Magia Record Story Bye Bye, See You Tomorrow ~Memories of the Kamihama Large Residential Complex~

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The Trio’s Story Ep. 1

The narrator describes how much they love living in the Daito Apartment Complex, from the park and friendly neighbors to the great view from the rooftop. The complex has 60 buildings in all, with some being commercial facilities. It’s the largest residential complex in Kamihama. Leila Ibuki’s mother asks if she’s ready before handing her her lunch and seeing her off to school. In the apartment’s courtyard, Seika Kumi looks around nervously before making sure the coast is clear of any people. She takes a deep breath before setting off for school. Over in the park attached to the apartments, Mito Aino looks at all the different kinds of flowers that are blooming there. It was a beautiful morning like any other, but underneath it all a kind of dark rot had begun to grow.

Leila’s Story Ep. 1

One morning – Daito Apartment Complex Building 10, Apartment 305
Leila greets one of her older neighbors as she takes out the trash early in the morning. The two make small talk, ending with the neighbor jokingly asking Leila to tell off her son for not throwing out the trash like he’s supposed to. Leila says ok, but inside she’s not sure she could actually do that. Before she heads back to her apartment, the neighbor warns Leila to be careful since things have been getting unsafe at the apartments lately. Leila says she will, although she’s not sure what else she can do with all the things that have been happening at the apartment complex lately. She then spies Seika and calls out a cheery good morning to her, startling Seika and causing her to yelp out in fright.

Seika’s Story Ep. 1

One morning – Daito Apartment Complex Building 31, Apartment 403
Seika yells out in surprise as the Apartment council president greets her good morning. She assures him she’s fine despite yelping out in surprise and stares awkwardly as she fidgets with her hair. After a moment, the council president asks if she isn’t on her way to school and hands her a safety poster, warning her to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Apparently the council has been getting numerous reports of suspicious people hanging around the apartment complex so they’ve made posters to warn people to run and reach out to others if they see anything. Seika accepts the poster and the council president bids her goodbye. Seika sighs as she chides herself for getting scared so easily. Normally there isn’t anyone there at this hour so when he greeted her she ended up screaming out like that. Seika feels sick and tired of always jumping at the tiniest things. She wonders if the reports about suspicious people is all there is to it but then Leila greets her out of nowhere, causing Seika to squeal and jump in fright once more. Seika warns Leila not to scare her like that before smiling at her. They then hear a loud yell and turn to find Mito popping out at them. Mito grins, hoping she was able to scare her two best friends.

Mito’s Story 1

One morning – Daito Apartment Complex Building 25, Apartment 502
One of the neighbor women asks Mito what she’s up to. Mito had been staring at the ground so she points out a large patch of clovers growing there. Mito was surprised to see that clovers were growing there, but saddened to only find the three-leaf kind. She wonders if maybe the reason she hasn’t had any luck lately is because she doesn’t have a four-leaf clover. The neighbor tells Mito that happiness isn’t so easy to stumble across. The neighbor asks if Mito wasn’t on her way to school, causing Mito to remember what she was supposed to be doing. The neighbor chuckles to herself as she watches Mito scamper off in a hurry.

Mito hurries to catch up with her friends before they too head off to school. She notices Leila and Seika talking, but they haven’t noticed her yet. Mito grins and sneaks up behind them, yelling and startling the two friends. Seika looks like she’s about to faint and complains that her heart can’t take so much so early in the morning. Leila explains that she had just finished surprising Seika that morning as well. Mito apologizes but Seika promises to get her back next time. Mito scoffs at her threat, causing Seika to get fired up. Leila tells her two best friends to save it for later, they’ve got to get to school.

Leila’s Story 2

At school, Leila thinks over the warning she received from one of her neighbors. Even though Daito has a reputation for having some of the roughest neighborhoods in Kamihama, the complex was always a safe haven. So the thought of strange people lurking around the complex and the recent incident there upsets Leila. She has many fond memories growing up in the complex and she doesn’t want those memories to be tainted by the recent happenings. Even the atmosphere around the complex feels like it’s changed. Two of Leila’s classmates ask if everything is ok with Leila since she’d been staring off into space ever since she sat down. Leila assures them she was just daydreaming when classmate A asks if Leila wouldn’t mind covering her cleaning duty again. When she promises to buy a treat for Leila in exchange, Leila relents. Classmate B tells her she shouldn’t accept all the time and it’s ok to tell her off now and again since she relies on Leila so much to cover for her cleaning duty. Classmate A says with a grin that she relies on Leila for everything. Leila tells them it’s fine and Classmate A calls her an angel. Secretly, Leila doesn’t think she’s much of an angel if the only reason she doesn’t refuse is because she’s scared of losing friends.

Leila’s Story Ep. 3

At their school, the kids bring lunches from home and, while they’re free to go sit and eat wherever they please, the majority of them sit at their desks and chat about nothing with their friends over the lunch period. Today, however, things were a bit different. Classmate A is telling the others that the cops came by her house as well to question her mom asking if she’s seen specific people lurking around. Leila asks what the suspects did and Classmate A responds that she thinks they robbed some place. Classmate B thinks that sounds like some kind of crime show but Leila tells her not to talk like that since this is real life. Classmate B asks if they don’t think that bad stuff has been happening in Kamihama a lot more lately. Classmate A asks if something didn’t happen at the complex where Leila lives also. Leila replies that three months ago some people went missing: a father, mother, and their only child disappeared from Building 12 where they’d been living. All of their furniture and belongings were left untouched, not a single thing was stolen. The family had been on good terms with everyone and wasn’t struggling financially, but even so they disappeared like a puff of smoke. The news had been all over it but then nothing had come of it.

Classmate B asks if some weird people weren’t seen at the complex lately as well since her mom works at one of the supermarkets near there. Leila tells them about the posters they’ve put up around the complex warning people about suspicious activity. Both of Leila’s classmates warn her to be extra careful and not go to anywhere alone. Leila tells them not to worry too much since she’s always with her friends who live in the same complex. Classmate A gets worried and says it all sounds like some kind of horror movie where a stalker is just lurking around waiting to pounce on their next victim, but Classmate B tells her to knock it off. Leila smiles and tells her she’s not worried, but deep down inside she feels troubled. She knows she’s just trying to smooth things over with her friends but she wonders if Mito and Seika aren’t hearing the same kinds of things right now. Suddenly she remembers she has to tell them she’ll be late because of cleaning duty.

Seika’s Story Ep. 2

Seika is getting a bad feeling about everything that’s happened so far. The wanted poster and the sightings of a suspicious person have put her on edge. Two of Seika’s classmates keep encouraging each other until they finally approach Seika and invite her to eat lunch with them. Seika is surprised since no one has ever invited her to eat with them except for Leila and Mito. She’s had really bad social anxiety ever since she was little. As much as she wants to make friends, she finds it impossible to socialize with others, especially strangers. One of the girls notices they haven’t spoken to her since the school year started despite being in the same class. Seika tries to say something but finds herself freezing up and unable to utter a word. Her other classmate thinks they’re bothering her so she apologizes and the two of them rush off. Seika sighs. When her social anxiety is at its worse, she apparently makes a demonic face that scares off others. Because of that she’s always been labeled as a grouch who just wants to be left alone. It’s not her intentions, but this is just what happens every time. And now that’s she’s scared off two more of her classmates, her reputation is just going to get worse. Seika wonders what she could have done differently as she goes to sit at her usual lunch spot.

Mito’s Story Ep. 2

Mito loves going to school and learning about new things with her favorite classes being music, shop class, and P.E. She loves school so much she often hums to herself. Some of her classmates were giggling to themselves and when Mito asked why, they admitted they were laughing at Mito’s humming since it seemed so weird to them. The two of them call it weird and then call her a major weirdo for humming. Mito doesn’t get what they’re trying to say which makes the girls call her even weirder for not feeling self conscious. They call her abnormal which makes Mito brighten up and think she’ll have a bright future ahead of her. She tries to explain about the clovers but the girls just call her totally nuts and laughing at her. Mito knows they’re just making fun of her since it’s always been like that for her. No matter how hard she tries to do things like normal, people still end up calling her things like weird. She wonders why they call her names and laugh at her, calling her an airhead with her head in the clouds. She wonders if maybe she really is a strange person, but even if she were she knows it gives them no right to make fun of her. Mito’s classmates ask if she wants to eat with them before asking if she brought her own lunch from home, demanding to see it to see if her lunch is as weird as she is. Mito tries to play it off and tells them she has to go since she promised to eat lunch with her friends. Her classmates are surprised to hear she even has friends and figure they must be as crazy as her. They ask Mito to bring her friends next time so they can see them but Mito pushes past them and leaves the classroom. Her friends scowl since they were nice enough to have invited Mito to eat with them but she refused. Out in the hall, Mito thinks about how they told her to show them her friends, as if friends were just objects you showed off to others.

Seika’s Story Ep. 3

Seika makes her way over to the AV room. Thankfully they leave the room unlocked so she can eat her lunch there. Since everyone else tends to either stay in the classroom or head up to the roof, Seika tends to have the place to herself. Seika thinks about what happened earlier and realizes she missed her big chance to make other friends. No matter how many chances she gets to make new friends, she always freezes up and ends up alone again. She was just about to recall the one time everything went smoothly when she hears someone say “knock knock” as they knock on the door. The door bursts open and Mito walks in, happy to have found Seika. Mito was looking for Seika so they could eat lunch together since Leila was eating lunch with some of her classmates. Seika happily accepts the invitation and remembers that the only time a chance meeting went smoothly was when she met Leila and Mito.

Mito’s Story Ep. 3

Mito is having lunch with Seika. Originally she had planned to just talk about whatever, but she ended up talking about the incident with her classmates. Mito asks Seika if it’s ok if she asks her something. Mito looks up at Seika and asks if she thinks she’s weird. Seika asks what she means so Mito tries to ask if she sticks out in a bad way. She then realizes she probably shouldn’t be talking about such things so she tries to spin it around into something more “fun” and asks if she isn’t creepy like the guy that has been showing up at the apartments. Seika is surprised to hear this and sternly asks her what she’s talking about before realizing how her tone came off. She then relaxes a bit and tells Mito she’s nothing like that so she shouldn’t joke around like that. Mito is sorry but Seika is too for having spoken so strongly. Mito was just surprised at how strongly Seika had reacted to the question. Seika asks if weird isn’t just another word for different and says Mito is weird because everyone is different. No two people are the same. Mito is who she is so of course she’s different from others. This brings a smile to Mito’s face so Seika ventures to ask if something happened but Mito denies it. Just then, both of their phones go off when they both receive a text from Leila telling them she’ll be late since she has cleaning duty. They both smile at how nice their friend is for covering for someone else’s cleaning duty again, but Seika wonders if Leila isn’t too nice sometimes. Seika knows Leila has always been a kind person and remembers a time when her kindness really shone through.

The Trio’s Story Ep. 2

In a flashback, a very young Leila and Mito approach Seika. They ask if she’s the new girl who just moved in and then ask for her name. When she tells them her name is Seika, they say what a pretty name that is and introduce themselves. Leila says they should be friends. Seika finishes recalling the first time she met her friends as her, Mito, and Leila are walking home together, passing through the very courtyard where they first met. Leila says she should have come get her when they tell her they had lunch together at school. Mito replies she was going to get her until she found out she was already eating with some of her other classmates. Mito tells her not to worry since her and Seika had lunch together. Leila says if she would have known she’d have left the classroom too since people were saying some weird stuff about her neighborhood, the creepy stranger, and Building 12. The way they kept talking about it like it was some horror movie or an urban legend really made Leila’s skin crawl. Mito says there’s nothing wrong with their apartment complex with Seika emphatically backing her up. Suddenly, Seika senses something so she pretends to remember she was supposed to run some errands for her mom so she has to go. The two friends say their goodbyes and the three of them go on their way.

Leila’s Story Ep. 4

Leila returns home to her apartment where her mother greets her. Noticing the downtrodden look on Leila’s face as well as her sigh, her mother comments on how tired she looks. Leila puts on a happy face and says it’s just because being a student is hard work. Leila’s mother says she remembers what it was like being a student and tells her to sigh it all out so she’ll feel better. Speaking of, Leila’s mother sighs as well since she has to go get started on dinner. Leila thanks her mother for her hard work and promises to set the table once she’s ready. Leila gets ready to do her homework since all her teachers gave her class a ton of it and she has nothing better to do. Leila then remembers that the recipe book full of sweets she’d ordered had come in today and she was supposed to pick it up on her way home but she had forgotten because of the cleaning duties. Leila could go pick up the book tomorrow, but she really wants to read the book tonight.

Route Split

Do Homework: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 5
Go to the bookstore: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 6

Leila’s Story Ep. 5 (End No. 1)

Leila tries to figure out where to start on her homework and decides to settle on a subject she’s not good at. But no matter what she worked on she couldn’t concentrate on her homework because she kept thinking about what happened today. She wonders if it’s because she told Mito and Seika also but everything she heard at lunch wouldn’t stop running through her head. She remembers everything from lunchtime and how Mito was adamant that there was nothing scare about their complex. Even Seika thought everything was fine. Leila decides they’re right and there’s nothing to worry about. She tells herself she needs to stop overthinking things. She should just finish her homework, eat dinner, and go to bed. Then she’ll go to school tomorrow with Seika and Mito in the morning and stop by the bookstore after class. Everything will be just fine.

The End

Leila’s Story Ep. 6

Leila tells her mother she’s going out for a bit but her mother warns her not to be wandering around late at night, especially with how unsafe it’s been lately. Leila gets a little upset and insists she’s not the kind of girl to go wandering around late at night. She tells her mom she’s just going to go to the bookstore real quick. Her mother says all right and then asks her to pick up some curry mix on her way back. Leila asks if they’re having curry for dinner before asking if her mom forgot to buy the main ingredient. Her mom says please so Leila says she’ll be back later. Before she goes, Leila’s mother makes her promise to be careful.

Outside the building, Leila is a little saddened that her mother is worried about the strangers too but reasons that any parent would be. She then hears Mito calling her name.

Seika’s Story Ep. 4

Seika heads over to the Central Shopping Village, which is connected to their apartments. It was originally built for the people who live there, but ever since a megastore went up just down the road, this place has become a shell of what it used to be. Hardly anything is still open and more than half of the shops have already closed down. Even the candy store her, Mito, and Leila used to hang out in as kids has long since shut down. The sight of the place depresses Seika so she gets skittish when she notices a man walking on the other side of the shopping village. Seika wonders if he isn’t the same man from the wanted posters and wonders if he lives here in the complex or is from outside. The man is mumbling something to himself but Seika can’t make out what it is. Either way, he has the same empty, dead eyes as before. Seika watches as the man begins to wander off so she decides she has to follow him by herself.

Mito’s Story Ep. 4

Mitos’ mother greets her warmly as Mito arrives home. Since her mother bought snacks, she offers some to Mito who happily munches away on some bean cakes. Mito’s mother asks Mito if everything is ok at school but Mito says everything is great since she has her friends Leila and Seika there. Her mother responds that friends are great, but asks Mito not to hesitate to tell her about anything that could be bothering her too. Ever since her elementary school teacher talked to Mito’s mom about how Mito wasn’t fitting in, her mom has been worried about her. If Mito told her mom about the kinds of things her classmates were saying to her, she’d be out of her mind with worry so Mito can never bring herself to tell her mother these things. Mito tries to change the subject by saying she needs to go shopping. When her mother asks her what for, Mito tries to convince her that she needs a new notebook for school. Her mom offers to come with her, but Mito says she’ll be fine by herself since the store is right around the corner. Mito’s mom is worried about her going alone with everything that’s been happening lately, but Mito just says she’ll be back and goes out the door, leaving her mom calling out to her to be careful. Outside, Mito sighs to herself. She just blurted that out even though she doesn’t even need a new notebook. She figures it’s fine since she’ll just end up with an extra notebook she can use later. Mito then spots Leila so she calls out to her. Leila is surprised to see her and explains she’s going to the bookstore to pick up the book she ordered. Mito offers to join her so Leila asks if she wouldn’t mind stopping by the grocery store as well since she has to pick up some curry mix.

Mito’s Story Ep. 5

Mito explains what happened between her and her mom and why she’s buying a new notebook. Leila notices that Mito has always been protective of her mom and has always tried not to make her worry. She reminds Mito of the time when they were little and Mito had climbed a tree only to fall off. Mito claims she had rolled when she hit the ground and was up in no time but Leila points out that’s not exactly what happened since Mito ended up breaking her left collarbone. Mito had refused to tell her mom, insisting she was fine until the pain became so unbearable she had to be rushed to the hospital. Mito knows what she means, but her mom worries about every little thing. Leila thinks Mito should be more open with her mom. Mito suggests they go tree-climbing again in the future but Leila hasn’t climbed a tree in ages and doesn’t think she could do it anymore. She points out that Seika wouldn’t even be able to get off the ground, but then again Seika was never good at that sort of thing. Mito reminds Leila that they were high up in a tree when they spotted Seika for the first time. They had climbed way up to the top when Mito noticed Seika and realized she was the new girl that had just moved in. It was Leila who had suggested they go say hi to her and the three of them have been together ever since. Mito then suggests they do hop-scotch around the block like they used to do since it’s something that Seika can do as well. Mito wants to play hop-scotch all the way to the bookstore but Leila says that’s way too far. Mito asks what kind of book Leila is going to pick up anyways, so Leila tells her it’s a cookbook for sweets that she saw on TV. Mito asks for some of the pastries once Leila is done making them.

Seika’s Story Ep. 5

Seika follows the stranger to where the old candy shop used to be and notices he made a turn there. Seika goes after him only to bump right into him as she rounds the corner. The man stares at her and says she’ll be food too, caught by bait to be food. He begins to rant about how they’ll all be food as a barrier opens up and a Familiar appears. Seika realizes the barrier had forced the man to wander around and she had been lured right in. She knows she has to protect them and realizes she’s facing a Familiar. She promises to never forgive it for all the harm it’s done to their home before transforming into a Magical Girl.

Leila’s Story Ep. 7

On their way home from the store, Leila and Mito were talking excitedly about the cookbook Leila had picked up. She was super excited about making some of the sweets while Mito is just as excited to eat them all. Leila tells Mito they should get together at her house on Sunday but Mito stops and points at something. Leila turns to see it’s one of the posters about the suspicious person that’s been lurking around the apartments. Seeing the poster brings down Leila’s spirits. She knows they just want everyone to be careful but seeing reminders every day is putting her on edge. Mito tells Leila to look under the poster and points to their “acorn bank”. When they were small, the trio would put the acorns they’d gathered into a box and bury it like it was their “savings”. Mito explains she would check on the box often to make sure no one had dug it up. Being reminded of their acorn bank cheers up Leila as she smiles about another great memory she’s made while here. Seeing the poster above her acorn bank dampens her mood, however until she notices what she thinks is Seika walking across the street from them. The person turns the corner and disappears from their view. Neither Leila nor Mito are sure if it was Seika or not, but Mito reminds her that Seika had had things to do that evening. Leila notices that “Seika” was coming from the direction of the Central Shopping Village and wonders what she had to do there. Leila started to get a bad feeling about things, which quickly worsened the next day when they heard news that the suspicious man had been found and was being held in custody.

Seika’s Story Ep. 6

The suspicious man had been found and arrested. Or rather, he had turned himself in for his own safety. The victim of the Familiar had no memory of the things he’d done while under its influence. They had found him roaming around in a daze asking for help from anyone who would draw near. While rumors spread like some kind of horror story initially, the gossip soon died down and the whole thing was forgotten. However that incident was only the beginning and the next one happened when the three friends were hanging out like normal. The three of them were talking about the suspicious guy who was apprehended was actually a resident from Building 4. The weird thing is he can’t remember anything, but Seika is just glad it was resolved since it was starting to turn into a real horror story. Leila says something has been on her mind and explains to Seika how she and Mito went shopping together the other day after bumping into each other. On their way home, they saw a girl that looked just like Seika near the Central Shopping Village. Seika realizes they must have seen her after the incident with the Familiars so all she can do is lie to them. Seika says she was nowhere near the shopping center yesterday. Leila and Mito breathe a sigh of relief and figure it must have been someone who just looked like her. Leila says she’s glad it wasn’t her since she was so worried about her, but Seika can tell from the look in Leila’s eyes that she still senses that something is wrong. Before Seika can convince her further, Seika senses something and lets out a small eep. Leila overhears her and asks her what’s wrong, but Seika doesn’t know what to do.

Mito’s Story Ep. 6

Leila asks Seika what’s wrong so Seika says she just remembered something she needs to do. Leila asks her what she forgot so Seika scrambles to come up with an answer and ends up saying she forgot to do some chores back home. She says sorry for leaving so abruptly before saying goodbye and taking off. Mito and Leila wonder what they should do since Leila noticed that Seika has been acting odd lately. Mito notices that Seika was in a real hurry and wonders if the chores were something urgent. Mito suggests they head back home together so Leila agrees. Inside, Leila knows that Seika has been acting strange lately but didn’t want to say anything to Mito for fear of how it might have gone down.

Leila’s Story Ep. 8

Leila returns home with another heavy sigh escaping her lips. Her mom asks what’s wrong, and when Leila tries to brush it off, her mother insists on asking once more what the matter is. Leila knows her mom can tell something is up so she admits that it’s not something that’s worrying her per se, so much as it is something she’s uncertain of, like she can’t tell what’s going on. Her mother offers her advice, but Leila insists she’ll figure it out on her own. Her mom tells Leila that she can come to her for everything and compares her to her father, who also tended to bear everything by himself so she should be a little more easygoing. Leila smiles and says she will before saying she’s going back out again. Surprised to see her leaving after just arriving at home, Leila explains she feels she’ll be better at thinking things through out in the fresh air. Even though the strange man was caught, Leila’s mom asks her to be careful and warns her not to stay out too late. She asks where Leila is headed.

Route Split

Go up on the roof: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 9
Go to the shopping center: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 7

Leila’s Story Ep. 9 (End No. 2)

Leila decides looking up at the sky might clear her head, so she decides to head up to the roof. Leila’s mother asks if she wouldn’t mind going shopping for some stew mix once she’s cleared her head. Leila asks if they aren’t having stew for dinner before asking her mom why she always forgets the thing she needs most. Her mom smiles and says that’s what she meant when she says Leila should inherit her easygoingness. Leila shakes her head then heads up to the roof. Leila takes a deep breath of fresh air as she looks out onto the city from the rooftop. She wonders what she was trying to get at by trying to find out if Seika and the weird man were somehow connected. She can’t understand how Seika could be involved and wonders what has her feeling so suspicious. She figures she was probably over worrying about it and decides to just forget it and not talk to her about it anymore. If she keeps this up, she’ll end up making things weird between her and her friend so she decides to just act like nothing happened tomorrow.

The End

Seika’s Story Ep. 7

Seika finishes killing off the last of the Familiars as the barrier dissipates and she finds herself back at the Central Shopping Center. Seika nullifies her transformation before deciding on taking another look around the center since there’s been an unusual number of Familiars lately. She hears a voice calling out asking if anyone is there so she ducks behind one of the support pillars. Even though she only caught a glimpse, Seika knows it’s Leila. Leila’s voice grows closer and Seika knows if she’s found then Leila will really be suspicious of her. Leila continues to call out and look around but finds no one so she turns to leave. Seika is relieved she wasn’t caught but has become worried with how close that was. She scolds herself for not being more careful since she doesn’t want Leila to be a part of this world she now finds herself in.

Mito’s Story Ep. 7

Mito and Leila had decided not to worry about how strangely Seika was acting lately, but then the next day it was Leila who seemed off. Leila’s head seemed to be in the clouds all day and she acted awkwardly every time Mito would talk to her. During recess, Leila pulled Mito aside to talk to her. She tells Mito that thinking by herself has made her head spin so she decides to confide in Mito about how she went to the shopping center yesterday. She promises she wasn’t trying to play detective, but rather she thought she might come up with some answers there. She thinks she was right and that it really was Seika they saw there the other day. She asks Mito if she doesn’t think the same thing and when Mito doesn’t respond, Leila points out how strange Seika’s reaction was when they asked her about it. She even made a gasp. Mito reminds Leila that Seika always makes that noise when she’s surprised and wonders if maybe she got a phone call or something on her cell. Even so, Leila would like to talk about it with all three of them and asks Mito to meet her at the apartment complex park after school. After a moment of hesitation, Mito agrees.

Mito’s Story Ep. 8

After talking with Leila, Mito began to feel anxious. Her classmates notice that Mito is staring into space more than usual and ask if she isn’t staring at fairies again. Her other classmate laughs and says that Mito does seem like the kind of person who’d be able to see them. Mito tries to laugh it off before becoming lost in thought again. Her classmates prod her and ask if she’s even listening to them. Mito notices the time and takes off, leaving her classmates in a huff calling her boring and wondering what has gotten into her. Mito finds Leila and the two of them talk like normal on their way home, but the closer they got to the park the less Mito could think of to talk about. The two soon arrive and find Seika waiting there for them. Seika notices they’re acting weird so Leila says she has something she needs to ask her about.

Seika’s Story Ep. 8

Leila tells Seika that she saw her in the shopping center yesterday. It was only for a moment, but she definitely saw and recognized her face. Seika is beginning to panic since Leila caught her since she can’t let them know about Magical Girls. Leila assures her she’s not accusing her of anything, just that she was worried when she saw her there. Seika’s panic builds as Leila speaks to the point that Seika yells out for her to stop it. Mito and Leila are taken back since it’s very unusual for Seika to raise her voice like that. Seika looks worried now since she doesn’t know what to say or do anymore. Mito asks if it’s really that hard for her to tell them, but Seika insists it’s nothing and apologize for suddenly yelling. Leila tries to apologize for butting in to her business but Seika insists once more that this is all just a misunderstanding and that she was never at the shopping center. Mito begins to cry, believing that Seika is angry with them. Seika tries to assure Mito she’s not mad while Leila apologizes once more for being nosy. The two friends stand silently as Mito continued to cry. The group then drifts apart and each of them heads their separate way home. Seika blames herself the entire way for not being more aware of her surroundings, but the damage had been done. A persistent doubt had grown between them.

Leila’s Story Ep. 10

Alone in her room, Leila blames herself for Seika’s outburst earlier. If she hadn’t asked her about it then Seika wouldn’t have gotten angry. Even so, Leila is certain she saw Seika in the shopping center yesterday. Seika wouldn’t have reacted the way she did if it really was nothing. Leila is certain that Seika is hiding something from them, but she doesn’t want to ask Seika about it further for fear of upsetting her more. Leila debates whether or not to press Seika for answers, worrying the night away. But this would end up being the same night she would find herself in a new world, the night when Kyubey appeared.

Leila’s Story Ep. 11

As Leila fretted, Kyubey entered her room. At first Leila thought he was some kind of cat until he began to talk and offered her a contract as a Magical Girl in exchange for any wish. Although Leila thought it was all a dream at first, her senses told her everything was real. Leila wasn’t so sure about the whole Magical Girl thing, and she didn’t even have a wish she wanted to come true. Then she remembered Seika and realized she did have one wish she wanted. She wanted everything to go back to how they were before. Leila turns to Kyubey and says she does have a wish, but it’s one she believes she needs to achieve on her own. Kyubey told her to take all the time she needed to think it over and left without pressuring her more. The last thing he said is he would return when “the time” came, leaving Leila confused over everything she’s learned.

Seika’s Story Ep. 9

Seika had gone up to the apartment complex’s roof to mull things over. She’s upset with herself for her loud outburst with her friends earlier, realizing it will only make Leila more suspicious. Even so, she can never let them know about Magical Girls or Witches or any of that as she recalls the first time she met Kyubey on this very same roof. Seika knows she has to do whatever it takes to convince Leila and get rid of any doubts she has, even if she has to lie to her friend. If Leila drops it then Mito will too and she can protect her friends from this world. But Seika doesn’t know how to do that. If she tries to rush into an explanation, then Leila will know she’s just trying to smooth things over. She’ll just have to find the perfect opportunity somehow to convince her once and for all, but how will she know when the time is right? Seika sighs forlornly as she pleads for Leila to just forget about everything.

Mito’s Story Ep. 9

At home Mito continues to cry as she thinks about the big fight her friends had had. Not once in all the years they’d known each other had they ever had a fight, and she’d never seen such an angry look on Seika’s face before. Mito sobs as she wonders what Seika could be hiding that’s so bad that she wouldn’t want to tell her friends. Mito’s mother enters her room looking for Mito. She notices Mito’s red and watery eyes and asks if she’s been crying. Mito wipes her eyes before forcing a smile and telling her mom she must have rubbed her eyes too hard when they got itchy. Mito’s mother asks if she’s sure there isn’t anything she wants to talk about, but Mito assures her everything is fine. Mito then asks if there wasn’t something she wanted to tell her. Mito’s mother says she has something very important to talk to her about.

Mito’s Story Ep. 10

After hearing what her mother had to say, Mito adamantly refused. Her mother tried to plead with her, promising it was what was best for Mito’s future and what a great opportunity it was, but Mito once more refused and began yelling that she can’t make her. Mito had then run out and gone to the park attached to the complex. There Mito cried more as her burdens weighed on her. First Leila, then Seika, and now this. It seemed like Mito’s troubles were only growing and Mito didn’t know what she could do. She remembered the clovers and decided that if she could just find a four-leafed one then everything would work itself out. Mito began to desperately comb through the clovers, desperate to find a four-leafed one. As she kept searching through the clovers, her desperation climbing, she didn’t even notice Kyubey watching her from afar.

Leila’s Story Ep. 12

Leila mulls over everything she’d learned from talking with Kyubey. Having your wish granted, becoming a Magical Girl, it all seemed too fantastical to be real. But the only thing Leila really wanted was for her to be friends with Seika like before. Leila knows she has to sit down with Seika and clear everything up, but she wonders if Seika will tell her what’s really bothering her. She had never seen Seika react so strongly like that, so it must be something she really can’t tell them. Leila wonders if she should pry it out of her but quickly dismisses the idea. She’s just worried about her and all of this is making her feel uneasy. Leila decides to call her so they can talk through everything but she can’t tell if talking will really solve the problem or if she just wants to hear an answer she can accept even if it’s a lie.

Route Split

Call Seika: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 10
Don’t call Seika: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 13

Seika’s Story Ep. 10 (End No. 3)

Seika is in her room when she receives a phone call from Leila. Leila says she just wants to talk a little more about what had happened before. Seika apologizes for getting as angry as she did, explaining that her mom had yelled at her just before she had talked with Leila and Mito. Seika continued to lie, adding that she was already upset before she’d had her outburst. In the end, Leila finally came around. Leila was just worried about her but Seika says it was her fault for yelling. Leila giggles a bit since she was so shocked when Seika had yelled since it was so uncharacteristic of her. Leila decides to tell Mito about their conversation so she can be reassured. Leila happily says she’ll see Seika tomorrow at school and hangs up. Seika is glad that was resolved but is sorry she had to lie to her friends to do so, but she can never let them find out about Magical Girls or Witches even if she has to keep lying to them. She’s prepared to do whatever it takes to bear it all for them.

The End

Leila’s Story Ep. 13

Leila can’t bring herself to call Seika. With how insistent she was earlier, there’s just no way she’ll open up about it. So even if Leila asks her about it, Seika isn’t going to tell her the whole truth and she doesn’t want to stress her out even more by pressing her about it. She thinks about Kyubey and decides to make a contract with him. What she wanted was to avoid the problem and not have to talk it out so she could learn the truth. But if she made her wish, then maybe everything could work out perfectly. So she decided to make her wish, “I want things to go back to how they used to be between the two of us. I want Seika and I to be how we were before!“ Kyubey listened to her wish and then he granted it but the result was another matter. Suddenly Leila’s head began to hurt intensely as memories she didn’t know she even had began to swarm through her mind.

Seika’s Story Ep. 11

Despite the vast gulf between her and Leila, Seika still had to continue her duties as a Magical Girl. She soon encounters a Familiar on the rooftop but before Seika can take care of it the barrier dissipates. She notices someone else on the rooftop so she calls out to them only to discover the person is Leila, who is now also a Magical Girl. Leila approaches Seika, explaining she made a contract as well but Leila’s expression is more sad than anything. She tells Seika how Kyubey had approached her and how she had contracted in exchange for wishing that things were back to how they were between them. Afterwards, her head was filled with flashes of the memories she’d regained. It seems that a Witch had put her Kiss on Leila and had caused her to jump off the roof of the apartment complex, killing herself. But Seika had wished for her friend back and ever since then she’d been working alone, fighting by herself while her friends had stayed oblivious. Leila begins to blame herself for Seika’s situation but instead Seika interrupts her, yelling about how she could do this. She demands to know why Leila became a part of this world, telling her she’d worked hard to protect Mito and her and keep them away from all of this. Seika demands to know why once more but Mito’s voice rings out from the darkness, telling them to stop it. Seika looks in fear as she realizes that Mito has found them. Mito asks what is going on with them.

Mito’s Story Ep. 11

Both Seika and Leila are dismayed that Mito has found them while Mito asks why they’re fighting and dressed up in costumes. She doesn’t know the reason they’re fighting but she still asks them to stop. Mito believes this must be a dream since she met with a talking animal earlier but both Leila and Seika recognize the animal she must have talked to was Kyubey. Mito is surprised to learn they both know about him and asks if they’ve been leaving her out of the loop. Leila says she just learned about him herself today but Mito says Kyubey is the one who told her they were arguing on the roof. Mito asks them to promise her they’ll make up before she’s gone. Seika asks what she means by “gone” and Mito explains that she’s going to be moving away soon.

The Trio’s Story Ep. 3

At a café, Nanaka Tokiwa, Akira Shinobu, Meiyui Chun, and Kako Natsume have gathered together for a meeting. Akira asks the others if they know about the Daito apartment complex and mentions that there have been people vanishing there lately. Although she only heard this from a friend so she has no concrete proof, but the idea worries her. Meiyui asks if she thinks a Witch is to blame, which is exactly what Akira is worried about. Meiyui and Kako agree that it sounds worrisome and they should go and investigate. Nanaka listens intently and tells the group that here is indeed a Witch on those premises, but even though she’s known for some time she agreed not to investigate because a certain Magical Girl lives there. After having a discussion with her, that Magical Girl told Nanaka she would take care of it and asked her not to interfere. Meiyui is surprised that Nanaka let it go so easily and asks if it isn’t the Witch they’ve been after. Nanaka doesn’t care who kills the Witch so long as the Witch is dead. More importantly, Nanaka doesn’t want to get into turf fights and would rather settle things by talking it out. Kako asks what this other Magical Girl is like and Nanaka describes her as having a steely resolve in her eyes, with an almost alarming brightness to them. The other thing she had told her was “This is my home, the most important place in my life.”

Continued in Part 2