Magia Record Story The Green Jasper Diviners

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Part One

Chiharu's mother comes from a closed off and traditional village that has an age long tradition of having suitable girls sacrifice their soul to God to defend Japan and its people. Chiharu and her mom were called home after a news report has it that the police are in cohorts with the Defense Ministry, hiding evidence that would deem the Defense Ministry guilty. Chiharu, a fan of detectives, is not happy with how the police are not upholding justice and aren't being reprimanded.

The village cannot be found on any map, nor does it have access to TV, radio or internet. It is pretty closed off from the outside world as well.

After hearing about magical girls, on how they protect the people and country since way back and seeing their actual powers when the village's magical girls Shizuka and Sunao demonstrate it by showing Chiharu how they fight witches, Chiharu's desire to uphold justice and become a hero wins over her doubts and her mother's concern and constant advice to not become one. The village elder gives instructions to Chiharu on what to wish for: Make the evidence hidden by the police regarding the crimes of the recent case in concern with the Defense Ministry surfaced to the public.

As the village prepares for the ceremony to make the wish, Chiharu learns how to fight from Shizuka's mom who is a skillful martial artist while getting closer to Shizuka and Sunao. Her mom reluctantly agrees with her wish after a talk with the elder.

On the day, Chiharu is overwhelmed by the serious and holy ceremony, making her realize that she is indeed going to give up her soul to God. She meets Kyubey who is seen as a messenger of God by the village even though not all can see him. He explains that he has been watching over the village since way back, and has granted wishes regarding the weather, and health of the village.

Chiharu made her wish as ordered by the village elder beforehand and become a magical girl. Her mother is obviously distressed, but the newspaper wrote on how the Defense Ministry is brought to its knees when the evidence came out, and so her wish came true.

Chiharu continued her training with Shizuka's mom and got even closer to Shizuka and Sunao. One week later, they joined forces to hunt witches and succeeded. There, Shizuka lectured her on how grief seeds works though the curious Chiharu asks a piercing question: what happens if their soul gems get fully corrupted?

Shizuka has no answer, so she went and asked the village elder. The elder explains that when the gem reaches close to its brim, it shows the contribution the magical girl has given for the country and the village, and they are seen as mature enough to leave the village. She explains that she would only disclose this information when the time is right. Shizuka who respects the elder accepts this explanation with joy.

Chiharu on the other hand is disturbed by this question, and her instincts that have been strengthened by becoming a magical girl tells her something is wrong. She follows her instincts and goes to the shrine where the ceremony was held, but she felt nausea and her heart began racing unnaturally as she gets closer to the innards of the shrine.

Shizuka stops her just in time since it is against tradition: the shrine is only open during large festivals or emergencies. While respectful, Chiharu voices her concern over the soul gem issue and Shizuka's well being and thus wants to investigate.

Shizuka is touched and informs Chiharu on what the elder told her. Chiharu is relived that Shizuka will be fine, but is a little sad that they have to go their separate ways so soon. Shizuka smiles and says as long as they are still hunting witches, they will eventually meet up. They then say goodbye.

Despite this, Chiharu's instincts still tingle and she is surrounded by familiars all of a sudden. To her dismay, these familiars are stronger then the usual ones she has faced, and they come in great numbers. Shizuka arrives just in time to save her, and she explains she felt something was off after bidding farewell. Rain pours as they fight, but Shizuka is wounded heavily as the corruption takes its toll on her. Scared and frightened, Chiharu realizes she cannot stop her friend's bleeding, and screams for help.

Villagers hear her, and they rush to the scene. Chiharu's mom worked as a nurse, so she patches the wound up well while the men carry her to safety.

While Shizuka recovered thanks to the toughness of being a magical girl, she cannot fight anymore and is seen as mature, thus needing to leave the village after a ceremony tomorrow. Chiharu learns of this when she visits Shizuka on her sickbed, and vows to not cry when they say goodbye.

However, Chiharu's instincts are screaming at her on how something is wrong with the village. She comes to this conclusion as well, and decides to speak with Shizuka on this issue.

She managed to track her down at the side of a river and sees her talking to the elder. She cannot hear what they are saying due to the distance, but she sees Shizuka who has transformed for the ceremony shifts from shock to tears, then finally anger, screaming the elder's name as she knocks the already weak Shizuka into the river.

Chiharu jumps in almost immediately to save Shizuka, but to her horror, the corruption has rendered Shizuka so weak that she cannot even swim. Chiharu remembered the grief seed she was given as a reward after their first victory and uses it to purify Shizuka.

To the girls' horror, they find plenty of bones at the bottom, and the shaken Shizuka informs Chiharu through telepathy that the bones are what was left of previous magical girls.

The two were carried by the powerful river to shore where Sunao, who left the village earlier, was waiting. While reluctant, she claims she has no choice and this is for the greater good as she moves in for the kill, but stops dead when Shizuka unconsciously mutters that she would join the skeletons now.

Part Two

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Sunao is forced to act as an assassin for the elder as her parents, who are part of the Tokime family, hid the magical girl information from their daughter to prevent her from becoming a victim, but she still contracted of her own will for her parents. The elder threatened her with their lives and she is forced to do her bidding.

She decides to break the deal, telling her parents to hide once she learned about the truth about the magical girl system in Tokime.

Under the elder, the adult ceremony has them push a magical girl as close to the edge of corruption by telling them the truth, then pushing them down into the river. If they die, then it is fine, but if they turn into a witch, the stream will take them close to Yura-yura sama who will feed on this new witch.

Only the Mikoshiba family the elder belongs to know about this. The rest of the village is innocent.

So the three girls went back to the village and learned that the whole village is inside a barrier held by a powerful witch. Sunao found out the uncomfortable truth about the whole magical girl system under the village.

The three manage to beat the witch who is being controlled by the elder. It is revealed that she has this power by having a previous magical wish for her to have it. The elder is rotten to the core since she is never controlled by the witch and pretend to be so after the witch was defeated. But the evidence Sunao has and Chiharu's innate magic that can detect malice from people tore off her mask. She committed suicide via poison before any questions could be asked.

The magical girl system of Tokime consists of powerful politicians who approach the elder when they want something to be done. The elder finds suitable candidates and directly or passively has them grant the wish as the client wants. She is paid a huge sum of money in return. This has been the village business for hundreds of years.

However, Chiharu still detects malice from the elder even after she died, and after the mothers searched the body, they found two books recorded in ancient Japanese. Chiharu and her mom can read it since their branch of the tribe is responsible for learning the language.

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They decipher it, and reveal that the Mikoshiba family became the head only about a hundred years ago. They introduced the business of selling magical girls' wishes to the rich and powerful. In addition, Yura-yura sama is actually the Vagabond Witch who is also one of the ancestor magical girls of the village, now trying to come home since Mikoshiba's witch is now dead.

Shizuka's family has left a tradition to forge a blade throughout the years to pacify this ancestor once the truth of the Mikoshiba family is exposed. It is the one Shizuka is holding in the logo.

The three fought their ancestor and was overwhelmed at first as Shizuka, the key of the battle, is caught in self-doubt and wonders if she is only worth the amount listed in the elder's recorded conversations with the politician that bought her.

Chiharu snapped Shizuka out of it by telling her the actual history of the village: before the Mikoshiba, the Tokime village made wishes out of their own will to defend their family and friends, and they fought on with pride till the end, the same motto Shizuka had when the elder told her the awful truth. The trio manage to pacify their ancestor, and the village is slowly modernizing. They began to think about their lives as a person and magical girl, and decide to see if Kyubey will answer them.

To their bewilderment, Kyubey answers their calls and they frown on how the ceremonies were there to distract their thoughts by giving them pressure.

Kyubey tells them he has seen few who can escape the fate of becoming witches, but tells them they can try Kamihama since there are rumors of a purification system there. Before they leave for the city, Kyubey also educates them on modern terms of Puella Magi, Soul Gems, Grief Seeds and witches since the Tokime village uses traditional terms: Diviners for Puella Magi, Devils for Witches, Jewels for Soul Gems, and Ghosts for Grief Seeds. The three have struggles at first, especially Shizuka; but soon memorize the terms and use them more often.

The villagers bid them farewell, and Shizuka informs her friends that she managed to find other branches of the Tokime family tree through their genealogy book. She is thinking of reaching out to them to see if they can tackle the issue together. After that, the trio would come to Kamihama for further researches.

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