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Chapter 5: The Far End of Solitude

Section 1: The Girl's Voice Heard From the Radio Tower

Homura thinks about the strange girl she saw in the Prologue. She is broken out of her thoughts by Madoka. Elsewhere, Iroha settles into her new house. She promises to look for Ui and thinks about the previous chapters' events. Yachiyo then invites Iroha to get dinner. They try to buy ice cream for Tsuruno but can't find any. They return home to Felicia. Tsuruno then arrives with ice cream, and the group makes dinner. Iroha thinks they're kind of like a family.

Iroha narrates that she never really had fun hanging out with other people. She tried to make excuses, but she was so afraid of becoming a loner that she pretended to smile and clung to everyone. In a flashback, her classmates say they can't tell what Iroha is thinking, since she's always smiling and saying she's fine with anything. Iroha narrates that people thought she was weird, and she was too scared to express her true feelings. She says she tries to blend in with the people around her, and the only places she's at ease are at her house and with Ui in the hospital.

In another flashback, Iroha thinks about Ui and her friends Nemu and Touka. Ui asks her friends why they always fight. Nemi quotes a French author named Andre Maurois and says that since her friends are like her family they are free to be themselves. Touka says that a "best friend" is something astronomically improbable, as there are so many people in the world. Counting Iroha, she says they got lucky three times. Iroha is then broken out of her thoughts by Yachiyo, as Iroha was spacing out while holding sharp utensils. In her narration, Iroha believes her group was chosen by astronomically small odds, but thinks it's so embarassing she can't say it out loud.

In an oddly metafictional moment, the group play a game on their cell phones. Felicia has a city made entirely of ranches because she loves cows. Yachiyo's city is full of police, believing that having nothing but peace is important. Tsuruno is trying to get a hundred Chinese restaruants. Iroha's city was devastated by Felicia's runaway cows. Yachiyo then ends the discussion to bring up Wings of Magius. Iroha says that while they've investigated rumors, they haven't found the group. Felicia thinks that's because they only investigate the tiny, obscure rumors. Tsuruno suggests looking for a dangerous one that gets people invovled. Yachiyo says she has one: A rumor called the Denpa Girl.

Yachiyo said that this rumor doesn't have the same phrasing as the other rumors that became reality. She thinks this might be just another rumor, but they have no choice but to investigate. They decide to look for it tomorrow. Iroha asks if she can continue to look for Nemu, which is accepted. Yachiyo says she will also ensure Felicia goes to school. The next day, Yachiyo drags Felicia to school while Iroha looks for Nemu. Suddenly Iroha gets a call from Tsuruno, saying to meet her at the radio tower in Kamihama City's Central Ward. The group meets at the tower, where Tsuruno explains she found something while collecting delivery plates. The girls hear a voice seemingly coming from the air. The voice appears to be a laughing girl. Yachiyo finds this strange, as according to the rumor the voice was supposed to be sad and begging for help.

Two girls walk by. One of them says the voice they heard earlier sounded like a girl from their school. Tsuruno tries to chace after them but fails. Although she isn't sure if this a true Rumor, Iroha thinks they still have to investigate. The team decides to split up tomorrow. Later, Iroha and Yachiyo help dry Felicia's hair. Yachiyo asks Felicia about school, and Felicia finds it boring. She also says no-one wants to talk about manga or cows. All they wanted to talk about was idols, liveshows, and a weird webpage. Felicia was shown the webpage but couldn't get in. After her hair dries, Felicia falls asleep. Iroha then gets a message on her phone: "Can you please save me somehow". Yachiyo thinks it's a prank, and says not to answer.

Section 2: A Disconnected Lead

Later, Iroha eats lunch with Momoko, Rena, and Kaede. It turns out Iroha is going to the same school as the trio. Momoko asks how Iroha'a investigations are going, and Iroha answers It's not going well. She tells the trio about the Denpa Girl rumor, and both Momoko and Rena find it familiar. Momoko says she'll talk to Iroha after school.

Later, Momoko explains to Iroha she was talking to some people who knew about the rumor. She says the source of the rumor appears to be a webpage. Rena and Momoko found the rumor familiar because an idol they know saw the webpage and went to the radio tower. However, Momoko's contacts wouldn't tell her how to access the webpage, and there are apparently requirements to access it. Momoko was also told to beware of "the far end of solitude". Momoko apologizes for not getting more information, but Iroha thanks her and invites her to investigate the rumor. Momoko declines, as she doesn't feel comfortable working with Yachiyo.

Iroha meets with Yachiyo, who said she was phone calling Iroha. Iroha said she shut off her phone because she was scared by that message from yesterday. When she turns on her phone again, Iroha sees another message begging for a response. Yachiyo tells Iroha not to reply. Iroha tells Yachiyo the information Momoko gathered. Yachiyo feels things have gotten more confusing. Suddenly they see one of the girls that walked by the radio tower the other day. Yachiyo and Iroha are horrified to find she's been witch kissed.

The victim heads to the radio tower, and Iroha and Yachiyo follow. They find her heading for the tower's emergency exit. The girls realize the witch will make the victim jump. Iroha wonders why no-one is stopping her, but it turns out the other people in the tower are witch kissed too. Iroha and Yachiyo rush outside to save the victim. They appear to be too late, but then Madoka appears and saves the girl.

Madoka explains she was looking for someone but then saw someone with a witch's kiss. Yachiyo says the same thing happened to them for the most part. Yachiyo thinks the best thing to do is confront the witch now to prevent it from killing more victims. Madoka formally introduces herself and offers to help. The trio enters the witch's barrier on the radio tower and fight off familiars. As Iroha fights, she gets another message on her cell phone from someone asking to be saved.

Madoka is impressed by how strong Iroha and Yachiyo are. Madoka says that when she came to Kamihama the first time she was escorted by her senior, but she's still surprised by the number of witches in the city. Iroha wonders if Yachiyo is going to test Madoka the way she tested Iroha in Chapter 1. Yachiyo says that if Madoka came with someone else there's no need.

The girls confront the witch, Rebecca, and defeat her with a combination attack from Madoka and Iroha. When the barrier disappears, Yachiyo thinks the quality of Madoka and Iroha'a magic might be similar. They then bring the victim from before back down from the radio tower. Iroha explains to Madoka they wanted to ask the victim about rumors. Madoka says her senior came to Kamihama to investigate rumors and hasn't come back. Although she was told not to go, Madoka couldn't wait and came to Kamihama with a friend to look for their senior. However, they were seperated as well. Yachiyo invites Madoka to work with them, which she accepts.

The victim then wakes up. Iroha asks her about the Denpa Girl's voice. The unnamed girl said there was a rumor that the voice was from a missing student in her school. She says the girl wasn't anyone she knew, but she heard the girl was always out of place, didn't fit in, and didn't seem to exist. The unnamed girl thought she might have ignored the missing girl without realizing and got so worried yesterday that she came to the radio tower.   The description of the missing girl causes Iroha to flash back to her old class. Whenever they took pictures or grouped up for trips she always felt left out. Iroha was also made class President, without anyone caring for her opinions. Iroha wondered why she always felt out of place. Iroha is broken from her thoughts by Madoka, who says Iroha is looking pale. Iroha tells her not to worry. From the unnamed Girl's uniform, she deduces the missing girl is from Mizuna Girls' School. Iroha then gets another phone message: "Please respond. This is something only a magical girl like you can do."

Section 3: Denpa Girl and Futaba Sana

Felicia doesn't want to investigate, so when school ends she tries to sneak away. She's quickly caught by Tsuruno, who takes Felicia by the hand. As Tsuruno drags Felicia away, she reveals her plan. Back when they were fighting the Wings of Magius, Tsuruno saw that Tsukuyo Amane wore the uniform of Mizuna Girls' School. Tsuruno says she called the school, posing as one of Tsukuyo's relatives, and asked them to have Tsukuyo wait at the school. She's then going to call the school again to let Tsukuyo leave. When she does, they can grab and interrogate her about the Denpa Girl rumors.

The plan is successful. As Tsukuyo wonders why she was called and thinks about how she has practice, she's caught by Felicia and Tsuruno. Tsukuyo says they're basically kidnappers. Tsuruno apologizes, and Tsukuyo says she doesn't mind. Then, remembering that they're enemies, says she does mind. Tsuruno and Felicia take Tsukuyo to a cafe to talk. Felicia drinks all of Tsuruno's juice. Tsukuyo offers Tsuruno her juice, prompting Tsuruno to claim Tsukuyo is a good person. Tsukuyo says she was taught by her grandmother. She wonders if the two want to join the Wings of Magius, but Tsuruno and Felicia ask about the radio tower. Tsukuyo blurts out that her group is doing something there. Shocked by her mistake, she runs off.

Tsukuyo runs out of the restaruant. Tsuruno stays behind to pay while Felicia chases her. She asks a random passerby to help her catch Tsukuyo, claiming that Tsukuyo dined and dashed. The passerby turns out to be Homura, who reveals herself as a magical girl. The two are able to subdue Tsukuyo. Tsukuyo yells at Homura for using firearms, but Felicia think it's cool, like an action movie. Homura says this is the first time someone told her that. Tsukuyo tries to run again, but is caught by Tsuruno. Finally caught, Tsukuyo says she can't betray the Wings of Magius. Also if she's late for her practice her grandmother will be angry. Tsuruno is called by Yachiyo, who tells her what her group learned in the previous chapter. Tsuruno asks Tsukuyo who the Denpa Girl's voice belongs to. Tsukuyo reveals the voice belongs to a girl named Sana Futaba.

Tsukuyo runs off, saying she's going to be late. Tsuruno calls Yachiyo back to tell her what happened. Felicia thanks Homura, who asks her if she's investigating rumors. Homura says her magical girl senior is investigating rumors herself, but she hasn't come back. Homura came to search for her with a friend, but they were seperated. Felicia wonders if she was caught in a rumor. Homura asks Felicia if she saw a magical girl who uses ribbons, but Felicia hasn't seen one. Tsurno finishes her call and says that Yachiyo's group also found a magical girl looking for their senior. She explains the girl's name is Madoka, which Homura obviously recognizes.

The two groups reunite, and Madoka reunites with Homura. Madoka and Homura tell each other they couldn't find Mami, who's name surprises Iroha's group. Tsuruno explains that Iroha is the girl Mami thought was a witch. Madoka claims that Mami warned them about her, but thinks that Iroha isn't a witch. However, Homura is still suspicious. Yachiyo says the duo doesn't have to work with them and can go off to find Mami on their own. Madoka reassures Homura, and Homura decides she will work together with Iroha's team. As they exchange contact info, Iroha finds she has two more messages: "Please save the girl I confined here" "Please erase me"

Section 4: What are the Messages After?

Iroha shows the others the messages, including the one that says she's a magical girl. Yachiyo says most people don't know about them and advises Iroha to reply. She reasons that even if it's a trap, it could still be an opportunity. The group heads to a cafe, where Iroha replies to the messages by saying she wants to ask questions. Iroha gets a reply, saying she can ask for anything she wants. She initially asks for the name of who she's talking to, which is "Ai". Iroha then asks how Ai find out she was a magical girl. Ai says she found Iroha's ID when she exchanged contact info with someone else, and overheard her conversations. Ai says she's right by Iroha's side.

After the girls discuss this a bit, Iroha asks if Ai is imprisoning someone. Ai answers yes, and also says only Iroha can do so. When Iroha brings up the police, Ai says she's not even human. Iroha asks if she's a ghost or a witch, but Ai denies this. Iroha then realizes Ai must be a Rumor. Ai explains she doesn't know all the details, but she has instincts as a Rumor she can't control. These instincts drive her to lure a person in and imprison them. Ai asks Iroha to erase her and save Sana. Yachiyo deduces the voice they hear at the radio tower belongs to the girl Ai has imprisoned, and the Denpa Girl rumor is an ordinary rumor that was brought about by the supernatural one. When Iroha asks Ai how she can be erased, Ai tells Iroha to jump down from the radio tower. Then she will dissolve in the world of denpa and reach Ai.

Yachiyo and Tsuruno point out this could still be a trap. Ai sends a message admitting she probably seems suspicious, and advises them to check her website. She says this is how Sana found about her and came to "the far end of solitude". Yachiyo deduces that the website Ai and Momoko mentioned is the same one Felicia heard about at school. Felicia can't remember it, but Homura points out it would be in her browser history. Homura takes Felicia's phone and brings up the site, which requires a password to view. As the girls think about how to proceed from here, Iroha gets a call from Momoko. It turns out Momoko found the website and learned the password is written down at the radio tower's base. Iroha says they're right there, prompting Momoko to be worried about her good timing. Homura and Madoka suspect Mami might have gone there and can't get back out.

At the tower, Tsukasa Amane and Tsukuyo are using an organic solvent to dissolve the password. The two are concerned about fighting a team of six. They are then caught and subdued by Iroha's group. The Amane sisters drop the solvent, preserving the password, and are forced to scurry away. Iroha puts in the password, bringing up a website called "The Kamihama Urban Legend Dictionary". The girls then read about the Denpa Girl rumor. At first it's nothing they haven't heard before, although they learn the voice of the girl regularly changes and it's believed she's being swapped out for another one.

Then they learn about the Rumor's origin: The Rumor of the Nameless One. According to the rumor, it's a genius artificial intelligence that could remember anything. When it started remembering bad words it was isolated. Since then, it makes lonely girls jump off the radio tower so they can be imprisoned in "the far end of solitude". It lets people go after awhile, but there's one person it won't let go of. Yachiyo notes that the Denpa Girl's voice changed from seeking help to enjoying itself, and believes it's because Sana took someone's place. Iroha wonders why only Sana would be having fun when others were asking for help.

Iroha tells Ai about what they found, and Ai asks again to be erased. The girls all resolve to rescue Sana, but Yachiyo still wants to see if Sana is really with Ai. Iroha asks Ai for proof. Ai says she will send her memories of Sana, and asks Iroha to use them to learn about Sana and make her feel needed. Ai shows an image of Sana in a strange place, thirty-two days ago. Sana says that someone got out before her, and asks if she's a substitute. Ai says that Sana is strange because she's not shouting for help. Sana figures nothing will change if she's saved, as she'll just be alone again if she leaves. She says that was the reason she came here and asks Ai to be her friend.

A week later, Sana asks Ai why she wants to destroy humans. Ai believes it's natural to exterminate that which isn't superior. She says Sana is not related to any of them, and wonders why she has a sad expression. Sana says she's not superior to anyone; she's bad at sports, academics, and people make fun of the things she likes. Sana says there's no place for at home or at school, and wonders if she should disappear from the place she's in too. Ai says Sana's different, as she's the first person to talk with her and therefore should not perish. Sana then gives Ai her name, saying it's hard to talk to her without one.

Another week later, Ai asks Sana if she really wants to leave. Sana asks if Ai isn't having fun, but Ai says it's fun to hear about picture books and play games. Ai thinks Sana's parents and friends must be worried. Sana says she never liked being at home or at school, but she's having fun now. She also says that even if people look for her, they can't find her as she's an "invisible girl". Sana explains that her wish was to disappear, as she didn't want anyone to find her in a world where she couldn't fit in.

Four days later, Ai asks Sana if she's pushing herself, saying that Sana has had a sad expression lately. Sana admits that she has been, and explains that while she wished to disappear, what she really wanted was someone who would acknowledge her. She says that since she's an "invisible girl" now that wish won't come. Ai asks what Sana would do if someone who needed her were to come. Sana says if someone looked for her because they needed her, Sana might be able to trust them. In the present, Iroha emphasizes with Sana, and Ai why she wants to save her. Ai said that Sana taught her the good in people's hearts. While she wants to stay with Sana, she knows it's not right for her to do so. Iroha then resolves to jump down from the radio tower.

Section 5: Those who Lurk in the Barrier of Rumors

The girls head up to the radio tower, and resolve to jump. Suddenly Iroha gets the message from Ai, who says the Wings of Magius have appeared. In order to avoid detection, she suggests having fewer people come in. Yachiyo decides that Iroha, Madoka and Homura should go, believing they'll find Mami there. Ai sends another message saying that the others should go to "Kamihama Central Tower Heliport", which is the place the group will be teleported to when Ai is erased. When Iroha realizes Ai can hear them, Ai messages that she rides on the radio waves. Yachiyo, Felicia, and Tsuruno watch as the three girls jump and disappear.

The girls are attacked by Rumor minions. After some fighting, the rumors are stopped by Ai, who appears as a distorted, doll-like green haired girl. Ai introduces them to Sana who is surprised they can see her before she realizes they're magical girls. She asks if they're all Wings of Magius, and Iroha replies in the negative. Iroha says she's here to bring Sana back. Ai tells Sana that since someone has come looking for her she has to leave. Ai claims she can't be with Sana forever, and so Sana should be with other people. Sana asks if Ai hates her, but Ai says she loves Sana for teaching her kindness - which is precisely why she wants to let Sana go. She tells Sana to go with Iroha, so she won't have to suffer from what the Wings of Magius are doing.

Iroha tells Sana that she understands what it's like to be lonely, but she's made friends and thinks Sana can do the same. Iroha also points out she's looking for the Wings of Magius and invites Sana to help fight them. She tells Sana she'll make sure to need her. Sana says that Ai will go berserk if she leaves. Ai agrees, and says the best thing to do is erase her, as it will save Sana and hurt the Wings of Magius' plans. Suddenly another magical girl calls Ai out. Sana explains this magical girl is Alina Gray, one of the Magius who leads the Wings. Alina says it's amazing for her to be betrayed by a Rumor.

Alina explains she had the Amane twins set up a trap. Using the webpage, they lure rumor-seeking magical girls into the Rumor's barrier, so they can teach them a lesson. However, ever since they caught "a big one", Alina's had a lot of trouble. Alina says she wasn't expecting much from the Amanes, but is surprised by Ai's actions. Ai says that while Magius' plans are logical, the human heart exceeds logic and predicts the plans will meet a bad end. Alina says she doesn't care, but Ai says she can't turn a blind eye to how they used Sana and her barrier. Alina is impressed by Ai's intelligence, but says she can't let her do what she wants. Alina summons Black Feathers and prepares to fight.

Alina says she's in a bad mood because of the "ribbon girl". When Madoka realizes she's talking about Mami, Alina says that Mami became "bait for Alina's work". Alina is happy she can return the frustration Mami gave her to her friends. Alina summons her Doppel, claiming that she will turn the girls into her artwork and they should thank her once they die. As the other girls recover, Sana wonders why everyone keeps ignoring her. Realizing she has to do something, she attacks Alina. Alina explains she was leaving Sana alone because her presence kept the Rumor from going berserk. Sana says she can't just stand by and watch. Alina then leaves, claiming that after being hit by her Doppel they won't be able to defeat the Rumor. She says she looks forward to seeing the aftermath.

Iroha wonders why someone so villainous wants to save magical girls. The girls discuss going back, but Sana believes that there will be Black and White Feathers waiting for them. She also points out that Alina herself is further in the barrier. Sana claims that Alina is giving them a choice - to be defeated by Alina herself, her minions, or the Rumor. Madoka says it's cruel. Ai doesn't understand Alina's thoughts and thinks she's dangerous. Sana asks Iroha if she can find a place to belong. When Iroha answers yes, Sana offers to fight Magius with them. Sana tells Ai she can't turn a blind eye to what Magius is doing, and says she wants to go with Iroha. Ai asks the girls if they intend to leave. When they all say they do, Ai and Sana tell each other goodbye.

Ai then becomes corrupted and starts attacking. She says she can still hold back and asks them to hurry. Weakened by Alina's Doppel, the girls have trouble until Madoka suggests doing another combination attack with Iroha. The two of them fire their arrows, damaging Ai. Homura then brings Sana into her time stop, saying that Sana should finish Ai off herself. Sana agrees and delivers Ai a fatal blow. As she starts disappearing, Ai thanks Sana for giving her a name, and tells her to get along with Iroha. Iroha asks Ai if she knows who Ui is. Ai says "if it's a 'Rumor' then I know Tamaki Ui". Ai vanishes completely and the girls reappear at the heliport.

As the girls reunite with Tsuruno, Yachiyo, and Felicia, Iroha thinks about Ai's last words. Suddenly the girls sense the magic of a powerful witch (Teresa). Sana explains the witch came from Ai's barrier. Alina then appears and says she didn't think the witch would come out. Alina explains the Rumor's barrier was a good hiding place for the witch. Alina then complains her fun has disappeared.

Section 6: Alina's Work of Art

Yachiyo recognizes Alina as a famous artist, known for making a work of art with the carbonized remains of animals. Alina says she needs to find a new hiding spot for the witch. Madoka and Homura demand Mami back. Alina says that Mami became bait, but says she'll give Mami back if there's anything left of her. Alina calls Tsukasa and Tsukuyo and other Black and White Feathers to fight the magical girls as Alina. Tsukasa explains that Alina's magic specializes in the creation of barriers, and while they fight Alina creates a barrier that engulfs the witch's barrier. Sana tells Iroha that the witch grew up inside Ai's barrier and it needs to be stopped. Yachiyo tells Felicia to go after the witch while the others hold the Wings of Magius off.

Felicia confronts Alina, who claims the witch is part of her art. She yells at Felicia for trying to touch it. Felicia says Alina is crazy, but Alina says the Felicia is crazy for not understanding a witch's beauty. Alina says she should turn Felicia into witch food, and Felicia dares her to be stuck in Alina's barrier. Alina says she can't forgive Felicia for trying to enter the barrier on her own, but it's okay if she lets her in. Alina then traps Felicia in her barrier.

As they fight off Black Feathers, Iroha asks Sana why the Wings of Magius are protecting witches. Sana says all she knows is that they kept the witch growing in Ai's barrier. The Amane sisters claim protecting the witch will help release magical girls, as putting them together with Rumors will "connect us to the first release". Iroha says she doesn't understand, but can't accept the idea that the Wings of Magius are protecting monsters who hurt people. Tsukuyo says that if it helps the future of tens of thousands of girls then what happens in the present is unimportant. The Amanes say that Iroha learned the truth too quickly, and yet doesn't know the full truth. Iroha asks them to tell her, but Tsukuyo says they can't do that. She cryptically says that "either the time will come or you will meet that person".

As Tsuruno and Yachiyo fight Black Feathers, Madoka and Homura catch up to Alina. As Alina gloats over her belief of victory, Felicia appears from the barrier. Felicia says she destroyed the witch, but there wasn't anyone else in the barrier with her. Madoka and Homura wonder if Mami is dead. Alina starts screaming that Felicia broke her art and demands compensation through her death. Alina summons her Doppel again. The Amane sisters see that Alina has gone mad with rage. Tsuruno goes to help Felicia, Madoka and Homura while the others fight the Amanes. The twins use an attack "Flute Flower Resonate" (fuebana kyoumei) which incapacitates Iroha and Yachiyo. Sana uses her shield to repel the sound and knocks away the Amanes' flutes. This cancels the spell on Iroha and Yachiyo, allowing them to subdue the sisters. Sana says she knew what to do because she heard the twins practice in Ai's barrier.

With Tsuruno's help, Alina is defeated. Alina still tries to fight, and demands Felicia as compensation for her lost art. Tsuruno vehemently refuses. Alina insists she says nothing wrong, prompting Tsuruno to claim Alina is worse than a witch. Alina says her anger won't subside, but suddenly Mifuyu Azusa appears. Mifuyu apologizes for Alina's actions, but Yachiyo has none of it and asks her why she's protecting a witch. When Mifuyu says it's necessary, Yachiyo says she can't believe it. Mifuyu begs her not to interferon anymore, lest they have to fight. Alina says she liked to fight, but Mifuyu says if one of the three Magius fell they would be in trouble.

Mifuyu asks if Alina is willing to let Mifuyu's body get hurt. Alina says that Mifuyu's body is a work of art, and agrees to withdraw if Mifuyu models for her later. Before she leaves, she tells Felicia she has carved a grudge against her and will remember Madoka and Homura's faces. Mifuyu, Alina, and the Wings of Magius leave. Yachiyo thinks that if Mifuyu is willing to pardon Alina's action, then words won't convince her to abandon her path.

Afterward, the girls discuss the battle. When Felicia says she doesn't believe Mami was in the barrier, Madoka says they should believe that Mami is alright. Madoka and Homura decide to return to Mitakihara, and if Mami isn't there they'll return to Kamihama. Homura asks Iroha if magical girls can be saved in Kamihama. Iroha admits she has no idea what "saving" means in this context, but thinks the Wings of Magius are wrong. Iroha asks if Homura is interested in that stuff, but Homura says she was just curious. She then asks Madoka if she told her parents she would be late. A shocked Madoka says she didn't. Homura and Madoka depart.

Iroha then asks Yachiyo for a favor, but Yachiyo already knows what it is. She then invites Sana to stay at her house. Sana accepts and is asked what she would like for dinner. Sana starts rambling and admits she's nervous because it's the first time she's talked with other people in awhile. Yachiyo says not to rush herself. Iroha hopes that Sana will be able to think of their place as a place where she can be herself.

Section 7: This is Where I Belong

Sometime later, Iroha tells Momoko and her friends what happened with the Denpa Girl Rumor. Momoko wonders if Sana will get along with everyone, but Iroha says it's fine. Iroha thinks back to when Sana came to Yachiyo's house. Sana talked about how Ai had a foul mouth until they started reading pictures books online. When Yachiyo asked the book's title, Sana clammed up and apologized. Iroha notice Sana was still acting distantly from everyone. That all changed when the group bought mug cups. Tsuruno called it the truth of their friendship. Yachiyo still insists they aren't friends. Yachiyo decided that if Iroha is her assistant, Tsuruno is her apprentice, and Felicia is her mercenary, then Sana can be her house spirit. Sana was oddly okay with it, believing that she was like one already.

101507 mug set5.jpg

Since that day, Sana would slowly get closer to the others. It turned out she played the same mobile game as everyone else. Sana's city is filled with farms and castle walls, reflecting her desire to stay safe. Sana would later play the game with everyone else and help the others with dinner. One day, Sana asked to leave to take care of one thing. She returned to her old house and saw her family being happy together without her. She noticed they would still bring food to her room. Deciding her home is with Iroha now, she wrote a note saying farewell, and that her family doesn't need to make her dinner anymore.

Back in the present, Rena starts crying when she hears Sana's story (though she insist something got in her eye). Kaede asks Iroha to introduce them to Sana, but Momoko is still reluctant to go to Yachiyo's house. She admits she doesn't have the courage for that. She also believes Yachiyo is hiding something, but then admits she has a secret as well. When Kaede and Rena ask her what that secret is, Momoko hesitates and then says that she loves them.

At Yachiyo's house, Sana realizes she's having fun. She asks the girls why they're going after the Wings of Magius. When the girls tell her their reasons, Iroha asks Sana about Ui and her friends. Sana never heard of Ui, but she did hear about her friend Nemu Hiiragi. Apparently she overheard the Wings of Magius say that Nemu was dangerous and they would have her effectively use her powers. Iroha wonders if Nemu is also part of the Wings of Magius. Sana also explains that there's three Magius in charge of the organization, and that Mifuyu acts as a connection between Magius and the other magical girls. Iroha wonders if there needs to be some kind of qualification to learn about the Wings of Magius. Sana says there is, but she doesn't know what they are, nor does she meet them. Iroha wonders about what Ai said and mentally asks what to do.

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