Magia Record Main Story Part 2 Prologue

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A young girl named Kagome Satori has somehow been trapped inside the Mirrors' Labyrinth. A familiar, Kiriko Keeper IV, hands her a piece of paper that reads "HerEby PLEDGE tO deStroY, MaGical, GIrls" with a line to sign her name underneath. Kagome tries to explain she doesn't know what a Magical Girl even is but the familiar is persistent. The familiar is suddenly struck down and Iroha Tamaki appears to rescue the girl, asking if she's ok. She turns and makes short work of the familiars. Shortly after, Iroha explains to Kagome that Witches and their Minions are dangerous beings who harm people and it is the responsibility of Magical Girls to defeat them.

Kagome describes that day to an unseen person. Kagome feels that it is a very sad situation for Magical Girls since they fight for everyone but no one knows about it. Kagome considers making a contract with Kyubey herself and wishing to save Magical Girls, but the unseen figure doesn't know how the wish might be granted and advises her not to stake her life so recklessly. Kagome doesn't know what else to do, so the unseen figure suggests they write everything down. The figure promises to keep investigating and tells Kagome to write down everything so the world can know the truth about Magical Girls. In this way they can take a giant step towards saving them.

The scene shifts and now Kagome is talking to Kyubey. Kyubey asks if it's really fine with her. Kagome says she can't contract yet because she made a promise. She is aware the price that will be paid for her wish. Kyubey wonders if she should be so pessimistic about fighting Witches since it's thanks to Magical Girls transforming into Witches that allows the Universe to continue. But Kagome has no response to that. As she looks around at the people gathered near her, she realizes that none of those people are aware that they are being protected everyday at the expense of someone else's life. At the life of a girl who sacrificed her own so that others may live. Kagome then resolve to write down everything she can about Magical Girls so that others can be made aware of their sacrifices. It's been a while since the incident with Iroha, and Kagome wonders what Iroha is doing now.

Elsewhere, Iroha and the rest of Team Mikazuki are battling Rumors. Ui had called them over because she recognized that the magical signature wasn't that of a Witch's. The group was certain that Nemu had unmade all of the Rumors except the Rumor of the 10,000 year Sakura. Before they can assess the situation, Felicia rushes ahead swinging her hammer. Ui apologizes for getting them into this mess, but the team is just glad she's ok since they don't' know what kind of enemy they might be going against.

As the team defeats the last of the supposed Rumors, they notice that the barrier surrounding them hasn't dissipated. Also, the creatures they just fought don't seem to be either Witches or Rumors but possibly something different. The team is suddenly struck and they turn to find a large creature and assume it to be the Witch controlling the barrier. Tsuruno strikes at it, but its strength is too great for it to be defeated in a single blow. They're surprised to find something so powerful despite the Wings of Magius having been disbanded.

The creature giggles before targeting the team once more. As they fight it off, it manages to strike at Sana's soul gem. This infuriates Tsuruno who uses all her strength to attack the creature head on. The creature only turns and strikes back at Tsuruno, giggling all the while. Iroha calls over to Ui, Yachiyo, and Felicia. Together the four of them attack the creature in an attempt to overwhelm it. After bravely fighting for a long time, the team is finally able to defeat the creature and the barrier dissipates. Sana breathes a sigh of relief as Tsuruno drops her head in shame for having gone down in the fight so easily. As Felicia looks around, she's surprised that the creature didn't drop a grief seed despite its size and massive strength.

A light flashes and Iroha suddenly yells in surprise before noticing a bracelet that has magically appeared on her wrist. Try as they might, none of the girls is able to take the bracelet off. Yachiyo is weary of this magic artifact and suggests they call their contacts to see if any of them has any information on the creature or the bracelet. Ui has the feeling that maybe it wants to go somewhere and the little Kyubey agrees.

At home, Kagome begins writing. She describes Witches prowling the town and dragging people down into the darkness. She describes how a girl can tell her wish to a mysterious white animal and how her hope becomes the light that shines in that darkness. Their life is like a train bound for despair. As they fight Witches at all times, they are eventually surrounded by Despair themselves and turn into Witches themselves. She feels shame for having been blind to their deaths up until now but one by one more people will become aware of their existence, and in doing so she will be able to bring light all that Magical Girls that fight for them. Kagome puts the pen down and turns to ask the unseen figure "Rii-chan" if she is writing it down right. The figure agrees, much to Kagome's happiness.



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