Magia Record Main Story Part 2 Chapter 8

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The following is a summary posted to Discord by Mochi.


Livia: "I hope Kagome-chan's injuries are healin' well..."

Promised Blood vowed to get back at Kamihama after the plans of the Wings of Magius had gone through. Kamihama Magia Union members lost their lives due to Futatsugi girls. After the final battle in Futatsugi City, the girls dropped their weapons and were ready to join together. The sudden decision left behind a cloud of confusion between the groups, but a time of peace had come from it. Iroha, Yuna, and their comrades are now in the midst of preparations to end this battle for the Kimochi Stones, as well as mend the damage done they've suffered. Kagome herself could not see everyone helping one another due to being hospitalized, but she is able to continue thanks to Puella Care doing interviews on her behalf. Various girls have also been visiting her and telling her their views over the whole situation. Kagome writes that she wants to thank everyone for what they've done for her.

Urara is talking to Kagome in the hospital. Urara has told her that she is leaving Promised Blood, as her purpose was to keep an eye on them for Folklore of Zero. Aru asks to confirm that Urara was trying to protect Sakuya, and if putting her own life on the line was the correct thing to do. Urara tells her that saving people doesn't change the future they believe in, only whether or not the existence of mahou shoujo comes to light.

Kagome asks if that means her work is going to affect their future, and Urara confirms it will. She then asks what kind of future does folklore see? Urara isn't sure if she should tell her or not.

Livia then walks in, taking notice that Kagome is up and chatty today. Kagome thanks her. Livia offers to peel some fruit she brought for her, so Kagome asks for an apple and Urara an orange. Livia laughs that she's serving two, but doesn't mind. Urara asks if Livia came to check on them today, but Livia says no, she had something to ask Kagome. Livia offers to fill in for Kagome's interviewing as a way for them to atone for Kagome getting injured on their watch. Kagome really wanted to interview everyone now that the battles have shifted to everyone joining hands, so Livia tells her to leave it to Puella Care. They'll find out what each group is up to now.

Main Quest Chapter 8

Flowers Sprouting from the Remains of Dreams

Over at Crescent House, Iroha and Yachiyo are discussing how busy Mokyu has been lately. Sana points out that not even Iroha knows what it's saying sometimes. Iroha wishes she could figure it out, so Sana asks if Ui understands it. Ui asks Mokyu to repeat itself, so it says mokyu and mokyu it says.

Player choice of "Danger is coming!" or "We need to move quickly!"

Ui guesses it's trying to warn them. Tsuruno wonders if it's a new enemy. Felicia guesses there's a traitor. Yachiyo asks if it's related to the auto purification system, which gets mokyus of approval. No one can figure out the details, so they ask Mokyu to mokyu if Mokyu finds out anything important, so they can rush to Mokyu's aid.

Kagome's Diary continues, noting that no one from Mikazuki Villa could figure Mokyu's cries of warning. Most girls at this time felt that things were making a turn for the better as they began working together, but still knew there were rough times ahead. However, the time when Kamihama splits in two is coming. As Kagome continues writing, she notes that what follows now are the events that occurred before the ending. The first four sections are of Kamihama Magia Union, Promised Blood, Tokime Clan, and Folklore of Zero. Following that are 3 shorter sections that happened before these previous 4, describing the events that led to the girls dividing into two groups. And the final part she will write is a bigger section describing a moment where ideals loudly broke apart...

Union 1

Mito: "Uun...I just don't feel like going to school..."

Kagome: "This is one of the first four parts that I received from Sudachi-chan of Puella Care. The story of Kamihama Magia Union. At this time, no one knew the future that was coming."

Sudachi is now writing for Kagome. She is noting that she is writing in place of Kagome, and visiting KMU to see how they are doing. She wandered about until meeting with Mifuyu, noting that everyone was gloomy, as it seems word had spread fast that they were planning to join hands with Promised Blood. This makes sense, since PB did send spies and tried to kill all the girls in Kamihama. Although, everyone's moods seem to be down for a more complicated reason. The east no longer trusts the west, as the issues with the election occurred at the same time as Yuna's battle plan. Sudachi also notes that she had a problem with a west child at the Tomorrow Shop with Mii-chan, so she understands the tension.

Mito, Reira, and Seika are at a station. They're waiting for things to calm down before they go play, and Reira doesn't want Mito sleeping in and being late to meet them again. Mito says she didn't sleep in, but was up all night worried about going to school. Seika knows how Mito feels, and knows Reira is just hiding it too. Reira admits she was also feeling down this morning.

Mitama and Kanagi suddenly find them. They've been waiting for these 3 to show up. Kanagi has been asking girls if their feelings towards the west/east have changed, and thus asks them if their views have changed. Seika speaks up that she has, but then changes her mind. She isn't really sure how she feels. She heard the story about how an east girl was sold out by the west to Promised Blood, so she doesn't trust the west. Reira says now that they're joining with Promised Blood, it feels like the east's problems have been ignored. Mito says she's afraid of the west, and even heard Mikage-chan was attacked by a west child.

Reira asks if that's really true. Mito tells her she heard someone threw a rock at her at the Tomorrow Shop, and that's why she was afraid to go to school today. Mitama confirms the story is true, but they shouldn't judge all of the west by one incident. At the very least all mahou shoujo in Kamihama are supposed to treat each other as equals, after all. Kanagi tells them that while joining together with Promised Blood may seem inconsiderate to them, things can only change for the better from here.

Kanagi notices Mito is still looking down. She didn't expect Yuna's plan to come to fruition and fan the flames of the east/west tension. Mito wants them to stop talking about joining PB, since that's all everyone's talking about. Reira says lots of people are worried about it since people have died and many have been injured by them.

Mitama tells Kanagi they have a lot of work to do. Kanagi agrees; the east has a lot of problems right now, especially with the election, but this is the first time everyone is against a plan. Mitama mentions it's just as Yachiyo and the others said.

Union 2

Iroha: "There's been growing distrust, hasn't there..."

Big meeting at a restaurant. Iroha, Yachiyo, Kanagi, Mitama, Hinano, etc are discussing the difficulties rising from working with Promised Blood and the growing distrust of the west. Mitama mentions the apartment trio don't like the idea, and Hinano adds that the south isn't taking to joining with Promised Blood either. Kaede and Rena also says no one in the west is happy either since PB tried killing all of them, and of course no one's going to believe PB wants to suddenly cooperate.

Kaede also mentions Ranka said Futatsugi isn't doing well with the idea either. Momoko says to leave their problems to their city. Besides, Yuna hasn't come and apologized for what they've done yet. Tsuruno understands, but if everyone thinks they and Yuna are planning something, this won't work out. Yachiyo adds that they shouldn't call it a peace talk, but rather that they're only cooperating for the time so people are more willing to understand.

Mikage asks her Nee-cha why she's being so quiet. Mitama snaps out of her staring, saying she was just taking in the conversation. She says she's in support of hearing Yuna's side of the story. Mii is glad to hear that because she thought her sister was still worrying over her after the west child hurt her. Iroha asks if she's okay after what happened, but Mikage tells her she's fine thanks to her mahou shoujo healing speed. Mitama hates that everyone knows about the incident already. Momoko hates that all the rumors about the east and west are getting worse.

Outside, Mikage is heading off to the Tomorrow Shop with Yachiyo, since Mitama has to mind her shop and Kanagi is on maid duty at her cafe. Yachiyo is fine with it since she used to go there all the time and loves the nostalgia of it. She also wants to ask the old lady there about any info about the east/west problems. Iroha meanwhile will be trying to contact Yuna to find out what she wants to do regarding everything.

Sudachi and Mifuyu arrive at the scene, surprising Yachiyo at the rare combo. Mii and Sutan are happy to see each other. Mifuyu explains Puella Care is working for Kagome. Yachiyo guesses it has to be for some ulterior motive before thinking it's to make up with Kagome. Sudachi fumus in positivity, so Yachiyo takes it as the latter.

Mifuyu brings up she wants to talk about Alina and the Mirrors team. The east/west problems are making the search difficult, Tsukasa and Tsukuyo are both stuck at home, and Mifuyu herself has to head back home, so there's been no progress and now stuck.

Mikage asks Sutan if she wants to come to the Tomorrow Shop. She accepts after hearing Yachiyo is going with them. Yachiyo smiles and asks if she's here to interview people or to play. Mifuyu also asks if she can come with them. Yachiyo asks if she has to also babysit Mifuyu. Mifuyu gets red and tells her she's not a child anymore!

Meanwhile, Yuna gets a call from Iroha. She realizes the rumor spreading is just now taking root in Kamihama. She knows she has to explain things to all of them, but Futatsugi has its own problems now. There's risk of their city splitting back into two, so Yuna decides to wait before responding to the message.

Union 3

Ui: Ah, Sana-san, Onee-chan is coming home!

Iroha returns to Crescent House, being welcomed by the gremlins. Touka is still surprised that they're now going to be working alongside PB. Iroha is having doubts since the east/west tension is now a bigger problem than PB. Iroha mentions what Yachiyo is up to, and then Touka gets a message on her phone.

Touka says yet another book sold. When asked, she tells Iroha that they started selling Sana's book online as an e-book, and they were in the middle of showing her how use the sales management tools. Ui is happy as can be, telling her the book has started selling a lot. Sana says she just got lucky. Touka says it spread around to some influencers rather than through reviews. Ui tells her she must be excited to see reviews come in now. Sana tells her she's pretty scared, but laughs and smiles anyway.

Iroha then asks how they're doing with their social media plan to spread the truth. Touka tells her that's a rude remark. Iroha asks why, and Ui tells her that they're having no luck at all, while Sana's e-book is flourishing. They even spent tons on advertising! Touka isn't sure what else to try at this point. Her uncle has changed his mind all of a sudden, Nayuta suddenly hates her guts again - there's just nothing she can do now!

Touka says she's been taking aspirin to try to stop her blood from clotting, since something she can't figure out is causing them. She feels a lack of oxygen has caused her heart to stop and she's about to die (she's being a scientific drama baby here). Sana asks if they'll be able to handle it. Nemu is also sure the plan is futile at this point.

Iroha asks why their plan hasn't worked, since they must have found out a reason why. Nemu points out that yes, they do have a reason why, but they're not going to tell her. They're planning on taking a huge risk at this point to spread word. Ui tells her no more dangerous acts. Touka apologizes, saying they're doing it no matter what, and are excited to try. Nemu then says maybe they should look into the east/west issue for a hint. Touka tells Ui and Iroha they should do whatever they think is best. Iroha asks if that means they're all on the same page for saving everyone, but Touka says no; as long as you two survive things will be okay.

Union 4

Mikage: "Guess Mii should thank Obaa-chan for the other day, huh!"

Mikage and co show up at Tomorrow Shop to see the old lady. She asks why they're back again; it had just quieted down, too... Yachiyo thanks her for taking care of Mikage the other day. Mifuyu then throws in an "it's been a long time, Obaa-chan," giving her a flashback to when these two young adults were little. Granny recognizes them, especially Mifuyu who used to cry a lot. She's also surprised to see they know Mikage and Sudachi.

Yachiyo tells her that they're here today to keep her safe after hearing about the attack. Yachiyo then asks if she may ask about the details of what happened. Granny says it's probably because of the election springing up problems again. The kids heard from their parents and decided to take out their anger on Mikage and Sudachi, throwing a rock right at Mikage's head. She then apologizes that her generation wasn't able to fix these problems. Mikage tells her to cheer up, since she protected her and yelled at them. Plus Mii came here today to thank her for that. She says even Sutan knows none of this is Obaa-chan's fault.

Mifuyu says her grandmother has been keeping tabs on her since these problems started up, and Tsukasa and Tsukuyo can't even see each other now despite being twins. Her and Yachiyo both start wondering when Kamihama became such a difficult place to live in. This fighting has gone on long before they were even born. Mikage asks Obaa-chan if she knows anything about it. She doesn't know the origin either, but her family passed down a story to her long ago.

She says it sounds more like a fairy tale, but... She goes on to explain the Tsuyu and Chizuru story from the summer event trio. She then remembers that Yachiyo was in that drama recently, embarrassing her. She continues that the actions of Tsuyu and Chizuru divided their people in two after parting ways, and the two camps have been against one another since. Of course, it's just a legend, though, so it might not be true. Mifuyu asks what it was the two were trying to do, but Gran tells them that's enough story time. Bit's a pieces of the story have changed so don't worry too much about it.

Suddenly Mikage sees a boy approach and calls upon Baa-cha. Gran tells him to come on out and say what he wanted to say. The boy says he's really sorry about the other day. After Baa-chan got mad at him he went home and thought about it, so he wants to apologize. Sudachi asks Mikage what she wants to do. Mikage tells the boy he's forgiven.

Mifuyu didn't expect this to happen, smiling at Yacchan and telling her how nice this was. Yachiyo isn't smiling. She says she's going to call Iroha and have everyone meet at the dojo later.

Union 5

Asuka: "It's tough work going through the warehouse, but it's a small price to pay if we can find difference in shade between the east and west!"

Asuka and Sasara finish pulling out a bunch of stuff in the dojo's storage for Iroha's search on the origins of Tsuyu and Chizuru. Asuka is fired up for everyone to work together on research, ready to sacrifice herself if she fails. Rena is staring in disbelief at the two, wondering if her and Kaede were sent there to watch them mess around. Kaede reminds her they were sent to help look through Ryuushinkan's belongings. Rena snaps at her that she was making a joke. Momoko tells them they're the ones who are screwing around here. She tells them that she wanted them to come help her since her injuries are still healing. Iroha and Momoko are hoping to learn something that can help put an end to the divide in Kamihama.

Karin steps into Nagitan's cafe. Kanagi is shocked that she just suddenly showed up. Karin says she wasn't sure where KMU was meeting so she came to the cafe she knew Kanagi works at. Karin is back from Mirrors, but Alina isn't with her. Karin has a lot to say, but Kanagi unfortunately can't just walk off her job. Kanagi points her to the dojo where Kaede is, and Karin says she forgot she could've just called Kaede. Kanagi says people tend to forget things when they rush, and tells Karin she once put her underwear on backwards by mistake. This was something Karin didn't need to know.

Iroha and friends can't find anything about Tsuyu and Chizuru amongst Ryuushinkan's articles. Everyone is either too afraid to touch such ancient articles, or are struggling to even read the handwriting. Asuka is having a good time, and tells everyone to pass things to her since she can read it all. Asuka mistakenly finds a letter in a box she thought had tea in it, finding some important info within.

Kaede gets a text. Rena asks if her vegetable garden burned down, but Kaede says it's from Karin. She's heading over there now, and she's okay.

Union 6

Kaede: "It's true... Karin-chan, she's safe and sound...!"

Karin and Kaede yell and run towards each other, ending in a hug. Kaede is so glad that Karin is safe. Mifuyu and the Amanes were busy looking for her for so long. Mii is explaining to Sutan that Karin is the person who went missing in the Endless Mirrors. That terminal they went to before is where she disappeared after some fighting. Mifuyu asks where Alina is, and if she's okay. Karin has no idea; she was the only one reappeared back at the entrance of the mansion, but she was following her to the end of Mirrors, so she has to be safe. Mifuyu asks her to calm down and explain slowly.

Mifuyu takes the lead in summarizing the story. Karin and Alina were close to the witch of Endless Mirrors. In there, they met a mahou shoujo that only Alina could see, and the one who caused her to lose her memory. This girl is the one who became the Endless Mirrors itself. The moment she witched out, she used her unique magic of transplanting her soul into other people to essentially become a parasite within Alina. Being the Mirror witch, she was still able to change the barrier, causing them to disappear and enter deeper within. Karin learned the name of this girl that is possessing Alina: Sena Mikoto.

Yachiyo has a strong reaction to hearing that name. No one knew who this girl was beyond her name, except possibly Mitama. Flashback of Mitama saying Endless Mirrors is most likely a girl from Daito. Yachiyo says they've been trying to figure out the Mirrors for a long time now, and assumed it was Sena Mikoto.

Momoko and Mikage think Mitama should know this, since they might be able to use this info against the Mirrors. Kaede is worried about this reveal. Mikoto hasn't shown her memories to Alina despite possessing her, and she's the only one missing now. Karin starts to cry as Kaede is talking, making her ask if she said something wrong.

Karin says Alina-senpai got her memories back and then disappeared into the Mirrors. Alina took Mikoto's human evolution plan over her Alina Gray Reform Plan. Kaede doesn't know what that means, but at least she got her memory back... Rena and Iroha don't like the sound of this, since Alina could start more trouble now. Yachiyo says they'll have to go tell Mitama the news for now.

Asuka says it's about time to pack everything away, but Sasara reminds her she had something to say to Yachiyo before that. Asuka asks Yachiyo to follow her to show her something.

Iroha gets a message from Yuna. She says she understands what is happening in Kamihama, but is asking for some time before visiting, as Futatsugi is in an uproar. She doesn't expect it to last for long, and will let her know when things calm down. Iroha thinks she needs to go talk to everyone in Futatsugi, just as Yuna is trying to talk to Kamihama.

Union 7

Felicia: "When everyone's together, Union sure is pretty big."

Sudachi updates her notes, saying she ended up at Tomorrow Shop with Mii-chan instead of doing interviews. Between Obaa-chan's story and the old letter at Ryuushinkan, the history of the east and west is becoming clearer. Yachiyo had high hopes this would be the beginning of mending the two sides, but the letter didn't go into details about the fighting. Sudachi is hopeful that the east/west fighting will be solved once Yuna explains the rumors and apologizes. Yuna is now on her way to Kamihama after dealing with Futatsugi. However, Yachiyo-san is worried after receiving a phone call from Kanagi-san.

All of Union is coming to the dojo, so Mikazuki start gathering cushions for everyone. Tsuruno uses her super strong cushion throwing powers to arrange a perfect lineup of seats. Felicia wishes to learn this power. Yachiyo, however, doesn't look happy.

Earlier, Yachiyo got a call from Kanagi. She discusses that the Promised Blood problem will be decided on at their next meeting, and then all the stones just need to be in one place. So Kanagi is thinking that her and Mitama should step away. Yachiyo tells her she's been working so hard even through her injury, so no one will complain if she isn't there. She then asks Kanagi if there's anything else bothering her, since she seems strange. Kanagi sighs and apologizes, saying she's likely going to be trouble from here on, and hangs up.

Tsuruno snaps Yachiyo out of her staring, telling her to help them get ready. Everyone asks about her and her phone call with Kanagi, knowing Kanagi isn't coming today. She's worried because it was a strange phone conversation, and Mitama isn't here today either. Tsuruno points out that neither of them like talking about themselves, and hopes they didn't get into trouble.

Yachiyo redirects everyone back to the meeting. Iroha and Ui are going to go meet Yuna at the train station. Iroha asks her to help if she ends up getting lost. Yachiyo begins addressing everyone. She tells them that this battle is finally over, and it didn't end because of power or one side winning. The plan is to unite with Promised Blood and Tokime, but the problem now is the rumors spreading through Union that need to be dispelled.

Meiyui knew what this would be about, but refuses to trust Futatsugi regardless of what the west says. Akira doesn't approve of joining with people who tried to kill them. Yachiyo explains that this is why Koharu Yuna, the person they trust the least, is coming to confess what she did. The apartment trio don't think that will solve anything, since they still get harassed on their way to school. Himika says that mahou shoujo have to work together as equals, just as Kanagi said. There's no east or west in their world! Reira isn't buying that response though. Tsuruno sees that Yuna explaining things alone won't be enough, and asks about the research Yachiyo did here.

Union 8

Yachiyo: "It would have been nice if we found something in the old articles that could mend the relations between the east and west, but..."

Yachiyo continues that they only found evidence of the split between east and west, nothing about what caused it to begin with. She even asked their resident bookworm Nemu to look into it, but she couldn't find anything to reference.

Shizuku asks if they can even join PB when Union itself can't be together as one. Plus being betrayed would make things worse. Sasara points out that if they refuse to cooperate, it's no different from saying they want to continue fighting. If Union stays divided, then they're going to be easy prey.

Yachiyo says that is precisely why they need to break away from the past that binds them. They need to come together and focus only on their future. It's true that it's hard to fix broken relations, but Yachiyo has the scene from the Tomorrow Shop on her mind. Mifuyu agrees; the west kids hurt Mikage, but Mikage accepted their apology and welcomed them back. The younger children are trying to change, so they need to follow that example and join hands instead of pushing away.

Mito thinks they've been ruining their own futures by being stuck on the past. Seika and Reira take in what Himika said earlier, that they can change the future by being the change the east and west need. Himika is happy to take everyone's hands, and Shizuku is willing to as well if the east trust her, since she's never wanted to let go until now. Meiyui realizes the chains that bound them together was broken by Yuna and the schemes of adults, so reconnecting with everyone would be the quicker option.

Yachiyo is glad Mikage's acceptance was the first step in bringing everyone together. She wants everyone to listen to Yuna and then decide. Yuna walks in, saying she'll just continue the conversation like this then. Yuna laughs, says all the irritating Kamihama girls are lined up head to head. It's so funny to her she can't help but laugh. Tsuruno calls a time out, asking if she's trying to start a fight. Yuna silences her. She says there's been a misunderstanding, so will make it clear: she wants to still kill Kamihama girls, so they need to think of her as their enemy and listen well...

Union 9

Yuna: "End this misunderstanding that we've become your allies."

Yuna starts coldly, telling them the best option is for them to join forces, and is full of regrets for not killing all of them. The only reason they're not dead is because of the Kimochi's rule after Midori Ryou died. She explains how she used Kamihama's history as a tool to destabilize them as part of her revenge against them. She especially targeted Izumi to try to break the east-west relationship, and brought Felicia's past back to her. The truth is it's a miracle they're all still alive, and they should all be thankful that Ryou's death, Ikumi's sacrifice, and some dumb luck have kept the rest of them alive.

Hinano yells at her, asking if she's really here to join forces or not. She shouldn't dare bring up those names when there's people standing here who cared for them. Yuna calls her out that she's one of the people who failed to protect them. Emiri and Rika back her up, telling Yuna that she's been through enough pain. Yuna walks over to them, telling them she came here to explain what happened, but her grudge isn't gone. Emiri asks why is she even deciding to cooperate then. Rika says there's no point in cooperating if she's going to be this horrible. Yuna agrees: there is no point in cooperating.

Yuna is only cooperating with Tamaki Iroha. If she wants to join together as the leader of Union, Yuna will believe the voice of her soul and join together. Yuna repeats that Promised Blood will not join with Union, but she will join with Tamaki Iroha. Yuna walks back to Iroha, telling her that she will only trust her, and that no one else will touch the Kimochi stone she has. Iroha will be the one to save everyone, Futatsugi included. Only she will get this bloodied stone from her.

Meiyui speaks up, saying she's had enough, and that she's a human as much as a mahou shoujo. She transforms, saying this against the blue sea's code, but she will defend her honor. Yuna transforms, asking her if she's willing to do this. Hinano is transformed and jumps in too, saying she has to get a hit in as well. Sasara is worried if this is right or not. She asks Asuka what she thinks, but Asuka says this is the dojo, they can't be doing this here.

Iroha and Mikazuki have to put a stop to this before a fight breaks out, but Felicia's also transformed and ready to bop. Tsuruno tells her to stay. Yachiyo and Mifuyu transform, ready to put a stop to this.

Union 10

Mifuyu: "Yacchan, let us be smart about this and put an end to it!"

Yachiyo and Mifuyu jump in and block everyone's attacks. Meiyui can't believe what she just saw, calling the duo's blocking inhuman. Akira says if Nanaka saw this she'd be impressed. Rika stopped fighting just to watch. Hinano, out of breath, asks who're these veterans who said they were weakening? They're just as strong as ever to her.

Iroha asks Yuna if she's okay. Yuna untransforms and apologizes that she was about to fight. Iroha tells her that was really bad, so she needs to stop acting. Everyone suddenly goes "What!? Acting!? EHHH!? Tsuruno suddenly gets what's going on, but Iroha doesn't. Tsuruno says that Yuna was acting as a common enemy to get the west and east to unite together.

Yuna chuckles, saying if her explanation cleared the rumors about the west, then all that was left is to unite everyone, right...? But there's no point in just declaring everyone should unite if they're not going to. Tsuruno apologizes to her. Yuna does still have resentment over Kamihama, but she was playing it up just now.

So now Yuna has one final promise of her cooperation: Once Iroha collects all 8 Kimochi stones and spreads the auto puri sys across the world, her and PB will never come back to Kamihama without contacting her first, since none of them want to see them ever again. Also, Kanagi has been given one of the stones as a sign of good will after attempting to kill her so many times. Iroha tells her she hates how recklessly Yuna and PB do things. Yuna laughs, saying she must have gotten it from Juri.

Over at KaMoRe's favorite game center, Momoko gets a message from Iroha saying Yuna came over and things went well. Kaede excitedly tells Rena that they can join together with PB. Rena offers to play a game with Ranka now that that's taken care of. Ranka says that's what the hold up was after all. Momoko reminds them that she's here to watch over them. Once the game's over, Ranka wants to be shown their school, and she wants to show Yuna the track team Sakuya was on.

Over at Crescent House's nerd room. Touka is finding out from Ui that they're heading back to Mikazuki Villa. Ui says once the stones are in place and the auto puri sys spreads, there's no more need to fight, right? Touka nyaas that she'll miss this place. Nemu tells her to not be so selfish, since they're just here for shelter. Ui heads back to get ready with Iroha.

Nemu and Touka think this is good timing, since they're also leaving soon. Nemu still isn't sure when to explain this whole thing to Iroha and Ui. Touka knows they'll just try to stop them, so the "day of the plan" is fine.

Iroha is gathering her things in her temp room, but notices Mokyu went missing...

Interview Recording

Yakumo Mikage "Hmm, what does Mii desire..." "Like what you'd want to be in the future, right?" "Mii wants to be a celebrity on Terapichi, and be a model like Yachiyo-san, and opening a shop like Nee-cha looks like it would be fun too, doesn't it?" "Maybe opening a shop would be better then. Mii heard this from Sutan, but apparently there's some scary places in showbiz depending on the office you walk into." "Nee-cha said Mii is super cute, so Mii's gonna avoid the danger and run a shop here!" "Mii'll put lots of expensive and cheap sweets in it, right, so Nayutan and Lavitan can both enjoy it, and all the different kinds of sweets lovers will be happy!" "If Mii's going to open a shop, it has to be with Nee-cha, but..." "Once Nee-cha graduates high school, Mii thinks it'd be better to leave this city. You know, with Nagitan too." "It just feels like, you know, if those two stay in this city, they'll both be turned darker and darker. So, Mii wants them both to grow up quick so they can be free."

Promised Blood 1

Juri: "Oioi, what's with this... It better not be canceled..."

Kagome: "This is the story I heard from the mahou shoujo of Futatsugi City. One of the first four parts: the story of Promised Blood. At this time, no one knew the future that was coming."

Kagome writes this section. Kagome is staying at a hospital in Futatsugi, and many members of Promised Blood have been visiting her to talk about how things are going. Yuna declared her belief in Iroha and vowed to stop fighting Union, but Juri and Ryuugasaki are against this decision. Sakuya's death has changed Yuna, and though things are difficult now, a fire has been lit for many mahou shoujo in Futatsugi. Promised Blood, who hates Iroha, Union, and Tokime, don't seem to be moving towards joining hands with the other groups. In fact, in a time like this, Juri would normally step up and take charge, but her usual fire seems to be burning out.

Juri is finishing her manga, which ends on a cliffhanger, pissing her off. She realizes she's not in a good mood, and turns back to thinking about Futatsugi. She's fine if the people are happy, but, as she falls to the floor, she says she doesn't feel alive anymore. Ranka suggests she go beat someone up to vent (except her, of course). Ranka came by for no particular reason, mainly just to see if Juri is busy now that everyone's talking about joining Union.

Juri is bummed about her manga being canceled. Ranka says it sounds awful by the title alone, but Juri tells her not to badmouth it. It's about a noble named Kiyomaru who uses his brains to fight after intense studying, but eventually ends up using the power of his ancestors. She liked the weird as hell setting it had, but Ranka doesn't think she'd ever read it. She tells Juri if she's just sitting here reading manga, why not go gather Ryuugasaki together. They're not all on Yuna's side, after all. Juri doesn't want to if it means another war starting here, but Ranka tells her not that, the other thing.

Juri says she can't find motivation now that she can't fight the Kimochi or Union. She's lost her fire. She then thinks of something: maybe starting up another fight between Ryuugasaki and Torayamachi would be fun. Ranka tells her she has a scary look on her face. Juri just thought up a great idea.

Promised Blood 2

Yuna: "It feels so long since I've been able to calmly do student council work."

At the student council, Yuna is discussing website designs with another member, who is struggling to come up with content for the sight but has a better design made up. Yuna tells her a lot has changed in the past year, so they need to decide on a theme that the world will appreciate.

Yuna notices the girl has been staring at her this whole time, and asks what's wrong. She points out that Yuna has been so busy, so it's great she found time to come to the council room. Yuna apologizes that she still hasn't finished handling her outside problem, so she will have to be a bother to them still, but asks her to please keep waiting.

Hikaru approaches, with "Yuna-san!" spam getting louder and louder as she closes in. Yuna facepalms, telling the girl she has more problems already, but she will take care of them all. Outside the room, Yuna tells Hikaru to lower her voice and asks what's wrong. Yuna guesses there's an emergency and follows Hikaru.

Ryuugasaki had a fight with their girls. It was only a small fight, but some got hurt. The tension is rising now that Yuna wants to join up with Iroha. Yuna wanted to tell everyone what she felt when she came in contact with Tamaki-san's soul gem, the thoughts Sakuya left behind, and help everyone become normal students again, but all she did was make them think she's gone off the deep end and heated them up. Hikaru protests, but Yuna tells her that Ryuugasaki don't her senpai and Sakuya like they did. They only know the Yuna that led them to getting revenge, so her backing down now isn't being taken well. Hikaru asks what the plan is, and Yuna answers that they have to get everyone together to put the fires out before they spread.

Yuna then gets a message from Tamaki-san. As seen earlier in this summary, Yuna now sees the effects of her rumors spreading in the east/west relations. She knows she needs to go to Kamihama to explain what happened, but with Futatsugi running the risk of being split and war-torn again, she has to wait before answering the message.

Promised Blood 3

Hikaru: "It feels like Juri-san's gonna do something again!"

A meeting of the leaders takes place. Ao says this fight is between them, so her side isn't doing anything and will gladly watch them destroy each other. Hikaru is surprised Ao is willing to just sit back and take advantage, and asks her to have an opinion between her sisters. Ao says she wasn't against anything from the start, so Juri butts in saying "oh then you're helpin' us, are ya?" But Ao says she wanted to stay out of this because Nee-chan told her to.

Yuna tells them both to back off since this isn't about starting fights, it's about keeping the city together instead of breaking off. Ao says that's hard mode on a hard game. Various girls call out Yuna for being the leader who wanted revenge on Kamihama and is now giving up. Yuna restates that she hasn't stopped hating Kamihama, she only trusts Tamaki Iroha, and knows her intentions after seeing into her soul. The girls don't care.

Ranka chimes in that she's not trying to take a side here, but she has been a spy in Kamihama. She can't that her own personal opinion changed after hanging out with people there. Hikaru says maybe Sakuya-san was right: it's hard to kill someone you know. She herself can see that she was judging people without really looking at them. Yuna agrees with both of them, but even so she still can only trust Iroha.

One girl says that the idea of getting to know the girls in Kamihama makes her sick. Sakuya was killed after all. Yuna adds that she wishes Sakuya would have never taken up fighting, and Union lost 2 of their own too. She knows they must feel awful in the same way they do with their lost in their catacombs. Yuna understands how these girls feel, and she herself wants revenge again in the future, but right now their priority needs to be on saving themselves. The girl finally agrees to that at least.

Juri tells the girl don't fold here; Juri-sama'll take on carrying the torch for the revenge that Ryuugasaki wants. Yuna asks what she wants to do, and Juri says she wants a fight between leaders. There's no battle going on now against Kamihama, so we got all the time in the world now. Yuna can't believe Juri right now. Ranka finds this absolutely horrible.

Juri: "It's been a while since we had a fight, Nee-san. If Juri-sama wins, the war goes on. If Nee-san wins, we put a stop to the war."

Promised Blood 4

Ranka: "Think about me for a minute here!"

Back at Juri's funhouse, Ranka so can't believe Juri right now, or how all of Ryuugasaki wants to keep the war going. She asks if Juri even knows how she feels right now. Juri says sorry, but she still wants to well-done Nee-san. Ranka storms out and heads to the game center to take her mind off all of this.

In the game center, Ao and her girls are discussing the upcoming bout. Ao thinks they should stick with Onee-sama given what's happened. In order for them to reach the top of Futatsugi they have to side with whoever gives them the best odds right now. Ranka surprises everyone at the meeting by entering. She's only here to play games. Ao asks if she heard anything, but Ranka just asks what, but then mentions she heard something about reaching the top. She's then like "You will? You seriously sayin' that?" and Ao is just "Yup :)" Ao explains she wants the city to be free of exploitation, so she has to take over the city. Ranka is trying to talk her out of that thinking, but Ao is serious.

Ranka telepathically asks one of the nearby girls if she's noticed Ao getting worse lately. The girl tells her that she understood Ao at first, but she's been getting more and more radical as time's gone on. Ranka asks her why is no one saying anything then. She tells Ranka that they have no idea what to do.

Ao asks what's up, and thinks Ranka must want to get to the top with her. She offers to forget about the whole being hurt thing since she was just following the bat's orders, but this time Ranka will have to submit to her. Ranka tells her to hold the heck on; she's acting really scary right now. She's not even sure she wants to go with Ao. She asks her what she's even planning on doing to make all this happen.

Ao reveals that she's going to kill both sisters in the upcoming battle. It should be nice and easy now since she's already killed one person. Ranka thinks to herself that she's totally in a bad position here.

Promised Blood 5

Juri: "Now then, Juri-sama'll take this opportunity to vent some of this pent-up frustration."

Kagome notes that the girls of Ryuugasaki are against joining with the girls of Kamihama, and now Yuna and Juri will be having a one-on-on fight. Going by what Ranka and her companion told her when they visited, Ao's condition is getting worse, and the day of the fight is looking to be trouble.

Within the catacombs, the battle between the oni and trogdor has already begun. Juri tries to well-done Yuna, but Yuna redirects the attack behind Juri. Yuna tells her she's going too hard on winning again, making this another easy win for her. Juri's squad is cheering her on to not give up, yelling that Ryuugasaki should take over if Torayamachi is giving in to Kamihama.

Yuna knows that even if she wins, Juri will still look for excuses to keep fighting her. Without even hearing her, Juri knows that Yuna understands her all too well: if Yuna's taking her enemy away from her, she's going to become the enemy, cause Juri-sama's flames will never die. Yuna tells her that doesn't mean everyone else has to get involved.

Yuna yells to everyone to listen to her again. She once again tries to tell them she is still against Kamihama, the Magius, etc, but peacefully gaining the auto puri sys is the quickest way to them being able to start taking their revenge. Juri keeps on fighting, telling her it's stupid to be trying a speech right now. Yuna shrugs off the attack and continues, telling everyone how through seeing into Tamaki-san's soul, she saw how Mikazuki Villa was formed and united Kamihama in stopping the Magius. Even though no one remembered her sister, even though her friends were taken from her by the Uwasa, and even after finding her sister within Eve, she never once gave up. She's held onto her naive ideal of saving all mahou shoujo, never once swaying from what she believes in. Yuna doesn't know if it's possible, but she saw that Iroha's desires are 100% pure. So then she thought if Iroha is that pure in her wanting to save Kamihama, surely she wants the same for everyone outside the city too. Maybe everyone can be saved and have a better future with her.

Juri keeps on fighting, telling her that's no reason to just stop seeking revenge. Yuna brings up that they also lost friends. She takes a swing at Juri, adding that as a leader who wants all the girls of Futatsugi to be happy, she won't allow any more of her people to die, and won't lower her weapon just because someone she trusts shows up! If Tamaki Iroha betrays her, all of Futatsugi can rampage against Kamihama and execute her as a traitor.

Juri and Yuna go all out against each other. Ao is ready to take them out with a critical hit any time now. Juri and Yuna suddenly feel a magic reaction and stop. Yuna can't believe who it is. Ao is shocked, why now...

Iroha walks into the catacombs. Everyone looking at her pissed off.

Iroha: "O-oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think everyone would be here. Were you the middle of something...?"

Promised Blood 6

Iroha: "Oh...did I maybe come in at a bad time...?"

Juri and Yuna tell Iroha ain't it obvious we're busy here. Iroha says maybe she should just come back later. Hikaru tells her she should at least explain why she came back here without even calling. Iroha is saying it's kind of embarrassing to just say it. Hikaru doesn't get it, and Ao tells her to just hurry up and say it; they're on the pause screen here. Juri says she doesn't need permission to keep going, but she's lost the drive to fight now. Yuna tells Iroha to hurry up and do what she came to do.

Girls start telling Juri this is the perfect chance to bring down Union since Iroha's already in a gravesite. Juri tells them to back off since starting something could bite them later. Plus she doesn't get why Iroha's here in the first place.

Iroha begins giving a speech to the dead, first by introducing herself as the leader of Kamihama Magia Union, Tamaki Iroha. She heard that all previous mahou shoujo of Futatsugi are sleeping here, so she came to greet them. The three leaders are wide-eyed as she says this. Various gang girls can't believe this. Iroha continues, saying she found out that Magius' plan stole witches from Futatsugi, causing a bloody tragedy as girls struggled to survive. She feels overwhelming guilt for all of this even though she had no idea all of this had happened, and understands why Futatsugi seeks revenge so badly. She knows how things look from Futatsugi's point of view, and it's perfectly reasonable to never want to join hands with Kamihama, but even so, if they don't join now, even more tragedy will befall mahou shoujo kind. She is in no position to say this, but she's going to say it anyway: as long as Futatsugi joins together with her, she will take everyone sleeping here with them into the future. A future where all mahou shoujo can be saved and their wishes will come true.

Yuna and various girls are now looking down. Juri and Ao are still looking on in surprise. Iroha continues, saying she wasn't able to speak to them until now, so she wanted to do this the right way. She apologizes to the dead, asking them to forgive her for working alongside them from now on.

Outside, Iroha apologizes to Yuna for walking in unexpectedly like that, and for Yuna walking her out. Yuna asks her one thing: why did she come to greet those sleeping in the catacombs? Iroha says because the mahou shoujo of Futatsugi are already her friends, aren't they? That and she never got to say goodbye to Sakuya-san. She saved Ui and everyone else. Yuna quietly thanks her. Iroha starts to take her leave, and Yuna says she will come visit Kamihama to help their side.

Juri walks up and tells her she's so sincere. Yuan asks if she's ready to continue, but Juri's had enough fighting for now. Iroha visiting the graves influenced the Ryuugasaki girls. They ain't saying anything, but Juri can see it in their eyes. Hikaru comments that Iroha ended up saving them the trouble. Yuna tells her that though Ryuugasaki is fine now, Ao's still very much a problem, since she knew Ao would've killed them had Iroha not come. Hikaru can't believe it, but Juri felt it too. Ranka walks up, saying she needs to talk to them about Ao.

Promised Blood 7

Hikaru: "Eh - no, Yuna-san! Ao-san can't be trying to kill you...!"

Ranka explained Ao to everyone, and how she was invited to join her. They decide to pay Ao a visit to hear it straight from her. Ao of course denies everything, saying that's beyond very hard mode. Yuna and Juri counter that they both felt she was ready to kill them. Ao says she was going to stop the fight. They then bring up her talking about trying to get to the top. Ao again denies it, saying she's "too scared" to try something like that. Ranka then asks her to explain why she invited her then. Ao admits she wants to get to the top to feel safe since no one could stop her then, but she's fine cooperating with everyone and won't do anything crazy.

Yuna assumes this means that eventually Ao is going to try to take her place as leader. Ao says it does. If she feels her two sisters can't protect her anymore, she's going to take the leadership role with her gang.

That night, Hikaru is asking Yuna what she's going to do about Ao. Yuna knew something was strange about Ao; she's gotten too gutsy. Normally Ao would panic if she got caught like that. Juri says that Ao's always been good at lying ever since she tried to kill her before. Yuna guesses this is all because Ao has lost her fear. Juri says the more scared she is, the more cautious she gets. Ranka jokingly asks if they want to go do some killing to break up the doom and gloom. She feels like she's in danger now. Yuna says she will watch Ao for the time being, since there's no hiding that intent she has. Hikaru salutes and offers to help, so Yuna leaves it to her.

While Hikaru keeps an eye on Ao, Yuna is going to head Kamihama to repay Tamaki-san for what she did today. Juri chuckles that their allegiance really does look like it's happening, though she's worried. Between her sickness and Ao going nuts, there's plenty of room to mess this up and screw Futatsugi again. Yuna tells her if she starts blowing up, she'll be her opponent.

Promised Blood 8

Yuna: "Ao is under surveillance, but her head is still going places..."

Hikaru opens the scene of the student council room with a "Yuna-san! Yuna-san! Yuna-san! Yuna-san!" Yuna counters with a "Hikaru, Hikaru, Hikaru, Hikaru." She asks Hikaru if there's another emergency, but Hikaru says nope, just callin ya name cause I wanted to.

Yuna's going to Kamihama today, but before that she's going to go talk to Juri about Ao. She wants to put a nail in this before Ao starts a fight. Hikaru's confident in her ability to watch Ao for any trouble.

Yuna arrives at Juri's hangout, only to find she's missing. The message she sent her hasn't even been read yet. She calls Hikaru to find out what's going on. Hikaru picks up, sounding hurt. Hikaru says things are bad, and then screams in pain. Yuna looks like she's about to snap and screams for her: "Hikaru!? Hikaru!?" Hikaru then that cause she picked up the phone Ao made her eat a super. Yuna is pissed, telling her to not confuse her about game crap; it's bad for her heart.

Hikaru asks what's up. Yuna says she couldn't find Juri, and thought she went off to attack Janomiya. She has to get to Kamihama soon, so she's going to ask around for Juri. Hikaru offers to look too.

On the train, Yuna gets 4 messages. Still no word from Juri. Just where did she run off to? The base, the game center, the boxing gym, riverbed, development zone - she's nowhere to be found. Where the heck else would she be if not the places she likes? Something she left unfinished...? One of the messages said she's not at the catacombs, so there's only one thing left... Did she head to Kamihama alone to continue the war?

She finally finds Juri at the trainyard hangout, figuring she was going to have to fight again, and transforms. She heads up the stairs, finding Juri attempting suicide. She screams to Juri and tackles her to the ground...

Promised Blood 9

Ao: "It's about time to pretend I'm myself, huh~"

Juri asks what the hell Yuna's doing. Yuna yells that Juri was about to kill herself, but Juri tells her to quit joking, she ain't dumb like that. Yuna tells her they're in the kind of relationship where they can just lie like that, are they? Juri goes silent, so Yuna asks her to tell the truth. Juri admits she was about to break her soul gem. It'd be real nice for all of Futatsugi if she wasn't around anymore. She's always been the one to go out fighting and can't control her pent-up power, and now that the battle against Kamihama is over, all she wants to do is kill Yuna. All she's doing is being a road block to Futatsugi and Kamihama joining together.

Yuna says the last time she saw Juri, she had no qualms, so why the sudden change of character? Juri says the strongest of Mikazuki Villa told her it: As long as Juri-sama is around, there will never be peace in the world. As long as there's people out there looking for conflict, there is no peace. Yuna says that's true, but for her to accept it... Juri continues, it used to be fine as long as she had someone to fight, but now there's too many people to call friends now. She's been fine with the survival of the fittest in Futatsugi, but now that her sisters are done with all that, plus enemies turning into allies, she just can't handle that a new era has begun. If Juri-sama's the only one fighting and blowing up, all she's doing is ruining her friends' lives. If this all means Juri-sama isn't needed anymore and Ryuugasaki's heart is lost, then so be it.

Yuna tells her that even though she is a pain in the ass, she's captured the heart of Ryuugasaki, so now is not the time to be dying. If Juri is gone, Futatsugi will plunge into chaos again. If Ao betrays them, then the auto puri sys will be the last of their problems. Juri asks what is the point of her being alive, she's too high a cost to them. And what about Juri-sama's insatiable flame? She can't fight without having a reason to if the time where she can freely go all out is over.

Yuna tells her they at least have to fight together for Ao's sake. It's not just the Kimochi that changed her; it's the history that they've made that's broken her. If she needs a reason to fight, then fight to save Ao. Juri gets it. If they're going to die together, then die saving Ao.

Yuna asks her why she chose this as a place to die? Juri tells her she doesn't want to become a witch, so she picked a place she would be guaranteed to die and break her soul gem. She then asks Yuna ain't it about time. Yuna says yes, but has a concerned look on her face. Juri tells her she ain't dying. If Yuna wants to beat the shit outta her little sis, then Juri'll join her. Yuna then tells her to wait here until she's back. There's somewhere she wants to go before she heads home.

Promised Blood 10

Juri: "What're we doin' comin' to a graveyard, Nee-san?"

Yuna takes Juri to the grave of Midori Ryou. She tells Juri that if Tamaki-san is willing to mourn for the girls of Futatsugi, then as a people who are about to join together, they should show respect in kind. Juri says it's kinda different to just mourn someone out of courtesy. Yuna agrees, saying she doesn't feel like mourning Ryou or Ikumi.

Hinano comes up and asks them then what are they here for? Hinano slaps Yuna, asking if they're going to join forces, then why the hell are they here insulting the dead? Yuna tells her to stop. They're going to join with Union, but she still hates its people. She tells Hinano that she could just kill her right here, you know? Juri tells her to do it. It'll give Juri-sama a reason to live. Yuna stops, saying she's not low enough to fight over a grave, so Hinano tells her to just get out of here.

Yuna quietly tells Hinano that she does want to say one thing: she won't mourn them, but there was still a reason to come here. It wasn't just Iroha who convinced her to come here and join with Union, but the deaths of these two girls as well. Union suffered through the same pain of losing loved ones that they did, and this is proof. So while this may sound wrong, she wanted to give her thanks.

Hinano can't help but ask just what was the point of them fighting and dying if they're just going to join together. "What was the significance of their lives!?" Yuna tells her if they didn't do what they did, there wouldn't be all this chaos. Hinano just gives a if you say so, and says she's not going to forgive them just from a thanks. She tells Yuna if they want to keep the deaths of these two with them, then they have to carry the weight with her. Yuna tells her she can't carry that weight, but she'll support her.

On the train ride back, Juri tells Yuna to not spout off things like supporting. Yuna says they can't be friends, but they can provide a helping hand for a while. Juri hates the idea, since it makes it seem like it's their fault. Yuna drops the subject and says she has one more thing to tell Juri: do not die. Juri closes her eyes and smiles, asking what's with this? She gets it already: her life continues on until Ao is saved.

(Juri's hard af to read sometimes, so don't take anything here as accurate)

Interview Recording

Ooba Juri "It doesn't matter how many times ya ask Juri-sama what kind of future I desire. My temper and my very nature's just gonna stop it in its tracks." "This is gonna sound blunt, but I can't endure all my anger or the fact it's in my nature to just put up with shit until my voltage maxes out and I explode. That's what's gotta change about me." "Yeah it feels real damn good to burn up and beat the shit outta strong people, but ain't the things we do the reason why people like my sister end up the way they do?" "Then that means I gotta stop fighting and face myself. I gotta somehow get a handle on my nature." "So, if there's somethin' Juri-sama desires, it's to take care of my ass first. If that ain't happening, then Juri-sama's either firing all cylinders straight to war or ditchin' this life." "Well, I get to do whatever the hell I want, so it's not like I got any regrets or nothin', but hangin' out with Nee-san, Imouto, and Horse has shown me a new world." "It's been a hell of a fun experience playin' around with all of 'em." "So before any regrets start comin' up, Juri-sama's gonna save her sister and take off before things get too rough."

Tokime Clan 1

Yozuru: "It seems Tokime Clan has also decided on a plan for the future."

Kagome: "This is one of the first four parts that I received from Yozuru-san of Puella Care. The story of the Tokime Clan. At this time, no one knew the future that was coming."

Yozuru writes the notes here. She is with the Tokime to record their state on behalf of Satori-sama. She notes the heavy atmosphere as Shizuka is about to make a difficult decision while Ryouko and Asahi lie on the floor. However, as one who lost her kindness, she doesn't know if she should be worried over the injured and sick. She as able to look through her past memos assess what is kindness, and determined the emotions they were feeling. Though transcribing is an entirely different story, so we will only be stating facts within this writing.

Sunao and Shizuka are discussing them joining with KMU and PB. Shizuka is being oddly quiet, but says she has no objections to it. She's just been thinking about the village and how the diviners have been used, but Sunao reminds her that thinking about that won't let them join with anyone. Shizuka has no qualms with holding onto the pride of the Tokime and will keep the main family's problems internal. She just won't force the clan's ideals onto people outside of it. Chiharu speaks up that girls in the other groups sometimes regret becoming diviners. Although Shizuku knows that, she believes they're all one and the same at the core, though she's going to spare the details for the sake of keeping peace between groups.

So Shizuka declares that Tokime Clan accepts the proposal for them to join together with Union and Promised Blood. Everyone claps. Chiharu suddenly asks Shizuka if she's going to be okay with Yuna. Shizuka knows it's going to be rough, but it's not something she can change, though she wishes she could one day change Yuna's destructive ways.

Sunao asks Chika about Ryouko and Asahi. Ryouko's stab wounds are still pretty bad, and Asahi is very much in pain, but they're both awake, so they are recovering. Ryouko shows up, telling them not to worry about her as she struggles to walk. She tells Chika she needs to get some exercise and wants to feel the wind in the garden. Everyone is worried over her pushing herself, but also glad she is able to move around. Chiharu runs up and hugs Ryouko, and Ryouko calls her a dumbass. If she rips open a wound she's gonna have blood all over her.

Ryouko brings up the three going back to the village. Shizuka wants to go there to ask a few questions to learn about Asahi and her injuries. As she says, any branch family who abuses a diviner must be corrected...

Tokime Clan 2

Ryouko: "The head family's headed to their village, but what are you gonna do?"

Yozuru points out that this is a problem to Ryouko. The trio she was looking for this whole time is off to their village, and the branch families are also moving about, so now she can't follow them. Ryouko agrees, then yells out her damn injuries still hurt, so Yozuru brings up how this is the result of her killing Suzuka-sama. Ryouko's like "killed...well, guess so..." So Yozuru apologizes for using the wrong word and makes a memo that that was not kind. Ryouko tells her no need; it's true, though she does regret it. Buddhists do not kill nor do they allow killing, and yet this is what happened after.

Yozuru says that since neither of them had any intentions of backing away, so this was the natural course, and both of them had equal chances of dying on impact. Ryouko gets pissed, saying she doesn't have to spell out the whole damn thing this bluntly. She promised Sakuya she wouldn't die and is glad she didn't break Sakuya's heart again. Her best friend's luck just ran out is all, but all she did was lose someone important to her. This emptiness she feels must be what Sakuya felt.

Yozuru apologizes for her rudeness, and Ryouko apologizes for yelling, but she just doesn't know how to handle what she's feeling now. Yozuru says that as one with the temple, killing must be a heavy burden on her, but Ryouko says that ain't it, she's tormented by the sin of killing her best friend. She then puts herself down, saying she's pathetic for already trying to find salvation.

Ryouko then imagines Sakuya speaking to her, saying that killing is not something that is easy to justify. No matter what reason you come up with, every life weighs the same. She came from a place where mahou shoujo were always fighting, and it left her paralyzed. But now Ryouko knows this after killing her.

Ryouko tells Yozuru she can hear her voice inside her, telling her that there's no running from the fact that all lives are equal. She then decides to get some food.

Tokime Clan 3

Chika: "Asahi-san's wounds have gotten much better. I'm so relieved..."

Chika is checking up on Asahi, who is still in pain but can at least breathe properly now. Chika tells her to get change her clothes since she's been sweating in her sleep, but Asahi asks if everyone saw her wounds. Chika says yes, and Asahi apologizes for something so unsightly. Chika asks her why didn't she use her magic to heal the sounds. Asahi says it was a lesson to her: that as prey they have no hope of being saved.

Asahi then deflects the convo and says she's more worried about what Tokime is going to be doing. Chika explains to her about how the three groups are going to join up. Asahi is happy to hear that, and asks if that's why the main family is currently gone. Chika explains that they left to go investigate the branch families regarding her scars. Asahi doesn't like the sound of this, telling her that the way Shizuka-dono is right now, going to her hometown will be overwhelming to her. She says this was a premature celebration and starts walking, telling Chika she smells something cooking.

Asahi finds Ryouko cooking fish, both of them happy to see the other recovering. Ryouko thanks Asahi for saving her, but Asahi tries to be humble about it, saying by intervening she probably just made her suffer. Ryouko is deeply hurt that she disrespected Buddha for what she did.

Ryouko offers Asahi some fish, since they both need to get their strength back. Asahi waits until Ryouko finishes praying before taking a bite of her fish, and Ryouko notices how polite she is. Asahi remarks that Ryouko told her before that they all take lives and make them part of themselves, so it's only natural to be respectful towards life and hold onto their pride.

Ryouko goes wide-eyed after Asahi explains this. She remembers a teaching about a monk who ate a creature, bringing that creature unto himself and taking it with him to the Pure Land. She then starts crying. Asahi asks what's wrong and if she did something. Ryouko says thanks to her her eyes are open now. She took Sakuya's life, so she should take her soul with her to the Pure Land. She starts smiling while crying, saying she can't live in a way that would make Otento-sama laugh at her. If anything, she should live life the way Sakuya wanted to.

Ryouko has decided she's okay with joining together with Promised Blood. She's going to ride the same boat Sakuya was on with Yuna, and when she dies, she'll take Sakuya's soul with her to the Pure land without regret.

Yozuru comments that Ryouko has cheered up. Chika frowns, saying she must have figured something out while talking to Asahi. Yozuru notices Chika's expression turning sour, asking if there is something on her mind. She quietly says that she felt that Asahi-san was incredibly lonely and was going to disappear.

Tokime Clan 4

Sunao: "'s kind of calming once you get closer to the place you were born and raised."

Shizuka, Sunao, and Chiharu are excited to arrive back at Tokime Village. Shizuka breathes in the fresh air, realizing she's missed it after spending so long away. Chiharu's mother meets them telling Chiharu to not act like a kid just because she's home now, but says she's glad she's safe. She couldn't sleep after she heard Chiharu's arm was cut off. Chiharu is sorry for making her worry. Shizuka's mother is also here, saying she heard the war is finally calming down. Shizuka says the hitomi-awase technique was of great use to her in battle.

Shizuka's mother then brings up that some people aren't liking the idea of joining forces. Shizuka says she herself isn't keen on the idea as someone who protects Japan, and she doesn't like Yuna's violence, so this is the only time she's going to make an exception to join with PB. After this, it's back to only focusing on the needs of the clan. She then winces.

Sunao learns that Chiharu's mother has been doing research into Asahi's family since she isn't too busy. Shizuka's mother then screams to Shizuka. She just suddenly collapsed. Shizuka tells them not to worry, as she's only lost her strength. The moms aren't buying that it's "just" that, so the move Shizuka to go lie down. Chiharu and Sunao are wondering if Shizuka's been hiding her pain this whole time, especially since she's been struggling with how she feels ever since moving to the city.

Inside, Chiharu's mother tells her Shizuka is sleeping, and wants to tell her something: about where Asahi is from. The whole point of them coming here was for that, but Shizuka's completely knocked out just as they're about to learn this.

Charumom explains that Asahi's family originally was Toki. Sunao's branch of the family, to be precise, but they split long ago and changed their surname. The only place that has that surname anymore is a single seaside town in Japan: Yukuni.

Tokime Clan 5

Shizuka: ".........."

Shizuka wakes up with her mot her by her side. She finds out Charu and Sunao went to the onsen while she was asleep. Shizuka protests, but she's too weak to go hang out with them. Shizuka has something on her mind, but she doesn't say anything to her mother. Instead, she gets up and hugs her. Her mother asks why she's being so cute all of a sudden, and Shizuka tells her you can spoil me when it's just the two of us, can't you!?

She then tells her mother that it's unbelievable how many evil people exist outside the village. Her mother asks if she meant demons, but Shizuka says no, horrid people like Mikoshiba. The thoughts running through her mind as she tries to protect Japan from over there made her collapse in relief the moment she got back home. Even though it seems an unsolvable problem, Shizuka still sees light, so she's going to continue doing what she can.

Her mother asks if she sees good within evil people. Shizuka says she spoke to the chief priest, who told her all people are born good, so she intends to guide evil people back to good. However, that alone isn't enough. They need to stop evil from taking root to begin with. Her mother asks her about the pride of Tokime, which triggers a flashback to Shizuka announcing her whole "diviners must protect Japan, stop witches, keep the dead diviners with them, stop those who take advantage of diviners, etc speech. Shizuka tells her mother that you can't force people to be proud of being diviners. Therefore, while other girls handle the demons, they the diviners will guide people to good.

She asks her mother for her thoughts on this declaration. Her mother isn't familiar with the world outside, so if her daughter is intent on this, she won't stop her. There is one thing she is worried about, however: the Tokime have always stayed in the shadows to play support, but now Shizuka is taking on the role of a leader out in the open, something their family has never done before. Trying to lead people requires gaining their trust or forcing surrender, something that will cause new battles.

She asks Shizuka if she is still going to fight. Shizuka pauses, then says she may have to.

Tokime Clan 6

Chiharu: "All right, I'm all set! Shizuka-chan, Sunao-chan! We're off to Yukuni City!"

Chiharu and Shizuka are saying their goodbyes to their mothers. Sunao is going to meet them at the station by car. Shizuka's looking and feeling better after a bath and some fresh air, so she's ready to work hard again.

Aboard the train, Chiharu is surprised at the sight of the ocean as they approach Yukuni. Shizuka has never seen a place with mountains and ocean like this. Sunao explains that history and climate change they way every town expresses itself. Shizuka loves the idea of towns having their own expressions. Sunao is embarrassed after hearing it said back to her.

Sunao asks Shizuka about the whole guiding people thing again that she spoke to her mother about. Shizuka says this is her own idea, formed after seeing the people of Kamihama. Sunao tells her maybe her view of Kamihama is clouded, and maybe should see Yukuni before jumping to conclusions. Sunao tells her that what she's talking about is pretty similar to being on top and controlling people. Right now she only sees conflict whether it's with Yuna or Iroha. Shizuka says she sees nothing wrong with it, as she's leading to do good for all. Sunao tells her that she's going to become consumed by her own ideals and should think about everyone as a group, or else she may end up like Mikoshiba. Shizuka tells her she's thinking too much about this, so Sunao backs down.

They step out into Yukuni city, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean. Charu and Shizuka are getting excited over it while Sunao reminds them about their belongings. Shizuka wonders if her village will become like this place one day, but Chiharu doesn't want that.

They still have time to kill before the bus to the village, so Sunao offers to wait it out in a coffee shop, but detective Charu wants to go investigate. Charu's just putting on a show, but they agree to go look for mahou shoujo around the city. Suddenly Chiharu feels something and starts sniffing the air. They don't sense any mahou shoujo around, and Chiharu only smells malice coming from a normal person who is staring at them.

Tokime Clan 7

Chiharu: "Hmm...something's definitely weird... The smell's somewhere nearby...!"

The trio are now on the bus. Chiharu smells more and more malice as people get on. They reach their destination after a long ride. Shizuka really wants to go to an onsen once their done, but first they need to check out Asahi's home.

Charu is still smelling malice everywhere, knowing it's coming from all the students that keep staring at them. Sunao goes up to one student, asking if he has business with them. The guy says she finally called them out, knowing that anyone who comes to this village must be a mahou shoujo, and knows she has a ring on. Sunao asks if he knows Asahi-san. He says they made sure that she wouldn't do anything evil. Shizuka asks what bad things could Asahi have done?

A girl tells them that it doesn't matter; their very existence is evil. As long as these mahou shoujo are here, witches that kill people, cause accidents, and drive people to suicide will also be here. They continue on, saying that these three being here will attract witches, so they need to get out of their city. Sunao tries explaining the whole system to them, but the students aren't listening. They're dead set on believing any mahou shoujo will bring witches to kill them.

A girl says she knows all this because she helps get rid of mahou shoujo. One guy pulls out a knife, saying he'll do whatever it takes to make them leave. More pull out knives and surround them. Charu starts getting overwhelmed by malice, knowing they will try stabbing them. The students say that they know they can't win, but all they have to do is make them leave. And to do so, the guy will even use his modified "gas gun" to get them out, and will drive them out mentally too.

Sunao tells them to run, as they can't attack the people they must protect. They escape into the woods, but they still want to investigate Asahi before leaving. The guy student sprays bullets/pellets their way (whatever the gun is rapid firing, that can't be legal), still giving chase. The guy tells them if they just left on the bus this wouldn't be happening, but if they ran this direction then they must be planning on staying here. A girl tells them she knows they won't fight back. The guy agrees, or else they'll end up like Asahi.

(*Note: gas gun here means like a modified airsoft style gun, which by the sfx, was modded to fire full auto, though who knows what exactly it was firing)

Flashback to when Asahi's various scars were revealed, looking to have been caused by humans. Shizuka snaps, asking them are they the ones who did that to Asahi. She tells them that they are the diviners who protect the land of the rising sun and its people, and asks what are they thinking!? She then transforms. The guy looks surprised, saying that they can't attack them. Shizuka will not forgive them for what they've done. Sunao and Chika tell her to stop.

Tokime Clan 8

Sunao: "Stop this, Shizuka! Do not raise your hand against them!!"

(We begin this part with a nice battle of one shotting a group of anonymous mahou shoujo enemies in a lovely forest background.)

Yozuru meets Asahi the following day, noticing she's recovering well. Asahi says a mahou shoujo's body is quite strange. They're made to fight witches and recover so quickly. Yozuru uses some of her adjustment magic to help Asahi. Though her skills are nowhere near Asahi's level, she wants to aid her even if it's only a little. Asahi comments that Yozuru, like herself, appears cold at a glance, but carries a good heart full of kindness. Yozuru explains that it's just a facade; she lacks kindness in her broken heart, so she only does things she learns, like "Doing x will comfort people, doing Y will make them happy." Even the adjustments she just made are something in her memos.

Asahi tells Yozuru that even so, she seems naturally kind. Yozuru then offers to heal Asahi's scars as part of her act of kindness, but Asahi tells her they're fine as they are. Chika shows up, repeating Asahi's words from earlier, that we as prey have no hope of being saved. She asks Asahi what is there to learn from wounds that humans inflicted on her, and just who would put so many scars all over her body? Asahi is disappointed that Chika figured out they were caused by people.

Chika asks Asahi if she can say why she has the scars. Asahi tells her that the head family is going to her hometown, so they're going to all find out eventually. She then starts explaining: she's from Yukuni, the hot springs mountain city, where most students there know about mahou shoujo. Not just that they exist, but all the dangers that come with them, including their dreaded fate. They're seen as evil beings who grants wishes and then take lives from the city. Chika then realizes those scars have to be from people from Yukuni then.

Ryouko interrupts, complaining that they were meeting for lunch, not to talk about this scary stuff. She assumes everyone in Yukuni just goes around ganging up on any mahou shoujo that show up. Asahi tells her that they might not all be bad people, but once emotions go from loathing to anger, violence breaks out, and the friends you had the day before are gone. Ryouko assumes they can't just fight back then. Asahi continues, saying that to those people, mahou shoujo are the source of all evil that happens in their lives, so fighting back even once will make them suffer even more. Chika asks if they can join and help the mahou shoujo of Yukuni, but Asahi says there's hardly any left there. The people can't see witches, so they drive mahou shoujo out or kill them as an act of protecting the city. Her and others once tried to regain their trust, but it failed, leaving only 4 of them remaining...

Tokime Clan 9

Shizuka: "I'm home... I'm back now..."

The trio have returned to Suitoku Temple. Ryouko and Asahi are there, wondering what happened since they're so quiet. Asahi didn't think they'd be attacked just heading to her village. Shizuka is angry that those people acted like they enjoy hurting mahou shoujo, and can't forgive them. Chiharu and Sunao tell them that Shizuka went overboard and they barely stopped her from killing them. Shizuka apologizes. Asahi tries to console her, saying as the head of Tokime it's not a surprise she'd be angry, but Shizuka says she's pathetic for being the only one angry. Sunao flips to the positive, saying at least they learned where Asahi's home is. Chiharu says all of the kids were so scared they answered all their questions.

Asahi asks if the went to her parents' house. Shizuka says her grandmother answered, but was very worried. She knows Asahi goes to school, but doesn't come home. Asahi says she can't since they know where she lives. Chika asks about where the other girls are, since Asahi said there's only 4 of them left. Asahi said that's only because Kyubey abandoned Yukuni. With that much risk of girls being hunted, he wouldn't bother going back there. Therefore, there are only 4 of them remaining.

Shizuka says that Asahi's grandmother's story was right then. She wanted to know if Asahi was getting along with the 3 girls who she went to Kamihama with. Asahi says those 3 have nothing to do with Tokime. Shizuka asks if Asahi works with those 3, since going by her background, she has no reason to trust anyone, so she has no reason to follow Tokime's duty.

Asahi interrupts all the questioning, saying that Lavi was right; it's time the tides move. She reveals that while she is part of the Tokime Clan, she belongs to a group from Yukuni. She is from Folklore of Zero, a group consisting of only the 4 of them. They don't fight, however. They only observe what is happening in Kamihama. She then asks if she should just leave.

Chiharu tells her she can't just go and she won't be kicked out. After all, Asahi has helped them so much and they're all friends. Sunao asks what Shizuka wants regarding this as various Tokime girls look on. Shizuka says she will leave the decision to Asahi. She feels bad that Asahi has gone through so much trouble, and even with the small doubts that have surfaced, she still trusts Asahi regardless. Asahi begins crying, saying she feels so sorry.

Tokime Clan 10

Shizuka: "Was it my imagination, or today is Asahi..."

At night, Shizuka catches Asahi taking her leave. Asahi tells her she doesn't want to cause trouble for the clan since she doesn't share the same beliefs as they do. Shizuka thanks her for everything, especially for back then with Himena. Asahi tells her she didn't want Shizuka to become sullied. She's truly honest about that. Shizuka asks what she means by that. Asahi tells her that the Tokime Clan is too pure in their wanting to protect Japan and its people for her. But she isn't upset or envious of them. Rather, she felt she had expectations of them. She thought that maybe if the clan had been able to carry out their goal and make the world more pure like they are, maybe she could be free of her own chains that bind her.

Shizuka asks if she was able to meet her expectations, but Asahi can't answer for certain. Asahi tells Shizuka that, like her, she has been consumed by the evils of the world. Shizuka guesses that means she needs to resist evil. Asahi tells her that it's against her purpose to answer something like that. She tells Shizuka that she can't help much more, but will watch the Tokime Clan from afar. Shizuka thanks Asahi again for everything.

Asahi asks if everything goes well, will she be welcomed back. Shizuka says of course, Asahi shares her blood and is from an important family, and tells Asahi she loves her. Asahi says she hopes that time will come, and takes her leave. Shizuka doubles down on her idea that they need to teach people to do good.

Interview Recording

   Toki Sunao

"When I know that I am being interviewed I get incredibly nervous even though I am not famous, so I apologize that you had to relieve my tension by talking about Gorogoro with me..." "With the way I am, no one can believe I used to be forced to assassinate people that stood in the way of the old Tokime village." "But, just as I had told you earlier, facts are facts. The regret is deeply engraved within me..." "That is why, you see... Though I tried to kill her before, I only hope that Shizuka can become closer to her image of the Tokime Clan. I would like to become closer with her as well, as we have known each other for so long, and I feel a strong need to take care of her." "Though compared to Charu, I am from the countryside, so there are limits to what I can aid her with in the city." "Though, no matter how much I help the clan, I can never rid myself of the sin of trying to kill someone..." "I hate myself as I think upon it, just how wretched I really am, but even so I am now doing my best for those who need me." "So if I were to have any desire, it would be to enjoy my teenage years, so that my dark past may disappear."

Folkore 1

Alexandra: "The situation is changed dramatically. We need to check on everyone."

Kagome: "This is one of the first four parts that I received from Livia-san of Puella Care. The story of Folklore of Zero. At this time, no one knew the future that was coming."

Lavi and Alexandra are discussing how Asahi is doing. Alexandra says she hasn't been responding to her telepathy, so she may still be too injured and has yet to wake up. At least Asahi isn't in any danger since Tokime welcomes her with open arms.

Sasha then asks how Urara is doing. Lavi explains that she's at the hospital in Futatsugi, and has already spoken to Yuna about her identity, and was allowed to leave PB. Sasha is surprised that went without issue. Lavi guesses Yuna didn't mind since she was closing in on the 8 Kimochi stones and valued Urara despite being suspicious.

Sasha goes over Union's plan of using the Kimochi to spread the auto puri sys, then asks Lavi if it's because of Iroha that there's been so little damage thus far. Lavi believes Iroha's strong hope is at the very least putting up a resistance to the awakening/resignation that they believe in.

Then comes Sasha's turn to talk about Neo Magius. They're building up their forces and preparing to fight, so without interference more conflict will arise. The outcome of it all depends on how well Sasha can influence Himena. Lavi asks if she believes she can do it. Sasha tells her just as Asahi had hope the Tokime could change the world, she too needs to try to stop Himena from seeking war. Lavi tells her to leave if she thinks any harm will come, as death will advance the needle. Sasha brings up poor Nayuta, having finally found her papa, only for him to be gone again. Lavi says there was no helping it; Touka's father moved too fast for them.

Livia shows up to their aquarium, agreeing that her father is too fast for a Satomi. Livia reveals she found out where their base is via adjustments, but she's only here on Kagome-chan's behalf. She tells them how Puella Care is making up for her injury by learning all there is about each group during the current situation. She then says the Nayuta family seems to be quite the interesting one.

Folklore 2

Livia: "From Touka-chan's point of view, it's quite the turnaround."

Livia writes notes down for Kagome. As she explained previously, she is after Folklore of Zero and Nayuta to collect info for Kagome. She's not too keen on note taking, so she's going to do her best to summarize the interesting bits. This section is going to be revolving around Nayuta, since Folklore's just checking all the other groups out, right? So she's not going to be putting much in here about them specifically. Anyway, she did hear some gossip that the dads were arguing at the hospital.

Touka's father is angry at Nayuta's father for ruining all their plans of telling the truth to the mayor, etc. Nayutapapa knows well what happened and how Toukadad feels. Long story short, Tasuke was working so hard on spreading the truth, but has come to the conclusion that making it public is not going to work. There's no actual way to save their daughters. Toukapops is angry that Tasuke has just given up, so he's going to try his own way of saving his daughter. Tasuke warns him that whatever he does will get her killed, but he isn't listening. All Tasuke wants to do is try to help them live longer at this point. Toukadad starts telling him that her daughter made a miraculous recovery in his hospital, so Tasuke corrects him that she was cured when she became a mahou shoujo. It was so she would have a body capable of fighting witches.

Folklore 3

Touka: "Huh, could that be Oji-sama nyaa?"

Tasuke is on his way out the hospital, having spent all night playing the blame game with his brother. Touka and Nemu catch him in the lobby. Tasuke mentions he's about to go over to Nayuta's, and thanks her for mentioning his brother wanted to see him. Touka is still happy that her father is trying to spread the truth, but Tasuke tries to tell her it's a bad thing. Touka already knew that Tasuke changed his views on the matter.

Tasuke thinks maybe Touka could help put a stop to trying to go public, but Touka has no intentions of stopping. Nemu adds that whatever bad thing could happen to them is all just theories anyway. Even if something were to happen, they still wouldn't stop. They even know they could die from this, but won't stop because they're geniuses. Touka even describes it as threading a Kyubey through a needle. Tasuke says if they're going to be this serious about it, then he's going to do what he can to stop them. At the very end, Touka at least agrees to talk to Tasuke before they try something.

Folklore 4

Nayuta: "Perhaps Papa was taken by Oji-sama again..."

Nayuta is getting tired of waiting, and is going to go berserk at her uncle's home if Papa doesn't show up soon. She gets a message from him, saying he got caught up talking to Touka at the lobby so he's running late. The door opens, but it's only Lavi. She apologizes for disappointing her, but Nayuta is fine with it since she's just overwhelmed by what's going on. She discovers a guest, though: Livia has entered with Lavi. Livia excuses herself for entering, saying she's here to do an interview for Kagome.

Livia says she'd like to just hang out on the other end of the room so she can jot down the convo between Nayuta and her father, since it should be some sweet notes for Kagome. Lavi and Nayuta are both relieved knowing Papa is on his way, but Nayuta is also bothered by Touka. She's wondering if Touka knew that her Papa was being detained. She's thinking the only reason Touka was cooperating was to steal the next volume of the mahou shoujo book and give it to her uncle. But if that's true, then what about Kagome? Kagome's been working so hard, so if all her notes were to get stolen too...

Livia and Lavi start up a telepathic chat. Livia's telling Lavi it must be nice that Nayuta is distancing herself from Touka, since nothing is more dangerous than the ex Magius focusing on something. Lavi is just hoping that Tasuke can convince her to stop trying to spread the truth about mahou shoujo. Though, this also means Lavi won't be able to hide her involvement much longer. Lavi tells her it's better to just get it over with while there's still shock, but she's also worried that her relations with Nayuta will drop once she reveals who she is. Livia once again says "well, that's what happens sometimes when you get to know someone.

The doorbell rings, and here's Papa! Now they can finally talk in peace.

Folklore 5

Nayuta: "I would not be the least bit surprised to hear why Papa is gone."

Papa gets some fresh tea and sits down for a chat. Livia calls him Sensei, and is well aware of why he's here right now. Tasuke gets right down to explaining everything to Nayuta one step at a time since everything is connected.

He explains the whole story of how mahou shoujo have always existed without humanity knowing, how mankind has evolved because of them, and how they are protecting them from witches. He began traveling the world to find proof of their existence, coming to realize that the name for them has always been different throughout history, myths, and folklore. But no matter how much he dug around, nothing more recent has ever been found, concluding that mahou shoujo have become nothing but fantasy stories of the past. Yet ordinary girls never get talked about. Regular mahou shoujo that don't make it into legends are never found out, as if it were in their genes to keep their identity hidden.

This theory was amplified when he met the girls of Kamihama years ago. The girls were split into west and east, killing each other over witches, yet went about their normal lives, pretending everything was okay. Then he visited Futatsugi. The same situation was happening, and yet no girls were vocal about the state of their lives. The fact that all of these girls fight to the death through unnatural means and yet no one knows is baffling to him. This is why he wrote his book.

He then went back to the Tokime village to continue research on the diviners. As Nayuta knew, he eventually was unable to write anymore due to illness, and moved to Yukuni to recover and continue his work.

It was at Yukuni where he discovered that the students there knew of mahou shoujo. This was what he wanted all along - though this city was only half there. But in this city, mahou shoujo were suffering more than anywhere before.

Story time ends with Lavi looking uncomfortable. Tasuke says that is when he learned that publicizing the existence of mahou shoujo was a big problem, but he was afraid of telling Nayuta the truth. This is why, at least until he could come to a reasonable conclusion, he was avoiding Nayuta. Nayuta slaps him, telling him to not underestimate her!

(Also, read Gilde's summary of this part for the full timeline of what went down if you don't remember the entire Nayuta/Tasuke plotline, as I'm just summarizing what's on screen)

Folklore 6

Nayuta: "I only wanted you to trust me more, Papa."

Nayuta tells it to him straight: she's devoted her life to fighting against witches, lived through learning the truth of mahou shoujo, and she's still standing here. She's been partners with Papa this whole time throughout his research, and it's insulting to her that he stopped believing in her. He apologizes.

Nayuta now knows that Tasuke wrote the letter to Lavi saying that he had given up on saving them. He confirms, saying it was to have her stop trying to look for him. He just wanted his daughter to live a peaceful life away from all this conflict in Kamihama and the worries of witching until he could come to a conclusion.

She then asks why he swiped the 2nd volume. He says it was to rewrite what's in it. The 1st volume was about the history of mahou shoujo, so he wanted the 2nd to be how human society relates to them, how this society is what really created mahou shoujo, and what they can do to save them. He took the book to retract making their existence known and to stop Nayuta, since despair awaits them much like how Yukuni has proven.

However, this isn't just about stopping Nayuta. Touka, Nemu, and Himena are all aiming to become known as well. Nayuta asks if this means they've just been guinea pigs for them this whole time, but he says no. He's only been observing along to see if there truly is no way to safely publicize them. He wanted to stop Touka and Nemu because they know the two geniuses will go to the extremes.

Nayuta asks how will he decide if it brings hope or despair. He says he's leaving it to the mahou shoujo who have given up on being saved, bringing up Lavi. Nayuta finally finds out Lavi's been working behind her back. Lavi pulls out her clock, saying that not only is Kamihama battling over the Kimochi, but also battling to reveal mahou shoujo to the world or not, and her clock is ticking forward as the situation worsens. And if Himena is left unchecked with Neo Magius, an entire minute may tick forward on the clock.

Nayuta puts it all together: Tasuke is the one who saved Lavi from Yukuni. Lavi received the letter from him. They're trying to prove a theory in Kamihama... Lavi apologizes to her, but if she was involved with Touka's plans, she could have died, so Lavi broke them up. Lavi apologizes again, and tries to explain the reasoning and what they're doing by observing.

Nayuta doesn't care about that. She's upset, thinking everything they've been through together with Mikage - that was all fake, wasn't it? She felt like she had a real friend and a sister, and was so happy to have a family. Tasuke wonders why Lavi didn't mention any of this beforehand in the slightest. Lavi wasn't expecting Nayuta to react like this. Nayuta's soul gem begins blackening, telling Lavi this was too much for her.

Folklore 7

Nayuta: "I was alone without you, Lavi-san. I was at ease with you by my side, Lavi-san. I trusted you..."

Nayuta is now resting in her bed, who fainted after doppeling. Lavi can't believe she would cause Nayuta to doppel. Livia tells her she must have trusted her a lot for it to happen. Lavi guesses it would have been better if Tasuke just brought Nayuta along for the ride. Livia agrees while smiling, saying this only happened because the old man's a loser. Tasuke shrugs it off, saying he's only been trying to save them from the start, so keeping his daughter alive and safe was top priority. Livia asks what's the point if you just ended up hurting both girls in the end. He agrees, apologizing to Lavi.

Lavi blames herself as well, knowing she had to tell Nayuta the truth eventually, but couldn't bring herself to. Tasuke insists on apologizing, so Lavi accepts and drops it. All that's left now is for Nayuta to come to her own decision, since she won't listen to anyone anyways. Lavi says that's easy to understand from living with her, and Tasuke says it must be in their blood to be that way. Tasuke says he's going to help Touka and Nemu on spreading the truth. Lavi says maybe it may just be the heavy beliefs those who work with mahou shoujo have.

Lavi asks if he remembers Kagome, the girl who wrote to him before. He does, and misses the way she would talk to him through her doll. Lavi summarizes that Kagome's also been working on recording mahou shoujo to reveal to the world. Tasuke hates the idea of a normal girl getting herself involved in this sick world, and then finds out Kagome was also heavily injured following a battle, only being saved by the rumor that inhabits her.

Speaking of Kagome, she is talking to Urara at the hospital. They're both close to being released, and Kagome wants to interview Urara now to celebrate. Urara, however, tells her it'd be better if she stepped away from mahou shoujo life. Urara explains that her nearly attacking Kagome before may have slipped the fact they know each other to others. Kagome wonders what that has to do with staying away. Urara continues that it's because the professor gave up on saving mahou shoujo. After he met Kagome, he realized that publicizing them would only lead to despair. So Kagome should stop documenting their battles...

Folklore 8

Livia: "Up and at 'em, are ya. As always, hope ya don't mind me intruding."

Nayuta wakes up, her first words being Papa...Lavi-san... Livia tells her, sorry, it's just your adjuster onee-san, embarrassing Nayuta. Livia laughs, saying that's just the kind of character Nayuta is. She guesses, oh that I'm the spoiled type?

Anyways, Livia says they both left for a meeting at Folklore of Zero's. Nayuta asks if that mean's they're not coming back. Livia tells her that's entirely up to her. Now that they've revealed their whole deal, they have nothing to hide from her anymore, so it's up to her to decide.

Livia hands her a note from Tasuke, apologizing for hurting her, but he's going to continue testing the theory that publicizing them creates despair. If Nayuta wishes, she can come to the aquarium in Minaminagi tonight to join them, or she can meet them in Yukuni where they will explain everything to her. But if she chooses to stay at home, then please do not get involved with the fighting, nor speak of anything that she heard about today to avoid danger. He ends by saying he will be waiting for her.

She also gets a note from Lavi, apologizing for keeping her and Tasuke's work a secret from her. She writes that she wants Nayuta-sama to know that everything was real. Only the part of her she was lying about was what she just learned about. The other 99.9% of their time together has been only the truth, so please don't view any of it as fake. She ends the letter by saying she wants to make lasagna for Nayuta-sama again.

Livia asks if Nayuta liked what she read. Nayuta has made up her mind.

Folklore 9

Alexandra: "We got everyone together, Lavi-chan."

Now at the aquarium, Lavi is glad to see Asahi and Urara have returned, recovered and safe. Asahi is sorry for all the trouble they caused. Sasha unfortunately hasn't been able to stop Himena from going through with her plans. Urara reports that PB and KMU are joining, and PB is getting ready to bring their stones. Asahi reports that Tokime's head family isn't doing well, but are still looking to join the 2 groups as well.

As these two sides are closing in to fight, they will now see if their theory will be correct or not, as Neo Magius has the biggest plans of revealing the truth of them all currently.

Sasha brings up that now all that is left is to see if Nayuta-chan comes. Tasuke says he left a note to her. He then tells everyone if they have even the faintest of hope, they can still help their group. Urara says if they all die, then there won't be anyone left to carry out their "final salvation" as she calls it. Tasuke and Lavi agree that they should just as onlookers so they can help however they can once the end has come.

Lavi opens the door, transformed, saying she will be going to Yukuni with Papa and Lavi-san. Tasuke then gets a message from Touka, saying that her and Nemu have come up with the best plan to spread their existence to the world, which will utilize the Rumor of the 10k Sakura. She wants Nayuta and everyone to come see it, and will invite Kagome as well. They just need a bit more time, and will contact everyone wants they're ready.

Tasuke tells everyone that Touka's up to something... So their return to Yukuni is going to have to be put on hold...!

Miura Asahi

"It is quite rare for me to be contacted." "Though I would like to answer your question, my conflicting beliefs have created contradictions within me... As such, it is difficult for me to speak of hope..." "Be that as it may, it is not my intention to inconvenience you, so I will speak on the premise that I were to survive, and with the hope that I once had." "To state it forthright, I would like to live a quiet and peaceful life, as far from people as possible." "When I met Lavi and the others in Yukuni, I discovered many people who believed in the Tokime Clan. If I could occasionally meet with such people, I would be fine on my own." "No, I would rather just be alone..." "People and socializing - I have grown so tired of it all that I want to just live within nature, and then return to the earth... And when the time comes, someone will be by my side to see me off with my memories of my companions." "That is all I want." "However, as I stated previously, that was the hope I once had. Such happiness in life and death is not something I believe in the slightest any longer."

Neo Magius 1

Shigure: "It feels like...with these members I can achieve my goal..."

Kagome: "This is a story from the past, one that preceded the previous four stories. It is a short but significant account of what led to the separation of mahou shoujo. This one is of Neo Magius and the investigation of events with them. After learning what they were doing behind the scenes, it became obvious that they had prepared. And their leader, Hime-san, I believe had this all sketched out from the beginning."

We begin with a recap of the end of Dependence Blue, with our Neo Magius girls each declaring their reasons for forming their group and their ideology.

Afterwards, we are at their usual meeting room with Shigure being happy for once that her and everyone else are moving forward towards their goals. Hagumu tells her that Ao will be coming to Neo Magius, so Himena's plan to gain the advantage without fighting is really working. San says the same for Tokime, with Miyu crushing over how smart her San-sama is. When asked how she did though, Miyu says she kept getting denied by Kanagi. San reassures her that Kanagi is too tough for them to crack unless they find a way to break her spirit.

Sasha is glad that at least everyone but Union has been cracked. She then asks Shigu and Hagu if the radio telescope in Hokuyo is still working. They both believe it's still usable since Touka had it. Sasha is glad to hear, as they can use it to make Himena's voice much easier to hear. Himena laughs, believing it's time to move to the next phase.

Neo Magius 2

San: "A key part in our strategy has a glaring hole in it. We cannot leave it as is, Princess."

Flashback to when Himena was asking Livia questions about how Mirrors works in 5-2 (which I can just copy paste)

Himena No no, we want to know about the Mirrors.

Livia Ahh, ya mean that weird ol' barrier. I don't mind, so long as ya don't mind I keep anythin' that'd influence this quarrel a secret?

Himena We only want to know the basics of it.

Livia Hm...?

Himena So that barrier, if this cutie were to go in, she'd be copied just like that?

Livia Right as rain, soon as ya step in you'll be copied before ya know it.

Himena Seriously? So you're saying it's O and K for all the girls of Kamihama to have copies there?

Livia Sure, guess ya can say it's A-OK? But, ya do realize there's all kindsa copies in there? Some of 'em are high quality, and some ya could say are low.

Some time later, Alexandra is reporting to Himena that they can't get Mirrors copies out of their barrier. They also couldn't get them to use their unique magic either, so recruiting copies to their side isn't looking to be feasible. Himena also hasn't perfected her synthesis magic at this point, being able to synth magic, but not physical material.

San points out that their plan heavily relies on Himena's ability as well as Sasha's planning with the radio telescope otherwise nothing will work. Miyu brings up, but but even if Himena's synth ability improves soon, we still won't have the copies to synth from. Hiko tells Himena they can use Miwarin's power instead.

Flashback to a continuation of Livia and Himena's conversation (new). Livia tells her to be careful hanging out around the east with Shigu and Hagu, as the city's got a big bomb waitin to blow. Current Himena is thinking that she doesn't to push Miwarin any further since she used her powers back then.

Shigure then calls Himena, excitedly telling her they caught a copy of Mitsune. Himena tells her sorry, but they were just discussing dropping the copy plan. Shigu is shocked and disappointed, since they worked so hard to do this. Himena tells her to head back to the community hall and she'll treat them to monjayaki from San's fav store.

Neo Magius 3

Alexandra: "If Hime-chan gives up on her own, then I won't stop her..."

Himena's synthing is now trained a bit, and she's gloating to Alexandra that now she can synth Meiyui's magic into the radio telescope to alter the truth. Sasha isn't looking happy though. Himena starts talking to Hiko, getting the battle plan from him. They're going to start the plan once all three other groups join together.

Sasha then gets on with it and asks if they can just stop now, asking if they can just join hands with Iroha and everyone else and just put an end to this. Himena asks what kinda tomfoolery is this? Sasha tries telling her that it's okay if not everyone approves of Himena's romance with Hiko, or San to become a god just to keep her festival going. It won't be easy, but isn't it painful to hurt so many people? Himena's fine with it. She asks Sasha if she doesn't find being treated like a fool to be disgusting. Plus, didn't Sasha have her love ruined too?

Sasha tells her even so, following through with this plan could kill them all. At least with the 8 stones together, they can expand the auto puri sys. Himena tells her neither her nor San want that, plus it's just one of their options. Himena would become a witch than losing Hiko.

So Sasha gives up, saying then this is all that she could do. Himena's switch flips, telling her not to leave. She's the one who invited her to Neo Magius, and she can't afford to lose someone so important to her now of all times. So Sasha tells her: it's me or Neo Magius. Himena can't believe this. If Sasha leaves, she won't have any brakes to slow her down.

They have a big sad back and forth to fast forward a little. Himena apologizes, ultimately choosing Hiko. Sasha figured that would happen, and will be watching over her from here on. She tells Himena to be careful, as this plan may kill her. Himena asks how can she know for sure. Sasha just tells her because that's how it is, and leaves. Himena apologizes, and then tells Hiko she slaughter for him only because the people around her enable her so.

Mikage 1

Mitama: "I hate this...when there's no noise to distract me, the past comes back to me like a nightmare..."

Kagome: "This is a story from the past, one that preceded the previous four stories. It is a short but significant account of what led to the separation of mahou shoujo. This one is of Mikage-chan and the investigation of the event regarding her. After her meeting with Touka-chan and parting ways with Nayuta-san, the event occurred at the sweets shop called Tomorrow Shop. Mikage-chan was harassed by children of the west, with Mitama-san and Kanagi-san witnessing it all."

Mitama is alone on a bridge. She thinks back to her conversation with Kanagi earlier. Mitama tells her that she feels empty, as both Mizuna and now the locals have betrayed her. There's nothing left for her to believe in, only hatred rising up within her. Kanagi tells her that hate helps no one in this city. Kamihama is still new and its history is still being made. If Mitama is to hate anything, hate its history, not its people.

Back in the present, Kanagi has caught up to Mitama on the bridge. Mitama puts on a happy face, saying she is on her way to her store, but wanted to check on Mii at her favorite candy store. Kanagi offers to go with her, as she happens to be on her way to her part-time job. Kanagi does mention that Mitama seemed to be thinking hard on something though. Mitama tells her to not worry; the sun setting just reminded her of something she didn't like.

Over by the Tomorrow Shop, Mii and Sutan are in conversation. Mikage is sorry that she couldn't help since Nayutan told her to go home. Sudachi is also sorry because she was supposed to be protecting Kagome with Livia and Yozuru, and now Kagome got so hurt she nearly died. Mii says they both definitely need to become like her Nee-cha so they can help everyone just like her.

Sudachi says it's not easy to become a big sister though. Mikage asks if it's because she's too small. Sudachi tells her it's also because she's too childish. Both of them say out loud (well, telepathically out loud) that they want to grow up. Mikage says they need to go to Tomorrow Shop to gain some power.

Mikage is upset that she didn't win anything from her yoshaa noodles, as she almost always wins something from it. Suddenly a little girl screams at them, saying this kid is here again. Another girl asks why a Daito girl is all the way over here in Sankyo. Mii tries to explain because this shop has all kinds of sweets. The girl tells her to just go to a store in Daito then instead of coming here. The first girl tells her that she isn't free to come here, because Daito people scare them. Mii asks why, and gets told because the news says so. The west won the election because Daito people did bad things, so they're in danger. Mii tries to tell them that has nothing to do with her and Sudachi. A boy then starts screaming at her to just go away. He says her mother told him all easterners are dangerous, and the person who threw a rock during the election was from the east too.

Granny comes out of the shop, asking what the heck is going on out here. The boy then throws a rock right at Mikage's head, knocking her to the ground. Granny goes off on him, yelling "What the heck do you think you're doing throwin rocks at people, you damn idiot!!" The boy tells her the east did it first, but Granny is having none of that. She tells him to go home and think about what he did. The boy tries talking back, but Granny is like "You're still talkin!?" The boy gets it and heads home.

Granny is sad that she's seen the same thing happen all over again. Mikage looks to be okay, but suddenly she sees Nee-cha and Nagitan are here. The screen turns black and the kids look scared. Mitama tells them that girl there is her little sister...

Mikage 2

Mikage: "What to do... Nee-cha and Nagitan saw..."

Mitama asks the kids to apologize. One of the girls says eastern people are definitely scary before they take off running. Granny tells Mitama that they're too young to be mature, they're just kids after all.

Mitama starts crying, asking then what does it matter what they do? They're from the east, so they just have to accept everything horrible? She tells Granny that she has no idea what they've been through, and there's no way she can forgive this place after all. East or west doesn't matter to her anymore, she hates this city.

Granny tells her it's her fault. She knows the east is suffering, but none of them have ever been able to change anything. She asks Mitama to look like that. Mitama says no, she's done. She doesn't care what people do to her or behind her back anymore, she's not going to let them ruin her life anymore.

Mikage begs Nagitan to make Nee-cha stop, but Kanagi is just staring angrily. Flashback to Touka talking to Kanagi, asking her if she still wants to see Kamihama destroyed. Kanagi tells her she doesn't let the older generations bother her. The younger generation is worried about Kamihama, so if future generations inherit the same problems, is that not despair? Kanagi restrains herself and apologizes to Mikage, saying she lost her cool for a moment...

Kagome: "I think it every time I hear such a story. In the end, mahou shoujo are created by the society we live in... If more people gave kindness and care to others, there would be no unhappy girls... As I spend time with all these mahou shoujo, such thoughts whirl about within me... Even after this event, Mitama-san and Kanagi-san both seemed to hold back the rage that welled up within their hearts."

Kagome: "Though, I don't know how long until the trigger will be pulled."

Alina 1

Alina: "Inside Alina was not another Alina... Then, who is?"

Kagome: "This is a story from the past, one that preceded the previous four stories. It is a short but significant account of what led to the separation of mahou shoujo. This one is of Karin-chan and the investigation of the event regarding her. As the only one who returned from Endless Mirrors, she spoke to the girls at Ryuushinkan, recounting how she had reached a deep layer within that no one knew of. Within this story, a name that only Yachiyo-san and Mitama-san knew of was spoken. A tale of a mahou shoujo scattered, with only her persona left behind and deep, unfathomable resentment harbored within."

Alina monologues that when she pulled into the depths of Endless Mirrors, she felt like the other person within her was showing her a nostalgic vision of DESTRUCTION. She finds it amazing that the person she's been talking to this whole time wasn't another her, but a complete stranger. She wanted the emotional moment of Ikumi burned into her memory.

Alina sighs, saying she's especially in a bad mood because she's stuck with this one (Karin). She asks Karin if she's finally done crying. Karin is upset that Alina isn't even trying to console her at all. Alina tells her that she's in the same situation, but crying isn't going to change anything, asking if Karin understands. Karin asks if that means they should change the situation then, getting a maybe out of Alina.

Karin says she'll do it together with Alina then. Since they're close to the mirror witch, she'll help Alina defeat it. Alina is confused at this statement. Karin starts going into a speech about how they'll defeat the witch, making everyone happy, and Alina will realize the warmth of friendship and change her ways. Alina tells hers her she's annoyed, and pinches Karin's cheeks like old times. Alina comments that they're like mochi.

Alina suddenly can hear something - or someone, rather. She can finally hear the voice in her head directly instead of in her dreams. Karin asks if it's the other Alina-senpai, but Alina tells her no, she's some mysterious person. Alina then takes off on her own to find out who it is while Karin objects to the danger. Alina asks her weren't you about to go delete the mirror witch? Karin asks if Alina's going to go along with her reform plan. Alina says oops, so that's how works...

Alina says okay. She will go along with the plan if Karin comes along with her. Karin says she's scared, but gives an okay-nano.

Alina 2

Karin: "A voice that only Alina-senpai can hear... Just who could it be...?"

The duo go deeper into the Mirrors, Alina saying the voice is telling her they're almost there. They stop in front of a lone mirror. Alina can see someone vaguely, but Karin can't see anything. Alina starts having a private convo with this someone since Karin can't see or hear anything.

And that someone is Sena Mikoto. She is giggling, asking how Alina likes this image over talking to her in her head. Alina doesn't give a damn about this situation they're in, and starts firing at Mikoto. The shots pass right through her though, as she is only an image. Alina tells her to shut up and give her her damn memories back and explain what's going on.

Mikoto hates the rush, but starts to introduce herself. She's also a mahou shoujo, though more of a former one, as she is now known as the Endless Mirrors to them. Alina doesn't understand, as all witches no longer have the original girl's soul. Mikoto offers her ability to make all these changes she's done inside of the mirrors as proof that she's telling the truth. We get a flashback of previous Mirrors adventures where Alina spoke in tongues to manipulate their surroundings in from of the investigation team.

Alina asks if this means Mikoto is both a witch and mahou shoujo with two souls. Mikoto says she's not really sure if soul is the right word, as she's more of a persona created by memories. She explains how she was able to hide Alina's memories from her, meaning she never lost her memories to begin with. Mikoto says she's been hiding her memories in order to coax her into helping her with something. Something she's been preparing for quite some time.

Alina gives a brief explanation to Karin about what's going on, saying she's been instructed to go through this lone mirror. The mirror flashes, and Alina says this is the before story...

Alina 3

Alina: "You will show Alina all answers to who you are and how you got inside Alina now."

Mikoto: "You two have been invited into the deepest depths of the barrier of the Endless Mirrors, as you call it, and the place closest to the witch. It will take oh so much time to tell my story, and it took so long to guide you here, but now that I am ready to explain it all, I shall show you my past."

We are presented with Mikoto standing outside her apartment, listening to her parents argue over finances and mistrust. Her father slams the door and storms out, telling her to move out of the way.

Mikoto explains that she was born into a terrible family where she spent her days listening to them fight. She wanted nothing more than for her father to disappear so she could live together with her mother and bond. When she met Kyubey, she didn't have an ounce of hesitation in her as she made her wish. She was looking forward to spending time with her mother afterwards, but the results didn't go as expected.

Past Mikoto is inside her apartment, finding only another note from her mother, telling her there's some pocket change to pay for food as she's going to be out for a while. Nothing changed at all between them, really.

Mikoto explains that her body changing from becoming a mahou shoujo let her withstand the hunger as she starved. She only made a single friend who she met while fighting alone. And thanks to that, she was able to learn her unique magic of "suggestion."

Past Mikoto is now encountering Hanna for the first time, and the first mahou shoujo besides herself that she's ever seen. After hesitation, Hanna tells Mikoto her name.

Mikoto explains that after meeting Hanna and learning what her magic is, she left her home every day casting suggestion magic on herself to make her think she had a happy family. But every time she came home, her heart was broken by the devastating reality, but at least it was better than not having the suggestion magic influence her. Besides, having a happy family waiting for her while she's out saving everyone from witches kept her going. Though it didn't last long...

Past Mikoto and Hanna are on a rooftop. Mikoto tells her that something weird is happening to her, and she began the witching process. Hanna had no idea what was going on or what to do in the moment.

Mikoto says that maybe in that moment, as she became a witch, her suggestion magic became undone and she became filled with vast amounts of impurities. In that moment, she was assaulted by deep feelings of sorrow and regret, but also a desire to claw her way out into a happier life and a deep hatred of everything. Though she was about to die, she was filled with a deep desire to live, and then suddenly heard a voice. One that made everything clear to her. The voice said "I want to become the being who destroys Kamihama." Yes, Mikoto wanted to erase this city she was born into, erase the world. She wanted to live to make that happen. In that moment, she was filled with power that she could only guess was her suggestion magic.

Past Mikoto calls out to Hanna as Hanna calls out to her, but then a flash blinds the world.

Mikoto doesn't remember what she did, but her magic went through the roof. Her suggestion magic stopped being about putting suggestions into people's minds, and became the ability to transfer everything but her soul into someone's mind, starting with Hanna's. The memories of her horrid life were transferred into a dark corner of Hanna's mind where she didn't even notice, like a hidden personality. Afterwards, Mikoto became like a parasite, hopping between hosts over and over until she entered Alina-chan's mind.

We get a CG of Holy Alina vs Nemu from 1-10. Mikoto explains that her magic was waning as she kept transferring herself, and felt she was going to disappear soon. But when Alina-chan took Eve upon herself, Mikoto's power was supercharged and she was able to make her comeback right now. As someone who just wants nothing but DESTRUCTION. She laughs.

Alina 4

Karin: "I...I saw her... The person inside Alina-senpai..."

Alina and Karin are back in front of the mirror. Karin tells Alina that she saw it all too - Mikoto's past and her everything she was saying in it! Alina closes her eyes, clearly still on the phone with parasite-chan.

Mikoto is telling Alina that she's come back to life thanks to the magic from Eve. She's also remembered what she set out to do. She tells Alina Hey, let's go destroy everything together. Alina asks if destroying is all she wants to do. Mikoto says nothing else really matters, as it was her body and soul's one and only desire in its final moments. Alina says she's not saying anything negative about this whole DESTRUCTION thing, but she's not going along with anything until she gets her memory back. Mikoto asks her Why not wait a bit and we can warp around and talk about it, but Alina just says no and attacks, hitting Mikoto this time.

Alina tells Mikoto that she may have all this magic, her memory, and this suggestion magic crap, but she's still stuck in Alina's head, and Alina's holding the keys to this party bus. She even threatens to crush Mikoto with her full strength. Mikoto won't be beaten that easily, but for the sake of them not becoming a two-headed ogre, she agrees to give back Alina's memory, and says she was planning on returning them to her after traveling the world through Mirrors for a bit. That was going to be her Alina Gray Evolution Plan, but oh well, here's your memory.

Alina's laughs, saying she's heard that before from somewhere. Outside of Alina's head, Karin is mad that Alina's taking someone else's plan. Alina tells her that she's going to be the one who decides which plan to take, and tells Mikoto to hurry up already. Mikoto gives Alina back her memory and is looking forward to Alina's answer.

Alina is back, baby! She remembers it all - that people crave destruction - that people are born with the desire to destroy. Humanity has always sought out reasons to attack and kill, as survival wasn't enough for them. And then the planet - oh how they quietly turned on the whole planet! Humanity's greed went after all of life's necessities, strangling themselves in a collective group suicide. She now remembers that she wanted to create the destruction that humanity so craves as her best art.

Alina starts laughing and giggling. This is what she was missing from her life. She tells Fool Girl sorry for all the worrying until now, making Karin happy her senpai is back. And Alina gives another sorry, as she never promised to go along with the Alina Gray Reform Plan. Karin asks what she means. Alina tells her that she's all aboard Sena Mikoto's Evolution Plan.

In a flash of light, Karin loses sight of Alina-senpai cackling and reappears back at the entrance of Endless Mirrors. She calls out, but her senpai isn't with her...

Kagome: "Karin-san saw the truth of Endless Mirrors. Though she wasn't there to hear it originally, the news did reach Mitama-san's ears. This truth was despair for Mitama-san. Because her wish for "destruction" seemingly being granted at the same time as "Sena Mikoto" becoming a witch, though she is still alive and seeking to fulfill "destruction" herself. Furthermore, she is inside of Alina-san, who also once tried to destroy Kamihama... The cursed reality that wishes always come true...this incident was more than enough to cut Mitama-san's restraints, who was trying to bear the endless state of Kamihama looking down on the east.


Yachiyo: "The 8 Kimochi stones will be gathered... We can finally breathe easy..."

Some time later, over at Crescent House, everyone is discussing the Kimochi stones being gathered today. Iroha wants to be happy, but is still feeling uneasy. Yachiyo is with her - too much has happened in this war. Tsuruno interrupts them with the news that she's got Banbanzai coming for their party. Yachiyo thought Tsuruno was outside looking for Mokyu, but it was nowhere to be found, so Tsuruno went back to Banbanzai to help.

Yachiyo thinking it's unusual for Mokyu to be missing this long, wondering if it got stuck in something. Felicia slams her bags to the ground, ready to get back to Mikazuki Villa, but Sana and Ui are trying to tell her it's way too early for them to be heading back. Yachiyo tells her to take it back to her room, but Felicia just wants to get home already. Iroha knows how she feels - it is their home after all.

Iroha gets a call from Momoko. Momoko yells to her that Mitama isn't there, and Kanagi is with her.

Over at Tokime, Sunao is yelling at Shizuka, who has decided not to join with Union and PB. Sunao and Charu can't believe this. Ryouko tells her there better be a good reason to be flipping like this. Shizuka tells them she won't decide for every individual member, but as the leader of Tokime, she must focus on saving the people the land of the rising sun. And to do this, she announces, the diviners will be guiding humanity away from evil. Just defeating witches isn't enough anymore for her - in order to save the people, they need a diviner who follows pure good to lead them, or else they will naturally be swayed to evil on their own. She asks them After witnessing the disgrace of Kamihama's people, do you not all see it yourselves?

Sunao slaps Shizuka. She tells Shizuka there's still time for her to calm down. Shizuka asks why? There's nothing more good than making the world good! Ryouko calls it arrogance. Shizuka gets mad, saying of course she's the only one who really understands. She who is born and raised in Tokime country, only she sees the wickedness of Kamihama's people, those very same people who turn their blades on the diviners.

Shizuka storms off as Sunao and Charu call to her. Ryouko realizes her trip to Yukuni had an effect on her.

At the game center in Futatsugi, Ao is surprised at a handful of girls that stuck around to follow her to the top. Ao ponders if she's become a joke, but these girls reassure her that they have always stuck with the weakest leader who wants everyone to stop being taken advantage of.

In (assuming) Takarazaki, Mokyu is having a kyu to kyu with Kyubey. Kyubey is telling it that he won't stop his energy gaining research. No amount of Mo's or Kyu's will convince him to get kicked out at this point, and he simply cannot comprehend this wild behavior coming from what is supposed to be another of his Kyind. Suddenly Himena shouts "THERE YOU AAAARE!" which scares Mokyu away. Himena is upset that she lost her chance once again.

Everyone 1

Livia: "And aren't you just takin' things nice 'n easy."

Kagome: "From here I will be writing the final piece... About how the actions of the various groups and the individual mahou shoujo who make them converged into one for resolution. At this time I had continued with my discharge from the hospital along with Urara-chan. I hadn't made a full recovery yet, but with the help of Rii-chan and the magic of the mahou shoujo from Futatsugi City I was discharged relatively quickly for such wounds. But, there was no celebration to be had. For what Urara-chan said to me, "The professor has already given up on saving us," has been swirling inside me for quite some time... By spreading the truth about mahou shoujo to the world, I wonder if I am bringing a sad ending to them... As doubtful questions repeatedly crossed my mind, I saw the faces of mahou shoujo I have met, and thought it quite wrong to put my pen down. I filled myself full of worries because I didn't know what would happen in the future. The shock of both hearing that the mahou shoujo split into two, and the shock of witnessing Touka-chan and Nemu-chan taking a gamble before my eyes. It still hasn't gone away..."

Livia and Kyubey are chatting it up. Livia's been helping out with spreading the east-west rumors, but thinks Kyubey's energy research isn't going to get much else out of it. Kyubey understands, as it was their policy to measure energy while having girls fight, it's just the results of doppeling are too inefficient compared to witching. There just isn't enough energy from the transition from hope to despair.

Livia asks him so we're all just gonna be buddies now and call it a day now that we've seen the results? Kyubey points out that Neo Magius must not have talked to her lately, as they're getting ready to spark some trouble now. Livia doesn't think they'll do much, unless they've changed since the last time she saw them through adjustment.

She then asks what about the auto puri sys? If it ain't got a point to it, why keep it? Kyubey tells her there is still some value in keeping it up and observing. Livia tells him if Kagome would just contract he wouldn't have to be doing this research any more. Kyubey tells her that it would be better to just keep observing Satori Kagome as well for now, letting her continue accumulating karma. Livia gets it, and wonders what the princess of Neo Magius is thinking up...

Everyone 2

Momoko: "Geez, the hell are the adjuster and Kanagi-san thinking...!"

Mikazuki and Mikage join Momoko at the adjuster's. They look around, finding nothing unusual about the store. Yachiyo finds it hard to believe they're both missing. Momoko tells her that she's called them several times, but no answer. Mikage says lots of eastern girls are out looking for her, but nothing.

Tsuruno gets sad over Mikage looking sad, and mentions that Kanagi's been acting strange for some time now. Yachiyo mentions that Kanagi called her and said she was stepping back and would be causing trouble for her soon. Iroha brings up the elections and how Mitama seemed to be taking it badly. Mikage tells them that Nee-cha told her she wasn't going to worry about it, and Rena mentions she wasn't going to let the elections bother her, so what went wrong?

Rena and Kaede bring up the note that Mitama left on the table which talked about the east and west relations. The note starts with an apology to Mii, as her and Kanagi are going to be gone for a little while. She's tried and tried to bear the elections, Mii being attacked, and how the east is treated, but no matter much she tries to accept the people of Kamihama, this city's curse will never disappear. She knows Mii will be disappointed with her for being consumed by anger and sadness, but she's still going, and she's going to carry out the curse as it demands.

Everyone goes over the note, not sure why Mitama and Kanagi would disappear if she was putting up with all of this. Tsuruno and Yachiyo think they need to go check the west as well for her.

Meanwhile, Ranka gets a phone call, telling her that Ao has disappeared. She didn't hear a damn thing about, and thought Hikaru was in charge of watching her. Juri tells her that Ao went go get some coins at the game center and then just disappeared along with her buddies. She tells Ranka to keep a look out for her and hangs up. Yuna is with Juri, finding that Ao and her snakes are heading to the top together, but doesn't know where they went. Only the girls that agreed to follow her know where she went.

Over at Suitoku, Ryouko and Chika can't find Shizuka anywhere. Chika heard other groups have people missing now too. Sunao heard that other families have missing girls as well. Chiharu is disappointed this has happened just because she didn't want to join Iroha. Sunao tells her this had nothing to do with them, it's just Shizuka wanting to do things her own way for the sake of Japan. Shizuka's just too focused on good and evil now.

Iroha sends out a message. She knows everyone is having problems in their groups currently, but would like to continue with the gathering at Minaminagi today. The meeting is for everyone to join together, but she also wants to help check on those who disappeared.

Everyone 3

Hinano: "You're right, it'd be better getting everyone on the same page here..."

Despite the crisis going on, everyone meets up in Kamihama. Hinano, Iroha, and Sana are just glad everyone decided to come anyway. Hikaru is blaming herself for letting Ao escape, but Ranka tells her it's not her fault that Ao just whizzed by after going to talk to an attendant about the change machine breaking. Juri's guessing if all groups have missing people, then someone's made a plan behind their backs. Yuna thinks they need to hurry this joining up process before something happens to them all. Chiharu is wondering if all the missing people are working together. Sunao can't deny it's possible.

Shizuka, Ao, Kanagi, and Mitama are all missing, so what connection do they have? Momoko mentions that each of the missing girls are having troubles right now, so they could all be united by interest. Or, as Tsuruno brings up, someone is taking advantage of them all behind everyone's backs. Mikage is still hung up on Nee-cha telling her that they were doing just fine, and how life wasn't as scary as it was back then.

Rena and Kaede bring up that they need to be careful in case they get attacked. Just because they're all joining together doesn't mean they can start slacking on defense. Felicia is just sad that she couldn't get the Banbanzai feast ready for everyone. Ui is staring into space, prompting a what's wrong from her sister. She says she just feels like something if off, but doesn't know what.

Yachiyo begins the unification ceremony so long as no one objects to it. It is time to put all the Kimochi stones to one place as proof of them joining together. Yuna tells Tamaki-san to hold out her hand. Iroha asks if they're really okay with it being her. Chiharu brings up that it was Iroha who saved Yuna from the Kimochi, so that's proof enough that she's the one who understands them the most. Hikaru gives a sad salute, saying she'll never be able to fully repay her for what she's done. Juri tells her that she saved her sisters. Felicia doesn't have anything to add, she just likes Iroha for being Iroha. Iroha thanks everyone, and Yuna tells them let's get started. Sunao apologizes that their leader is present for this.

All of the stone holders hold out their hands as Iroha gives a speech. She doesn't know the circumstances of what's going on or why not everyone is present, but even so, many have gathered to join hands and unite the Kimochi stones so save them all from their fate. So to show their trust, she asks everyone to entrust her with their Kimochi stones. Juri tells them they're all in it together, including saving Ao now. Hikaru hands her stone over on behalf of Yuna-san of Promised Blood. Chiharu vows her trust on behalf of Tokime Clan. Felicia just happily tells Iroha to take hers.

Ui feels something is wrong again as she looks up at the sky. She's not sure what, but she something is bothering her during all this.

Fade to black with only Kyubey, saying he can continue his research. Now he can finally come to a conclusion regarding energy in mahou shoujo.

Iroha takes all the stones, but then a flash of light appears. Everyone is sent into the Kimochi lair, with every single Kimochi present and angry. Iroha yells to Ui to get out of the way.

Everyone 4

Iroha: "W-what's wrong with the Kimochi!? They're all going after Ui...!?"

Chiharu rushes to Ui's aid with Ryouko and Chika close behind. Felicia and Tsuruno are wondering why the Kimochi are attacking when they've never acted like this before. Plus Iroha told them that the Kimochi don't want to fight either. Sana feels like they're trying to resist something rather than fighting out of anger. Momoko notices they're all trying to attack Ui-chan specifically.

Iroha steps in front of Ui and tries to tell them they don't want to fight, but she takes a hit anyway. Ui tells her that the Kimochi are all suffering. Iroha takes Ui and runs away to get some safe distance.

Mikage is wondering if the Kimochi are going berserk because they're in pain. Yachiyo tells her that's what Ui said, but why are they...? Sunao wonders if something happened as they were being transferred. Juri don't give a damn, Juri wants to kick their butts while they're still at half health. Juri gets knocked away as she yells that she's still talkin' here.

Suddenly Ao starts talking shit to Juri, saying she can't believe they're losing to these things even when they're struggling and distracted. Juri instantly recognizes her as "That damn mouth...!" Ao, Kanagi, Shizuka, and Mitama are here to make a morning rescue. Momoko is shocked to see Kanagi, asking what she's doing here, but then switches to asking wait, how did you guys get here? Kanagi apologizes for the confusion, then explains that she came down to the park and saw everyone. She tried to do the same thing Tamaki-kun did to interfere with the Kimochi, and then she got here. Momoko asks what about literally everything before that, but Kanagi says we'll talk after we stop the Kimochi. Mikage is happy that Nee-cha is back, and yells to her to do her best.

Everyone 5

Kanagi: "Right now getting the Kimochi back to their stones is top priority. For them to just go on a rampage like this..."

With Yachiyo's help, Iroha takes down the 4th Kimochi, leaving only 1 left - coincidentally the strongest of them. Kanagi and Mitama are ready to take it down though. Hinano suddenly tells them to wait. Her soul gem blackened, she tells them that this Kimochi was Ikumi's, so she wants to defeat it and get the stone back. Mitama is worried about her soul gem, but Hinano says she's going to poison it with her doppel.

Ui yells to Hinano that she can't, and shoves a grief seed on her. Ui says she can feel something has changed in Kamihama. Kanagi and Mitama go back to their plan, defeating the Kimochi.

The barrier disappears, and Mitama gets the bracelet. Mikage rushes over to congratulate the two for beating the strongest Kimochi and to welcome them back. Kanagi asks if the other 2 are okay. Ao is a bit exhausted, but fine. Shizuka is fine too, and asks if Tamaki-san and everyone else are okay. Iroha thanks them for the help.

Hinano asks what was up with Ui back there. Iroha asks if something happened to Ui, but Hinano tells her no, she was trying to doppel but Ui stopped her, saying something bad happened to Kamihama. Ui feels that the automatic purification system might be gone now. Cuts to everyone in utter shock. Iroha asks if the reason she stopped Hinano was because she was going to become a witch.

Kyubey is here, saying so this one, the original Eve, is able to detect changes in the auto puri sys. He tells Iroha it's been a while. Iroha knows Kyubey isn't supposed to be inside the city...

Everyone 6

Iroha: "Does this mean that the barrier that stopped Kyubey is gone too...?"

Juri spits some hot fire Kyubey's way, wondering what the hell he's doin' here. Kyubey is annoyed that Futatsugi girls are just as hostile towards him as ever. He says he's not here for fighting, he's here to explain what's happening with Kamihama. Everyone is thinking "explain? You mean about what Ui just felt??" Sunao tells them to listen to Kyubey-sama since this is related to their very lives.

Ui asks if Kyubey did something to the system. Kyubey says it would be more correct to say he's "doing something" to it. Meaning stuff is still happening to it now. Kyubey answers Ui, saying of course, he's been doing things with it for a long time now, as "He is the core of the automatic purification system."

Iroha tries to reason things out, saying Mokyu became the core after Eve scattered across the city. Kyubey says yes, but Mokyu came back to you, it didn't stay IN the core. The only reason Mokyu was able to return was because he became the core instead. He's been the core to research the energy gains of the doppel system and was interested in controlling it, but he was too busy just maintaining it all when he first became the core. Many Kyubeys were harmed in the making of this purification system. But now he full control over it and can exit and leave Kamihama whenever he wants. To keep it simple: he can flip the system on and off or shrink the barrier down to a tiny space like it is now. The only problem he's encountered was Mokyu, but it's been taking care of.

Mokyu returns to Iroha. Kyubey says it serves no purpose, so she can have it back. Normally they destroy the irregular ones, but it's still a valuable data point to observe. Iroha apologizes for not realizing what Mokyu was trying to warn them about earlier.

Felicia tells Kyubey they'll have Mokyu help and they'll just bust into the barrier and smash all the Kyubeys. Kyubey tells her that's not happening, as only the core can locate the barrier they hang out in. Ui is sure they can find the core, and the reason the Kimochi were attacking is because Kyubey forced them to attack her.

Yachiyo asks Kyubey what he thinks of Ui. He agrees with pretty much everything she said, and Ui is in fact a threat to him. Ui was the original Eve, so she has the capabilities of controlling the auto puri sys and the Kimochi, so she can indeed wrest control of the system from him.

Ryouko and Juri agree what about that damn explanation you gave us before about getting the 8 stones to control this system. Kyubey says that was his running theory at the time, but between Yuna and Ikumi, it's clear that no one can control them except Tamaki Ui. He also says that he miscalculated being able to control the 5 Kimochi earlier, but it seems he has some things to work out still.

So Yachiyo asks him why would he bother to come explain all of this. He says he wants to compared the results of doppels and witchification. If girls know they aren't going to become a witch when they go black, then the results are skewed towards less energy. Yachiyo and Yuna figured he'd say some shit like that, and double smash the Kyubey into Kyubits.

Everyone 7

Ui: "I'm the only one who can get into the automatic purification system..."

Yuna, Hikaru, and Juri are disappointed as can be to find out that the stones don't matter unless Ui has them, meaning the entire blood war, their pact, and the revenge they sought was all pointless from the beginning. Juri says Kyubey is more evil for just spilling the truth instead of just being a lying ass to them.

Sunao and Chiharu heard bad things about Kyubey-sama before, but never imagined they'd be part of some grand experiment for saving the universe. Charu thought it was just for the pride of Tokime, like Shizuka said. Speaking of, Shizuka is smiling after hearing all of this, saying that it's natural for them to not be able to understand such higher beings who created them. Chiharu can't believe Shizuka is keeping positive right now.

Tsuruno is also staying positive, since the situation isn't as bad as they think. Hinano agrees: Kyubey just gave them all the info they could have ever wanted. Rena is like wait a minute, weren't you just about to become a witch?? This is no time to be happy! Kaede tells her they got the Kimochi stones, plus Kanagi and Mitama are back now, meaning all 8 of them are now present.

Iroha tells them that this means if Ui gets all 8 stones, she can access the auto puri sys. Felicia and Yachiyo are ready to go. Let's go take the system back from Kyubey, guys! However, Ao, Shizuka, Mitama, and Kanagi are just staring at them. Kanagi once again tells Yachiyo that she's going to be troubling her. Yachiyo then feels a big reaction along with Iroha and Chiharu. They can't believe it, but they know that it's definitely her...!

The Neo Magius squad roll up by the fountain, with Himena giving a Kyaha★ She tells them that they only thought she was dead because of Miwarin's unique magic, and is glad the surprise was a success. San points out that they still haven't been able to snag the little Kyubey. Himena's been trying to catch it, but thinks maybe this is their big chance.

Iroha asks them to hold on a second and don't fight. If they've been in hiding this whole time they must not know what's going on. She explains that the 3 groups have joined forces and have all 8 Kimochi stones now, so they need to take back the auto puri system from Kyubey so they can save everyone from witching out. Sunao tells them that though they've been enemies in the past, they have a common enemy now. Yuna points out that PB is only helping until the system is spread across the world, so they're holding back their anger for now.

Himena tells them they're talking some real mumbo jumbo right now. They're not here to take the system to help people out. Plus, it's not for them to decide who the Kimochi stones belong to. Yachiyo thinks about it - wait, don't tell me - Kanagi, Mitama!

Shigure tells them that they are the mahou shoujo who sing of supremacy, Neo Magius. Hagumu tells them that they are respected because they are superior to humans. The 4 begin walking over to Neo Magius. Ao tells them they will rule without being ruled by people. Shizuka tells them that they will lead humanity to good. Kanagi tells them they are allowed to punish people. Mitama tells them if they won't be apologized to, then they will bring destruction.

The 4 of them tell everyone that they, as members of Neo Magius, will take control over Kamihama.

(And we end this section with a battle against all the defectors under the sunset of the Minaminagi park.

Everyone 8

Mikage: "It can't be...don't do it, Nee-cha... Don't let your bad thoughts win...please...!"

Kagome: "At this time, several groups in Kamihama are close to "we're splitting into our own group." That means that each mahou shoujo group's goals and ideas of what they must do are clashing as the battle for the Kimochi stones has reached its high point. However, I'm certain the mahou shoujo will enter a new battle soon enough, and once again wear out their minds and bodies. Unaware of the situation at this point, I was talking towards the Hokuyo Ward's mountains, directly opposite of Minaminagi Ward. Touka-chan called me to the "Rumor of the 10,000 Year Sakura." What would happen there was something I was not aware of at the time..."

Mikage: "Stop it! Nee-cha! Why!? You can't go over to there! What do you mean destruction!? You don't want that anymore, right!? Because you stopped! Mii stopped you!"

Flashback to Mikage asking Kyubey if that's really what Mitama wished for, with him confirming, saying it's no surprise given her situation that she would make such a wish. Mii has decided on her own wish then in that case. She wishes for...

Mii is telling Mitama that she thought Walpurgisnacht and Eve were why her Nee-cha wished for the city to be destroyed, so that's why she made her wish: to "Protect Kamihama City." Mitama thanks her, and already knew that after adjusting her before, but to Mitama there's just no reason to endure all of this anymore.

Momoko is yelling at Kanagi, telling her that she's supposed to be the one who stops the adjuster, and asks what the hell she's doing over there. Kanagi tells her that people who live in Kamihama seldom change, so if they become the common enemy for the people of Kamihama, then they can finally join hands and unite as one. The suffering caused by Neo Magius will make the children grow up in a happier future. Momoko tells her she's wrong; how the hell can she come up with that when she fought against the Magius!? She asks Kanagi if she really wants to make her take care of both the adjuster AND now her!? Kanagi just tells her yeah, you will have to. Mitama apologizes to Momoko, but the whole world has been running against her to make her wish for destruction come true.

Hikaru asks Ao what is she thinking, trying to rule over everyone? Ao tells her it's because of her two sisters that she's been taken advantage of. She's never trusted them from the beginning, and wants to take them out to make Futatsugi safer for everyone. Yuna and Juri get their 100% confirmation that Ao did intend on killing them. Juri is like but why NOW, and asks if she wants to be made well-done right here, with Ranka trying to calm her down. Ao starts smiling, saying she's not afraid of anything anymore, and then starts snickering. Ao tells them that though they will be superior and in control over people, in the end she will make sure everyone is truly equal, and Kanagi-san and everyone will make sure it happens. She wants to reset this city.

Hikaru starts yelling at Kanagi, saying she's the one who put all these weird ideas into Ao-san's head! Kanagi tells her that it was just by chance that they both sought equality in society. They just need people to carefully watch over and manage society to make sure it stays equal, and it just so happens that they will have to be the ones to do just that.

Shizuka asks Charu and Sunao to stop looking down and come join her. She has no interest in supremacy, it's just Kanagi, Mitama, and Ao that are into that thing. All she wants is for society to be peaceful and equal without evil, and this is the best way for her to put that inherent goodness she learned about to work.

Chiharu tells her she's completely wrong, as Himena doesn't give a damn about equality. All she wants to do is fulfill her own ideals and drop everyone else off in hell. Sunao agrees: even if mahou shoujo become equal, humans will always be the one's who are different and the ones sent to hell. Shizuka isn't convinced. She believes all people will be fine so long as no one is tainted by evil, and will make sure Neo Magius follows her ideal of bringing peace to all, or else she will become enemies with them again.

Chiharu tells her that it's okay to have problems, and it's okay to worry, but she will only follow Shizuka if she comes up with her own answer. However, if all she's going to do is entrust her ideals with someone else's ideals, then there's no way she's following her. Right now her role here as a branch family member is to open the head family's eyes! Sunao backs her up again.

Mitama tells Mii that they who push for equality will be seen as evil by the world. But even after being hit with one disaster, the east and west joining hands was just an illusion, so next time she wants to make it a reality. Mii starts crying, but then looks Mitama in the eyes and says she will open her Nee-cha's eyes.

Everyone 9

Iroha: "Aika-san...what in the world are you thinking..."

Himena points out that while you guys are all united, you don't have the 8 stones now, so why not come join Neo Magius and stop fighting? Honestly, isn't that a totally better way to get everyone together? Right, Irorin★

Iroha has spent way too long to get everyone to accept her views and join together, so she can't just give a yes and ruin it all. She asks Himena to spell out exactly she's thinking, and what she wants mahou shoujo supremacy. Himena is like sure whatevs, here we go.

Himena explains that her and the bf want to rule over humanity. (This is all the same stuff she explained in ch5 btw) She wants the tiered meguca plan, with her and the leaders at the top, Neo Magius members, meguca, then humans. All meguca are equal and share grief seeds etc, humans have to follow everything they say since humans are evil, and the meguca army can lead humanity to accepting them and being good. As long as humans behave, there won't be problems. Each area will be assigned a leader who turns the auto puri sys off if people don't pay their respect bills on time, so only girls who work for Neo Magius get the unlimited doppel coverage plan. All in all, it's about respecting each other, both humans and mahou shoujo, and as long as the rules are followed everything will work out.

Iroha agrees with what Sunao was thinking: humans will always be different, and they'll just have to endure the hell of being ruled by mahou shoujo. Himena doesn't get why Iroha's so against the idea. Iroha asks how Himena is going to make this all work and prove superiority, so Himena points back to what Kanagi and Mitama said earlier. They'll use destruction to show that they're better, and Himena will let humanity's response determine how negotiations go.

Iroha yells to Kanagi-san. Kanagi tells her that she has no intentions of bringing about destruction, she just hopes to see humanity change once they're cornered. Iroha asks why did they help fight the Kimochi then if they're enemies. Kanagi tells it was the quicker option to get their own stone.

KaMoRe are wondering what Kanagi is thinking. Ui needs to have the stones, right? Maybe Mitama will try adjusting them to see if they can use them without Ui. Chika and Ryouko can't believe Shizuka would lose her purity, and think she's been misguided. Charu and Sunao agree, thinking Shizuka is going to become evil while believing she's doing good. Ranka didn't realize when Ao invited her just how serious this would become. Hikaru feels like Ao has been cornered while thinking she's going to be in control. Juri hates that Ao is just all bark, and Yuna is disappointed that the time to save Ao came quicker than they thought it would.

Mikazuki wonder what Neo Magius is trying, if they're leaving without taking the rest of the Kimochi stones. Sana figures that they must be wanting to tell the world of their supremacy, and Felicia is like oh like the Wings of Magius was doin'? That means humans are gonna get attacked again, then!? Yachiyo and Tsuruno agree this must mean people are in danger again.

Mikage is crying alone. Iroha hugs her, making her stop crying for a moment, and tells her they'll bring Mitama-san and everyone else back. Mikage starts crying even more.

Promised Tokime Union (Iroha) now have 4 stones, and Neo Magius (Kanagi, Ao, Shizuka, Mitama) have 4.

Everyone 10

Nemu: "I'm glad you all made it."

Kagome: "It was about a few hours ago this evening when the mahou shoujo became divided with Neo Magius... With Rii-chan as my guide, I had finally arrived at the Rumor of the 10,000 Year Sakura. In front of the great sakura tree were the four spies from their respective groups, the four girls from Folklore of Zero and Nayuta-san. Also, the person who inspired me to compile these notes, as well as the father of Nayuta-san, Satomi Tasuke was there. Last to appear were Touka-chan and Nemu-chan, the two who summoned us here. Seeing the confidence in their eyes, I thought they were about to give a speech. However, the reality was vastly different. At the times of this scene, I am unable to write properly as my fingers won't stop shaking... "

Kagome arrives, wondering if she's not supposed to be here. Touka and Nemu tell her she's fine, as they called her here to have her write her notes. Nayuta wants to know what Touka is planning with this meeting. Touka tells her they're going to spread their existence in a peaceful way. Nemu tells her that this is just stage 1, though. Tasuke tells them they shouldn't go through with this, as they know how dangerous it is. Nemu asks because it will lead to the destruction of mahou shoujo? Tasuke says yeah, that.

Lavi joins in, saying that this is the same path that led Folklore of Zero to resignation. Urara tells them that this could cause all their loved ones to die. Nemu tells her that they didn't become Magius for nothing, this won't make them stop. Urara tries to tell them "you guys are seriously gonna die, you know!?" Touka nyaas that you can't underestimate the curiosity of a genius. She says the reason they had everyone gather here today was not to show a failure, but a success.

Tasuke asks what are they going to do, but Nemu says if they tell then you guys will just try to stop us, so we're going to let you guys make a decision after you watch us. They're going to spread awareness of mahou shoujo right here, and, if this succeeds, we hope you guys change your minds, even just a little.

Nayuta isn't following what any of this means, so Touka offers to explain it all. Touka asks Kagome to promise her one thing: to never stop taking notes and to keep interviewing as many mahou shoujo as she can. Get as much magic from mahou shoujo into her notes like she has been, and keep going until the day she dies. Kagome gives a "Y-yeah..." but Touka tells her to promise her like she means it, since this is a gamble coming from her. Kagome says she understands and will do so.

Nemu confirms to Touka that she sent a message to Ui. Touka says they're all ready to go then. Nayuta and Lavi are both still wondering what in the world they're going to try here.

Over at Crescent House, Felicia is sad that they can't go back to Mikazuki Villa once again since Neo Magius knows where they live. Ui gets a message from Nemu-chan. It is a reminder that Ui promised before to keep it a secret what her and Touka were planning, and now they're going to use their lives to publicize mahou shoujo.

Touka asks Sakurako to get ready, but Sakurako asks if they really want to go through with this. Touka says that they've lived for this moment, it's just that important to them.

The message to Ui continues. Nemu can't explain the details since the resignation girls are with them, but if the plan succeeds, then Sakurako should still be alive. In other words, though they will be giving up their lives, they will only be dead in the tangible sense.

Sakurako asks them both to crouch down.

Nemu's message continues, saying that this plan can't be complete by just the two of them. They need all three of Kagome, Onee-san, and Ui to help them.

Sakurako tells them next they need to hold their knees up to them like a pillbug.

Message continues with Nemu asking Ui to promise her that they will stay alive until the time comes, as this is the biggest gamble they can make with their lives, and it will only work if all the conditions are met.

Sakurako tells them to extend their left arms down. Touka asks if this is it. Sakurako says yes, this is optimal protection. Touka whines that this doesn't look cool at all. Nemu is equally unimpressed, saying half of this is dependent on luck anyways, so she's fine making an irrational decision for once.

Touka asks Tasuke to listen. If this succeeds, her and Nemu will be at death's door, and Papa-sama's probably going to snap.

Ui starts panicking, and yells to Onee-chan, asking what she should do. Touka-chan and Nemu-chan might die!!

Touka and Nemu hold their left arms high in the sky, announcing that when they transform, their bracelets will explode. This is their punishment for all the evil deeds they did to Kamihama, its people, and the feathers. But they dare to use their punishment and sublimate it into hope. They, the Magius, will atone for their sins.

They both yell out that they will save all mahou shoujo. They transform as light fills the area. Touka says if this tree still lives, then stage 1 of their plan is a success.

The bracelets detonate, along with the visceral sounds of parts flying, and Kagome screaming in terror.

Nayuta screams out to Touka. Tasuke finally realizes this was what Nemu was talking about, wondering what in the hell they were thinking. Lavi wonders what they were trying to do as all of Folklore look on in horror. Sakurako says she knows, but will not state it. She says it all succeeded, and asks if there's hope now as she looks at Lavi with an angry face. Lavi tells her there's no way she can be the judge of that.

Fast forward to Satomi Medical Center. Touka's father is by her side, yelling to her as she gets wheeled into the emergency room. The screen turns black as he screams.

Back at Crescent House, Ui is crying, asking Sakurako if Touka-chan and Nemu-chan are really alive. Sakurako tells her that she is alive, therefore they are alive. Ui asks where are they. Sakurako tells her she promised to keep it secret.


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