. Kanagi says that she once wanted to see Kamihama destroyed, just like Mitama. Tsukasa says she finally understands how Kanagi feels now.


Kanagi ends her call. Touka teases her about what a horrible conversation she just had, and asks if she still wants to see Kamihama burn. Kanagi says she never thinks about it even when her parents and older people puff up about things. Touka infers that younger people must have a different opinion then. Kanagi says that of course they're worried about Kamihama, since if future generations continue carrying the hate torch, there's nothing but despair waiting for the east. Touka asks what about when the Satomis bring it up, but Kanagi casually says she doesn't give a damn about them, making Touka call her out.

Nemu gets a reply from her history loving acquaintance who does in fact know about Chizuru and Tsuyu. Touka is excited, regardless if the info is positive or negative, since it gets them closer to understanding.

The info she got is that yes, those two girls existed, and were part of the warring states period. Their identities are only known through some text and a diary kept in in the Mizuna Museum. They read out the stuff we learned about them from the 3 summer events and why they joined together, etc. Except the real ones parted ways soon after victory. Touka says that between the Tokime diviners and the "war miko" title that the two girls had, Magical Girls must really have been called different titles throughout history.

Kanagi feels empty after learning the real deals ended up leaving each other, but Nemu says that's more appropriate for Tanabata, since Orihime and Hikoboshi reunite and drift apart once a year rather than stay together. Kanagi starts thinking about Tsukasa and Tsukuyo, and how they could apply to them now, too.

Battle 6

Back at the House, Shizuku is on standby, watching GPS blips all converge one by one to a single spot. She's waiting for a signal before she moves them. Hinano's by her side, telling her to take a deep breath. Mifuyu telepathically calls out to them. She tells them that 3 Promised Blood girls are heading to Shizuku's home, and she's caught up with them and needs Hinano to help make them think she's home. Shizuku is getting more and more worried, but Hinano reassures her that she'll be fine, and heads out.

Shizuku has an internal monologue about how she could never find a place to fit in as a strange puzzle piece, always floating everywhere she goes. She's certain that regardless if she can ever find a place, she knows she'll cherish the people she loves that are front of her (she's saying this as she thinks about Ikumi, Ryou, and Ayaka hanging out at her shop). She also says she couldn't protect or even cherish any of them, though.

Flashback to Shizuku working at the shop, when she gets a text message, not realizing until much later that it was Ryou asking for help. Shizuku says she destroyed where she belongs by ignoring that message, but even so, her house still holds traces of when they all spent time there with her. Even places like Manaka's Walnuts, Emiri's counseling room, Asuka's dojo, and even their schools, there are traces everywhere of when they spent time together.

She realizes that it's not a "place" that she wants to belong, but the connections with others she needs in her life. She starts crying thinking of Ryou and Ikumi, and asks them if she became a place for them to belong, too.

Outside of Shizuku's house, Mifuyu is locked with the Promised Blood girls, getting hit in the back by one of them. As the third is about to take her out, one of Hinano's chem bombs explodes in her face. Hinano is wondering why these girls can attack them despite not being chosen by the Kimochi. Mifuyu isn't sure what the gimmick is. Hinano asks if their goal was Shizuku, but it turns out they were actually looking to kill the Magius leaders, and being outside her house was just a coincidence.


Shizuku transforms, thinking to herself that she's become someone's place to belong, giving her a warm feeling. She looks back to the GPS, realizing the dots are all together, and gets a text that just says "NOW!!" She teleports. She thinks to herself, "When this battle is over, let's say welcome home to everyone."

Interview Recording for Kirari Hikaru. Hikaru happily says she's simple: she's just gonna keep working as Yuna-san's horse! Although, she'd like it if Yuna lost the horn once this conflict is over. She doesn't mind the killing or the getting revenge part, but mostly just wants Yuna to be happy again, since seeing her in pain hurts her too. She's afraid that Yuna will disappear one day from all the malice and pain she bears. Though, of course, If Yuna is gone, Hikaru will happily die with her, but she kinda prefers going back to school life with her and everyone else. When she grows up, she wants to become Yuna's right hand woman, supporting her outside of Magical Girl duties. Though if she's to do that, she should probably try becoming more like Sakuya-san first.

Section 4: Resonance of Anger and Sorrow

Shizuku: "This is my one chance... I won't fail...!"

Battle 1

Back to Promised Blood posing at the wreckage of a building. Yuna tells everyone to shatter soul gems one by one as anyone tries to escape the debris, starting with those who hold the Kimochi stones.

Puella Care and Kagome watch the building collapse. Kagome writes down that a cloud of dust has risen from the debris, burying all of Union and Tokime in their tombs. She writes down that she thought it was all over, just as Tokime and Union were joining together again after splitting.

Yuna, hand on her head, says it's finally over, but everyone detects that nothing's changed -- no one's been hurt. Everyone is alive and well just a short distance away, ready for payback. Flashback to Shizuku using a grief seed next to Iroha. Shizuku moved everyone away, and says she's going right back to Kamihama. Iroha thanks her, telling Shizuku that everyone is coming back alive, so have some good coffee waiting for them.


In battle, Promised Blood Girls get taken down one by one, with Hikaru dropping to protect Yuna. Tokime and Union are aiming to knock everyone out.


Juri is coughing in the cloud of dust, looking for Ranka. Ranka says she's nearly dead. Ao shouts to Hikaru, who barely responds at first, saying she's alive, but in pain. Promised Blood girls are out cold. Sakuya says her heart is about to break because they just lost in their own home.

Yuna let's out a cry. Yachiyo tells her it's over. Tsuruno tells Yuna that if she keeps going, people are going to end up dead on her side. Iroha tells her to end this fighting. Yuna has snapped, saying she'd rather die than give up. Shizuka tells her she's a fool if she wants to throw her life away at this point.

Yuna laughs, saying the only way to beat them is through overwhelming power. Flashback to Ao suggesting Yuna use the 4 Kimochi stones' powers and Hikaru being against the idea. Yuna tells Juri and Ao to hand over the other stones. Hikaru and Juri are both questioning this. Yuna says if she's going to die, it's going to be doing all she can. Ao says fine, if the eldest sister wants to, she believes in her. Hikaru agrees that she has to keep believing in Yuna. Juri asks one more time if Yuna's really okay doing this, then hands it to her, saying she'll take this final gamble with her.

Felicia asks wasn't one stone enough to take someone over? Ui yells at Yuna to stop, that the Kimochi will take her over for sure. Hikaru asks if this is what Yuna wants. Ao tells her don't worry about messing up. Juri tells her to go kick some ass. Yuna takes the stones.

Battle 2

Yuna feels the Kimochi take hold of her and give her power. She finds herself face to face with the Kimochi. She tells the Kimochi she has people she loves and respects, so if she can, she'll do whatever it takes for their sake. She tells of her struggles of Witches decreasing and getting rid of Kyubey, but they're all good memories even if they are painful. She replies to them that if Juri hadn't killed, the fighting could have been less severe, but the anger she felt towards Juri is nothing compared to what she felt about Kamihama after she learned the truth. All her sorrow fuels her unending hate towards Kamihama, but since she led her friends, all her emotions come right back to her, all the screams of those she lost. She tells the Kimochi that she has to win so her friends can live on in peace, and so she can get them the auto purification system.

Ui and Felicia look on at her. Felicia is ready to give Yuna a beatdown if it means getting all 4 of those stones. Momoko and Yachiyo tell everyone to aim for Yuna. Sunao tells Asahi this is what she does best, but Asahi can't aim straight due to the ground rumbling. Shizuka, Chiharu, and Iroha look on in horror as Yuna takes on the power of 4 Kimochi.

Half of Yuna's body is covered in Kimochi pieces and glowing blue. Yuna tells her team she feels power raging inside her. Juri asks if she can control it. Yuna says she thinks she can. Ao looks worried.

--- In battle, Kaede and Rena are looking scared of Yuna. Tsuruno tells them to get back. Iroha says that Yuna isn't being taken over because she's so dead set on revenge. Yuna looks on, telling them it's time to die. ---

Kagome is writing her experience as she watches from atop the bridge. Livia and Yozuru are wide-eyed, Sudachi was trembling, and Rii-chan was urging her to be careful. Kagome asked Rii-chan what was happening to Yuna, and is told that Yuna has been wrapped in tyranny. Kagome notes that she is not a human, a Magical Girl, or a Witch, and what Rii-chan said is right. Kagome notes that at the time she was desperate and went off ahead of everyone without evening hearing Rii-chan telling her to stop.

Yozuru suggests that they get out of there. Livia agrees, since this is way more than they can handle as far as protecting Kagome goes. Kagome tells them she's not going anywhere, so they can just leave. Livia asks if she heard what she just said. Kagome is adamant about recording this battle, saying it's her responsibility for those who died, and that she can't do anything else, but wants to save everyone however she can.

Livia and Sudachi aren't happy about this, and Yozuru is just standing there in a thinking pose, saying "perhaps knocking her out and taking her back is also a form of kindness." Sudachi fumus against that idea, but Yozuru tells her Kagome isn't going to listen to them. Livia gives in and says they'll stay. Livia says this is Kamihama (The bridge they're on is in Kamihama but they have good enough view of Futatsugi from there apparently?), they got grief seeds and the ability to adjust, so they have to make sure no one turns to Witches and dies in this battle. Yozuru asks her if that is an adjuster's role. Livia says it sure is.

Back on the ground, super Yuna smacks Shizuka, Chiharu, and Sunao all backwards in one swing. Felicia is pissed, telling Yuna she's not letting her beat her, and runs at her alone, with Sana and Iroha following after her. Felicia asks her mommy, daddy, and kuushinsai-sensei (decagon ball character?? haha) to give her strength. She tries to oblivion Yuna, but Yuna deflects it and sends her flying. Sana catches Felicia.

Hikaru is proud that Yuna has turned this fight around for them. Juri's telling Yuna she better not die here. Ao is telling herself to not give up since she still has to get to the top and take the system for herself. One by one, quotes come in over Yuna. We can still fight, this is our home, our dead are watching us, we have to fight...this is our last chance. Yuna says let's start over from the beginning.

Battle 3

Sakuya and Ranka both give each other looks of "oh no, things are getting better for us :)" Tokime and Union are worried about getting hit even slightly by Yuna. Juri and Hikaru get ready to follow up Yuna. Two Promised Blood girls get cheap shots on Momoko and Kaede. Ranka heads back Rena for another fight. Sakuya takes a stab at Ryouko, pushing them both away from the rest of their groups. Ranka is mad she barely missed Rena's soul gem.


Ranka knocks Rena back, asking her why she's not even fighting back. Rena says she can't do it. Momoko jumps in and takes hits from Ranka. Momoko tells Rena the least she could do is try to avoid being hit. Flashback to Ranka and Rena playing at the game center. Ranka starts crying, saying she wants them gone along with all her memories of them.

Kaede jumps in, saying if Ranka is going to try to kill them, then Kaede's going to become an oni too. She won't let them kill Ranka, either, because Ranka is her friend. Ranka continues crying, thinking to herself how it's too hard to kill people she knows.

Ryouko and Sakuya are struggling against each other. Ryouko is bleeding out, saying the proud body her mother gave her has been stabbed full of holes because of Sakuya. Sakuya says Ryouko broke her leg and should be praised just for being able to stand up. Ryouko says the only thing left to do is aim for each other's soul gem. Flashback to Sakuya and Ryouko meeting during their event.

They strike at each other, but Asahi dives in the way, taking hits from them both. Asahi drops to the ground. Ryouko tells Sakuya to wait for her in heaven, because she's going to survive. Urara jumps in the way, taking a hit now. Urara says she doesn't want anyone dying, and also falls to the ground. Sakuya isn't stopping, because they agreed to this battle to the death. Asahi is faintly heard telling them to drop their weapons. Ryouko ignored her. Urara is heard saying she doesn't want the hands of the clock to move any further. Ryouko and Sakuya take one last lunge at each other.

Urara tells Asahi her hypothesis is once again proving true. Asahi says there's nothing they can do to help, since they believe in the Awakening. Urara says she still wanted to help, with Asahi agreeing.

Ranka is screaming and crying, asking herself why she can’t do it. She says she's sorry to Yuna and asks her to help. Yuna approaches, saying she'll destroy them for her. Kagome and Livia are on the ground, looking on in horror.

Kagome notes that she hears a piercing scream and looks up to see bodies flying across the moon. KMR all get sent flying one after another by Yuna's incredible power, like dust being swept by a broom. She feels through Rii-chan the light of someone's magic snuff out once again.

Ryouko and Sakuya both lie on the ground, eyes closed, untransformed. Ryouko is barely moving, Sakuya isn't.

Battle 4

Chiharu and Shizuka run to Ryouko's side, wondering what happened to her and Asahi. Sunao looks surprised, then tells them Ryouko's soul gem is still intact. Chika and Sunao rush over to Asahi, noting she can barely breathe. Asahi's wounds are bad, so they can only try to heal her with magic. Asahi and Urara telepathically talk to each other. Urara says "it's been some time since I met someone like her I truly wanted to save..."

Ranka rushes over to Sakuya, saying she was the one supporting Yuna the longest, yet she's the first to die. She starts crying again, saying Tokime is next to suffer. Juri say's she going to join her, and starts lighting up fires. Ranka asks what the hell is Juri doing, the fire is burning her face. Juri says she's just burning the tears out of Ranka's eyes, and she should go die doing everything she can now. Chika and Chiharu have to get Ryouko out of there before Juri gets to them.

Iroha is seen running, out of breath, catching up to KMR. Rena and Kaede are doing ok, but Momoko is bleeding out from her stomach. Sana and Tsuruno suggest they retreat before more fighting starts. Ui tells them to hurry -- Yuna is coming for them.

Yuna is already there before she can finish, saying she's going to slaughter all 9 of them. Yachiyo starts attacking Yuna, but Yuna just laughs and shrugs it off. Tsuruno and Felicia join in, saying Yuna will never make anyone happy with all the suffering she causes. Ui says there's no way Yuna will be able to hold off the Kimochi, with Iroha agreeing, saying that they need to save Yuna.

Inside Yuna's mind, she's saying if this is all it took to get power, she should have used the Kimochi back in the subway. She tells the Kimochi to wait just a little longer and she'll have all 8 stones together.

--- In battle, Hikaru says the 2nd and 3rd sisters are coming to join, and soon they'll have the stones and stop Union together with Yuna. ---

Yachiyo and Felicia get sent flying through the air. Tsuruno tells Sana and Ui to take care of them, noting she barely avoided being hit herself thanks to her luck. Ui uses her kite, and Sana uses her shield (that's not a safe way to catch someone, Sana...).

Yuna is already fast approaching, telling herself she will take them out before they can call on the Kimochi's powers, all the while thinking of all of her friends and how this is finally over. She calls out to Sakuya to bring everyone over here. Hikaru asks Yuna if she hadn't heard yet. Yuna asks if Sakuya went with Juri, but Hikaru has to break it to her that Sakuya died fighting Tokime.

Back inside Yuna's mind, she suddenly cracks. The Kimochi immediately make their move and take over her body. She begs them to keep going, as it's all nearly over. Back outside, Hikaru starts apologizing for not telling her right away, but Yuna tells her to get away from her. Light flashes, and Hikaru plus some Promised Blood girls are knocked away by a blast.

Momoko tells Iroha and everyone it's probably the same problem the 3rd sister had before. Yuna starts speaking in Kimochi and clubbing girls left and right. Juri and Ranka are left wondering what's going on, but Ao looks on in horror, saying Yuna's been taken over by the Kimochi. They start evacuating. Shizuka tells the Tokime they're moving, too, and she's worried about the Union girls.

Battle 5

Livia tells Kagome to stay where she is. Yozuru wonders if Yuna can even be called a Magical Girl anymore. Kagome decides she's going to run off, asking Rii-chan to protect her. Livia decides whatever, she can go if she wants to, since she might just end up saving them instead of just protecting them.

Mikazuki team is all getting wounded and dropping. Chiharu wants to join and help them, but Sunao says they can't while carrying Ryouko and Asahi. Chiharu yells to Shizuka to come up with something, but Shizuka is stuck in thought. Iroha tells her team to get back to Kamihama and she'll stay back to fight Yuna off. She says her usual "I'm going to save those who want to be saved" spiel, with Tsuruno asking her if she seriously means it in a situation like this too.

Juri and Ao are watching as the Kimochi try to take over Yuna, Hikaru yelling at her to stop attacking the Promised Blood girls who are begging for their lives. Yuna thinks to herself that she knows that, but she can't control her body anymore. Just as Yuna takes another swing, Kagome rushes in, asking Rii-chan to protect them.

Rii stops the attack, but Kagome still absorbs some of the hit and collapses. Puella Care catches up to her, immediately regretting letting Kagome go off on her own. Livia wants to heal Kagome, but Yozuru mentions it could be bad since she isn't magical. Livia says with the Uwasa she should be able to heal her at least a little. Iroha rushes over, and Livia tells her to do her healing and that she'll give her a grief seed.

Shizuka tells the Tokime that they're going after Yuna to stop her. She says it would disgrace the clan if they retreated while letting an innocent child get hurt.

--- In battle, Juri is getting pumped up to fight Yuna in her superpowered state. Ao is shocked, and Hikaru says just do whatever it takes to save Yuna. Tokime enters, saying they will help them stop Yuna as part of their mission. Mikazuki enters, saying Union is helping too, since they can't leave Iroha behind, and because it's their mission to save all Magical Girls, Yuna included. ---

Yuna thinks to herself how the Kimochi have totally beaten her. Flashback to Yuna and Sakuya talking in the catacombs with Sakuya telling her to never let her oni side take over. Yuna thinks to herself that Sakuya died trying to keep Yuna safe, so maybe she should start over again.

Back to inside Yuna's mind, she still can't resist the Kimochi. Yuna starts crying, realizing she was never going to be able to control them from the start, that she can't protect or save anyone. Can't get revenge, can't take this all back. She wonders if it's because she lost the words of her senpai that everything has gone out of control. Flashback to when her senpai died, telling Yuna she will be in her heart when she needs answers. Yuna screams out that she's not letting the Kimochi take her body.

Back outside, Yuna sees all of Promised Blood on the ground, knowing she did all of this herself. She begs her senpai to tell her what she needs to do.

Battle 6

All of Mikazuki is knocked out, except Ui, who is telling Iroha not to go. Iroha tells her to take care of everyone as she's going after Yuna. Ui is worried they're all going to Witch out in Futatsugi. Iroha gives a worried smile, saying they've saved everyone once before, and Yuna is the one suffering most right now. Ui cries, telling Iroha she better come back.

Iroha walks over to a barely conscious Hikaru and tells her that she's going to Yuna. Hikaru asks Iroha if she realizes everything that's happened to Kamihama, and that those that died will curse her if she still tries to save Yuna. Iroha smiles, saying she's sure she'll be forgiven if she saves everyone. Hikaru calls her an idiot, then gives a grief seed to her, saying she's also become an idiot, and tells Iroha that Yuna is heading to the catacombs.

Shizuka is lamenting over not being able to do anything and wants to make sure no other evil prevails by keeping all of humanity good. She decides that the Tokime clan needs to start changing people, leading them to good before evil takes hold of them. Flashback to San telling her that Neo Magius is trying to control humanity to take away their evilness. Shizuka is convinced there's still some use in Neo Magius.


Kagome is hurt. Yozuru says those that Kagome protected are safe, but the wounds Kagome received would be fatal for a normal human if it weren't for Rii and Iroha's healing. She says they need to wait for an ambulance, but she isn't sure if Kagome will make it. The 2 Promised Blood girls she protected say they'll use their magic to keep her alive, since they can't let an innocent human die, especially after saving them.

Kagome's eyes shut. Livia asks Kyubey if he can still talk to Kagome. Kyubey naturally says of course, her life can be saved if she states her wish. Kyubey telepathically talks to Kagome, giving the entire "become a Magical Girl and your life can still be saved" speech. Kagome contemplates, thinking just wishing to heal herself would be a waste since her body would become stronger. She thinks out loud that she does want to help Iroha and Yuna, to which Kyubey says fine whatever, just give me the contract. Kagome says no contract. She's confident she'll survive, that Iroha will save everyone, and that lots of people will be upset if she were to contract.

The Promised Blood girls announce the ambulance is here, and yell to Kagome to not make a wish, since she of all people should know what suffering would await her. Livia thinks to herself that she didn't expect these girls to help out. Yozuru tells them to get out of here before they're seen as the ambulance pulls up.

Battle 7

Inside the catacombs, Yuna is struggling to keep herself together as the Kimochi tear her apart from the inside. Yuna thinks to herself that she doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore, but doesn't know what to do. She thinks back to her senpai's words again, realizing she threw everything away when she strayed from those words. She's convinced she will be dying in the catacomb, and apologizes to Sakuya. She says out loud that Juri needs to work with Ranka to help Ao get back to normal and asks Ao and Hikaru to work together to fix Futatsugi.

Iroha enters, telling Yuna she won't let her die. She knows that Yuna's anger will never go away, and that her and Kamihama are the reason, but she insists she will save Futatsugi, Yuna included. Yuna, struggling to speak, tells Iroha she can't let someone that torments her people to be left in charge of saving them. Yuna thinks to herself that this is fine now, the Kimochi can go ahead and take her over if it means killing the girl in front of her.


Yuna rampages, quickly blackening Iroha's soul gem with near misses, before finally knocking her to the ground. Yuna wants Iroha dead so she can die in peace. Flashback to when Iroha entered Felicia's mind/soul to save her from the Kimochi. Iroha tries the same technique again, using her emotions to connect to Yuna. Yuna resists letting Iroha take her over too. Iroha asks the Kimochi to get away from Yuna and get back to their bracelets.

In a flash of light, they return, and Iroha uses her magic on Yuna.

Battle 8

Iroha can see inside Yuna's mind, which is much different from Felicia's. All of her memories are scattering, as if the Kimochi are corroding her, which is also starting to affect Iroha. Iroha regrets having to look into Yuna's past, but she wants to save her and get her back to normal.

Flashback to Yuna and Juri first introducing each other. Yuna wanting everyone in Futatsugi to work together, while Juri wants everyone to fight and fear her. Fast forward to Kyubey asking Yuna to stop attacking him, with Yuna asking him to stop creating Magical Girls. Flashbacks to other parts of Crimson Resolve I'm not going to summarize here.

Iroha thinks about Yuna's existence, as someone that's been fighting over and over and watching her constantly die. The flashbacks she's seeing are all experiences that haunt Yuna. Iroha feels in Yuna's heart that every time she takes a step, she feels the body of someone she's lost under her feet, and every time the wind blows, she hears the screaming of her friends in agony.

Flashback to the Futatsugi girl that joined Wings of Magius and revealing Kamihama's work to Promised Blood, how Eve failed, people were sacrificed, etc. along with Yuna changing right before Iroha's eyes.

Yuna continues as Iroha listens, saying she will never forgive them, as the background brightens, showing hundreds of corpses littering the ground in Yuna's mind. She will never forgive Magius for forcing them to fight each other, and for Kamihama benefiting from their losses without even realizing the damage they caused. Yuna continues, saying she's mostly angry with herself for not being able to do anything.

Iroha speaks aloud, saying Yuna was doing everything she could. Yuna says wishing for the happiness of others is too much when she can't even do anything about it. Iroha says aloud that she's wrong, it's ok to want others to be happy. Iroha senses Yuna.

Battle 9

Yuna is viewing all of Iroha's memories, calling her an idiot for trying to save her, as the Kimochi's corrosion will just kill her too. She says she doesn't care about Iroha at all, but if she's going to die with her, she might as well see who Iroha really is and take her soul with her.

Yuna looks into Iroha's early memories of when Ui disappeared, along with her telling Momoko she made a wish to cure her sister's illness and how none of her memories of them living together are false.

Another memory of Iroha first meeting Touka, with Touka not remembering anything about her. Followed by Touka outside Chelation Land explaining how they're using normal humans to gather energy. Yet another memory, this time of Iroha seeing Eve and learning about Ui's fate. Iroha decides to stubbornly try to save Ui and everyone else in Kamihama, as well as Walpurgisnacht.

Yuna, looking into a deep reflecting pool of water surrounded by buildings, learns that despite stopping Magius' plans and saving everyone, Iroha still cries tears of sadness that shimmer in the pool before her.

Suddenly she hears Nayuta's voice, saying she wants to find Papa and save all Magical Girls. Then Mitama's voice is heard, saying if she doesn't do anything, Mii will be bullied again. Kanagi is heard saying they should wait and see how the conflict between the east and west goes before making a decision. Shizuka says she doesn't want the diviners to become devils just for the sake of peace in Japan. Then Yuna hears her own voice, saying she will take revenge for all the bloodshed in Futatsugi.

Yuna realizes this pool isn't just Iroha's tears, but everyone's. She hears Iroha's voice, saying she was able to save Ui and gain happiness despite all odds, so now she wants to spend her time helping everyone else to make their own hopes and dreams come true. Yuna can't believe this -- Iroha wants to save everyone, including people that hate her!? She actually wants peace throughout the world? Yuna remembers her senpai's words again. Don't hate, don't be jealous, don't be selfish, and above all, continue to hope for a world full of peace for everyone.

Iroha is seen smiling above the pool, while Yuna screams out that she won't accept that Iroha hasn't been broken, that she has never once wavered from her pure and noble feelings.

--- In battle, Yuna yells that she will make Iroha hate her no matter what and show her that her resolve is nothing but fake.

(This battle takes place in this reflecting pool, 9 waves of a single Iroha, over and over, each one saying "I'm sorry" as they fall to Yuna's attacks.) ---

Yuna makes one final swing at Iroha, ending in a flash of light. Suddenly, Yuna looks down, seeing Iroha's soul gem in her own hands. She says that if she destroys this, it will all be over. She begins crying, saying that no matter how much she hurts her and kills her, the gem doesn't darken at all. Iroha's only true weakness is her sister. Yuna says she regrets not killing Ui back when she was kidnapped, but no, that's not right, Sakuya stopped her from doing that back then. She realizes she was never fated to take revenge. Everything is crushing her.

The real Iroha suddenly has Yuna's soul gem in her hands and sees that it's rapidly darkening. Iroha is suddenly attacked by the Kimochi surrounding her. She realizes they want to take Yuna's soul gem away from her. Iroha wants to ask them one question: maybe they really don't want to actually fight? She asks this because the Kimochi willingly went back to their bracelets, and they don't ever try to take over Iroha's body. Maybe it's because everyone else views the Kimochi as tools, so the Kimochi in turn began resisting and creating rules.

Iroha tells them if that's all true, then if they stop trying to take people's bodies, she will take them to the auto purification system. She does, however, want to talk to them about their plans to return to Eve. One of the Kimochi flashes red, and Iroha tells them she doesn't want to fight everyone either. The Kimochi speak to her again. Iroha agrees, saying she doesn't want to fight or destroy them because they're a part of her just like Ui is. She goes on to say that yes, they've fought in the past, but Onee-chan will take care of them from now on, so please just let Yuna go. The Kimochi agree, and Iroha thanks them.

Iroha understands the Kimochi are afraid of being attacked or used. She thanks Yuna, because her desire to save everyone in Futatsugi has made her realize something: she has done horrible things to save the girls of Futatsugi, but despite all the blood she is stained with, Yuna is still pure, and she's glad that Yuna is still alive.

Back to Yuna holding Iroha's soul gem. Yuna is jealous of how Iroha is able to stay pure no matter what.

Cut to both of them holding each other's gems. Yuna wonders if Iroha really will be the one that saves her and everyone in Futatsugi. Iroha wonders if she can carry Yuna's feelings with her. Yuna wonders if she can trust Iroha. Iroha says she hopes Yuna can trust her.

They both wake up in the catacombs. Yuna is surprised Iroha is alive, while Iroha is happy that Yuna is alive. Yuna looks to the ground, saying she will never forgive Kamihama, or ever regret losing everyone, or everything that has happened, but when she touched Iroha's soul, she saw Iroha's true feelings. Yuna opens her eyes, saying she won't just let all of this be forgiven, but she will put her trust into Iroha and Iroha alone. Iroha thanks her. Yuna says all she's doing is choosing the path that saves the most.

Battle 10

Sometime later, Yuna has Promised Blood gather in the catacombs. She is ashamed and embarrassed for what she's done to everyone in Futatsugi and that she couldn't keep the blood oath she made. She won't apologize because even doing that would be shameful to everyone that's followed her, so she just comes out and says it: Promised Blood is through with enacting revenge against Kamihama.

The Promised Blood girls in the crowd are saying they've lost their only chance at being saved, and now have nothing left. Yuna tells them that the girls in Kamihama want to spread the purification system across the world. One girl asks why is she believing that now after everything they've been through? Yuna tells her that her grudge against Kamihama isn't gone and she still won't trust them, but since she touched Iroha's soul, she has decided to trust only her since she is 100% pure in her ideology.

Juri points out that they couldn't even control 4 of the 8 stones, so there's no way Kamihama's going to handle all of them. Ao says she couldn't even control 1, to which Juri teases her, saying Ao's got a weak heart. Yuna says the 4 Kimochi gave her a sense of power, as if she was in control, but took her over the moment Sakuya died. She also says Kyubey has been manipulating them this whole time, since he probably understood the Kimochi.

Hikaru mentions that Tokime and Union must be joining together now then if there's no more reason to fight, but Yuna insists they're not out yet, since there's still no telling what the Kimochi will do once they're all together. Yuna hands the bracelets back over to the sisters and Hikaru so they have less worry of more damage happening. Yuna tells Hikaru that after touching Iroha's soul, she understands why Hikaru was swayed by her, but Hikaru insists that Yuna is the only one that can ever sway her. Iroha and her team tell them that the trains are leaving, so they're heading back to Kamihama.

Ao, standing alone, says there's no way she will ever be forgiven for being the only one who took a life.

Outside, Iroha is explaining how Shizuku's magic got them out of being killed, but for some reason her magic only works over short distances now. She then explains everyone who got injured and evacuated, and how Asahi and Ryouko were injured on Tokime's side. Iroha then asks Yuna if she can go pray for Sakuya next time they go over, Ui asks as well, mentioning that it was Sakuya who saved Yuna before. Yuna says she doesn't think she deserves to be mourned, but Iroha, Ui, and Sakuya all do. Iroha assures her that Sakuya was a kind person.

Yuna asks Iroha if it's really ok for her to keep 1 of the Kimochi stones. Sana asks about it too. Iroha says it's a sign of trust to let her keep it. Yuna says 4 is too much of a risk, so Iroha can at least have hers, and if 2 is too much, she can go ahead and give one to Kanagi. Iroha asks why Kanagi? Yuna says to repay all the times they tried to kill her and ruin the east. Iroha tells Garnet-san that it'll have to hang out with her for a bit.

Ui says she got a call from Yachiyo and they're on their way to Kamihama now. Iroha says they need to catch the next train or else they're stuck waiting for a while. Yuna apologizes again, but only to Iroha. Iroha tells her she hopes the flame of Yuna's grudge goes out one day. Yuna says it won't go away now, but she'll pretend it has. Iroha tells her she'll see Yuna in Kamihama.

Back in the catacombs, Juri asks what Yuna's gonna do now since everyone's gonna start bitching about this decision. Yuna says they'll just have to talk about it, but before they do, she has one request. She wants to be alone with Sakuya for a moment. Ranka and Juri get everyone out.

Yuna immediately begins crying as she looks over Sakuya's body, saying she should have been the one to die, and apologizes to her. She thanks her for not abandoning her until the very end. She says she wants to follow Sakuya right now, but knows Sakuya would be mad if she did, so she's going to hold out and do what she can to help everyone in Futatsugi and Ao.


Iroha and co arrive at Mitama's shop, where Kanagi is waiting. They ended up missing a transfer and were late getting back. Iroha hands the Garnet bracelet to Kanagi, saying this is a token of apology from Yuna. Kanagi is a little surprised that the peace talks worked but smiles and says that she can't deny someone's good intentions and accepts it.

Ui asks Mitama if everyone is doing ok. Mitama says they lost a lot of blood, but their soul gems are all cleaned, so they'll recover in due time. She then asks Iroha if she can get to healing some more. Shizuku apologizes to everyone, saying she was supposed to send them back to Kamihama, but couldn't. Yachiyo asks if they figured out why she can't. Shizuku says Mitama believes the properties of her soul changed and may have affected her. Mitama reassures Yachiyo that she isn't 100% sure, but when she adjusted Shizuku, there were definitely differences. Tsuruno asks if Shizuku has any idea why her magic weakened.

Shizuku says she does, thinking back to the moments just before saving everyone in Futatsugi. She says when she finally realized where she belongs, she no longer had a gap in her heart. She was always searching for her own place to belong, but when she found that she wanted to be someone's place to belong, she finally settled. She went the long way around in her search, but she's ok with belonging to someone, and someone belonging to her as being her "place." Thus she has no reason to travel anymore. (if I explained this poorly, she basically had a Kyouko moment where her magic was changed from a massive emotional moment)

Over at Suitoku Temple, Shizuka is going to head to the priests to explain Ryouko's injuries. Suddenly Chika screams. Everyone rushes over to Chika looking for Asahi. Sunao says they were taking Asahi's clothes off, but... Shizuka looks shocked, seeing how Asahi's entire body is covered in old scars. Chiharu wonders if it's from animal attacks in the mountains, but Chika knows immediately it's who, not what did this to her. Cuts, lacerations, abrasions, burns, gunshot wounds, stab wounds... Most of this must have been from people.

Sunao asks if one of the branch families would do something like this. Shizuka isn't sure, but if there is, she will put a stop to it, so they need to find out where Asahi is from.

Over at a hospital in Futatsugi, Yuna is visiting Urara who is awake and in pain. Urara apologizes immediately about Sakuya. Yuna says she didn't do anything wrong, but rather wants to thank her even though she isn't from Futatsugi. Urara is shocked, asking how long Yuna has known. Yuna says she only figured it out recently, but Urara is basically hiding in plain sight. She goes on to say that she was surprised when she heard that Urara tried to save Sakuya.

Urara says this conflict is different. Even though similar numbers have died, the amount of despair is vastly different. Yuna asks if that's why she protected Sakuya, but Urara says no, Sakuya was just a good person that she wanted to save. Yuna says she's glad to hear that, that Sakuya was a good person. She just wishes she died instead of her. Urara says no, you can't die, you still need to help Ao. Yuna asks if her whole purpose in living now is to make Ao relearn fear.

Yuna drops it, saying if Urara wants to she can stay in Futatsugi, or she's free to leave. Urara asks her if she wants to know more about what she's doing. Yuna smiles and says she knows Urara doesn't want to actually say it since she's been avoiding it and takes her leave. Urara says to herself that Yuna's been helpful.

--- Interview Recording with Kasane Ao. Ao says Kagome chose a bad time for this since she's still not over the wake for Sakuya, but understands she just wants to cover what's been happening. She says her negative emotions like fear and sadness are disappearing. She thinks it's more the Kimochi taking her over than getting stronger, but she's fine with it regardless. She just wants to stop being exploited, so as long as she can protect herself it's fine. She's also still adamant about getting to the top of Futatsugi since her sisters are too dangerous, though in actuality she doesn't really want to go through with it. She mainly just wants to make friends with her now that she's better at communicating, and play games together with everyone. She says she'll be really happy if she could form a pro gaming team with friends one day.

Section 5: What My Father Sees

Alexandra: "Oh my... So Promised Blood's made up their minds too."

Battle 1

Kagome's notes mention she can't recall how the battle in Futatsugi ended. When she rushed in to save the Promised Blood girls, she suddenly woke up in a hospital bed. She didn't realize it until her mother came in and started crying (and Rii telling her) that she was dying. Since she could barely move in her bed, she had to contact others to find out what was going on and learned that there was more happening than just the battle against Promised Blood. One group divided into two as the battle for what Promised Blood is began in Futatsugi.

At Folklore's aquarium, Urara is explaining Promised Blood's strategy for the battle in the previous chapter, with Lavi saying it sounds more like a final gamble. She says more deaths are likely. Asahi agrees, saying Tokime is also heading to Futatsugi in hopes of putting an end to Promised Blood.

Alexandra then asks Lavi "If things get worse and more people die, the clock's going to tick forward, right?" Lavi says yes, and adds that Neo Magius is the most likely to keep the clock ticking since they're not afraid of sacrificing people. Also, if Touka, Nayuta, Nemu, or Kagome end up being on the list of victims, they can only assume the clock has already struck midnight and the Awakening has begun. Alexandra adds that Himena should be included, since she's doing the same thing. (Now what do all 5 of them have in common? Himena...??)

Lavi then asks how Neo Magius is doing. Alexandra says things are going faster since the instructor joined, and it won't be long until they start taking from the other groups. Lavi says once that happens it will be time to move away, but Sasha is free to make that decision herself. Asahi and Urara then ask if they're allowed to enter the battle themselves, since they have people they want to protect. Lavi is fine with it, saying as long as they don't mind her taking off if need be, she won't stop them from staying to fight. However, Lavi does request that Nayuta not be involved.

Alexandra asks about Nayuta, wondering about Lavi's plan to keep her and Touka separated. Lavi says yes, because they want to spread the truth about Magical Girls, and now that the professor has been detained, their relationship should break. Lavi hates to do it, but she says it's the only way to keep Nayuta safe. She's going to continue to mess with Nayuta until she's utterly certain that Touka can no longer be trusted.


Over to Nayuta, who fully believes Papa has been taken by her uncle. Flashback to her eavesdropping behind the door. Flashback to Nayuta asking Lavi why he would do such a thing, with Lavi saying to steal his work, and convincing her that Touka is not to be trusted. Nayuta is torn. She thinks Touka must be her enemy as usual, but she still wants to save everyone by believing Papa and spreading the truth to the world.

Downstairs, Mikage shows up yelling that she wants to go find Nayuta's Papa again, but this time she wants a year’s supply of sweets. Suddenly, Nayuta smells something good, but she's positive she fell asleep in her own room. She jumps out of bed -- Lavi is there with lasagna in hand for her. Lavi tells her she won't find any answers by hiding in her bed all day.

Battle 2

After breakfast, Lavi asks Nayuta what she's going to do, since she doesn't exactly have proof that her father is being detained. She then suggests Nayuta should go find out the truth herself, and go ask Touka for help, but Nayuta insists she stay away from Touka and return to her uncle's place since at the moment she would say some mean things to Touka. Lavi thinks to herself that she needs to also convince Touka to no longer trust Nayuta as well.

At the hospital, Touka's father is being interrupted from his break time to be informed that his niece is here to see him, so he makes an exception since she didn't seem to be doing well. He meets Nayuta outside the hospital, telling her he doesn't have a whole lot of time. Nayuta brings up that her father told her to wait since he was meeting with this brother. He says yes, we did talk, what's wrong with Tasuke? She continues that he never came to see her, then went up to the office to speak to him, and then overheard he's been detained/locked up/held hostage. He says that's true, but the word choice is a bit harsh and she's kind of mistaken.

He then says yes, he's being kept here, but for some tests to be done on him. Nayuta buys it, asking what's wrong with her Papa. He continues, saying whatever it is it must be from all the wandering around he's done, but it doesn't look good. Nayuta then asks why she can’t contact him then. He says that Tasuke's phone is being kept while they're watching him. Nayuta then asks to meet him, but is denied. Touka's father starts getting angry, telling her no means no, and asks for an escort to move her along. He then switches to a sad look and thinks to himself that if Nayuta were to listen to Tasuke right now, she'd be heartbroken.


Fast forward to after the Futatsugi battle, at Puella Care's place. Livia is talking to Folklore about the battle, saying it's truly a blessing that only a single person died today. Lavi then asks about Asahi and Urara. Livia explains Urara was badly injured protecting Sakuya, and Asahi protecting Ryouko. Yozuru mentions their respective groups retrieved them, and with Sudachi's fumus, also that Urara and Kagome are at the same hospital. Alexandra asks about Kagome. Yozuru explains that they failed to protect her during the battle, and that the only reason she's alive is because of her Uwasa. Livia says if only Kagome didn't just run out without them...

Alexandra asks Lavi wasn't Kagome's life part of that whole "These specific people dying results in the Awakening happening" thing? Lavi says yes, then asks Livia how the battle ended, since everyone in Promised Blood is united by Yuna, and Yuna isn't one to back down. Livia says well guess what, Yuna did yield. Her grudge against Kamihama won't be going away, but Iroha went and fought and got her to yield.

Lavi has a concerned look on her. That Iroha still goes against the conflict in order to protect the hope of all Magical Girls and their futures... Alexandra says Iroha must have had an effect on Yuna if only one person died. Lavi agrees, but now that Promised Blood, Union, and the Tokime clan have injured to care for, Neo Magius has a prime opportunity to get to work. Alexandra says no matter how much Iroha fights against the clock, Himena will be the one to move it forward.

Livia says she's not one to believe in this Awakening/midnight thing, but sure it sounds like it'd be bad if it were true. Alexandra says she's sure it's bound to happen soon, and she can't exactly leave Neo Magius, otherwise Himena won't have anyone left to hold her back.

Touka's father is speaking on the phone with someone, saying he's ready to bring his brother in tomorrow to do some talking, and to give his regards to the president/chairman of the prefecture.

Battle 3

Mii and Nayuta are chatting at home about how Mii isn't being bullied anymore and Mitama is doing ok, though she still seems a bit down. Lavi tells Mikage to come over any time she feels like she's in danger. Mikage jokes that Nayutan's house is like 110 (police number, like 911), but Lavi says no, it's only an emergency place for you. Nayuta goes over how she thinks Touka's father lied to her, and that her Papa is being held captive. Lavi suggests she should go speak with Touka now, but Nayuta is hesitant.

Mii says she can go talk to Touka for her if she's so unsure of it. Lavi asks if she's sure, but Mikage says yeah, we can just talk telepathically while she speaks to Touka. Nayuta finally agrees to let Mikage mediate, but Mii then throws in an "Alright then, what're you buying me at the Tomorrow Shop for helping??" Nayuta doesn't like the sudden bribery, but Lavi says it's fine, it's the price to pay for her helping.

Lavi then thinks to herself that she should be able to get the professor out on her own, so all she needs now is the perfect timing while Nayuta and Touka are distracted.


At the hospital, Lavi is glad she put magic into a pen every time she met the receptionist, since she can still sense where it is, and that Tasuke is still alive. She begins searching for him.

At a restaurant/cafe, Touka is mad that Nayuta suddenly wants to meet her after ignoring all contact lately. She's trying to get Nayuta to say anything to her, but Nayuta is keeping silent. Mikage tells Touka that she's speaking for Nayutan today. Touka is even madder, saying she's not going along with a childish game of telephone. Plus she doesn't even know who Mikage is to begin with.

Mikage then introduces herself to Touka. Touka wonders why the adjuster's little sister is speaking for Nayuta all of a sudden. Mii explains it's because Nayuta is also mad and doesn't want to say anything mean. Touka nyaas that she feels like she's being made fun of, which makes Nayuta look mad. Mikage says Nayuta is telling her to not start fighting and wants to know where Papa is being held. Touka had no idea that her uncle is being detained.

Touka says again she has no idea, just that the two of them had to agree on something, but her father is willing to believe her uncle's story about Magical Girls and would help. Mikage then brings up that Nayuta was lied to by her uncle. Touka then heads outside, saying she'll call her Papa and find out what's going on.

On the phone, Touka's father admits he did lie to Nayuta, and he's sorry for lying to Touka as well. He says he does want to help them and does trust Tasuke, but Tasuke has now given up on saving Magical Girls and everything he's believed in. Whatever Touka is told next, she agrees to not tell Nayuta.

Back inside, Touka tells them that Nayuta's father is there, but not being detained. Touka's father is working carefully with him about the details of spreading the truth about Magical Girls. Nayuta finally speaks up, asking IF Papa were to be detained somewhere in the hospital, where would he be kept?

Back at the hospital, Lavi has located him, telling him he's worried so many people. She then asks if he will help to keep Touka away from Nayuta.

Battle 4

Outside, Nayuta and Mikage are wondering if Touka was lying, but Nayuta knows that she's one to usually speak her mind. Mikage adds in what about her not knowing anything about your Papa being held captive then? Nayuta is unsure. Flashback to the conversation earlier, with Touka mentioning that her room would be the best place to hold Tasuke, since the room can only be opened from outside. Nayuta texts Lavi what she just learned.

Lavi reads Nayuta's message explaining the above info, but Lavi already knew since she busted the professor out of that room already. Though his escape may already have been noticed, so Lavi knows she needs to get Nayuta to safety as well. Lavi asks the professor, who is offscreen, to make a distraction.

Nayuta is suspicious since Lavi's reply to her was too fast. Mikage wonders if Lavi is just super busy. Nayuta is then surprised -- the message is from Papa! He apologizes for not being able to keep in touch, but still wants to meet and talk to her. In the message is the location of a coffee shop. They're not sure how he suddenly got out, but they're happy.

Elsewhere, Touka receives a call from her Papa-sama. He tells her that Tasuke has escaped, and unfortunately he has to ask her to go find him. He says there's a GPS attached to him. Her father wants to look himself, but doesn't have the time, and Touka knows that. He needs Tasuke found by this evening since he scheduled a meeting for them to talk and cancelling it at the last minute is not an option. Touka says it's fine and heads out but hates that she's unable to transform when she needs to most.


Nayuta and Mikage are running to the coffee shop. Nayuta suddenly stops, tears in her eyes. Mikage asks what's wrong. There's Papa in all his blue fluffy sprite glory. She calls out to him and runs in for a hug. She starts asking where he has been this whole time, how worried she was about him, etc. He says he sorry, but he's had to do everything he can for the sake of saving Magical Girls. Nayuta says she wants to work together with him. He asks if she can handle the horrible reality.

Mikage is overjoyed for her, and Nayuta says she could never have done it without Mikage or Lavi. Suddenly Touka yells out that she's found him, saying Papa-sama is looking for him. Tasuke wonders why she's here, and Nayuta wonders if Touka really did know the whole story this entire time. Touka isn't sure what to do since Nayuta is here too. Nayuta asks again if Touka was lying, but Touka says she doesn't want misunderstandings, so they should all go talk to her father. Tasuke says he's done everything he had to with him, so their business is done. Touka mentions the meeting this evening with a politician.

Nayuta says she doesn't want Papa to go back, since Touka's father has been doing terrible things to him this whole time. Touka gets mad, saying her Papa-sama isn't a bad person and there was probably a reason to detain him, especially since she knows that he cares about all of them and is taking time to talk to politicians. Nayuta isn't happy to hear that and tells Tasuke to go with her. Tasuke however says he's going back to his brother.

Tasuke says he found notes about Magical Girls in Touka's hospital room, so he knows that Tasuke is telling the truth about wanting to help. He apologizes to Nayuta, saying he will (eventually) take time to have an honest talk with her. Nayuta is still yelling out to him to not go, but Touka asks her to let him go, since they're all doing this for their sake. Nayuta then knocks Touka to the ground and then transforms, saying if she keeps getting in the way, she's going to have to hurt her. Touka takes her standing, asking if Nayuta is going to just beat her and then go after him if she can't even transform to fight back. Nayuta transforms back, giving up. Touka tells her she has to believe her this one time.

Nayuta is mad now, saying the way Touka is acting makes her think she's been lying about not knowing what's going on. She then turns to Mikage and tells her to go home, since she's almost done with what she needs to today. Mikage is still worried, but Nayuta says she won't be giving up.

Battle 5

That evening, outside the hospital, Nayuta and Touka are having a standoff. Nayuta says she's leaving as well but has no intentions of believing anything from Touka at this point. Touka says she doesn't have to believe her, but she made the right choice, since both their fathers are going to work towards saving Magical Girls. Nayuta says they better, because something weird has been happening in other cities, and then walks off.

Touka stops her, asking what weird things. Nayuta doesn't want to talk, but Touka insists. Flashback to Nayuta's trip to Yukuni and the girl she saved blaming her for falling. Nayuta finishes explaining that some regular people know about Magical Girls there. Those that knew believed rumors that Magical Girls are dangerous, so if word gets out, they'll be in more danger. Touka thinks on this, and Nayuta asks why Touka is now of all times getting quiet. Touka then says bye and storms off. Nayuta calls her out for being a brat when she just made her talk. Touka lists out Futatsugi, Tokime, Yukuni, and Kamihama... Does her uncle know about The Destruction?? (Yet another important word/title yet to be explained?)


Over at the hospital Mitsune is staying in, Himena is visiting her. Himena tells her to cheer up, since she's been doing so well on SNS to be a hero. With everyone's combined strength, things are going well. San says they do still need a bit more prep work though. The countdown until Magical Girls are known to the world has started. Mitsune is happy that her hard work has finally paid off. Himena says she wants to see Mitsune get well and come back to them, which makes her sad. Himena apologizes, saying it is her fault she's in the hospital. Mitsune says don't worry about it because now everyone will learn about Magical Girls, and she'll do her best to recover.

San interrupts, saying Kyubey is here. Himena says she has to go, and San says she will split the group up and go talk to the other groups.

On a dark street corner, Little Kyubey is mokyuuing to actual Kyubey in a meeting of the minds. Kyubey agrees that yes, as you suspect, the auto purification system is inefficient being left alone. More mokyu mokyus. Kyubey says no matter what you say, he's continuing to investigate, and continues that you (Little Kyubey) are an individual different from them, so it's dangerous to go out alone.

Himena finds them, asking Little Kyubey to come help with a little problem, and don't worry about being hurt. Little Kyubey runs away. She apologizes to Kyubey for interrupting the meeting. Kyubey mentions that, more importantly, there's been change happening in Kamihama. Himena slyly says oh, like in real time or something?

Shizuka is alone on a street, suddenly being met by San. Ao is alone on the Futatsugi bridge, suddenly being met by Shigure and Hagumu. Kanagi is alone in a playground, suddenly met by Miyuri.

Himena says it's going to be real interesting to see just what changes are happening, and tells Kyubey to come along and find out.

Over to a meeting between Touka's father, Tasuke, and the mayor. The mayor is confused why Tasuke is saying different things than what he was before. Touka's father tells Tasuke that's enough fooling around. Tasuke repeats himself: Magical Girls are made up. He says he's been researching the subject, yes, but it's all superstition and urban legends that threw him off. Once again he reassures them that Magical Girls aren't real. His brother looks at him, mad, and says fine, you can embarrass me, but what about Nayuta and Touka...