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Last Magia was a three day raid event in which participating players would battle against different iterations of Walpurgisnacht in an attempt to collectively defeat her. The event also served as Section 5 of Chapter 10 and the finale to Arc 1 of Magia Record. Read the first 4 sections of Chapter 10 here.

Last Magia

Homura Akemi uses the last of her weapons and launches them at Walpurgisnacht. The other magical girls out on the field follow her attacks immediately with volley after volley of magical attacks after but all of it has no seeming effect on the massive witch.

All of the Magical Girls present including the Feathers take stock of their injuries as many of them struggle to even stand after expending so much of their energy. Iroha and the others follow the sound of explosions and are able to locate the others when Felicia spies Mami off in the distance. Tsuruno encourages the girls to use up what little scraps of magic they have left for a mighty last attack, but Sayaka tells her that's what they just did. Despite their numbers, they're all out of Grief Seeds, energy, and options. Walpurgisnacht laughs once more as Iroha looks around her at the carnage and spent Magical Girls.

Iroha knows they've all sacrificed so much just to get to this point, and now all they have left to give up is their lives. Homura looks around and knows that Walpurgisnacht will make for the center of he city. She's not sure what more can be done, but so long as Madoka is still alive by her side she hopes she won't have to turn back time just yet. Despite her injuries and knowing she won't be able to defeat it on her own, Madoka is determined to continue fighting Walpurgisnacht with all her might so that no one else will be hurt because of what they wished for. They have to prove that the hope they wished for and the miracles they brought about are real.

Iroha holds herself and looks deep inside for any bit of hope she can use to give herself enough energy to fight one more time. As she does so, she can feel something deep inside and she believes she can hear a voice talking to her. She asks if the voice is here to help and when she opens her eyes she can see white feathers raining down around them. Everyone the feathers land on can feel their spirits lifting. Yachiyo too, feels like the feathers are spurring them on. While no one knows how this happened, they all feel like they can take on any Witch. Together they'll make a miracle happen with all of their wishes combined.

Both Momoko and Natsuki use their unique magic to boost everyone else's magic. They let out loud cheers of encouragement as they activate their magic. The Feathers also prepare themselves to protect the city they love. Walpurgisnacht laughs as it begins to move towards an unwrecked part of the city. Felicia uses her obliteration magic to erase Walpurgisnacht's memories and confuses it. Ria uses her magic to obliterate Walpurgis' destination from her view as Meiyui steps up and uses her magic to cause Walpurgisnacht to change its mind and head in a different direction. Rika then used her ability to change people's minds to lure Walpurgisnacht into a different part of the city. The group were able to successfully redirect Walpurgis to Kaihin Park instead. But Walpurgis has begun to throw buildings at the girls that dare to oppose it. Believing her luck will hold out, Tsuruno runs to where the girls are and stands in front of them. As she does so, the collapsing building that was threatening to crush them falls in such a perfect way that no one was hurt.

Sasara uses her ability to lure evil to herself to continue to redirect the Witch. Riko crosses her fingers as she uses her magic of calling out to others to call Walpurgis over. Emiri uses her charm magic to further lure the Witch as their plan continues to work thus far. Just as she uses her charm, Walpurgis directs her next attack at Emiri, but Mayu leaps ahead and uses her own magic to stop the attack. She warns the others she can only keep the Witch stalled for so long as the other girls move in to help.

The Amane sisters sound their flutes as they attempt to hold Walpurgisnacht in place so that the others can concentrate their attacks on her. Asuka uses her magic of strict adherence and bounds Walpurgisnacht to the spot by ordering her not to move from there. But Walpurgis attacks Asuka in return. Himika uses her magic to divert the attack by firing a coin from her gun and distracting Walpurgis in the process. Kanagi finds her powers useless as no one can read the insane Witch's mind, so Mitama offers to give Kanagi a boost with her magic that enables her to attack Walpurgisnacht. With the Witch stalled Mami, Kanoko and the other Magical Girls tie the Witch down. Mami uses her ribbons as Kanoko stitches the Witch in place. Kaede uses her plant magic to root the Witch to the spot while Rena transforms into Kaede and helps her.

Since Nanaka's ability to help identify enemies is useless here, she uses the time to discuss strategy with Hazuki and comes up with an idea. With the Witch secured, she has Akira and Hazuki use their magics to scan her body for its weakpoint. The two identify Walpurgisnacht's weakness as the gear that's connected to her. They relay the information to everyone else as they prepare to use their attacks on its weakpoint. The girls launch an attack, but the Witch isn't down yet. Aimi uses her magic to sense Walpurgis' counterattack and warns the others. Kokoro tells the others to stay back as she uses her power of endurance to weather the attack. Ayame stands beside her and uses her power of temporary invincibility to help block the attack as well. Sana uses her power of invisibility to block the others from Walpurgisnacht's view and keep them safe from further attacks for the moment.

Both Ayame and Kokoro were able to weather the attack. Walpurgisnacht begins to struggle against its restraints as Konoha and Masara urge their friends to fall back. They hear a voice calling out to them from the ocean and they turn to find Leila, Mito, and Seika there ready to cover their retreat. Seika had used her ability to help her and her friends travel through water to arrive where the battle was. Leila uses her sacred fire to heal as many people as she can while Mito uses her ability to connect hearts on everyone. With everyone's hearts connected, all the magical girls know what each of them is capable of and are more able to sync up and work together. This has given everyone that extra bit of hope they needed, knowing that all the magical girls there are equally determined to protect their home. Together, Iroha believes they may just be able to stop the Witch after all. Yachiyo mentions they might be able to pull it off if she uses her unique magic. Yachiyo has the ability to inherit hope from other Magical Girls. Her power to hold and control the hope that's been entrusted to her is what has supported her all this time and kept her from weakening over the years. She's willing to give up the hope that Kanae and Mel entrusted her with, but Yachiyo isn't worried about that, because she's lived a long time as a Magical Girl already and she wants to entrust her own hope to Iroha from now on. Ui and Touka step up to help as well knowing their time is almost at hand. The Holy Quintet also want to entrust their hopes to Iroha and all the other Kamihama Magical Girls and vow to do what they can to make sure the plan goes off smoothly. Through Mito's magic, everyone could see their final weapon clearly in their minds.

Walpurgisnacht continues to struggle against its bonds so Ayaka steps up and uses her magic to make the idea of getting free a joke to the Witch. Walpurgisnacht laughs harder than ever as it stops struggling for the moment. Konomi spreads flowers around as Manaka uses her publicity magic to spread the damage across to the familiars that are swarming nearby. Kako uses her replication magic to replicate Manaka's attack and further clear the area of familiars. Ren stands nearby, ready to purify Walpurgisnacht's Grief Seed afterwards so there's no risk of it ever coming back. With the stage set for their final attack, Yachiyo calls out to Ui to begin her part in the plan.

Ui is ready to use her ability to gather both hope and despair and calls out to everyone to lend her their hope. Everyone gives out what little magic they have as Ui raises her hands and collects all the impurities and remaining magic from all the Magical Girls around her.

Ui is just able to withstand the mass amount of energy she's gathered. She hands the magic to Touka who is nearly crushed by its weight as well. Touka quickly converts the impurities into clean magic once again before handing it off to Yachiyo.

Yachiyo thanks her as she prepares to bear the hope of everyone. As she gathers the hopes of all the Magical Girls present, she's surprised to find how easily it comes to her. She adds Mel and Kanae's hopes to the orb of magic as well so they can all fight as one. As she does so, she converts the magic into one of her spears and hands it off to Iroha, who is having trouble handling so much foreign magic.

Touka steps in and helps to convert the magic the spear is composed of into Iroha's magic, which greatly eases the burden. Iroha takes the magic spear infused with all the magic and hopes of everyone, transforming it into a giant arrow.

Iroha prepares to launch the arrow, but Walpurgisnacht isn't ready to go down yet as the Witch begins to conjure iridescent flames in an attempt to burn everyone around itself before Iroha can attack.

Knowing she's the only one who can help now, Homura steps up beside Iroha and places her hand on her shoulder. She freezes time around them, telling Iroha that she too will be able to move in frozen time so long as they remain in contact. Homura thanks her as Iroha concentrates and launches the final attack on Walpurgisnacht. Homura unfreezes time at the last minute and Iroha unleashes her Strada Futuro.

The skies clear as the last remnants of Walpurgisnacht crumble into the ether. Everyone rejoices as they collapse onto the grass and celebrate their hard-earned victory. Iroha is glad to have her sister back while Touka wonders just what those feathers really were. Homura is thankful that Walpurgisnacht has finally been defeated and Madoka is still alive. Mami grabs both Sayaka and Kyoko's hands as proof that this all wasn't a dream. Felicia looks around contently at the scene before her until her stomach begins to grumble loudly. Sana suggests they all have a nice hot meal back at Mikazuki Villa. Both Rena and Kaede want to go home, shower and pass out in their beds while Momoko congratulates them on a job well done.

Mitama on the other hand, doesn't have time to relax as there are several injuried girls waiting for her at her shop. Touka and Ui are worried about Nemu while Yachiyo is equally as worried about Mifuyu. The group decides to go with Mitama to her place to check on their injured friends. Ui hesitates for a moment. She feels like she already somehow knows everyone and Iroha believes that it may because the small Kyubey passed its own memories of everything that had occured to Ui. Iroha hopes she can one day meet the small kyubey again.

Some time later, Ui and Iroha are finishing packing up Ui's belongings. Their parents call from downstairs telling the girls to hurry and say their goodbyes because their plane will be leaving soon. Their parents bid their goodbyes and are soon on their way. Ui giggles for a bit; it seems Iroha's parents were under the impression that both girls had been living at Yachiyo's boarding house this whole time. Iroha recounts the shocked look on Yachiyo's face when she spoke on the phone with them and heard about this for the first time.

The girls arrive once more at Mikazuki Villa where Yachiyo and the others warmly greet them. Tsuruno is glad to be getting another roommate now that Ui will be staying with them, but as Felicia points out Tsuruno doesn't have a room here to begin with. Tsuruno responds that her heart lives there and that's the part that counts. Ui giggles once more as she realizes that she is already familiar with her new home thanks to the memories the small Kyubey imparted her with. Yachiyo asks them to greet the other newest member of their household as Mifuyu appears to welcome them. Thanks to Iroha's healing abilities, she was able to mend Mifuyu's soul gem and bring her back to life. Just as Mifuyu thanks Iroha once more for saving her life, Momoko arrives alongside Rena and Kaede. Kanagi and Mitama also arrive a moment later and the old house is soon full to bursting with people. Yachiyo tells everyone to hurry up or they'll be late.

Mami and Sayaka try to convince Kyoko to go with them for the meeting in which the Magius will explain everything to everyone. But once more Kyoko is refusing to go along. With a bit of prodding from Madoka, Kyoko finally relents and the group heads off to Kamihama, specifically the beachfront park at Minagi Ward where they defeated Walpurgisnacht.

Touka, Nemu and the Amane sisters arrive a little earlier than everyone in the hopes of getting to spend a few minutes with Ui before the rest of them arrive. Touka asks the twins to stop referring to her with so much politeness, but after being accustomed to a certain dynamic for so long the twins are finding it difficult to be more casual with them. Nemu is still in a wheelchair and may be so for the indefinite future. Despite this, she feels like it is karma for all the things they did before they regained their memories and she has no regrets for the price she paid for peeling away at her own soul. The Holy Quintet arrive shortly after. Touka looks sadly at Mami and apologizes for everything she'd done to her. Mami says it was her own weak will that allowed the Rumor to take root in her and in a way she feels they both helped each other grow as people. Homura hopes she can meet Ui as well and tells Nemu that Ui was the girl she saw that beckoned her to Kamihama. Nemu explains they were the ones to broadcast images of different girls to beckon people to Kamihama, but she never realized that Ui was one of those images. Touka wonders if maybe it was Ui's soul inside of Eve that managed to make its way into the radio broadcast. Iroha soon arrives alongside Ui, who greets her two friends. Iroha asks if they're prepared to explain everything once the remaining Magical Girls arrive but Nemu and Touka are prepared to do so.

Out in the endless cosmos, Ultimate Madoka watches this new world. She still doesn't understand how this record managed to pop into existence before her or how it could still contain Witches. Should she try to mess with this still forming world it may break under her power. Should she even touch it with the tip of her finger the would could rend apart into a million pieces. Regardless, Ultimate Madoka wanted a world where a potential version of herself and Homura could live happily in peace. So she allowed only a rain of feathers to fall to empower the girls who were fighting for their world. But even that small act seemed to threaten to warp the record. For now, Ultimate Madoka is resigned to simply watching this world from afar.

As the meeting breaks up and the various Magical Girls head off, Touka and Nemu can understand everyone's reactions. Even though they were understanding of their situation, many of their reactions were still brutal as Touka and Nemu had summoned Walpurgisnacht and raised the Half-Witch Embryo Eve. As far as they were concerned, the destruction of the city was entirely their fault. Ui too, blames herself for her part in everything, but Nemu assures her that none of it was her fault even if she still retains the memories of Eve. Iroha agrees with them and thinks they need to decide on their future and focus on what they can do now that everyone knows what happened and so many Magical Girls now the secret to the system. Now the only things Iroha truly wishes for is for everyone to walk the same path so there will be peace among all Magical Girls.

Touka, Nemu, Ui, and Iroha all trek together to the tree of the Eternal Sakura. There the Rumor greets the four of them, happy that they have been reunited and are at long last able to tour the city together as good friends should. She asks if they won't allow the "little one" to join their group since it had been waiting there for them for some time. Iroha looks down at her feet to find...the small kyubey! Iroha is overjoyed to see the creature is safe and sound and she thanks the creature from the bottom of her heart.

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