Magia Record Story Puella Historia Valkyrie of Vik Arc

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

Part 1

We open with a scene during the battle of Stamford bridge, Ebbe saves Olga from an England soldier and asks her to retreat as the battle is lost, Olga then runs to search for Gunhild, lamenting that it's all her fault. We jump to Olga thanking someone willing to hear her story. She and her sister Gunhild were born as daughters of a well known warrior chief named Arne, but one day their village was attacked, their father killed and they were taken as slaves for the village of Isvik.

On this village they work for their masters, Olga likes to talk to an old man that knows a lot of Nordic folklore, Olga loves to hear about legends and tell them to Gunhild, she's known as "Olga the dreamer" in the village. Despite being slaves and being made to work hard they try to keep their spirits up, they aren't treated too harshly, but they aren't treated really well either. At a warrior's whim they're made to prepare a fest on the spot. After that Olga reminisces how they village also had slaves, and wonder if they felt like her. One day she wants to break the cycle of pillaging and slavery, believing one day the gods will show them the way to freedom and that they will set sail on a boat like their father. Olga falls asleep as she wonders what kind of countries exist out there, Gunhild thanks her, as her stories cheer her up. She wants to make her dreams a reality some day, and break the cycle of pillaging and slavery.

On a different day Gunhild falls asleep first, and as Olga thinks about making a story to tell her she sees QB. A drunk solider enters the room, and QB quickly escapes. Once the solider leaves Olga tells Gunhild about this Fylgja she saw.

The Promised Blood witnessed this event, they just arrived a few hours earlier. Earlier that day they were puzzled as the village in the record is Isvol, not Isvik. Nemu wonders if Iroha lost consciousnesses before finishing the record, as the information they have is also vague, they don't even know who is their target. Reminding them to avoid interfering with the proper history they head to the villague possing as traveling merchants. Olga quickly goes to meet them asking about their trip, after shutting down Juri mentioning Kamihama, they talk about England. Hikaru feels bad for Olga, as she most likely will become a MG. Sometime after meeting Yuna and co, Olga is distressed because an old lady told her she and Gunhild should start their own faimiies. An enraged Gunhild tells her to not give up on her dreams, and that the guidance of the gods will reach them some day. Suddenly they hear something, warriors have descended on the village and are killing its defenders. Juri wants to jump in but Ao stops her. Olga is worried about the people being killed but Gunhild assures her this is what they've been waiting for. The leader appears before them and assures them he won't kill them but they will be his slaves and asks for their names to which they oblige. He's surprised and asks for their father's name, they answer it was Arne of the warriors of Dawn and he presents himself as Ebbe. Turns out Arne saved Ebbe's life when he was attacked by a bear during a trip and he took care of him until he recovered, he met the sisters at that time.

After healing he swore he would repay Arne and eventually formed a group of warriors, he then decided to give this group to Arne. After finding that Arne was killed he swore to avenge him, but coming here was a coincidence.

Two days ago a drunk warrior wandered into his HQ screaming he killed Arne, after capturing him he finally learned yesterday that his revenge was towards Isvik. With his revenge completed he handed over his group, the Bear Claws, to the sisters. Olga is hesitant, but Gundhild pushes her saying this is their chance to leave their current situation. Ebbe easily convinced the group has handing them to Arne was always the plan. But there's a problem, the main force of Isvik is outside the village and will be returning soon. They decide to kill them too, to which Gunhild has a plan. After explaining it, Gunhild looks to Olga for her approval, which she nervously gives. Olga wants them both to lead, but Gunhild refuses as there's only need for one leader and Gunhild only wants her sister as the leader. They start preparing as Olga is still hesitant. The rest of the warriors come to a burning village with only Olga and Gunhild on sight. After Gunhild confirms they're all here she asks Olga to give the signal, Olga hesitates but after Gunhild pushes her she does and the bear claws jump to attack. Gunhild herself kills one of the warriors and so does Olga when she's attacked, they practiced swordsmanship in secret during their captivity. As they're surrounded by fire and dead, Gunhild celebrates that this is the first step towards Olga's dream. Olga cries, Gunhild understands how she feels, but she must face reality, they cannot stop now. Olga decides to steel her resolve and move forward, abandoning her idealistic dreams.

With the warriors dead they take the village as their HQ and rename it Isvol, and Gunhild started to be relentless in her actions. They freed the rest of the slaves, but made them enter contracts for the development of the Isvol, they will need farmer and livestock to foster strong soldiers. Per Gunhild, they have strong soldiers, but it's not enough, they need more power to make their dreams come true. Ebbe appears, Gunhild tasked him to send scouts to asses the current situation of the area, to which Olga was not aware of. The found out the news of what happened are spreading, and they're mocking the leadership of the sisters and they might attack from all directions. Gunhild suggest they attack first, Olga is hesitant as they just had a battle, but after Gunhild pushes her she agrees to it. They also rename the group to "Warriors of the sisters". Their plan is a success and they quickly become well known in the area, but Olga sometimes feels it's too much to handle, but she's to indecisive to stop Gunhild, and Gunhild is doing everything for her sake. One night Olga is unable to sleep and starts to feel down, but after snapping herself out of it she sees QB, he runs away so Olga follows him. PB follow her, they comment how QB only appeared when Olga was distressed. They've also been keeping an eye on both sisters 24/7, except for one time Juri dozed off, but they're steadily collecting Iroha's fragments of concept. Olga finds one of her warriors in the forest acting strange, he seems to detest having a girl as leader and attacks her, Olga runs away and wanders into a labyrinth. She thinks she died and is now in Helheim and begins to cry. PB is here and noticed that the solider earlier had a witch's kiss. Hikaru wants to intervene and help her, but Yuna checks with Nemu about the record they have. It's not recorded whether Olga lives or dies here, but making an appearance might affect their target, she suggests to wait until the very end.

A familiar appears and attacks Olga, but just as Yuna and Hikaru are about to intervene Ao stops her as she felt a magical presence, Gunhild appears in the nick of time to kill the familiar. PB thinks Kyubey was aiming for Olga at first, but made a contract with Gunhild before that could happen but is now aiming to contract both sisters, it also seems she contracted the night Juri fell asleep on observation duty. Having killed the familiar the labyrinth disappeared, and as Olga asks Gunhild for an explanation QB appears and presents himself. Gunhild tells him to shut up and asks Olga to forget what happened, but she can't even if Gunhild asks, so she explains what happened. Gunhild met QB the day before Ebbe attacked Isvik. Looks like that night Olga feel asleep before Gunhild, but as Gunhild was about to fall asleep as well Olga woke up and saw QB, she started to excitedly talk about it but soon fell asleep again, Gunhild instead decided to investigate and followed QB to a place with no people. Gunhild didn't believe QB would grant him a wish, but she thought maybe this was the guidance of the gods Olga talked about, she then wished for "Olga to have a band of warriors to lead". Olga has dreams, and Olga's dreams are her dreams. She thought Olga wouldn't be happy if she had he dreams granted like that she wished for something that would allow her to achieve their dreams step by step. Olga is not happy, as she felt this pushed Gunhild to fight the monstrous witches alone. Olga is about to make a wish, as she doesn't want dreams that required Gunhild as a sacrifice, but Gunhild won't let Olga become a magical girl, as magical girls are trapped in an endless cycle of fighting witches, obtaining grief seeds and recovering their magic and fighting again that she herself doesn't understand the purpose of, it's akin to being in Valhalla, but it's not the same.

She's been doing this for days now, hiding from her sister has things she has to do at night. They fight again because Olga doesn't want Gunhild to do this alone, but Gunhild knows what this life is like so she won't let Olga make a contract. Gunhild thinks QB wants Olga to make a contract because she's been busy with Isvol's development, and as Olga is about to ask to become a magical girl Gunhild kills QB, Olga is sad Gunhild is alone in this and Gunhild asks Olga to give up and apologizes.

Olga's dreams are not something that can stand with Gunhild as sacrifice, she says she will accomplish them one day, but that day wpould never come with them as slaves. Gunhild says Olga was always afraid of actually doing something, but it's fine as Gunhild loves the big things Olga always talked about, ash she was always her rock during their time as slaves. She doesn't regret beco0ming a magical girl, and fighting everyday is like Valhalla anyway, when she dies and goes to the actual Valhalla she will have plenty of experience, and when the time comes she's sure a Valkyrie will come for her. Olga cries and embraces her sister. PB saw everything, and Hikaru asks Yuna to help them achieve their dreams as she's sure doing so will achive their goal. But Yuna says it's meaningless, their dreams are their own, and as outsiders from a different era they don't have the right to intervene. The Hikaru asks to stop QB from approaching Olga, but Nemu advises against it as doing so could or could not alter history. But they understand how Hikaru feels, as the sisters are watching the sisters walk into a horrible life. They think it was the right thing for them to come, as their awful experiences might come in handy.

Ao is concerned about something, as their influence grows maybe they themselves will become an interference to history, to which Nemu thinks is about time to teach them a bit about the era, as the Vikings warriors as them are disappearing, especially as the battle know as the turning point of the era, the battle of Stamford bridge, will happen one day, and if the sisters have any hand in history, they will become embroiled on it. It's day now, and the sisters and Ebbe are discussing plans. Olga is out of it which Ebbe notices, but Gunhild tells him that it's nothing. Olga is shy in her responses, and PB can see she has problems accepting what happened. Hikaru is also worried about what will happen if they participate in "that" battle. Because Olga feels indebted to Gunhild she now treats her differently,as she confided everything to her and is earnest in the development of their group, in her terrific zealously she sometimes forgets about her surroundings and pushes forward but thanks to that their group has grown. It looks great form the outside, but she feels something is wrong. Like a mountain of disasters is moving towards them.